27 Epic Things to Do in Camden Town London

Camden Town is one of the most vibrant and happening neighbourhoods in London. The area is filled with independent shops, bars, and restaurants, and there is always something to do in Camden Town.

What to Do in Camden Town

While you’re at it, picture interesting market stalls that file up along the High Street, against the backdrop of street art and unique pubs that create an exciting nightlife. It’s also a great area to people watch as there is nothing dull about the people who live in Camden.

Camden is also known as a safe haven for the alternative and happily unconventional kind of individual. You will never be without something fun to keep you busy in Camden, with places like the Roundhouse, The Brewery, Regent’s Park, and Camden Lock Market to visit.

Be sure to add Camden Town to your London itinerary, especially if you’re a lover of quirky and unusual things to do in London. 

Whether you’re looking for markets, places to eat, or the main attractions, this guide has you covered. Read on to learn more about what to do in Camden.

What to Do in Camden Town

Things to Do in Camden

Camden, London was made famous by the Regent Canal. Along this waterway, there are tons of exciting adventures that await. For things to do in Camden, London, you can expect a fringe culture and beautiful streets lined with markets.

Think old-school pubs, a hub of activity in coffee shops during the day, and roaring nightlife as the sunsets.

Here are just a handful of the best things to do in Camden as well as the best places to see.

1. Amy Winehouse Statue

Amy Winehouse Statue

Situated along Chalk Farm Road, the Amy Winehouse sculpture made by Scott Eaton was shared with the public in 2014, three years after the fabulous singer and songwriter passed. The statue shows off Amy Winehouse’s glorious beehive hairstyle, and petite stature that we all know for.

I was at university when Amy Winehouse and her music was at their peak! Everytime one of her songs came on, the dance floor would be PACKED, with everyone jamming. Sining her songs – word for word. She was a bloody LENGEND.

So, while you’re wandering around Camden, make sure you can catch a glimpse of her life memorialised in this beautiful bronze statue.

2. Camden Street Art Tours

London Camden Street Art Tours

If you’re a lover of art or are simply intrigued by the history of street art, this is one tour that you have to get behind.

You can see about 100 pieces scattered throughout the beautiful neighbourhood in around two hours.

You’ll be taken on a tour by the artists themselves, and you’ll learn more about what street art and graffiti represent. It will also make a terrific addition to your Instagram feed.

Camden Street Art

3. Camden Brewery

Camden Brewery

The Camden Brewery is home to the famed Hells Lager. If you’ve got a special place for beer, this is a must-see stop. Even if you’re not much of a drinker, the brewery has a terrific beer hall where you can stop for lunch and enjoy some of your favourite meals.

There are also brewery tours under the arches that make for an excellent way to spend the afternoon. You can enjoy learning about the history of Camden’s beer and brewery.

First impressions walking into this bar may not be what you’d usually expect from a top-rated brewery pub like this one. Although, once you sit down and ease into the experience, you’ll soon understand why this place is worth all the fuss.

4. Cyber Dog

Cyber Dog

If you’ve decided to join Notting Hill Carnival, you’ll most definitely need a new outfit. Cyber Dog is all about your rave and festival-inspired clothing. Between the neon lights and colourful costumes there are many unique pieces to be found.

Try on anything from light-up bras to caged dresses to your favourite binary jumper. Visit the Cyber Dog for some of the hottest bodysuits and the brightest raving gear.

5. Camden Markets

Camden Markets

Camden Market is known as one of the best markets, arguably in all of London. Most tourists flock here for a unique experience in fashion, art, music, food, and an overall diverse experience of your usual London.,

The Market is broken up into a couple of separate smaller markets, serving vibes on top of vibes.

The Stables Market and Camden Lock Village are the most popular but shouldn’t be prioritised over Buck Street Market or Inverness Street Market. Keep reading to learn more about things to do in Camden Market.

👉Stables Market

The Stables Market is considered the largest within the Camden Market lot. It was previously a horse stable and hospital (and many more things besides) before being converted into the market that it is now.

With vaulted ceilings and life-sized horse statues, the surroundings only complement the fantastic treasures you’ll find here. The Stables Market offers street food, great brews and worthwhile souvenirs.

Things to Do in Camden Town

👉Camden Lock Market Hall

This hall transports you to a scene in Harry Potter. The Market Hall boasts stunning architecture, with its giant windows and eery underground aesthetics.

Take a walk around the stalls to find something unique, especially if you’re on the lookout for beautiful souvenirs. There are jewellery, bags, and pop-ups like The London Stories and Poppie Jasper.

👉Camden Lock Village Market

Camden Lock Village Market was previously called Canal Market. It wasn’t until 2008 that it received a revamp. On your way in, you’ll see a lion statue and tons of food stalls to get your mouth watering.

If you’re looking for anything whatsoever, you’re almost certain to find it here. Between the jewellery and clothing items, you’ll also find cigar cases and musical instruments. With over 500 stalls, you’ll need an entire day to truly appreciate the variety on offer.

👉Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market is right at the heart of Camden. It is full of character and offers a load of excellent buys. The Inverness Street Market is usually considered a place that c-aters to the younger crowd.

With bars lining each side of the road, you’ll want to visit this market last so that you can head to one of the pubs for a quick pint.

At this market, visitors tend to find things like clothes, souvenirs and food. As it runs off High street, you may have to make a bit of a detour (especially if you’re looking to visit all of the markets).

👉Buck Street Market

While you’re visiting the Buck Street Market, you will be able to find artisanal coffees, various juices, and a few vegan options.

The market is outdoors in repurposed shipping containers, where it offers exciting and varied food options. Many stalls in this market have eco-friendly and sustainable missions.

6. Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin Labs

If you’re looking for excellent and innovative ways to enjoy ice cream, you’ve come to the right place. Chin Chin Labs is an ice cream parlour on a unique mission. As one of Europe’s first to use liquid nitrogen, you can only imagine what creamy goodness awaits.

This industrial café offers tantalising tastes for every palate. You can enjoy the ice cream sandwiches, waffle cups, or even hot chocolate on colder days. 

7. Hans & Gretel

Hans Gretel

Sugary, magical, candy deliciousness awaits at Hans and Gretel. With artisanal homemade gelato to boot, their literal buckets of candy will have your mouth watering as soon as you step in the door.

You have to try their homemade ice cream (of course), but don’t overdo it because there are so many things you have to squeeze in as well. Hans and Gretel also offer waffles and candy galore.

Try to get there somewhere before breakfast or after dinner for the best seats and an empty shop, as this place tends to get super packed during lunch.

PS: It might sound a bit strange to have candy for breakfast, but if crowds aren’t your thing, then why not?

8. Camden Stables Umbrella Street

Camden Stables Umbrella Street

Camden Stables Umbrella Street is one of the most unique and charming places in Camden Market. It’s a narrow alleyway that’s covered in colourful umbrellas. The umbrellas are beautiful and make for great Instagram photos, so be sure to visit this spot when you’re in Camden Town.

Umbrella street can get busy once the market is open and people start to shop. And they sometimes tend to be people stopping and taking their photos in umbrella street. So, my advice is to visit the early market before it opens.

9. Camden Market Hawley Wharf

Camden Market Hawley Wharf

Hawley Wharf is a new addition to the Camden Markets and is advised as a canal-side destination with food, drinks, retail and more.,

The food halls cover two floors with vibrant street food – like Golden Tea, Rudies Jerk Shack, Mikos Gyros (one of my favs), Bazoilnn, Juice Junkiez, Bun House, rooftop eateries and restaurants. It even contains Curzon cinema, a New York-style bar nestled under the railway arches, an eco-conscious hair studio and more.

It is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Camden Town. The beautiful historical wharf adds charm to this food market, which sits alongside Regent’s Canal.

10. Camden High Street

Camden High Street

Walking along this enticing road, you can expect music blaring from both ends, highlighting the vibe that is unequivocally Camden. For a three-dimensional art experience, you can tread along the street, engorging your eyes on some of the best facades this century has seen.

Along the road, you’ll find places like Electric Ballroom, KOKO, and some of the usual suspects like KFC or Fish and Chips shops for lunch.

11. Camden’s Colourful Houses

You’ve probably heard about them before. Walk down the cobbled Hartland Road Street for some gorgeous views of the most beautiful pastel-coloured houses.

12. Pirate Castle

The Pirate Castle is an excellent location for informal events. If whizzing down the waterways is your thing, then you’re in the right place. Here, you can choose between a day trip out on the boat or paddle your way around via kayak.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, you can head to land for a bite to eat at the Camden Market across the canal. Don’t forget to catch a peek at Banksy’s artwork on your way over for a quick photo shoot.

13. Walk Along Regent Canal Path

Walk Along Regent Canal Path

The Regent Canal is one of London’s less popular waterways compared to the River Thames. The canal ends in the River Thames around Limehouse and starts somewhere around Grand Union Canal (although the pathway usually starts around Little Venice).

Most walkers enjoy the surrounding silence as they wander hidden away between the trees and away from the buildings and hustle of the city.

Along the Regent Canal Path, visitors can pass through Primrose Hill, Little Venice, a book barge near Granary Square, King Cross shopping mall, and Gasholder Park.

Besides those interesting locations, there are also great places to catch a bite to eat and enjoy a drink. Some places include Pizzeria Di Camden and Costa Camden Road.

Regent Canal Path

There are tons of eateries and restaurants closer to Camden Market where you can enjoy the best bubble tea or Mexican food, as well as fish and chips. 

14. ZSL London Zoo

Camden Town’s zoo started in April of 1828. It is situated on the northern edge of Regent’s Park and is sometimes called Regent’s Zoo. 

Here, you can strengthen your grasp of zoology by feeding gorillas or experiencing the life of a zookeeper. You’ll have the opportunity to meet meerkats, monkeys, and penguins, or even become a komodo dragon keeper or a giraffe keeper for the day. 

The Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) London Zoo is a great place to go in Camden to spend the day, especially if you’re stopping by one of the restaurants or coffee shops for lunch.

15. Regent’s Park

Regents Park

The Regent’s Park runs through Westminster and Camden. John Nash, a British architect, developed and landscaped the park in the 1800s. Before then, it was the official hunting ground for King Henry VIII.

The beautiful park was initially designed for the Royal family and members of the aristocracy.

The park only opened to the general public in 1841. It is now a part of the Royal Parks and allows visitors access to over 100 species of birds, with around 12 000 roses in the gardens, as well as a lake where you can hire rowing boats.

The park makes for a great day of walking about and soaking up the sun before seeing the London Zoo or sitting down for a delicious picnic. Spend your afternoon lazing about in the gardens, observing the ducks, and enjoying the London skyline.

16. Primrose Hill

London cityscape from Primrose Hills park

There are already a ton of things to do in Primrose Hill itself. While you’re in Camden, you’ll want to ensure that you’re making the most of what this neighbourhood has to offer. Checking out this affluent part of London is a fascinating item to have on your list.

It is just a stone’s throw away from Regent’s Park. Tourists love this spot as one of the most Instagram worthy places in London with some of London’s most spectacular panoramic views.

17. Primrose Hill Market

This weekly farmers market is open every Saturday between 9:00 and 14:30. At the Primrose Hill Market (just a stone’s throw away from Regent’s Park), you can choose to eat virtually anything – yes, they have that much on offer.

Whether you’re looking for freshly cooked treats, sweet cakes, fresh pasta or produce, you can find it all here. Gather your things from the market and head out to picnic somewhere on the lawns of Primrose Hill. This is a charming way to spend a warm, sun-kissed Saturday afternoon.

Tip: Dogs are not allowed in the market, so be sure to leave your four-legged friend at home for this one.

Best Places in Camden Town, London For a Night Out

Best Places in Camden Town

Besides everything you’d love to see mentioned above, there are a ton of places to go in Camden. Whether you’re looking for lunch or a good night out, Camden has it all.

From the infamous Roundhouse to the stylish KOKO and Jazz Cafe, there’s something here for all your music needs and so much more.

18. Camden Pubs

Camden is known to come alive in the night-time. With clubs and pubs all around, from punk rock to house and jazz, you can find just about anything here.

Check out the Roundhouse or Jazz café if you’d like some live music. If you’re looking for someplace to laugh your hat off, find the comedy club. Either way, there’s something here for virtually every night of the week.

19. KOKO

KOKO is where the live music is at. It used to be a theatre and was formerly known as Camden Palace. The name changed in 2004 when KOKO appeared and steadily built its reputation as one of the leading music halls in all the land.

Here, you can sit back with your ideal cocktail and sing along to your favourite tunes in the company of like-minded upbeat individuals. The former theatre is now home to production events, corporate events, club nights, and of course, live music nights.

The club has seen names like The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Elton John, My Chemical Romance, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and so much more. It is definitely worth checking their website to see what’s on next.

20. The Dublin Castle

If you’re in search of inexpensive drinks before six, this is the perfect space for you. The Dublin Castle offers legendary performances by tons of amazing artists, like System of a Down, DJ Cello, and so many more. Almost every night is packed with back to back playlists of exhilarating sounds.

Just a quick 2 minutes from the Camden Town Tube, you can expect a range of beverages at the bar where even Amy Winehouse once served. Between the welcoming atmosphere and old-school jukebox, there’s little else in Camden that will provide you with a more legendary evening out. ‘

21. Egg London

Are you looking to let your hair down and dance until your feet hurt? Egg London beckons for you to do just that.

This old Victorian warehouse was refurbished into the warehouse-style nightclub that we have come to adore. Book a table, put on your favourite lipstick, and get ready to feel the house and techno beat. 

While the club is literally raved about, as with any nightclub environment, you have to be conscious and mindful of who you’re with and how much you’re drinking. Be sure to book tickets ahead of time and get there early(ish) to make the most of your night.

22. Camden Comedy Club

The Camden Comedy Club is located on Camden High Street. You can book yourself a couple of workshops or simply sit back (or roll on the floor) laughing at one of their live comedy nights..

Above the Camden Head Pub, you can expect laughs, tears and an intimate evening of unadulterated fun.

Their new and improved programme includes almost everything, from sketch nights and improv to stand-up and masterclasses. With a delicious menu to boot, you have to try the Smokie burger—and if you’re vegan, the Smokin vegan burger is an excellent substitute.,

23. Cecil Sharp House

The Cecil Sharp House is a non-stop vibe for folk music lovers. Not only is it an art centre that caters specifically to English Folk Dance, but it also dabbles in workshops (usually on a Saturday).

Learn barn dancing or check out their exhibitions once you arrive, and you’ll be sure to have a world-class experience. While you’re there, you have to check out the Vaughn Williams library or take note of the exciting art decor.

If you’re interested in having an event there, you can also book the spacious hall for private functions. This means that you can make the most of their friendly staff while enjoying your long-awaited celebration.

24. Roundhouse

If you’re big on the music scene, you may have heard of Roundhouse before. This pub is one of the oldest concert venues in all of Camden. It has previously been described as “mind-blowing”. And, for a good reason.

At the Roundhouse in Camden, you have the privilege of enjoying your favourite artists with an unobstructed view, astoundingly crisp sound and great atmosphere from just about any location within the pub.

Tip: Be sure to get some pre-drinks in before heading out or get yourself a couple of drinks beforehand as the lines to the bar can get quite long.

25. Electric Ballroom

At the heart of Camden, with over 80 years of crowd-pleasing experiences, the Electric Ballroom is one of the most iconic locations in music.

You can choose to dine in and enjoy live music nights featuring your favourite artist. Or, push the tables aside to get your feet stomping on club nights.

With four dance floors and two bars, the fully equipped concert location is perfect for events like MTV’s Brand New, Stand Up Central, and even PROGRESS Wrestling events.

The Ballroom is easily accessed from Camden Town station, so you can quickly pop on the tube and make your way downtown.

26. Etcetera Theatre

If you’re looking to dip your toes in fringe culture, the Etcetera Theatre offers you the opportunity to catch an exciting show. Home to the Camden Fringe Festival and Black Box Festival, you can expect the best from up-and-coming acts.

You can choose between cabaret, music, magic and comedy—their programme includes something for almost everyone. Grab yourself a seat at the pub and get something to eat (or drink) before making your way into the theatre.

Tip: The pub can get rather busy, so be sure to let the bouncers know that you’re heading to the theatre upon arrival. 

27. Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe

Regardless of its name, the Jazz Cafe cannot be put in a box, with music from Jazz and Soul, to hip-hop, funk and even Latin and reggae. Live music gets delivered to you on any night of the week.

With an energetic and lively atmosphere, you’ll find yourself either engaged in the song and dance of the artist on stage or tucked away on the dancefloor.

The food can sometimes leave something to be desired, so don’t bargain on a great meal. Instead, try one of the local restaurants in the area first before making your way through the doors of this famed establishment.

Where to Eat in Camden

Where to Eat in Camden

There is a stack of exciting and delicious restaurant options all around Camden. Whether you’re in High Street or walking along Chalk Farm Road, you can expect flavours ranging from American burgers to Greek cuisine and Mexican food.

Be sure to visit:

  • Andy’s Greek Taverna
  • Season’s Mayfair
  • Alexander The Great
  • Purezza Camden
  • Hache Camden
  • World’s End Pub

How Do I Spend a Day in Camden?

How Do I Spend a Day in Camden

You can start your day by visiting the different markets. After you’ve hit a few of the cobbled streets, get some lunch at one of the great restaurants or pubs on offer.

Catch a seat alongside the Regent Canal and spend your time dancing (or drinking) the rest of your night away.

How to Get to Camden

Camden is relatively easy to access. You can head here by tube or even rent a car. However, the tube may be your most convenient option. The underground options run across the Northern Line.

You can get off at Camden Town tube station or on Chalk Farm Road. Be sure to check the Transport for London Website for accurate arrival times.

Frequently Asked Questions About London’s Camden

If you’re still wondering about any details before visiting Camden, here are some of the FAQs regarding Camden Town.

What Is Famous in Camden?

What Is Famous in Camden

Camden Town is famous for its Market Villages, the Roundhouse, Camden Lock ‘Market, the Jewish Museum, and the Amy Winehouse statue.

Is Camden Safe at Night?

Yes, Camden is safe at night. You may find many cases of antisocial behaviour, but mostly, as long as you’re adhering to regular safety protocols in a new cities, you’ll be fine.

What Days Is Camden Market Open?

What Days Is Camden Market Open

The Camden Market is open seven days a week. From Monday through Friday, the market opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00.

You may want to check in with each shop if you’re looking for something specific, as some shops have different opening hours. 

What Day Is the Best For Camden Market?

Since the market is so popular, you can expect a crowd almost every day. The weekend is an excellent time to visit as you’ll be surrounded by lots of like-minded individuals, and all of the shops will be open. However this is also the busiest time to visit Camden Market.

Closing Thoughts on ​​Camden’s Things to Do

There are so many things to see in Camden and so many things to do in Camden Town while you’re visiting that you may not know where to start.

Luckily, this post has mentioned some highly recommended activities. So, go ahead and explore your favourite punk rock neighbourhood in all of London.,

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