My carry on travel essentials for long haul flights

The only packing list you’ll need for all your carry-on travel essentials for long haul flights!

The idea of travelling somewhere new … is romantic

We have all these grand ideas and travel itinerary for when we get to our destination.

But before all this happens, I have to first get through TSA to get on a 14-hour flight without having a mental breaking.

Because now that silly little plastic bag they give you to put the 50ml bottles of liquid you’re allowed will not close and the TSA office is asking you to throw away your beloved NARS foundation!

To help me survive the anxiety and stressfulness of a long-haul flight – TAS officer, crying baby and the worst (the reclining all the way back, thinking it’s their bedroom passenger).

I always pack these travel essentials in my carry-on, especially for long-haul flights. So, I can arrive at my destination feeling more relaxed and ready for a new adventure.


A journey can’t begin without a passport and there have been times where I have checked my backpack to the extent of paranoia, to make sure I have my passport with me before I get to the airport.

I also have a copy of my passport and travel documents in my carry-on in case of loss or theft.

I also have a brightly coloured passport case, that I can spot easily as I rummage through my bag when I need to provide it quickly.

My Muji passport case

This passport wallet is a time saver with its multi-compartment that holds all my travel documents and cash.

This also has a pen holder which is great to have when filling in forms on the plane.

This wallet saves me from being that ‘person’ who has to unload their entire carry-on at the check-in desk, just to find their passport.

In-turn holding up the queue, please don’t be that person (have your shit together people).

Neck pillow

I recommended this neck pillow for any flight over 4 hours, especially long-haul flights. Before I bought a neck pillow I would fall asleep on a long haul flight and my head would be like a bobblehead.

After I invested in a neck pillow it was like a soft cloud wrapped around my neck and no more neck cramps.

Large scarf or sweater

I always travel with a large scarf that resembles a blanket as I get really cold on long flights.

And the blankets that are given on the flight don’t do much to add warmth, so I always pack a scarf.

I then later use this scarf as a headscarf a skirt or top depending on how large the scarf is and the weather at my destination.

You, can also check my guide to packing light for a weekend trip.


I could never travel without my iPhone. I save all my travel confirmations and documents, music and audible for my audio-books on my iPhone.

They are easily accessed via my iBooks or my Trello app even for the times when I have no internet connections.

Eye Mask

I found this amazing adjustable lavender scented silk eye mask in a Korean beauty shop and fell in love.

They were just what I need to block out the harsh lights on flights and help me sleep.


I don’t go anywhere without my noise cancelling headphones. The in-flight headphones just don’t compare to the sound quality you get from a good set of noise cancelling headphone. They also work wonders if there is a crying baby on your flight.

To avoid my headphones getting tangled up, I wrapped them around a used business card.


Because they make me look cool and hid tired eyes (yes, I am a bit vain like that).

They also act as a ‘do not disturb’ sign on flights, if you get seated next to a very talkative person (trust me these and the noise cancelling headphones will save your sanity on a long haul flight).

Colgate MAX White toothbrush and toothpaste

I always carry this with me as it’s great for brushing your teeth after a meal and always handy on a long flight – just in case you see some cute and want to have fresh breath when you approach them.


The air on aeroplanes tends to make me feel dehydrated, so I try to have my own bottle of water on hand during the flight.

You can buy a buy a bottle of water before you board.  I try to drink 1 litre of water during the flight to keep hydrated and this also helps me with jet lag.

Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm

I love any lip balm by Burt’s bee’s it’s all natural and has tons of moisturising propriety.

Optrex brightening eye drops

This helps calm my eye down and help’s with redness and dryness due to the air from the plane.

Avene Thermal Spring Water facial mist

The cold air on the planes really dry’s my skin out so having a face mist really comes in handy with my skins starts to feel tight.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I’m in love with this oil and use it on my face every night before bed and carry it with me on flights.

The smell of this oil makes me feel calm, plus my skin looks more radiant after using this on a long fight.

Sure Decrate Decorate

I use this to freshen up on and after my flight.

Carex Complete Refreshing Wipes

For all the germs on the surfaces in the aeroplane and to freshen up during the flight.

Kiehl’s Protect the truth SPF 50+ Sunscreen

I’m that girl who wears an SPF 50+ sunshine screen even in winter, I definitely believe in protecting my skin. This also doesn’t leave a layer of film on your skin, like most sunscreen.

Haliborange Vitamin C effervescent Tablets

I sometimes feel a bit run down after 18 to 24 hrs of travelling and stuck on a plane with germs and sometimes people that might be ill. 

I definitely feel that this helps support my immune system to fight off any cold and helps with fatigue.

It’s the worst feeling when you’re on holiday and get ill due to tiredness or just being plain old rundown.

 Flexitol Hand Balm

I suffer from eczema and found that this hand cream is the only cream that actually works on my dry itchy skin.

The hand cream contains Urea which helps calm my skin when my eczema decides to flare up.

If I get stressed or very tired which happens when I travelling on long flights with little sleep. Plus, it’s not scented or contains any perfumes which can make my skin worse.


For any headaches, I might get due to the cold air or exhaustion.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil

This is an absolute lifesaver and I carry a small container when I travel.

I use coconut oil as a makeup remover, skin moisturiser, and as a sealant for my naturally curly hair.

Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature and liquefies once heated. Just remember to put it into a container that is not easily opened.

I also use the Leonor Grey pre-shampoo treatment for whenI am travelling to hotter climates (and colder months for all central heating) that causes my hard to drier.

If I ever forget my coconut oil (god forbid) then I will ask the hotel  I am staying at for olive oil.


I usually have some nuts, fruits and small snacks with me when I travel. There is nothing worse than asking for snacks with 6 hours left into your flight to be told that they have run out of food!

I know this might seem like a lot of stuff for one carry-on. But, after having my luggage not arriving at my destination last Christmas and having to survive with the items in my carry-on.  

I was happy to have packed these travel essential for my long haul flight. Even on a long haul flight packing light is the key to getting you through TSA without a melt down or being charged extra if your luggage weights more than the air carrier allows.

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