Weekend in Cologne | Things To Do for a Perfect City Break

Here are the best things to do on a weekend in Cologne like climbing the Cologne Cathedral, visiting the Chocolate museum, and exploring Cologne’s Old Town and Old Market.

In this guide, you’ll find everything else you’ll need to plan the perfect city break to Cologne.


When planning a visit to Germany, cities such as Berlin and Munich easily come to mind. However, Cologne, a 2,000-year-old multifaceted city sprawled across the river Rhine in Western Germany, ticks several good city break destination boxes.

Read my travel guide for Cologne if you are planning your trip to visit Cologne, Germany.

While the old town districts still have a feel of the city’s ancient roots, Cologne has quickly grown into a commercial hub, and thanks to the lack of mass tourism, you will easily be absorbed into the city’s culture.

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This weekend Cologne city break guide breaks down some of the top things to do in Cologne.

Cologne City Breaks: How To Spend a Weekend in Germany

Views in Cologne scaled

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can spend a weekend in Cologne.

How To Get to Cologne

You can get from London to Cologne city using different modes of transportation:

By Plane

I can access Cologne through three airports: Cologne Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf International Airport, and Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport, 15 minutes away from the city centre by train.

It is a hub for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Eurowings and TUIfly. I flew from London Stansted to Cologne Bonn Airport for my city break in Cologne, and the flight time was 80 minutes. Dusseldorf International Airport offers connections to a wide range of cities worldwide.

Getting from Cologne airport to the city centre by train takes only 40 minutes. Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport is Germany’s largest airport, and it is served by all major international airlines in the world.

cologne Germany

In an hour, high-speed trains managed by InterCity Express (ICE) connect the airport to Cologne central station.

By Car

The law requires all cars entering Germany’s cultural capital to have a “Low Emissions” sticker to ensure they can drive around the city centre. Different motorways that can get into Cologne.

By Train

How to get to Cologne

Two major railway stations – Köln-Deutz and Köln Hauptbahnhof – connect Cologne. It links the train stations with the following cities: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg by ICE and Thalys high-speed trains.

Transport in Cologne

Cologne is a city you can pretty much cover on foot without ever having to take a tram or train while there. But if you are looking to visit some neighbouring areas around Cologne on your trip there. The transportation system in Cologne is optimised to meet your needs.

Trains, trams and buses make up a major part of the city’s public transportation system. Trains in Munich known as “U-Bahn” and “S-Bahn” run from the outskirts into Cologne central.

U-Bahn stands for Underground. U-Bahn (and Hochbahn) train lines are indicated with the letter “U” on the line. S-Bahn stands for Schnellbahn or fast line; U-Bahns are, however, just as fast.

The letter “S” is a prominent feature marking the train lines along with their two-tone colour code. They refer to these indications as the Stadtbahnlinien (city train lines). All S-Bahns, numbered from 1 to 18, run through the main station in Cologne, but all U-Bahns do not.

Where To Stay on Your Cologne Weekend Break

Deciding where to stay in Cologne is essential to getting the best of your trip to this quaint German city and its surrounding areas.

Ideally, you should look to stay in hotels in Cologne city centre so that you can gain easy access to the city’s landmark sights.

Here is a list of the best places to stay in Cologne, including some of the best hotels in Cologne, Germany.

Best Places To Stay in Cologne Old Town

Where to stay in Cologne

Cologne’s old town spans across the eastern banks of the river Rhine, and it is Cologne’s centre. From the cathedral, the northern point of Old City, the streets lead into the 14th-century historic quarter, which houses the cluster of Romanesque churches in the city.

The 12th century Church of St Martin at Martinspförtchen, the Roman-Germanic Museum, and the boat cruise at the river Rhine are only a few fascinating attractions you can easily get access to.

Settling down in any of the hotels in Old Town means you are in a great position to have magnificent views of the city skyline.

Hilton Cologne

A block from Köln S-Bahn station, this upscale city centre hotel is a 4-minute walk from Cologne Cathedral and 7 minutes on foot from the Museum Ludwig.

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Holiday Inn Express Cologne (City Centre)

This newly built modern hotel is 15 minutes walk from the Old Town and less than five minutes’ walk from Poststraße and Severinstraße U-bahn stations, giving access to the city centre to the north and the trade fair to the west.

It’s an exceptional hotel place to unwind at the end of a long day, and their continental breakfast is a must if you are staying here.

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Main Station Cologne

Hotel Stern am Rathaus

Set in the old town, this contemporary hotel is a 4-minute walk from Cologne Cathedral and a 7-minute walk from Cologne Central train station. Great for staying close to Cologne’s main attractions. 

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Tip: For more accommodation options, check out this guide to the best places to stay in Cologne.

Best Places To Stay in Neustadt-Nord

Neustadt-Nord is a modern and lively area at the northern point of Old Town Cologne. The Belgian Quarter is a great nightlife spot, while the glass and steel MediaPark, hosting some media companies and the most important TV stations in Germany, is a prime tourist site.

If you are a little party animal, you’ll love bars like Six-Pack – and staying in any of the hotels in Neustadt-Nord will be your best bet.

Hyatt Regency Cologne

This luxury hotel is located directly on the Rhine River with views of the old town and Cologne Cathedral. This is a modern hotel and is great if you are looking for a more luxurious weekend.

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NH Collection Koln Mediapark

This hotel is in the city centre of Cologne, in the MediaPark close to the Cologne Tower. The modern building by architect Jean Nouvel has a view over the Mediapark Lake and is only 15 minutes walk from the city centre with its famous Dom.

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Old Town Cologne scaled

Best Places To Stay in Deutz

Deutz hosts prominent places such as the Fair-Trade Grounds, where shows like Photokina take place. The Lanxess Arena and Kennedy Embankment is an area that gives visitors a fantastic view of Cologne’s skyline.

You can lodge in any of the hotels in Deutz as it gives you access to the city centre and many other historical places.

How Many Days To Spend in Cologne, Germany?

Three days is more than enough time to spend a long weekend on your Cologne travels. as you’ll be able to see the main attractions in Cologne and even make a day trip to Bonn.

Tip: For further information, check out this article on how many days to spend in Cologne.

Best Things To Do in Cologne Germany

Am botanischen garten cologne

It’s nearly impossible to have a feel of everything the city of Cologne promises. So, what to do in Cologne this weekend? I hear you ask.

I have designed this three days in Cologne city break guide to help you find the best places to visit in Cologne, the main attractions, and some of the top things to see in Cologne.

1 Day in Cologne Itinerary

Here are the best things to see and do during your Cologne, Germany travels if you only have one day in the city.

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Dom hauptbahnhof

Start your city break in Cologne at the world-famous Cologne Cathedral as it is an obvious first-stop destination for any visitor.

With its construction spanning six centuries, the Cathedral is a really huge structure – like, really huge.

Following the completion of the building in 1880, the cathedral became one of the highest structures in the world.

To this date, it is still the largest church facade in the world. You’d have an opportunity to take lots of amazing photos at the cathedral.

With the amazing lighting effects in the building, each photo comes out unique. If you only have one day in Cologne, Germany, the cathedral is one of the top things you must see. Cologne Cathedral is one of the top things to see in Cologne.

Tip: Experience Cologne with the KölnCard. It is a cost-effective card that grants you free access to public transport. You can travel for 24 or 48 hours and receive discounts of up to 50% from numerous partners.

Climb The Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

Next up on your one day in Cologne itinerary, you’ll be climbing the gothic Cologne Cathedral!

Something that should not be undertaken lightly or with large bags. Many people tour the cathedral, but only a few climb the stairs to the top of the spire, and for good reason.

The staircase starts off as circular stone steps, where you eventually climb to the bell tower, where you can see the bell.

This is where I would suggest you take a rest stop. Even though it’s an epic climb up the Cathedral, it’s one of the fun things to do in Cologne.

Trust me. You’ll need it.

Keep climbing until you eventually arrive at a metal open staircase. The last climb is a tight circular battle to the top.

The view over Cologne is nice enough, but you’ll probably be panting and sweating from battling that many stairs in such a small area.

It is a 2-way staircase, so when passing someone, the climbers going up have to move to the inside where there is no railing to hold on to.

It is also hard to manoeuvre because the steps are small and uneven.

Good Luck!

Tip: Do not climb this unless you are in good physical health. It gets hotter as you ascend higher up the tower, and the steps get increasingly smaller.


Lock Bridge (Hohenzollernbrücke)


With around ten thousand love padlocks covering the Hohenzollern Bridge, it is now commonly known as the lock bridge.

Couples lock an engraved padlock on the bridge and throw the key deep into the Rhine River – a sign that their love is locked forever.

Does this appeal to you? You can easily get padlocks from souvenir shops around the bridge – and you can even enjoy magnificent views of the cathedral when you cross the bridge.

To have the bridge all to yourself and take your bomb Instagram photos, rise early (get there at 7:00), as the cruise offloading Chinese tourists gets to the river around 9:00.

Cologne Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)

Sitting pretty in the quarter of Altstadt-Sud on the Rheinauhafen peninsula has become a traditional tourist attraction.

The museum is filled with a massive collection of interactive exhibits on cocoa farming, a chocolate fountain, and the historic sweet treat, among others.

Opened by Hans Imhoff, a chocolate enthusiast, the Koln chocolate museum plays host to about 600,000 visitors yearly.

This is another of the places to visit in Cologne on your Cologne city break.

But the best part of your visit will be the creation of the delicate Lindt chocolate ball; witnessing the creation of each piece via a gentle swirl feels heavenly. It’s one of the fun things to do in Cologne.


Walking Tour of Cologne

Walking tours in Cologne scaled

I highly recommend taking a walking tour of Cologne. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn about this historic city and find your way around on foot.

The walk I took during my weekend in Cologne was led by a member of the Cologne tourist board. I learnt that the city was an important hub during World War II, meaning Cologne has a rich history.

I discovered some historical sites around the city and little known bits. One of these was the narrowest house in the city (the second narrowest in Europe) and the underground Roman ruins which are now in an underground multi-storey car park. A walking tour of the Old Town is another thing to do during your Cologne city break.

A walking tour covers all the things to see in Cologne. Book tickets here for your walking tour.


2 Days in Cologne

In Cologne, Germany things to do are plentiful. However, if you’re lucky enough to have two days in Cologne’s beauty, here are a few of the top things to check out.

Rhine Garden (Rheingarten)

The Rhine Garden, a fun sight for pictures, will make sense. Do not forget to stop by the Flora and Botanical Garden (Rhine Garden) and see for yourself the sheer beauty of the city’s oldest park.

The park is so marvellous that you’ll return after your first visit to feel its tranquillity before your exit.

the Rhine

Rhine Garden is home to different plant and flower species – a genuinely amazing place that lets you relax before heading into the hustle and bustle of the industrial city of Cologne.

This park is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Cologne.

Tip: beware of the many ducks in this park. They can get really close to you.

Explore Cologne’s Old Town and Old Market (Alter Markt)

Cologne Old Town

One of the best things to do in Cologne is to explore the Old Town. With its historical architectural design, Cologne’s Old Town never loses its allure. They rebuilt the city centre, which was once covered in ruins during World War II.

What remains today are the Old St. Alban Memorial, the Archaeological Zone, and the Stapelhaus, a marketplace with so much history and mediaeval charm.

The Old Market or Alter Markt is another historical site and a focal point of the dynamic city of Cologne.

Located a few steps away from the Rhine River, the Alter Markt is home to historical monuments and traditional German architecture.

These are two of the top attractions in Cologne, and tourists typically visit in December for the annual Christmas market, when there will be food stalls, fairy lights, and skating rinks. Even if you are visiting at any other time, the daily markets held here are a beauty to behold.

This is where you’ll find the colourful Instagram houses in Cologne. These houses are one of the top things to see in Cologne.

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Wallraf-Richartz Art Museum

garden in Cologne scaled

The Wallraf-Richartz Art Museum is a dream location for lovers of impressionist art.

From artworks dating back to the mediaeval period and early twentieth century to some first-rate artists such as Manet, Vangogh, and Monet, the museum is home to a variety of masterpieces.


Opened in 1861 and was named after Franz Ferdinand Wallraf and Johann Heinrich Richartz – two Cologne citizens – who left their mark in the form of painting collections and money for the development of the museum, respectively.


Ludwig Museum

Ludwig Museum scaled

The Ludwig Museum is another one art lovers would appreciate.

The museum is home to one of Europe’s largest Picasso collections and contains other amazing collections of Abstract, Surrealism, Expressionism, and Pop Art.

Stadtwald Park Köln

The Stadtwald Park Köln, an offshoot of the Stadtwald forest, boasts a healthy relaxation atmosphere and an enchanting ambience. Stretching across the southeast through Decksteiner Weiher pond to the borough of Sülz, where it crisscrosses Beethovenpark.

Visiting families with children will find the park interesting as there is a wide variety of activities on offer, including pony riding, jogging, and a hands-on children’s zoo.


3 Days in Cologne

The Rhine Cologne

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park is a perfect illustration of how rubble can be transformed into a beautiful, breathtaking park. S

et on the backdrop of a hill which was a dumping ground for debris during World War II, the park offers the ultimate pleasure: there are spots where you can enjoy a barbecue, jog, or, better still, enjoy the tranquil scenery the environment provides.

Romano-Germanic Museum

The Romano-Germanic Museum features a remarkable abundance of hidden treasures that offer an insight into the typical Roman life, including a collection of Roman glass.

The museum is not only home to Roman artefacts; it is a Roman site itself.

Belgian District

The Belgian district is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Cologne – and this is for a good reason.

The beautiful inner-city features art galleries, boutiques, food, and a booming nightlife.

You can head over to Brüsseler Platz at the heart of the Belgian District, where you can mix with the locals and join in the parties and celebrations in the quarter.



Belgian District

This area is definitely worth checking out if you’re wondering what to do in cologne on Sundays or Saturdays.

Rheinauhafen is Cologne’s most prominent gentrified city district, as it affects the skyline from the right bank of the River Rhine in such a spectacular fashion.

The impressive transformation of industrially used waterfronts into a beautiful modern district and the combination of old and new architecture make for a special allure about the district.

A walk through the area promises lots of excitement, and if you are hungry, there is a wide selection of varied restaurants at the port.

Boat Trip on the Rhine

What a way to bring your trip to this unique city to an end! Different companies offer boat cruise services – and they run at various times of the day.

Cologne vacija

So, you’ve got lots of options to choose from. The tickets here are reasonably priced, and it is a terrific way to spend your last day in Cologne.

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A boat cruise along the Rhine is one of the top things to do in Cologne city break.


Best Restaurants in Cologne

After a long day of finding things to do around Cologne, Germany you may need to refuel your energy. These top restaurants in the city are sure to give you a lovely meal to do just that.


Sitting on the popular Brüsseler Platz, the Hallmackenreuther has an amazing retro interior, perfectly complementing its awesome service.

Looking for a huge bowl of freshly prepared pumpkin and some bread? Or are you looking out for a relaxation spot where you can enjoy nature at its breathtaking best?

The environment (in Belgian District) makes this restaurant a more than appealing option.


This is your spot if you are hoping to enjoy banana bread. The friendly service and atmosphere ensure visitors like you make the most of their time in the dynamic city of Cologne.

Pop-Up Laden Ein

A pop-up bar set up to host varying restaurant types every other week, Laden Ein offers a wide range of inviting cuisines. These appetising dishes appeal to both the locals and tourists of diverse backgrounds.

Tip: For more dining options, read this guide on the best places to eat in Cologne.


Things To Know Before Visiting Cologne

Before you book your tickets, it’s good to know these things.


Germany is the official language spoken by a majority of the population. However, most residents speak English, too, so you can get by without speaking or understanding German.

Still, learning a few basics of the German phrases will be ideal since not everyone can speak English fluently.

Currency Exchange

The Euro is the official currency in Germany, as in most European Union countries. Before embarking on your trip, it would be wise to buy euros (enough for at least you). I noticed that most shops in Cologne took cash and didn’t even have contactless payments.

I used my Monzo card while in Cologne at a few places that accepted cards and withdrew money at the cash machine at no extra charge because Monzo is a fee-free currency card. You can read my review on the Monzo travel card.

Final Thoughts on Things To Do in Cologne this Weekend

Hopefully, this 3 day Cologne itinerary will help you plan your next city break to this hidden German gem. Now you know what to see in Cologne in 2 days or more.

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