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I’m a Jamaican-born scientist, currently living in the UK for over two decades. This blog is my canvas, where I paint the vibrant stories of my travels – a perfect blend of science, adventure, and cultural exploration.

After over 20 years living in London and extensive travels across Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. I have developed deep first-hand knowledge and expertise in European destinations, especially the UK.

My time spent living in London exposed me to the vibrant culture of this world-class city. I’ve discovered hidden gems across England as well, touring spots like York, Bristol, Cambridge, Windsor, Bath, Dover, Oxford, Kent, The Cotswolds, and Canterbury.

My European travels have allowed me to intimately get to know cities across the continent. I’ve embraced the charm of Porto in Portugal, the sunny beaches of Mallorca and the artistic streets of Barcelona in Spain, and the historical grandeur of Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp in Belgium.

Italy has been a recurring theme in my travels, with Rome’s ancient allure, Verona’s romantic ambiance, Venice’s serene canals, and Trento’s hidden gems. Austria’s Vienna and Graz, Poland’s Krakow, and the Czech Republic’s Prague have all added unique hues to my travel palette. And roam the souks of Marrakesh, Morocco.

Some of my fondest memories were formed in Italy, as I absorbed the history of Rome, enjoyed the canals of Venice, and more. I’ve also visited top destinations in Copenhagen, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and beyond.

Additionally, my adventures have taken me to Asia and the Caribbean. I’ve walked the streets of bustling metropolises like Tokyo, Osaka, quieter Kyoto, Nara and the historical depths of Beijing in China.

The dynamic culture of Korea, the exotic charm of Marrakesh in Morocco, the refreshing vistas of Copenhagen. I’ve returned to my homeland Jamaica, while also experiencing the vibrancy of Trinidad.

As a scientist with a passion for travel, I’ve made a point to fully explore the incredible places Europe and Britain have to offer, even while working a typical full-time job. My blog shares tips and stories about how to plan affordable, memorable trips while balancing everyday responsibilities.

With decades immersed in European and British culture paired with a curious spirit for global travel, I provide unique insight and valuable advice for travellers seeking to make the most of their adventures.

More Than Just a Travel Blog

As a scientist, I approach travel with a blend of curiosity and meticulous planning. This blog isn’t just about where I’ve been; it’s about showing you how to travel smartly.

It’s for anyone who dreams of exploring the world without sacrificing their career. Here, I share insights on:

  • Bagging cheap flights and the best times to book holidays.
  • Saving and budgeting strategies for travel.
  • Planning effective day trips, city breaks, and weekend getaways.
  • Balancing a full-time job with frequent travel.

Travel Smart, Not Hard

I believe in being wise with travel funds without cutting corners on experiences. Through daily habits and mindful planning, I demonstrate how it’s possible to build a life that accommodates travel alongside a 9 to 5 job.

Get to Know Me: Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Where were you born?

I proudly hail from Jamaica, the island that shaped my early years.

✅ Your accent sounds unique, are you French?

I carry my Jamaican accent with pride, a unique blend that often sparks curiosity.

✅ What inspired this blog?

This blog is my leap out of the comfort zone, a creative venture to show that travel isn’t about escaping life but embracing it alongside your career.

✅ When did your travel journey begin?

My travel odyssey started post-university in 2012, with an epic interrailing adventure through Europe, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion.

✅ How do you fund your travels?

I’m a firm believer in prioritizing experiences over material possessions. Working full-time, I save diligently for my travels, embracing experiences that enrich my life and friendships.

Join me as I navigate the world, one exciting destination at a time, all while balancing the demands of a scientific career.

Whether you’re a fellow 9-to-5 professional with a case of wanderlust or just someone who loves to explore, you’ll find inspiration, tips, and tales right here on my blog.

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