Famous residential streets in London – the most beautiful areas in this magnificent city

Every nook and corner of this city has a story to tell, and with a history of over 2000 years, most of them are very appealing.

London is a fascinating city that keeps tugging at your heart. Visitors come back to this vibrant city for its rich history, architecture, and food.

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What makes London one of the best cities in the world is there is something for everybody here.

Most first-time visitors of London face the problem in deciding what to see in London. It is impossible to include everything in one trip.

I suggest going for a mix of everything. Apart from visiting all the iconic landmarks of the city to soak up its spirit, take a tour of the famous residential streets in London.

The famous residential streets in London

Is this your first trip to London? It may seem difficult for you to decide which streets to visit amongst the zigzagging labyrinth of mews, alleys, and streets. So, here is a complete guide to the areas that you must include in your itinerary.

The city of London and its neighbouring areas are divided into boroughs for easy administration. I have prepared this guide based on these boroughs to make your task easier.

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Kensington and Chelsea

Luxury is another name of this posh residential area of London. It is the most expensive part of London with the prettiest streets that will steal your heart.

Kensington Palace Gardens

This is one of the costliest streets in London with vast mansions. Take a walk down this street to witness the tastefully decorated private villas of super-elites like Lakshmi Mittal, Leonard Blavatnik, and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Shaped like a lens, Boltons is a garden square with unique specialities that you can discover by strolling along its streets. Jeffrey Archer had his home here, which attracts a lot of his fans too.

Prettiest Street in London Boltons

Bywater Street

Colourful houses make this street popular with photographers. It has a cinematic link as the fictional MI6 Intelligence officer George Smiley resided here. That same house was used in the BBC miniseries Smiley’s People.

Portobello Road

This narrow street will give you a glimpse of the culture of London. Spend some time here checking out the colourful houses and the street market, which is famous for its antiques and clothes. There are plenty of things to do in Notting Hill and around Portobello Road.

Holland Park

If the grandeur of Kensington astonishes you, go for a quiet walk amidst the greenery of Holland Park. The cherry trees and rose gardens will delight you with colourful visuals.

Holland Park Mews

Campden Hill

Located in Kensington and bounded by famous streets, this hill contains Holland Park that we just mentioned. It is a residential area known for its quaint neighbourhood and beautiful mansions.

Kynance mews

London is extremely photogenic, and some of the streets will create an indelible mark on your mind. Kynance Mews, with the cobbled streets, quiet corners, and small coffee shops, is the ideal place to shoot your Instagram story.

How To Get To Kynance Mews

Ilchester Place

Another posh locality in Kensington, celebrities like Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams, and Beckhams have houses here. So, don’t miss a chance to see their residences.

Dove Mews

A small alley located near Bina Gardens and Old Brompton Road, this street is characterised by homes with parapet-styled roofs. The area has a historical connection and makes for an interesting recce.

Manresa Road

The third-expensive street in London welcomes you for a visual treat of its opulent mansions dripped in history. Many of these buildings retain their old façade, increasing their historical value. Take a stroll here to soak in the essence of London.

Chenye Walk

London and literature are closely related as it is the home to many famous English writers and poets. Located in south-west London, the 18th-century street is lined with Georgian mansions. It runs parallel to the river Thames and has a lot of history associated with it.

It is a famous road as it housed eminent personalities like Henry James, George Elliot, Ian Fleming, Bertrand Russell, and Mick Jagger. It is one of the most expensive neighbourhood in London and home to many celebrities.

London Borough of Camden

This borough comprises of areas in inner London and is highly populated. Some of its picturesque streets that you must visit include:

Camden High Street

Chalcot Square

raditional houses in pastel shades lend a unique charm to this place. A walk around it is worth your time. If you love literature, this place will have a special meaning for you as Yeats and Sylvia Plath lived here.

30 Camden Square

Does the name ring any bell? Yes, this is the house where Amy Winehouse breathed her last, and since then, it has become a shrine for her followers. If you love Amy, don’t forget to visit her house and pay your respect. Seeing the Amy Winehouse statue and home is one of the many things to do in Camden Town.

 Warren Mews  

The distinctive entrance to this mew catches attention easily. The art gallery of Rebecca Cossack is a popular place to visit here. If you cannot have enough of cobbled roads and old-world charm, come to Warren Mews for its photogenic look.

Elm Row

The street gets its name from a huge elm tree that leans over it. The stunning cottage homes with their bright front doors give it a storybook village look. Almost all houses have gardens, and they look so pretty. No doubt, this street is one of the most beautiful streets of London.

Borough of Westminster

Westminster is another famous borough of London with many iconic streets and landmarks, With Eaton Square being the most prominent. Below are just a few things to do in Westminster.

Westminster Bridge

Eaton Square

It is the largest square in London and one of the poshest with grand houses and luxurious apartments. Vivian Leigh and Neville Chamberlain are a few of the dignitaries who stayed in Eaton Square.

Chester Square

Politicians like Margaret Thatcher lived here. That’s enough to tell you how important it is to the Londoners. Other celebrities who had homes here are Nigella Lawson and Mick Jagger. So, spend an evening checking out the houses and soaking the spirit of London.

Grosvenor Crescent

This street has earned the tag for being the most expensive residential alley. Plush apartments make it the home of the wealthiest Londoners. It connects Belgrave Square and Hyde Park, and so, when touring these areas, you can take a look at this street.

Baker Street

How can you leave London without visiting 221B Baker Street? Yes, this street has got its fame, from the most famous detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes.

He has made this street so celebrated that all his fans dream of visiting Baker Street. Although the address is fictitious, there is a museum, café, and hotel for all the Holmes fans.

Baker Street London 1

Portland Place

For a taste of history, visit this area. Unusually wide, the street houses the BBC Broadcasting House and Chinese and Polish embassies. So, it has political importance too. The Georgian era houses add elegance to this street.

The Strand

The history of the Strand goes back to Roman times. Located along the Thames River, this street was the hub of Victorian culture.

The Twinings Teashop which opened in 1906 is still in operation here. The Strand had many famous occupants like Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf. The Somerset House is situated here which is one of the finest buildings in London.

Other famous streets of London

Here are a few streets in London you may want to visit for their historical and cultural significance.

Downing Street

It doesn’t require any introduction as it houses the prime minister of England. It has restricted access to the public, but tourists love to stroll around it to get a feel of the area.

10 Downing Street London

The nearest attractions are the House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. So, when touring these places, you can walk down to this historic street.

Mansfield Place

This place has a rich history that makes it one of the must-see places in London. It is also associated with many famous names like Richard Bacon, Kris Commons, and Rebecca Adlington.

Wick and Downe House on Richmond Hill

These Georgian Houses add glamour to London. People who love history and want to witness the architectural wonders of London, visit these two buildings. Downe House was owned by Mick Jagger. Wick House is associated with names like actor Sir John Mills and Ronnie Wood of Rolling Stones.

Abbey Road

This road doesn’t need any introduction to music lovers. People who visit London make it a point to walk down the iconic zebra crossing of this road to recreate the famous scene from the Abbey Road album by the most celebrated band, the Beatles.

Courtenay Avenue

Termed as one of the million pound’s streets, Courtenay Avenue in Haringey is one of the prestigious streets of London.

It is a private gated street with large houses that have big gardens and even swimming pools. Exclusive looks, a feel of the rural environment in the heart of the city, and illustrated neighbourhoods make this street attractive.

Compton Avenue

If the history of urbanisation interests you, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Lying close to Courtenay Avenue, this street also belongs to the million pound’s club.

It is known for the ‘knockdowns’, the post-war houses which have been demolished to develop lavish mansions. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr lived here.

St. Christopher’s Place

London successfully blends Victorian charm with a contemporary grace and St. Christopher’s Place is a classic example of this.

A shopper’s paradise, the place also boasts of impressive bars, restaurants, and old mansions that exude elegance.

Carnaby Street

There was a time when big hair and faded jeans ruled the fashion world and Carnaby Street in London was the hotspot of the swinging 60s. A flair of that time can be felt here still today.

It is a bustling place and good for tourists to check out the cafes and fashion boutiques and even live performances.

Carnaby Street pretty street in London

Old Compton Street

The cultural value of a city depends on the way it adopts with time. London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world due to its ability to change with time while maintaining the old charm.

Old Compton Street is a famous street in Soho. It was home to French protestant refugees who came to England in 1681.

You can imagine how important it is historically. Full of life, the street has several bars and boutiques.

Today, Old Compton Street has again become a part of history by being the focal point of the LGBTQ movement. The street becomes a pedestrian-only zone during the Pride Weekend in London.

Threadneedle Street

The place is as remarkable as the name. Bank of England is situated here. Photographers love this street as it offers magnificent shots of the city. Visit it if you want to capture London from different angles.

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