13 Best London Walking Tours For Exploring the City

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Here is a list of the best London walking tours to do on your visit in London, you can’t leave London without doing a walking tour.

St Katharine Docks London

London, England, is one of the most walkable cities in the world. Not only is it extremely pedestrian-friendly, but there are also fun attractions around every corner.

This makes exploring London on foot the best way to discover the city. 

A walking tour led by a local guide will help you learn the layout of the city and provide you with plenty of local insight. Even better, there are loads of entertaining, themed London walking tours to choose from. 

If you’re looking for more on London or planning a trip to the Big Smoke then read my London travel tips guide.

Best Things To Do Near Liverpool Street

This means you can see the sights that interest you most and make the most out of your London itinerary.

I’ve chosen the best London walking tours. No matter your interest, I’ve included options for everyone. 

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    Hidden London Walking Tours

    If you’re looking for unusual London city walks that take you off the beaten path, then this Hidden London Walking Tour is for you.

    Walk along the city’s quiet streets and remote sites and remove yourself from the busy hordes of tourists. 

    London Covent Garden

    Visit an Old Cabman’s Shelter. This structure was built to protect taxi drivers from London’s unpredictable weather.

    Travel to the location of the Legendary Barber of Fleet Street, from Sweeney Todd. Peer into the windows of London’s ‘Roman Bath’. Discover London’s more unique landmarks. 

    Your friendly tour guide will entertain you with the lesser-known history of the city along the way, including plenty of peculiar facts. 

    Book Here | To book your hidden London walking tour

    London Walking Tour Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper was an infamous serial killer that terrorised London during the end of the 19th century.

    Jack the Ripper

    With this night tour, you’ll explore the facts and conspiracies of the U.K.’s most notorious murderer. 

    Using state-of-the-art hand-held projectors, you’ll recreate the atmosphere of the city. See the streets of London brought back to Victorian times. Go back in time to Victorian London and retrace the footsteps of the Ripper.

    Try to crack the case for yourself using modern methods of criminal profiling. If you’re a fan of true crime, this London tour will take you on an immersive journey through the death trail of Jack the Ripper. 

    Book Here | To book your Jack the Ripper walking tour in London

    Magical London | Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

    If you’re looking for a Harry Potter fan London has countless wizarding themed walking tour, to choose from. However, this Magical London guided tour is the best for true Harry Potter fans. 

    London Leadenhall Market Guide

    Start your magical tour of London by getting sorted into the Hogwarts House you belong in. 

    Then, throughout the tour, you can answer film trivia questions and earn House points. 

    You’ll visit places through London associated with the series. These include Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾, the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley, and much more. 

    See the sites that inspired J.K. Rowling to write her hugely successful series, like Shakespeare’s Globe and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

    You’ll also pass other iconic London landmarks throughout the walking tour, from the London Eye to Trafalgar Square. 

    Walk in the footsteps of your favourite witches, wizards, and warlocks with this magical walking tour of London. 

    Book Here | To book your Harry Potter London walking tour

    3-Hour Secret Indian Food Tour

    It’s no secret that London has a thrilling Indian restaurant scene. On this food tour, you’ll explore the very best places to indulge in traditional Indian staples.

    Bamboo House

    Taste a delicious range of curries, fluffy naan bread, delectable Indian sweets, and Indian beer. 

    Your guide will lead you to the best Indian restaurants around Brick Lane. They’ll provide you with lots of interesting facts about the presence of Indian food in London’s food culture. 

    Stop into an Indian supermarket and pick up some Indian spices and other exotic items. Visit an Indian sweet shop and sample traditional Indian sweets. Conclude your tour with a secret meal from an authentic Punjabi restaurant. 

    Book Here | To book your secret Indian food tour of London

    8 British Foods and 20+ Sights Tour

    If you’re looking for full-day walking tours in London that cover all the city’s main areas and attractions, this is the tour for you.

    Broadway Market London

    For 6-hours, you’ll journey to over thirty of London’s most famous landmarks and locations. 

    Follow your friendly local guide and discover all the sites that London is known for. Visit Buckingham Palace and watch the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony.

    Head to Westminster, and take in the sights of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and more. 

    Enjoy a break for food and sample the local flavours of the city. Indulge in British staples, like fish and chips and pie and mash. 

    Swing by the Borough Market, my favourite and explore one of the city’s most popular food markets.

    Visit a historic London pub and enjoy a cold pint of English beer. This is easily one of the best London tours for foodies. 

    East London Street Art Tour & Spray Painting Session

    Explore London’s free-spirited, bohemian neighbourhood and create your very own piece of art. On this walking tour, you’ll discover London’s lively East End. 

    East London Street Art Tour Guide 1
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    Take an inspiring walk past countless murals and street art created by Banksy, ROA, Shepherd Fairy, Jimmy C, and more. Keep your camera ready to snap some creative and one-of-a-kind pictures. 

    After your walking tour, you’ll head to a private workshop and have a go at creating your very own piece of art.

    Artists will guide you in creating a personal masterpiece that you can bring back home with you. 

    For artsy travellers, this is one of the best walking tours of London. 

    The Best of London | Guided Walking Tour

    This leisurely walking tour takes you through the beautiful streets of London. For 3-hours, you’ll discover the city’s most iconic attractions.

    St Katharine Docks UK

    See imposing landmarks, such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. 

    Visit the bustling Trafalgar Square and see the famous Nelson’s Column. Admire the picturesque fountains and imposing national galleries. 

    Walkthrough Covent Garden, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus. Stroll through London’s lush Green Park en route to Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen of England. 

    See the city’s top sites, both modern and historic. This tour does a great job of combining the city’s past with its fascinating present.

    You’ll be entertained with insightful commentary throughout your whole journey. 

    Book Here | To book your city sightseeing, London guided walking tour

    London: 3.5-Hour Guided Soho Foodies Tour at Twilight

    Soho is one of London’s most happening areas. It has an amazing pub and restaurant scene, with many eclectic eateries lining the streets.

    This makes a food-themed walking tour one of the best ways to discover the area. 

    Try out Soho specialities, like Spanish ham and Chinese dumplings. Indulge in gourmet tacos alongside frozen margaritas.

    Sip a classic London gin and tonic and enjoy a gin-infused beef pie. Sample mouth-watering desserts, wine, creative cocktails, and more. 

    Follow a local guide to the best pubs and restaurants in Soho with this exciting evening walking food tour. 

    Book Here | To book your Soho food and walking tour

    Westminster 4-Hour Walking Tour & St Paul’s Cathedral

    Dive deep into the fascinating history of Westminster as you visit London’s most iconic attractions.

    On this London sightseeing tour, you’ll follow your local guide to the top 20 sights in Westminster. 

    Visit Buckingham Palace and watch the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony. See Downing Street, the historic Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and more.


    When you’ve finished your walking tour of Westminster, you’ll head to London’s world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral. This massive church is an architectural masterpiece that’s steeped in history. 

    You’ll be free to explore all the different areas of this impressive building. Admire the religious relics, marvel at the stained-glass windows, and stroll through the art galleries. 

    Walking day tours from London’s Westminster area are the best way to learn about the British monarchy. You’ll uncover hundreds of years of British history in just four hours. 

    London Canals Walking Tour

    With this London Canals walking tour, you’ll explore the area around Camden Lock and Camden Market.

    Walk Along Regent Canal Path

    Before road transport was common, London relied on its canals for transport. Discover the Venice of London as you wander the peaceful canals – away from the busy city streets. 

    For 3-hours, you’ll see a side of the city rarely talked about in tour books. Admire boats turned into houses, bookshops, cafes, and even barbershops. If you’re into photography, you’re guaranteed to get some epic shots of London’s most scenic areas. 

    Escape the hustle and bustle of London and follow your tour guide on a leisurely waterside walking tour. 

    Book Here | To book your walking tour of London’s canals

    London Full-Day Walking Tour and Tower of London

    Dive deep into the history of London with this full-day walking tour. For 9-hours, you’ll see the historic landmarks of the city as well as London’s lesser-known hidden gems. 

    Tower of London Views

    If you love history then read my guide of London historical walking tours, you shouldn’t miss.

    Start at the Tower of London. Marvel at the Crown Jewels and discover the tower’s gory past. This includes learning about how this site was once a prison that saw the execution of three English queens

    Next, hop on a boat and cruise down the Thames River to your next stop, Embankment. See sites such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe from the waterways.

    Upon arrival, make your way to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. 

    Take a break to visit a nearby restaurant for lunch (at your own expense). Then, regroup for an afternoon walk around Trafalgar Square.

    See iconic attractions, such as the site of the old Palace of Whitehall, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. 

    Book Here | To book your full-day walking tour of London

    London’s Urban Jungle Private Tour

    Discover London’s exciting East End on a 2-hour private walking tour. You’ll cover all this area’s best attractions, including its markets, vibrant streets, urban art, and architecture.

    Start your tour at the Whitechapel Gallery. This art hub is famous for its offbeat, avant-garde displays.

    Next up, head to the East End’s world-famous street market and shop for bargains. See the street performers and indulge in tasty local street food. 

    Take a walk down Brick Lane. This lively street is filled with murals and street art. It’s also famed for its many authentic curry restaurants and makes for a great place to have a meal.

    This tour explores the local lifestyle of London. You’ll discover the modern vibe of the city and learn lots of local insight. 

    Book Here | To book your private tour of urban London

    London Ghastly Ghosts 2-Hour Walking Tour

    Are you a fan of dark history and mystery? If so, this spine-chilling tour of London is perfect for you.

    Best Views in London at Night

    Journey through the dark streets of London and uncover the city’s ghastly past. Hear spooky stories as you walk from the Tower of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

    This tour takes you off the beaten path. Travel down dark alleys and past historic haunts.

    London’s dark history will be brought back to life through stories told along the way. Hear about the city’s violent history and disturbing murders

    This walking tour departs after the sun-sets. This adds an extra element of mystery and sets the mood for a truly creepy experience. 

    Conclusion of the Best Walking Tours London Has to Offer

    Explore the sights, sounds, and attractions of this buzzing capital city in-person. A walking tour of London will guarantee you hit all the city’s highlights.

    Things To Do Near Liverpool Street London

    Plus, you can choose whatever tour suits your interests best. 

    Whether you’re into London history tours or looking for a fun foodie adventure, you’ll have lots of exciting options to choose from.

    Learn about London’s famous landmarks in an interactive way. Or, go off-the-beaten-path and explore the beauty of the city’s lesser-known attractions. 

    Whatever tour you choose, you’ll see London through the eyes of a local and be entertained from start to finish. 

    Struggling with knowing what to do in London?


      Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 90 things to do in London from a local, includes:

      ✅ Top Free Things To In London

      ✅ Cool Touristy & Non-Touristy Things To

      ✅ Epic Free Viewpoints

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