Spring in London, England | 21 Things To Do and See

Spring is finally here! And with it comes the beautiful blossoming of cherry blossom and wisteria hysteria, a sign that London is awaking from its winter hibernation.

So, for those that want to visit London in Spring, you’re in for a real treat. In this post, you’ll find everything you need to be aware of before heading to this beautiful city in the springtime.

Spring in London England

I’ve put together a list of my favourite things about springtime in London for you. It includes everything from what flowers to look out for to get your Instagram feed popping, the best rooftop bars for epic views of the city, parks, shows to see and much more.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your spring in London, check out these top things to do this season.

Best things to do in London in Spring

Visiting London in the Spring

After a chilly winter in London, the feeling of spring in the air is palpable. The weather starts to warm, and locals cannot wait to get into their lighter clothes as the anticipation builds for the summer months.

Here are a few London travel tips that will help you navigate your spring holiday with ease. 

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    🌼 Is Spring a Good Time to Visit London?

    Spring in London runs from March to June and offers lovely mild weather that brings tourists from all over the world. So, as you may have guessed, late spring and early summer is the city’s busy season.

    London in Spring Flowers

    If you are not in the mood to spend your holiday with crowds, visiting during early spring would be recommended.

    It’s a wonderful time to visit London as you can expect mild weather with a couple of warmer days thrown in. All the best activities in the city come out of hibernation during this time, so there will be plenty for you to do.

    🌼 What is the Weather Like in London in Springtime?

    In the springtime, you can expect temperature highs of between 12°C and 18°C. While the sun is out for many days during the spring months, it’s still better to travel with an umbrella as spring showers are not uncommon.

    While t-shirts and shorts are possibly on the cards, it’s best to travel with some warmer clothing for the days that are a little chilly.

    Top Things to Do in London – Spring

    Springtime in England is a magical time. The air starts to warm up, and the sun peeks through the clouds for a little longer every day.

    Things to Do in London Spring

    It’s a wonderful time of year to stroll through some of the city’s most beautiful parks or head to the most popular local food markets.

    But with so much on offer, it can be tricky to put together an itinerary. So, below you’ll find a list of the very best things to do during spring in London to make your planning a little easier.

    1. View Flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show

    One of the most renowned flower shows in the world is the Chelsea Flower Show. It was given the name because the show is held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds.

    The Chelsea Flower Show

    Those with a green thumb from all over the country gather to show off their best flower produce, and you’ll even find international flower displays.

    While the displays are there just to be viewed and enjoyed, there are flower stalls where you can purchase a bunch of beauties to take home with you.

    The show generally runs toward the end of May each year and is worth a visit if you love plants.

    During the Chelsea Flower Show, you will also see epic floral displays/installations and flower events around London.

    2. Pop in to Belgravia and Chelsea in Bloom

    While these are two separate events, Belgravia in Bloom and Chelsea in Bloom take place simultaneously during the Chelsea Flower Show.

    The respective neighbourhoods are covered in intricate flower installations that are set up in public areas, like outside shops, restaurants, and cafés.

    If you’re looking to explore London on foot, these two neighbourhoods are well worth strolling around to take in the beautiful flower shows.

    While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the best streets in Chelsea for a bit of extra fun.

    3. See Wisterias in London

    During the springtime in London, Wisteria hysteria hits London, and these gorgeous flowers can be found in abundance, decorating window dressings and growing on their own accord.

    See Wisterias in London

    The city is decorated in a beautiful lilac that makes you realise why the birds are singing.

    While these gorgeous plants are not hard to find in the spring months, if you’re looking for neighbourhoods with an abundance of Wisteria, take a look at the post below.

    Read more about where you can find Wisteria in London

    Wisterias in London UK

    4. Watch a Movie at an Outdoor Cinema

    Feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the days when drive-ins were your standard Friday night activity.

    Visiting an outdoor cinema is an activity that has exploded in recent years, bringing Londoners yet another way to enjoy the warmer evenings.

    These outdoor cinemas have popped up all over London, some of which are drive-in, while others offer picnic-style outdoor seating in front of a huge screen.

    The outdoor cinemas generally start to open toward the end of May when the evenings are consistently warmer.

    Take a look at the schedules to see what’s showing at the outdoor cinema nearest to your accommodation and book in advance to ensure you get a seat.

    5. Stroll Through Notting Hill

    Notting Hill is one of the most talked-about neighbourhoods in London, and there’s a good reason for it. You can discover all this cute neighbourhood has to offer on a walking tour of the area.

    Notting Hill UK

    You’ll visit the famed Portobello Road Market, see the famed blue door, and visit music studios where some of the world’s greatest hits were recorded.

    When the tour is over, it’s recommended that you stay in the area for a little exploring on your own as there are so many things to do in Notting Hill.

    Visit the colourful houses, pop into a book shop or two, and spend the afternoon sipping coffee at one of the many hipster cafés.

    With so many Instagrammable spots in Notting Hill, you won’t be running out of content for your feed anytime soon.

    Book a 2-hour walking tour of Notting Hill here

    Notting Hill England

    6. Visit the O2 Arena

    The O2 Arena is one of the world’s most popular entertainment venues, so you’ve more than likely already seen what it looks like on the inside.

    Climbing the roof of the O2 Arena is an adventure that provides views over London for an impressive 24 kilometres on a clear day.

    O2 Arena London

    This is a great activity to do in spring when the weather is mild as the rain should hold off, and you won’t get too hot while climbing the building.

    If 360-degree views of the iconic city of London is what you were hoping for on your spring holiday in London, this activity should be added to your trip bucket list.

    Book an O2 Arena tour here

    7. Do a Tasting at a London Beer Garden

    London’s beer gardens finally open back up again in the springtime. And if you find just the right evening, then sitting outside and sipping on craft beer is one of the best local activities to take part in.

    You’ll not only get the chance to sip on some of the finest local brews, but you can get a taste of the local pub culture in a relaxed environment.

    These are some of the beer gardens in London you should consider visiting during the spring months:

    • The Albion
    • The Leyton Star
    • The Alwyne Castle
    • The Four Thieves
    • The Ashburnham Arms
    • The Axe
    • The Canonbury Tavern
    • The Crabtree
    • The Dolphin
    • The Leather Bottle
    • The People’s Park Tavern

    8. Ride the London Eye

    Have you ever been to London if you haven’t taken a ride on the famed London eye? Cheesy, but it’s something that you have to tick off your London travel bucket list.


    It’s the world’s largest observation wheel and one that provides magnificent views over the city.

    The ride allows you to take some epic photos for the Gram, so be sure to have your camera or phone aimed and ready.


    If you don’t buy your ticket ahead of time, you may have to wait in a long, long, long queue to get your chance to ride the London Eye. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you book a ticket ahead of time.

    Book a London Eye ticket here

    9. Try Out VR at Otherworld

    Otherworld allows you to experience the world of VR and is in the heart of Hoxton. It’s a perfect activity for days punctuated by spring showers as you can be transported to a different dimension.

    Fully immersing yourself in this VR experience is well worth trying if you have the chance.

    10. Take a River Thames Cruise

    No trip to London is complete without a cruise down the iconic River Thames. Travel from Westminster to Greenwich while absorbing breathtaking views of the city from the perspective of the water.

    Afternoon Tea On The River Thames Cruise

    An audio guide is available onboard, so you can learn about the London sites as they pass you by.

    Book a River Thames cruise here

    11. Dine at a Floating Restaurant

    What better way to spend a mild spring day than in a floating restaurant, taking in views of London from the water? London’s canals and waterways provide visitors with plenty of dining options.

    Paddington Green

    So, whether you’re looking for a floating brunch spot or a fine dining experience on the Thames, London has an excellent option for you.

    Below are some of the must-try floating restaurants in London:

    • Bateaux London
    • Barge East
    • The Tattershall Castle
    • Tamesis Dock
    • Darcie & May Green

    12. Take a Night Sightseeing Bus Tour

    If you want to take a guided tour of the city, there’s no better way to do it than on an open-top bus on a warm spring evening in London.

    Best Views in London at Night UK

    At night, the city is lit up against the night sky, making for breath-taking viewing.

    You’ll get to see all of London’s best landmarks from your seat in the open-top bus while hearing the rich history behind each of these locations.

    An open-top bus tour of the city at night is a not to be missed experience during your spring holiday in London.

    Book an open-top bus night sightseeing tour here

    13. Explore Kew Gardens

    Kew Gardens is one of London’s biggest World Heritage Sites and allows you to stroll through the magnificent gardens as well as inside the glass garden rooms.

    You’ll also be able to explore the royal palace at your leisure and view the botanical art in the galleries.

    With over 250 years of history to explore, Kew Gardens is the perfect spring activity for a sunny day in London.

    Book a Kew Gardens entry ticket here

    14. Dance the Night Away at The Prince of Wales

    The Prince of Wales is a rooftop bar that hosts some of the best local musicians throughout the months in spring.

    It’s known as the place to go if you’re looking for a boozy evening of dancing and good music under the stars.

    These parties in Brixton carry on late into the evening, so be sure to find accommodation in the area or organise transport home.

    If you end up staying the night in Brixton, there are a couple of must-visit coffee shops in the area that will provide ample caffeine to nurse your hangover.

    15. Take a Speedboat Tour of London

    If you’d like to get your adrenaline pumping while taking in the beautiful views of London, then a speedboat tour through the heart of the city might be exactly what you need.

    On the way, you’ll ride past the Tower of London, the HMS Belfast, Wapping, Canary Wharf, St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as the huge O2 Arena.

    Speedboat Tour of London

    Feel the wind whipping through your hair as you whizz down the River Thames at top speeds.

    This is one of those tours you’ll remember for many years to come, so be sure to add this activity to your London itinerary.

    Book a speedboat tour of London here

    16. Swim in an Outdoor Pool

    What better way to cool off on the warmer spring days than to take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool.

    Some are simply public pools where you can swim length or lounge in the sun by the side of the pool.

    Others are open water facilities where you can enjoy lake or ocean swims, better suited to experienced swimmers.

    These are just a few of the best outdoor pools for spring days in London:

    🏊‍♂️Parliament Hill Lido

    This is one of the oldest public pools in London and is a great place to cool off with the locals on warmer spring mornings.

    On the colder days, you’ll only find serious swimmers doing lengths, but if you’re up for an icy dip to wake up, this is a great place to do it.

    🏊‍♂️Tooting Bec Lido

    This is a huge outdoor swimming pool that is only open during the spring and summer months in London. On warmer days, you’ll need to head to the pool early to grab the best spot near the water.

    🏊‍♂️Hampstead Ponds

    If you’re looking for a wild swimming experience in London, Hampstead Ponds provides the perfect place to splash about.

    They have ladies, men’s, and mixed-gender areas, so there’s an option no matter what your needs.

    🏊‍♂️London Royal Docks

    The docks are well known by local swimmers, and although beginners are welcome, the open waters are better suited to those with a little experience.

    The London Royal Docks often host late-night swims and solstice swims if you are keen to take part in a group swimming event.

    🏊‍♂️Pools on the Park

    This indoor and outdoor swimming facility is located in Richmond Park, making it perfect for all sorts of weather days.

    These swimming pools are open over the weekends during spring and summer and offer rolling lawns at your disposal as well.

    17. Take Part in a Foodie Experience

    You haven’t really experienced London until you’ve tasted your way through the city streets.

    And a 3-hour secret British food tour allows you to do just that, experiencing the best London foods picked out by a local.

    You’ll get to stop off at eight different foodie destinations and learn about the history of British cuisine from your passionate guide.

    You’ll visit many of the hidden gems that a tourist would have never discovered, allowing you to immerse yourself in local living.


    Try to begin your tour on an empty stomach to ensure you can taste all the delicious foodie items on offer during the tour.

    Book a 3-hour secret British food tour here

    18. Explore Beautiful Gardens in London

    In the springtime, the flowers start to blossom, offering beautiful views. It’s the perfect time to visit some of the best gardens in London.

    Kyoto Garden Holland Park

    Stroll through some of nature’s best offerings in the heart of the city at these wonderful gardens.

    🌷Isabella Plantation

    Isabella Plantation is located in Richmond Park and offers 40 acres worth of woodland just waiting to be traversed.

    Take a stroll through this park to see azaleas and rhododendrons lining the pathways, as well as streams and ponds in abundance.

    🌷Kyoto Gardens

    If you’re hoping to get your zen on, Kyoto Gardens is the place to do it. It’s located within Holland Park, and the garden is centred around a pond featuring a tiered waterfall lined with maple trees.

    If you’re looking for eye-catching photos to post online, this is one of the most Instagrammable places in London.

    🌷Hampstead Heath Garden and Pergola

    This garden is one of the most iconic in all of London and is sure to remind you of a Roman palace.

    Hampstead Heath London

    Fit with grand pillars and arches hung with Wisteria, it really doesn’t get much prettier than this.

    🌷The Culpeper

    While The Culpeper is actually a pub, what you don’t know is that it has its own secret rooftop garden. It’s a working garden with vegetables, flowers and herbs growing right in the middle of London.

    If you have a green thumb, this garden is well worth the visit if for nothing more than to gain inspiration.

    19. Take a Walking Tour of London

    Of course, there’s no better way to experience the city than traversing it on foot. This walking tour of London will take you through the backstreets, past execution sites and black death burial pits.

    You’ll visit some of the city’s most ancient churches and memorials, which give you great insight into the city’s past.

    If you’re ready to learn about London’s twisted past, then this secret old London walking tour is sure to satisfy your needs.

    Book a secret walking tour of London here

    20. Stroll Through London’s Famed Parks

    London is known for having some wonderful parks that offer a nature experience right in the city.

    Things To Do In Richmond Park

    They are particularly charming during the spring months when flowers come into bloom and add a special fragrance to the city.

    🌳Horniman Gardens

    Horniman Gardens is a firm favourite among families and has a garden museum located on a hilltop.

    There’s a large exhibition of musical instruments as well as a sound garden, where kids (and the young at heart) can play on a giant xylophone among other instruments.

    The beautiful gardens display functional and medicinal herbs, as well as being home to chickens and alpacas (which is what makes this such a hit with children).

    If you’re up for a stroll in nature, this is a wonderful place to do it.

    🌳Richmond Park

    Richmond Park is the largest nature reserve in London and is a wonderful place to walk or cycle.

    Apart from the lush trees and sweeping grasslands, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may even see a scattering of both fallow and red deer.

    Read about more things to do in Richmond Park

    🌳Victoria Park

    Victoria Park has something to offer everyone. There are play parks and splash pools for the little ones, and cafés, a lake, garden and pagoda for everyone else.

    The park is often home to music festivals and hosts a weekly Sunday food market where you can taste test some of London’s most delicious eats.

    🌳Bonnington Square Gardens

    Bonnington Square Gardens is the perfect example of what happens when a community comes together.

    The area was an old bomb site before locals gathered to turn the ashes into what must now be one of the most luscious gardens in London.

    If you have some time, stop by at one of the two cafés located within the jungle-like park for a refreshment. And to soak up the beauty of your surroundings with a coffee in hand.

    🌳Hyde Park

    No list of the best parks in London is complete without mentioning the famed Hyde Park.

    The locals go to the park to run, jog, cycle, practice yoga, take a swim, ride in a boat and do many other outdoor activities.

    But on weekends, Hyde Park becomes even more exciting as there are often huge events that take place in the park.

    In the past, the Rolling Stones packed Hyde Park with an impressive half a million people.

    Although the park gets busy during the week, you won’t have to fend off 500,000 people to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

    21. Take a Waterbus Trip to Little Venice

    A quaint waterbus trip will take you down a peaceful strip of canal between Camden Town and Little Venice.

    Little Venice Boat Trip

    The tranquil waterway has beautiful views of waterside weeping willows and the London Zoo.

    After the trip down the canal, you’ll end up in Little Venice, which has a whole heap of attractions worth exploring.

    Some of the best things to do in Little Venice include strolling through the beautiful gardens and seeing the puppet theatre barge.

    If you plan on spending the entire day in Little Venice, be sure to pop into one of their many quaint canal-side cafés.

    Book a waterbus tour to Little Venice here

    🧳 What to Pack for Spring Time in London

    If you’ve decided that a spring holiday in London is exactly what you need, then you’ll need to get a better idea of what you should be packing.

    ✔️Short-Sleeve T-Shirts

    One item you’ll more than likely be using daily is a short sleeve t-shirt. These can be worn under a jersey or jacket and act as a good first layer.

    This way, when the day warms up, you can shed a layer and expose some skin to the sun.

    ✔️Denim Jeans

    A pair of comfortable denim jeans that are easy to walk in will come in very handy on your trip.

    They can be worn on daily excursions and tours and will keep you warm on the days that have a little chill in the air.


    It’s important to pack a pair of sneakers or (trainers as they are called in the UK) that are comfortable to walk in as you’re likely to spend plenty of time on your feet while exploring the city.

    If you plan on spending more than a week in London, then two pairs of sneakers will be necessary for this trip.


    In the mornings and evenings, it can still be a little on the colder side in springtime, UK. For these situations, it’s best to have a sweater on hand so the cold won’t bother you.

    ✔️Waterproof Rain Jacket

    As previously mentioned, London does tend to get a few spring showers. So it’s a good idea to take a lightweight waterproof rain jacket with you to throw on over your other clothes.

    With this handy item, you can rest assured you won’t be arriving back at your accommodation soaked to the bone.

    Read my carry on travel essentials for long haul flights

    🚗 How to Get Around London in Spring

    Getting around London in spring is similar to getting around the city any other time of the year.

    But seeing as the sun might be out and the weather warm, you can do a great deal of walking quite comfortably. These are the most efficient ways to navigate London in spring.


    Getting around London on foot is very doable if you are travelling short distances around the city.

    It also means you can explore all the nooks and crannies in the city as you’ll find your own hidden gems while walking from place to place.


    Travelling around London on a bicycle is not only easy and cheap, but it’s an experience all in itself.

    Santander Cycle has bike rentals all over the city, and they charge just €1.75 ($2) for 30 minutes of bicycle use in a 24-hour period.

    ✔️The Tube

    Although taking London underground means you won’t be appreciating the beautiful spring weather, it is an extremely efficient way to get around.

    It’s recommended that you buy an Oyster Card which gives you unlimited access to the underground, buses and other transportations or use your contactless debit/credit card.

    It is an excellent option if you plan on travelling across the city on a regular basis during your stay. This is also a good option on days where spring showers are more likely.


    Taking a bus means you get to appreciate the many beautiful sights in London along your journey. They are, however, affected by traffic, so it’s best not to travel by bus during peak traffic hours.

    The buses don’t take cash, so it’s important that your Oyster or contactless card must be topped up when you plan on taking the bus.

    ✔️Taxi and Cars

    Although these are both possible forms of transport, they are a more expensive option, and both taxis and cars get stuck in London’s infamous traffic.

    So, it’s not recommended that you take a taxi or hire a car as it’s likely to bring a lot of frustration.

    Wrapping Up Spring in London

    Now that you’ve seen just a taste of everything London has to offer in the springtime, it’s time to start planning your trip to the city.

    With so many fun things to do located around each and every street corner, you certainly won’t run out of exciting adventures.

    So, when you feel the call of spring in the air, head to London for what just might turn out to be your most memorable holiday yet! 

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