Best Streets in Chelsea London | Cobble Roads, Picturesque Mews & More

Chelsea is brimming with some of London’s top restaurants, stores, and galleries that line its picturesque streets. If you roam through this borough in London, you’ll find hidden gems in quiet corners, delightful-cobbled mews, secret squares, and weekend markets.

Best Streets in Chelsea London

With colourful houses, riverfront views, and renowned shopping areas, this neighbourhood in London is one of the city’s most desirable places to visit. These are the best streets in Chelsea.

Sporting a spectrum of colour amidst its streets, let’s take a look at some of the best and prettiest streets in London to amble around exploring and snapping some memorable pictures.

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    Best Streets in Chelsea London

    Where is Chelsea in London? Chelsea is a sought-after residential and shopping area located between the Thames River and South Kensington.

    You’ll find an exciting mix of fabulous shopping stores and restaurants. Visit the Chelsea Football Club, Saatchi Gallery, the annual Chelsea Flower Show, and tons more.

    Amongst the popular streets in Chelsea is King’s Road, lined with hundreds of opulent boutiques as far as the eye can see.

    Other popular places nestled on or near these fabulous streets are on Fulham Road, trendy Sloane Square, and the prestigious Sloane Street – you’ll have the best parts of London right here in Chelsea. 

    Let’s take a squiz through different Chelsea streets that are bound to make you fall in love with this city.

    The King’s Road

    No trip is complete without a wander down the picturesque street of King’s Road. The road cuts a path through Chelsea and Fulham and runs parallel to the River Thames.


    It’s best known for its mix of trendy-designer boutiques, vibrant nightlife, and many restaurants. If you take a stroll down this road, you’ll find some of the best places in London to drop off and enjoy culinary delights or to gain a new wardrobe. 

    There are over 40 cafes and restaurants lining King’s Road from Sloane Square Station to World’s End. In the summer, grab a table on the patio at the Bluebird Chelsea, a stylish restaurant serving European flare. Other fabulous places to enjoy lunches or teas are

    ●      Peter Jones

    ●      Peggy Porschen

    ●      Comptoir Libanais

    And, if you’re around on Saturdays, make your way to Duke of York Square for the weekend market.

    Visit the spectacular Saatchi Gallery, named after Charles Saatchi. You’ll see exhibitions of work from emerging artists who later gain an international reputation. It’s a genuinely remarkable street in London; you won’t want to miss out exploring.

    Address: King’s Road, SW3 4PW

    Lennox Gardens Mews

    Lennox Garden Mews is a beautiful road just off Milner Street in the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kingston. The properties here are used for both commercial and residential purposes.

    It’s particularly attractive with its tasteful blends of colourful Chelsea houses – a mix of greys, pinks, blues, beiges, and more. A beautiful contrast from these homes in this street is that the road behind it is made up of red-brick buildings. You’ll not be disappointed with the foil of these adorable houses and cobbled streets in London.

    Address: Lennox Gardens Mews, Kensington & Chelsea, SW1X ODP

    Smith Terrace

    Another beautiful, curvy Chelsea street you won’t want to miss is Smith Terrace. With pastel-coloured houses once again, though only the top halves of the houses here are pastel shades, and the bottom halves are bare white.


    It’s a lovely street to shoot some scenic photographs in front of pretty pinks, jewel blues, and sunny yellows.

    If you’re in the area and looking for a quick bite to eat, try out the charming Italian restaurant, Ziani. Alternatively, make your way to No. Fifty Cheyne for river views. In this street, you’re also able to visit the Chelsea Synagogue, one of the only Synagogues in the area.

    Address:  Smith Terrace, SW3 4DL

    Burnsall Street

    Burnsall Street is located just off Godfrey Street and has a smaller collection of colourful homes. It’s the perfect place to visit while on your hunt for scenic, quaint streets. 

    If you’re looking for a place to lay your head near Burnsall Street and other popular attractions, Chelsea Pelham Apartments provides a pleasant stay. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, the Riverbank Bunsall Cafe will delight your taste buds.

    Address: Burnsall St, Chelsea

    Draycott Place

    Draycott Place particularly stands out with its red brick buildings, occupied by residents, a few hotels, and the Spanish Consulate. It’s a stunning street to walk as you soak in the atmosphere and make your way through to Sloane Square.

    Unlike many other streets, Draycott Place isn’t decorated full of pastels. However, where it lacks in colour, it makes up for architecture, providing a real London feel. The street also leads you to Sloane Square, brimming with cafes and stores to feast your eyes and senses.

    Address: Draycott Pl, Chelsea

    Egerton Crescent

    Known as one of Britain’s most expensive streets or “billionaires’ row”, Egerton Crescent boasts opulent white stucco-fronted facades and private English gardens, topped with luxurious cars parked in the lanes.

    Many tourists drop by to see the opulence on display. A stone’s throw away from this affluent street, you’ll find various other attractions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Knightsbridge shops, and Hyde Park.

    Address: Egerton Crescent, SW3

    Godfrey Street

    It’s not just famous Notting Hill that’s dotted with colourful streets, Chelsea delights the senses too. With technicoloured walls – from bright bursts of sunflower yellow to tulip pink to pastel accents lining the terrace houses.

    Godfrey Street is located in the heart of Chelsea, just around the corner from bustling King’s Road, and boasts glorious rainbow-coloured homes. Feast your eyes in the assortment of boutiques. 

    Address: Godfrey St, SW3 3SX

    Bywater Street


    Not too far from Godfrey Street and King’s Road lies Bywater Street. It has arguably some of the prettiest pastel houses in Chelsea, London. The cul-de-sac Chelsea gem is one of the more, quiet cobbled streets in Chelsea, London, with colourful facades painted in light hues of purples, blues, and pinks, greens, and more.

    The street offers plenty of bakeries and cafes, where you can indulge in some tasty pastries and desserts. Grab a cup of coffee from Paul King’s Road on the corner of Bywater Street and wander down this visual treat.

    Address: Bywater St, SW3

    Markham Street

    Markham Street is steeped in history and is bunched with an array of period homes. It’s a popular residential street that’s located between Kings Road and Chelsea Green. In the same area as Markham Street, you’ll find Godfrey Street and further down Smith Terrace. 

    On the corner of Markham Street, you’ll find a lovely Cinquecento Neapolitan Pizzeria and around the corner from Markham Square. It’s within walking distance to plenty of other attractions to fit within your London day trip.

    Address: Markham Street, Kensington and Chelsea, SW3 3NR


    Stewart’s Grove

    Situated between Fulham Road and Cale Street, Stewarts Grove is a mews style through-road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This incredible picturesque street contains an assortment of 53 Mews Style buildings.

    Nearby Stewart’s Grove, you’ll find The Royal Marsden School, The Royal Marsden Hospital, and further down past Cale Street, you’ll spot the beautiful St Luke’s Gardens.

    Grab a bite to eat at the Victoria & Albert Museum before exploring more. The Sydney House Chelsea provides a pleasant stay during your adventure in Chelsea.

    Address: Stewart’s Grove, South Kensington, SW3

    Ensor Mews

    Another picturesque London mews nested on one of the most elegant, cobblestoned streets in London is in Ensor Mews. It contains Georgian and Victorian terraces, where most houses were built between 1840 and the 1880s.

    It’s one of the best places to see wisteria in London. So, if you’re visiting here in May, prepare yourself for spoils as you witness the streets littered in purple.

    Ensor Mews is situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. There are plenty of other picturesque spots around Ensor Mews Street to visit as it’s in the central area of Chelsea. You can easily spend hours enjoying this stunning, photograph-worthy streets, stopping off for a typical English tea or a brunch.

    Address: Ensor Mews, South Kensington

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      St. Leonard’s Terrace

      Another favourite and charming street you won’t want to miss out to see is St. Leonard’s Terrace. Here, you’ll find beautiful 18th-century townhouses lining the street.

      Gallivant along the street, snapping pictures as you go. There are ample sights and attractions minutes away, such as the Saatchi Gallery, National Army Museum, and the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

      Once you’ve worked up an appetite, walk a street up to Smith Street to enjoy a meal at The Phoenix or take a brief walk to popular King’s Road and settle at the Ugly Butterfly, or one of the many eateries available. 

      Address: St. Leonard’s Terrace, Kensington and Chelsea, SW3 4QB

      A Footnote on the Most Picturesque Streets in Chelsea London

      There are plenty of spectacular adventures to be had while discovering the scenic streets of Chelsea, London. As one of the sought-after London boroughs, and one of the city’s most posh areas, you’re bound to find a fair share of remarkable things to do and see here.

      Add a bit of colour to your social profiles and pose in front of some of Chelsea, London’s prettiest coloured streets, or discover some of London’s Hidden Streets.

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