37 Prettiest Streets In London: Best Cobbled Streets & Famous Roads

A list of the prettiest streets in London and covers some of the loveliest roads to take a walk through at sunset and sunrise. 

London is an attractive tourist destination for many reasons, one of which is the street life brimming with energy.

Prettiest Streets In London

There are tons of modern attractions in London, but if you’re looking for a trip back to where the streets are paved with cobblestone or get you IG photos looking flawless, you’re in the right place.

As a Londoner, I use to roll my eyes, when I saw tourist taking their holiday snaps along Portobello Road or on the South Bank.​

But as a travel blogger, I now understand why people would wake up at the crack of dawn or manoeuvre through hordes of other tourists along Carnaby Street to capture a holiday photo or selfie, with the candy-coloured building in the background. 

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It’s, because you are not just taking a holiday snap but capturing some of the prettiest places in London, ionic streets, streets they’ve only seen in movies, and they want to say they have walked along these pretty streets in London.

I’ve included some of London’s mews streets – these were narrow streets built behind the mansions of the Victorian era to house stagecoaches.

Whether it’s a shopping spree through London’s retail hubs or a relaxing stroll down one of the quieter cobbled mews streets, you’ll find plenty to see in this beautiful city.

Prettiest streets in London

I’ve covered some of London’s prettiest streets, from anonymous alleys to famous roads in districts like Soho and Camden Town.

These streets and roads have a picturesque quality to them, with great atmospheres that will give you a feel for life in London.

1. Kynance Mews

Fall Foliage at Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews is one of the prettiest streets in London and for good reason, this gorgeous, narrow street in Kensington is lined with cobblestones and decorated with flowers and greenery. West of Central London, Kensington is an affluent neighbourhood in the Royal Borough.

Kynance Mews has the loveliest archways that are often draped with hanging flowers in the Spring.

When it’s raining, this mews street in London is just as romantic as it is in the sunlight. The smell of rain on the dewy greenery makes for a fairy-tale setting in London.

No matter the time of year, I highly recommend visiting Kynance Mews as you can actually see the seasons change via the archway and hanging flowers. Kynance Mews is also within walking distance of many of the free museums in South Kensington which is a great place to stay if this is your first time visiting London.

2. Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is one of the prettiest streets in London. Wander through the small alleyway to get to the courtyard, and you’ll be taken aback by the bright, quirky, picturesque multi-coloured buildings, windows and shops.

The charming shops and restaurants in Neal’s Yard are sure to put a smile on your face. Most people forget to explore the smaller, relatively unknown side streets and areas like Neal’s Yard. But if you’re looking for a hidden gem, look no further than Neal’s Yard. 

To get to Neal’s Yard, wander through the small alleyway off of Covent Garden and Seven Dials. 

Covent Garden Colourful Street

3. Carnaby Street

For the shopping fanatic, Carnaby Street is a dream come true and one of the most famous roads in London.

In the trendy neighbourhood of Soho, this retail hub in the West End is filled with high-end fashion boutiques and lifestyle stores. 

Carnaby Street is iconic in London and is known for being the birthplace of the Swinging ‘60s in England. Even today, the street style on Carnaby is indicative of its roots as a fashion and cultural hub. It’s also known for its fab lighting displays through the year.

Carnaby Street

4. Wardour Street

Another popular street for shopping in Soho, Wardour Street runs through the intriguing Chinatown of London.

Wardour Street is one of the prettiest streets in London and a must-see for any traveller. The street runs north from Leicester Square, through Chinatown, and across Shaftesbury Avenue to Oxford Street. The main gate in Chinatown London is on Wardour Street and the area is full of Chinese restaurants, temples, and bakeries.

This famous London street is known as the home of the British Film Industry.

Wardour Street Chinatown London 1

5. Regent Street

Regent Street is one of the most popular shopping locations amongst West London streets and offers tons in the way of shopping and dining.

This is London’s fashion home, and you’ll often find it decorated with Union Jack flags that will make the perfect travel photo.

Regent Street is particularly breath-taking around the festive season. If you’re lucky enough to spend a Christmas in London, you should definitely check out the Christmas light displays on Regent.  

The fairy lights swooping between the townhouses make for a festive setting you won’t soon forget.

Regent Street Londonjpg

6. Warren Mews

The stunning Warren Mews in Fitzrovia is an eclectic little cul-de-sac with a vibey atmosphere.

Again, there are flower boxes on every windowsill. It may seem like a simple decorative trick, but it works. You’ll be hard-pressed to find pretty, flower-filled streets like these in other cities.

There are three- and four-storey townhouses in Warren Mews; the picture-perfect neighbourhood will take your breath away. This is one of the prettiest cobbled streets in London

There are often bicycles parked along the street (usually a pink or mint green coloured one too), giving this space a neighbourly feel. Warren mews is a great place to visit if you are looking for things to do near Marylebone.

Warren Mews in London

7. Campden Street & The Churchill Arms

Campden Street in Kensington is simply picturesque – night or day. This narrow street’s apartments are beautiful face brick, modern duplexes, most of which have sweet little flower boxes below the windows.

At the bottom of Campden Street, you’ll find London’s famous Churchill Arms. This unique public house is covered in flower boxes, which makes it one of the most recognisable and memorable pubs in town.

The Churchill Arms was built in 1750 and is one of the oldest pubs in London. It’s also within walking distance from Kensington Palace, so it’s a great spot to grab an ale as you tour the beautiful streets of Kensington.

This is one of the prettiest streets in London to visit during Christmas as the Church Hill Arms is covered in Christmas lights. This Kensington pub is also within walking distance of Notting Hill Gate, Portobello Road, and St Luke’s mews. It’s a great place to start if you are looking for things to do in Notting Hill.

8. Portobello Road Market

The Portobello Road Market – which also features in Notting Hill – is one of the world’s biggest antique markets. Its one of the prettiest streets in London to visit on the weekend.

Dealers and pedestrians weave through over 1000 tables, trading collectables and golden knick-knacks right in the middle of the street.

This is a great spot for street photography. You’re guaranteed to get some amazing candid’s of London life and the antiquing community.

Portobello Road Street

9. Lancaster Road

Seen as one of London’s prettiest streets, Lancaster takes regular old metropolitan life and splashes it with a little colour. You’ll find the conventional townhouses punctuated with ones doused in red, green, yellow, blue, purple – even pink.

This wonderful weirdness of Lancaster makes it a top contender for one of the prettiest streets in London. If not it’s definitely one of the most colourful streets in London and a top spot to visit in Notting Hill area.

Lancaster Road London

10. St Luke’s Mews

Another cobblestoned mews street in London, St Luke’s Mews is one of London’s most endearing spots.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a candid picture of a local smoking from his townhouse balcony three storeys above you. 

This beautiful street has a wonderful energy that puts you in the heart of this exciting city, without all the noise and fuss of the busier neighbourhoods. This is one of the cute streets to visit during the wisteria season in London.

St Lukes Mews Love Actually Filming Location

11. Columbia Road Flower Market

The Columbia Road Flower Market is one of those tourist activities you simply have to experience before you leave London. The abundance of floral arrangements at this iconic market makes for an excellent photograph, Markets like these are a big deal in London, so a walk down Columbia Road is a great way to experience London’s market scene in the East End.

Columbia Road Flower Market

12. Camden High Street

Camden High Street is one of the most famous streets in London, taking you through Central London street and into Hampstead. This street is jam-packed with activity and is also home to the world-famous Camden Market.

13. Umbrella Street in Camden Market

You simply can’t visit Camden Town without seeing Umbrella Street in Camden Market. This is one of the pretty streets in London and as the name says it all: this street is covered in umbrellas that line the strip of sky between this street’s old buildings and townhouses.

Umbrella Street in Camden Market

14. Hartland Road

Hartland Road is located in Camden Town, or Camden, a district made famous for its markets and fashion scene.

One of the best spots on Hartland is Chin Chin Dessert Club instagrammable desserts in London. Grab a scoop of divine ice cream here and snap a photo on this beautiful road in London.

15. Shad Thames

Shad Thames is a riverside street with a lot of history. This road formed part of one of London’s very first Warehouse districts in the 19th century.

Located just next to Tower Bridge and London Bridge, this street offers a fantastic view of the Thames. You can easily walk from Shad Thames to Borough Market if you are looking for things to do near London Bridge.

Shad Thames Pretty Streets in London

16. Thurloe Square

Thurloe Square is a gem in South Kensington, boasting charming buildings and magnificent trees along the surrounding roads.

The Thurloe Square Gardens are located just before the Victoria and Albert Museum (my favourite museum in London), which towers above the magnificent communal gardens.

The tall, thin houses on the square have a unique English charm to them, with personalised flower arrangements at almost every door.

17. Charlotte Street


Another one of the prettiest streets in London is Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, just North of Soho, and has a great nightlife scene. You’ll find plenty of young people having a good time on Charlotte Street, as it’s mere minutes away from the University College of London. This is one of the prettiest streets in London.

You can find great places to eat out here. Some options include beers and ciders at the Draft House, modern French Cuisine at The Ninth and some easy street food at Pizza Express.

The multitude of restaurants here makes Charlotte Street a busy and vibrant space and one of the places to explore near Victoria Station in Central London.

18. Stanley Crescent

Just between Kensington Park and Ladbroke Gardens, you’ll find the quiet and tranquil Stanley Crescent, one of London’s prettiest streets.

This happens to be located in Notting Hill, the district made famous by the ‘90s rom-com starring Hugh Grant and Julia Robertson.

Tourists have been known to snap photos of themselves in the exact same locations seen in the film. You can take a Notting Hill walking tour through the area to see each iconic location.

Movie trivia aside, Stanley Crescent is a likeable and pretty London street in its own right.

The houses on this street are grand, white buildings, some of which date back to the Victorian era. The height to Stanley Crescent’s charm though, are the cherry trees that line this story-book street.

Stanley Crescent

19. Ladbroke Gardens

Ladbroke Gardens has some of the grandest terraces in London, with immaculate gardens you can stroll through the beautiful street on a weekend afternoon.

The gardens are truly romantic, with magnificent greenery making the perfect setting for a romantic picnic. The townhouses along Ladbroke Grove are also especially stately and impressive and are definitely worth a gander. Making Ladbroke Grove one of the best streets in London for architecture lovers.

20. Conduit Mews

Another delightful mews street in London, Conduit Mews is an endearing spot in the suburb of Tyburnia. You’ll be happy to know that there are some brightly coloured houses on this street, too.

21. Bywater Street

You can find Bywater Street in Chelsea, London. Just look for the road with the wacky, colourful doors and townhouses, and you’re in the right place.

Along Bywater Street, there are also plenty of bakeries and cafes on this road, where you can indulge in some delicious pastries and a cup of tea like any Londoner would.

Bywater Street

22. Chalcot Crescent

Colours, colours and more pastel colours! Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill is another great option for an Instagrammable moment in London if you are looking for colourful houses. Follow the road, and you’ll land up at the peaceful Chalcot Square Gardens. Exploring Chalcot Cresent is one of the top things to do in Primrose Hill.

23. Chalcot Square Gardens

Chalcot Square Gardens has vast stretches of lawn grass that have been carefully tended to, creating a tranquil space in Primrose Hill. 

24. Ennismore Mews

Ennismore Mews is another beautiful mews street lined with colourful houses that can be found in London’s Westminster Borough.

Running parallel to this road is Ennismore Gardens road, where you can find the Ennismore Gardens one of the fanciest streets in London.

25. Beak Street

Beak Street easily makes this list with its high-end cafes and clothing stores. This is an energetic street brimming with life and fits perfectly into the chic Soho.

Like Pembridge Road, some of the townhouses on Beak Street are painted in bold colours that will surely catch your eye.

26. Westbourne Grove

Westbourne Grove is another busy London street with great opportunities for street photography.

This street was made primarily for retail so there are plenty of interesting stores to keep you busy.

You can book a seat on a sightseeing tour bus through Westbourne Grove. This is a hop-on and hop-off bus, so you’ll be able to visit numerous stores, cafes, galleries, museums and pubs along the way.

27. Westbourne Park Road

Westbourne Park Road cuts through the Notting Hill district on the West-side, and you can also find the Westbourne Gardens there.

This is a little green haven where you can take a break from the buzzing streets, stretch out and relax amongst the trees.

28. Northumberland Street

Northumberland Street offers a sweet slice of London life. Located in Westminster, this is another major shopping area with a lot to offer.

The street passes through Trafalgar Square until it meets the Thames River banks in the West. This is one of the best streets to explore if you are looking for things to do in Westminster.

You can enjoy some unforgettable dining experiences along Northumberland, as the area is filled with great restaurants and coffee houses. You can also count on some park benches along the way where you can take a load off and enjoy the evening air.

29. Pembridge Road

Pembridge Road is a must-see among the prettiest streets in London. Just two minutes away from the Notting Hill tube station, Pembridge is a unique road decorated with colourful houses!

Some of the apartments above the retail centre are painted such quirky colours as pastel pink, lime green, royal blue and bright yellow. It’s a wacky street that’s sure to entice your curiosity. 

30. Holly Mount Road

Holly Mount Road is one of the narrowest streets on this list and will take you around an endearing little bend that runs through Hampstead.

You can find The Holly Bush on this road, one of the most popular Hampstead hangouts and an old-timey style public house. 

Holly Mount Road is also lined with fanciful lamp posts and oak trees, not to mention some attractive face brick townhouses, making it one of the prettiest streets in London.

31. Fleet Street

Fleet Street is one of the major roads in London. It also happens to be the birthplace of England’s printing and publishing industry, which began back in the 16th century.

Fleet Street Pretty streets in London

The majority of the country’s newspapers operated out of Fleet Street in the 20th century, and you can still detect the historical architecture in the area today. Fleet Street is one of London’s hidden gems.

32. Bedfordbury

Bedfordbury in Charing Cross has a historic feel to it, with its wooden shop front shutters and public houses tucked away beneath trails of ivy.

If you take a walk down Bedfordbury, you may be tempted by the warm light streaming out of an anonymous bar, or the smell of late-night coffee drifting from a local coffee house.

Bedfordbury Street in London

33. Elwin Street

Elwin Street in Bethnal Green looks remarkably similar to a scene out of a Wes Anderson movie.

The almost-symmetrical townhouses lining the road, paired with some gorgeous green trees across the street, make Elwin a scenic place for a stroll.

Elwin Street is also walking distance from the Columbia Road Flower Market, so this is a great place to start your Sunday if you’re looking around Bethnal Green for things to one afternoon.

34. Kelly Street

Kelly Street in Kentish Town is without a doubt one of London’s prettiest streets. If the multicoloured houses aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, perhaps the 19th-century architecture will.

Kelly Street is airy, spacious for a mews street, and a must on my list.

35. Cabbell Street

Cabbell Street in Marylebone is home to some classic London-style townhouses made in red brick.

This urban neighbourhood is one of the more affluent in London and is a highly Instagrammable location.

36. Ebury Street

Ebury Street in Belgravia runs from Grosvenor Gardens to Pimlico Road and boasts some interesting mid-century architecture. There’s also a must-see bronze statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on Ebury is well worth a visit.

37. Elizabeth Street

Also located in Belgravia, Elizabeth Street has buildings dating back to the 19th century, not to mention its colourful cafes and local flower shops. Locals are drawn to Elizabeth Street, so it’s also a fabulous place to get to know some new London faces.

Pretty Streets in London – Prettiest Roads and Cobbled Streets in London

There are plenty of exciting adventures you can go on in the city of London. But sometimes the most memorable moments in a new city are the serene, quiet days you spend getting to know the local areas more intimately.

Touring the city streets, chatting to locals and taking in the atmosphere of the city can be a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. You may even meet some Londoners you’ll stay friends with for life.

You can check back here to keep abreast of all the best places to go in and around Europe, or read up on great day trips outside of London, as well.

Whether you’re reading a book in a cafe or hunting for a good coat on the high street, London has so much to offer in the way of pretty streets. These streets are in the prettiest areas in London.

To find out more about the beauty and adventure that London holds, you can browse the rest of my streets in London content, beginning here;

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