2 Days in London itinerary for first-time visitors

In this 2 days in London itinerary, I breakdown the top things to do in London if you only have a short stay or weekend in London. I cover the best bits of the best things to do in London, where to eat and what to see in the city.

London in Winter

I know what it’s like to have only a a few days in city like London. Within those 48 hours, you’ll want to cramp in every London that is humanly possible, like tourist attraction and sight you’ve read about in your Lonely Planet’s guidebook.

I think doing this will only make you miss out on really experiencing the beauty of London.  London is like a fine wine it’s meant to be enjoyed slowly.

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2 Days in London itinerary - See the top sights in London in just 2 days with this jam-packed London itinerary! Visit major London landmarks like Big Ben, ride the London Eye, see the Crown Jewels, explore the British Museum, snap pics at Buckingham Palace, stroll through Hyde Park, and so much more. The perfect London travel guide for making the most of your short London trip, with the best things to do in London England. How to spend 48 hours in London, weekend in London travel guide

As a Londoner I’ll show you how to spend 2 days in London like a local. And if you’re only spend 24 hours in London, then read this post.

If you are spending a week in London, then read my 5 days in London itinerary guide.

It’s much better to select a few places to discover or things to do in London in two days.

That way, you don’t end up being another tourist in the long line waiting to go up the London Eye (or Coca-Cola London Eye as it is correctly named).

So, I’ve kept this London itinerary to places to visit in central London.

Here’s how to spend 2 days in London itinerary!

I find it unpleasant when I visit a new city and waste valuable time figuring out and trekking from one end of the city to another, just to visit an attraction site.

Coven Garden Things to do in London

In this post, I have included sites that are within walking distance of each other. This  London itinerary will show you what to see in London in 2 days .

So, you get to maximise your precious time in London.

This London two-day itinerary is filled with both London touristy attractions and regular things Londoners do.


Things to do with 2 Days in London

Historic Borough Market

1 Day in London |Breakfast at Borough Market

Hit up Borough Market to grab a slice of London’s rich history and breakfast on the go.

The market, which has been serving Londoners for around 1000 years, offers some of the best organic British-sourced produces along with regional specialities from around the world.

A shot of Monmouth espresso with its toasted almond nuts fragrance will keep you going for the day and breakfast from Maria’s Market Cafe (which has been opened since 1961), will hold you over till lunch.

Borough Market is also one of London’s best food market to visit on your weekend in London.

Borough Market is one sight you must visit in of your two day trip to London

You’ll be spoilt for breakfast choice at Borough Market.

Walk along the Southbank

The Southbank, considered as London’s cultural district, runs along the south of the Thames River and stretches from Westminster to London Bridge.

Views of London Eye

The Southbank is always bustling with activities. From people celebrating an international food festival to Art exhibitions and installation, there’s always something for you to enjoy along the river.

If none of that’s to your taste, you could just grab a pint or a cold glass of wine, sit and watch as the duck boat and Thames clipper go up and down the river.

The Southbank has all the major London tourist attractions if you are short on time, when visiting London.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in London check these cool hostels in central London.

What to see in London

Whispering Gallery at Pauls Cathedral
View of London cityscape from the Stone Gallery of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Visit St. Pauls Cathedral

You can’t visit London without seeing St. Pauls Cathedral, it is one of the building you must see in London in 2 days.

Head across the Millennium Bridge to view one of the UK’s most iconic churches: St Paul’s Cathedral.

The church really does stand out like a beacon in London. The sheer magnificence of the domed roof built in the English Baroque style, will have you marvelling for hours.

After braving the endless sets of winding stairs in the cathedral, you’ll arrive at the perfect spot for a sweeping view over London, great for watching the hustle and bustle of London spread out below you. This is a sight that people travel far and wide to do see in London.

You’ll need to pay for an entry admission to the Cathedral floor, the crypt, and the three galleries in the dome. The admission covers multimedia guides and guided tours.

Photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral, but it is permitted- without tripods– on the external galleries.

Views of St Pauls

St.Paul Cathedral  is one sight you must visit to London

Go to the theatre in London

On your trip to London seeing a show at the West End show is a must! You can pick up cheap tickets if you’re willing to sit in the stalls or go on the standby list.

You can easily pick up tickets from different outlets around London.

I definitely would recommend seeing ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Theatre or ‘The Lion King’ at Lyceum Theatre if you’re into musicals.

If you’re in the West End, then you should read my guide on Neal’s Yard, Covent London.

End your night with drinks in central London

A day out in London is not complete without drinks in Soho or you could top off your night with a view over the city from one of the many rooftop bars like Aqua Spirit on Regent Street.


2 Days in London Early morning London walking tours 

Taking a walking tour in London on a Sunday morning is way better than on a Saturday or weekday as the City is a lot quieter and shops don’t open for business until 12 pm (although you’re allowed to browse from 11 pm).

Buckingham Palace

There’ll be fewer tourists and commuters on the streets, so you’ll be able to cover more ground without fighting to get through large crowds.

I suggest booking the free SANDEMANs walking tour of London which is two and a half hours and starts at 10:00 am.

It will leave you enough time to still enjoy the rest of the day. This is one of the many free things to do in London.

The best brunch spots in London

Brunch at Duck & Waffle (or any other hipster place like the Dishoon, Breakfast Club, Hotbox Shoreditch, Caravan) 

Bistrotheque, Wadeson Street

Sundays are for brunching.

After all that walking, you’ll need to sit down and satisfy your appetite. Head over to Duck and Waffles, where you’ll not only tuck into fluffy, syrup-drizzled waffles topped off with a crispy duck, but you’ll also get a great view over London.

Londoners know how to brunch. It’s like a national pastime

Shoreditch street art



Wander around Shoreditch and be filled with wonder. You’ll quickly realise that this once derelict and rundown neighbourhood is now the heart of London’s hipster neighbourhood, filled with colourful street art, endless cocktail bars, and trendy coffee shops where you can pay upwards of £5 for coffee.

Don’t worry, it’s the artisan, organic-ethnically sourced-pesticide free-prayed over by Buddhist monk kinda coffee, and that’s why you’ll pay £5 for it.

Shoreditch is renowned for its street art and a street art tour is an activity I highly recommend to do in London.

Things to do in Brick Lane Street Art

You can also check out the 24-hour bakery Brick Lane Beigel. Try their classic salt beef beigel with mustard and pickles, but hold the mustard if you can’t handle spicy or peppery food.

Shoreditch and East London are known as cool places to visit in London.

Dinner at the Sky Garden

End your day with dinner from either the Sky Garden or the Shard and enjoy a view of the city awash with golden sunset light.

The Shard is the highest observation deck in the city but I find it quite expensive for what it is at £35. Visiting the Sky Garden is to me like free sightseeing in london, as you get to see all the iconic London landmarks without the paying.

It’s one of the many free places to visit in London.

I suggest visiting the Sky Garden where you get a 360-degree view over London without the price tag.

Wrapping Up

In such a vibrant and buzzing city as London, I could give you endless suggestions on things to do and how to spend 2 days in London, but I find that jam-packed itinerary often overwhelming and you never get to do everything on the list.

With these few highly recommended suggestions, however, you’ll be able to enjoy the best this city has to offer without feeling like you missed out on anything.

Struggling with knowing what to do in London?


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