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Introduction to Hues Of Delahaye

Hues of Delahaye is one of the leading UK Travel Blogs and aims to help busy young professionals with limited time have the best experience while travelling.

With a readership of over 20,000+ monthly readers, I’ve worked with some of the top travel brands in the world to promote numerous destinations and products through creative marketing campaigns.

My readers are made up of customers who are actively searching for the best experiences, tours, accommodations and companies to use while travelling.

Through my storytelling, videography, and photography skills, I aim to help brands reach their maximum potential.


I’ve built up over the years a loyal following of people who follow and trust my brand and recommendations.

Here on Hues Of Delahaye, I’m seeing growth in all key metrics – here’s just a sample of where I’m at right now:

50,000+ monthly pageviews
1000+ Email Subscribers

2 minutes average site duration

3400+ Followers
5600+ PINTEREST Followers


Content Marketing: Make your brand’s content stand out by hiring me to create engaging content that gets your brand’s message across. With years of experience, I’ve got the right skills to get your content out there, using organic and paid marketing campaigns.

Sponsored posts: Whether on my blog or Instagram, I can produce meaningful posts that drive action, with purpose. I love to let my readers know about amazing travel deals, destination and products.

Part of my offer includes beautiful content creation featuring products that align with my ethics, as well as bespoke video creation. I will only ever recommend products that I truly believe in.

Press Trips & Destination Campaigns: Partner with me to promote up-and-coming (or established!) destinations as I increase awareness through my digital storytelling know-how and videography. I can promote your destination across the Hues Of Delahaye website, Youtube, email list, and social media followers.

Brand Ambassadorships: I am actively looking to partner with travel brands and/or brands whose mission and values align with mine.

Product Reviews: Let me show your product off in its best light to a highly engaged audience! Above all, I provide top quality creative content along with honest reviews of your products, website or platforms.

Social Media Campaigns: Maximise your brand’s reach through my engaged 11k+ social media followers spread across my multiple channels including Youtube and Instagram.

Newsletter Placement: With my email subscribers, you can reach a targeted audience by advertising directly in my newsletter which I release on a weekly basis.


These are are just a few of the amazing brands I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with.

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