Cherry Blossom in London | Where And When To See Them By A Local

The Japanese cherry blossom, known as sakura, has become a must-see in the UK’s capital.

At certain times of the year, London springs to life in a colourful and magical flower explosion that attracts visitors from all over.

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Stanley Crescent

Not to mention having Londoners like myself in a frenzy to capture the fleeting sight of these pink pop of flowers which signals spring and longer daylight hours.  

During these times, people partake in what is literally called flower viewing, or hanami 花見.

This is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the momentary beauty of flowers.

But, where and when can you enjoy these amazing cherry blossoms in London? You don’t need to look far as in this guide I’m giving you a list of all the areas of London where sakura is known to bloom and when is the best time to see them.

So, Lace-up your walking shoes put on your best spring dress and grab your camera, because we are going on an adventure. for cherry blossoms in London.

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When Do Cherry Trees Blossom | UK

Generally, cherry blossoms start blooming in April of every year. However, the time frame is heavily dependent on the type of season.

If it’s been a warm spring, the sakura might arrive as early as March, and if the season is cold, they might only appear in May.

Different kinds of cherry blossom in the UK bloom for different lengths of time, the average being 2 weeks.

So, if you’re keen on getting that once-a-year Instagram moment, follow these guidelines and catch them before it’s too late.

Cherry blossom watching is just a one of the best things to do in London in spring.

Cherry Blossoms London | Where To See Them

There are great locations for cherry blossoms all over London, you just have to know where to look.

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Greenwich Park Cherry Blossom Avenue

During the spring months, the path known as the cherry blossom avenue Greenwich Park which is lined with soft pink flower petals that contrast with the beautiful green lawns.

As mentioned, the bloom is highly dependent on the weather. It can arrive anywhere between March and May.

If you do visit the park, it might be a good idea to do so during the weekdays. Over weekends, this area is saturated with bloggers (like myself taking to get that effortless cool snap which isn’t easy), Instagrammers, TikTok users and families. So, while it’ll be beautiful, it’ll also be packed.

If you can only arrive during the weekend, arrive EARLY!!

How to get there

The nearest train station to Greenwich Park is Maze Hill Station and is a mere 5-minute walk down the road.

Or the Cutty Sark DLR station and is around 8 to 10 minute’s walk to the cherry blossom avenue.

Notting Hill Instagram Spots

Alexandra Palace

The trees in Alexandra Palace are a breed that usually blooms relatively early on in the season during the early weeks of April.

These massive trees are a beautiful and bright contrast against the manicured lawns and the stone paths.

During the weekend this area is filled with visitors looking for the perfect shot, so visiting the park on a weekday will be your best bet.

How to get there

The train station that is located closest to this park is just around the corner – the Alexandra Palace Station. 

You’ll turn left on Buckingham Road onto Bedford Road to enter the blooming beauty of Alexandra Palace.

Kensington Gardens

These gardens are located close to Hyde Park, and the trees bloom relatively close together.

Once you enter the Lancaster Gate and move towards Albert Memorial, you’ll spot a row of amazing magenta trees.

How to get there

The closest station to Kensington Gardens is the High Street Kensington station that’s only a 10-minute walk from the entrance.

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

It’s obvious that London’s Japanese garden would have some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in England.

These delicate magenta flowers bloom in contrast with the koi pond and add some flair to the space.


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How to get there

The closest train station to Kyoto Garden is Holland Park subway station. It’s just across Holland Park Avenue road.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The magenta blooms outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral is an annual indication that spring has sprung in London. To get a perfect shot of the flower-framed cathedral, you want to visit early in the season.

How to get there

The closest station to the cathedral is St. Paul’s tube station a few minute walk down Panyer Alley.

St. James’s Park

This park is located right in the middle of London and has a lake running through it. Visitors agree that the blossoms aren’t as eye-catching, but the gorgeous surroundings make it worth the trip.

St. James’s Park is also in the very heart of London, surrounded by some of its top attractions.

So, if you only have a little time to explore the city and its cherry blossoms, it’s still a top choice.

How to get there

The train station closest to the park is St. James’s Park Station. You will still have to walk about 20 minutes to get to the entrance, though.

Herne Hill

Herne Hill has been a favourite spot for blossom viewing for years. This area has a special variety of trees named Yoshino which has a white blossom. To see the best of Herne Hill, visit Winterbrook Road.

How to get there

The station closest to Winterblock Road is Herne Hill Station, which is a short walking distance from the blooms.

Battersea Park

The trees in this park grow up to 14 feet high and are considered extra special. You will be breathless when you walk into the parade of soft pink clouds that hangs freely overhead.

It feels a bit like you’ve stepped into another world, where trees are pink instead of green, and everything is a little candy coloured.

The best time to visit this park would be in the second week of April, depending on the season.

How to get there

The nearest station to the park is Battersea Park Station, only a short walk across a roundabout.


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Crouch End

This area is just a stone’s throw away from Hornsey Town Hall. The best blooms of Crouch End often happen in Cecile Park during the first weeks of April.

The type of trees located here are from the Kanzan species and they boast a slightly darker pink hue.

How to get there

The railway line closest to this location is Crouch Hill Overground, between Stroud Green and Crouch End.

Swiss Cottage

This area has some of the best cherry trees in the city and it doesn’t get many visitors. Sounds perfect right?

This is a very private and quiet residential area of North West London that has trees scattered across the landscapes.

This space is not for those looking for the classic tourist experience, but for those hardcore adventurers.

The amazing trails of white and pink petals will soon lead you to an array of trees but remember that some of these spaces are privately owned, and you should therefore be careful where you explore.

How to get there

The closest station to this area is Swiss Cottage Station. A few-minute walk will take you directly to a row of cherry blossom trees ready for the lens.

Kew Gardens Cherry Blossom London Area

Kew Gardens is London’s biggest botanical garden. It hosts a variety of Japanese cherry blossom trees.

This site is perfect for those explorers who want to see more varieties of cherry blossoms in a small space of time.

When you get to the rose garden just behind the Palm House, you’ll spot an array of trees waiting to be in your Instagram story.

How to get there

The station closest to these trees is the Kew Gardens Rail Station, and you will be in the pink fields in no time.

Regent Park & Primrose Hill

Much to the dismay of the visitors, the cherry blossom trees in Regent Park were removed in 2015 due to a disease.

However, they have since been replaced with a healthy breed of the ‘Sunset Boulevard’ variety. You can see the cherry blossoms pop out from the Chester Road entrance of the park.

How to get there

The nearest train station is Regent Park’s Tube Station that is located 3 minutes on the south side of the park.

Best Cherry Blossom Instagram Locations in London | Notting Hill And Chelsea

Thurole Street London.jpg

If you’re planning on seeing the cherry blossom trees in London, it’s worth mentioning the amazing area of Chelsea and Notting Hill.

Here, white houses are contrasted with soft pastel hues of pink and white.

In this area, it would be hard to turn a corner and not bump into an Instagrammable cherry blossom tree.

Here are a few of the most notable streets that you can visit during the month of April if you wish to see an array of Japanese cherry blossom species. 

Notable streets in Notting Hill:

●      Redcliffe Road

●      Courtfield Gardens

●      Lansdowne Road

●      Pembridge Square

●      Westbourne Grove

Notable streets in Chelsea:

●      Bramerton Street

●      Glebe Place

●      St. Leonard’s Terrace

●      Blithfield Street

How to get there

To start exploring these areas in London during the cherry blossom season of the UK, you can hop on a train and get off at Gloucester Road, West Brompton, Kensington or Sloane Square. It all depends on which area you want to cover first!

Check out this post if you’re keen to explore Chelsea a little more while you’re at it.

Final Thoughts On Blossom Spotting In London

Seeing cherry blossom trees in London is a one-of-a-kind experience that you simply cannot miss.

The tradition of sakura trees has taken London by storm since the planting of these 6500 trees since 2019.

If this is your first trip to this city, check out my travel resources to make your planning go smoothly.

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