Interesting Things To Do in Islington And Angel London

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So, you’ve found yourself somewhere in London, and you’re most probably hoping to find some new and interesting places to explore. Luckily, there are a ton of fantastic things to do in Islington, London, that will complement your quirky things to do in London list.

The neighbourhood of Islington is usually toured as part and parcel of The Angel. They are connected by the A1 highway and run through the heart of London.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

If cocktails and coffee are some of your favourite pastimes, consider coupling them with interesting live art pieces, music, and football. You’re definitely in the right part of London for it.

Islington and Angel have it all, from places where you can let your hair loose and kick back a few cocktails to finding some culture deep in the mezzanines of theatre halls. Keep reading to learn more about the best activities and exciting things you can do in Islington, London.

Where Is Islington?

Islington is a district in the borough of Greater London. Surrounded by places like The Angel, Hackney, and Camden Town, visiting here is another great way to extend your 5-day London itinerary.

Regents canal view in Islington area of London

Islington, at the heart of London, was originally formed as part of the historic Middlesex County. The district is just a couple of miles away from the City of London and about three miles from Westminster.

This quaint Victorian-styled residential area extends from High Street to Highbury Fields.

What Is Islington Famous For?

Islington is famous for good food, lots of burial sites, and, if you’re lucky enough to see it, Europe’s third-longest escalator, at Angel station. There are some interesting vibes in Islington and Angel that make these locations exceptional places to be.

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    Between the eclectic shops showcasing hip new trends and decadent gourmet meals at boutique restaurants, Angel and Islington, you’ll find some beautiful homes as well.

    If you’re looking to invest, these houses come at a high price. But your travel desires can be fulfilled with a couple of nights painting the town red.

    What To Do in Islington

    Islington deserves at least a weekend in order to completely immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy the lovely, unique atmosphere that it offers. Here is just a quick dip into what you can do while you’re there.

    Tour Islington With a Local

    Figuring out where to go is easy enough, but locals will always have a unique insight into their neighbourhood and may guide you to locations that you would most likely miss on your own.

    If you’re looking to discover as much of Islington as you can, then booking a tour with a local guide is the way to go. Your guide will help you connect with the pristine natural scenery Islington offers while experiencing some of the best theatre productions as well.

    Islington has lots of charming boutiques, galleries, and furniture stores that will take your visit to a level beyond general tourism. Make yourself at home here and share in the unbridled joy of discovering Islington’s cobbled walkways and antique collections dotted all around.

    Start off your tour with a tasty pancake breakfast, and feel free to plan away with your local tour guide. This tour is unscripted, so you have free reign to customise it to suit your needs and travel desires.

    Book your tour with an Islington local here.

    Grab a Scrumptious Bite to Eat

    Islington is pretty well known for its unique round-up of restaurants. Here, you can expect a wide range of cuisines to explore and beautiful decor to feast your eyes on.

    Go ahead and explore places like The Camden Head, Liman Restaurant, or Radici. Islington is perfect for a taste of Italy, Turkey, or just a lovely bistro with some tasty, sweet treats and delightful coffee.

    Sit down at 12:51 By Chef James Cochran for traditionally British cuisine plated up with style. Or try Afghan Kitchen if you’re looking for a bright and homely place with the comfort of home-style cooking. These places can fill up fast, so be sure to call ahead and to secure your spot.

    Don’t forget to try some of the greatest British delights like fish and chips, beef wellington and roast venison at 12:51. If you’re looking for something slightly more exotic, try your hand at Moong Dall and tangy pickled goodies on the side at Afghan Kitchen.

    Explore London’s Musical Heritage

    What is music, if not a little bit of sex, drugs, and rock and roll? With this tour, you get to experience the history and heritage that music offers. Walk through the world of classic rock, 70s punk, and 90s Brit Pop as you visit a ton of areas privy to only local musos.

    With this tour, you get to learn about the backstreets where all the boys of music legend have come to play and create the classics. You’ll get to see recording studios, rehearsal rooms, pubs, and basement clubs where some of the greatest artists have been.

    If you’re a fan of Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Sex Pistols, then you’re rolling with the right crowd.

    You’ll be driven from place to place as you discover the gig sites of these famous artists and get to know everything there is to know about music from one generation to the next.

    Book your London music tour here

    Tour the Emirates Stadium

    For die-hard football fans, a tour of Emirates Stadium is a good way to feel connected to the sport. With the Premier League being such a solid fixture in football around the world, you don’t have to only tour your favourite team’s stadium.

    Emirates Stadium

    While Arsenal may not be everyone’s favourite, they sure do have a beautiful stadium. With a tour of the stadium gunning for your support, you’ll have access to places like the director’s box, players’ entrances, dressing rooms, and interview rooms.

    Thanks to commentary from renowned Lee Dixon, Charlie George, or Nigel Mitchell, you won’t be lost at all during this exciting excursion.

    Be sure to bring your camera and a couple of quid with you. To commemorate the experience, why not end off with a visit to the Arsenal museum.

    Things To Do in Angel

    The Angel and Islington are quite often confused as one and the same thing. The Islington Borough includes both Islington and The Angel districts. The Regent’s Canal separates the two, so while you’re on the other side of the river, here are some fun things to consider.

    Visit Camden Passage

    The Camden Passage is a treasure that you just have to behold while you’re here. A visit to Islington and Angel would be incomplete without spending a couple of hours in this street.

    If you’re looking for an old-school flea market vibe, this is definitely the place to be. This market offers you antique and vintage shops with restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can get a taste of the city through books, clothing, furniture, bags, and just about everything you can think of.

    As you peruse the cobbled streets, you’ll be walking through heritage as this passage has been a leading market since the 1950s.

    The market is not just a dip in the past, as you can also explore some trendy shops. These include Haygen for homeware, Pistachio and Pickle Dairy for cheese and bread platters, or Dreamtime for clothing and accessories.

    It’s easily accessible, so whether you’re in Islington, Angel, or even Camden Town, you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of hours of a uniquely British vibe.

    Tip: Be sure to go early in the morning or just before lunch as it can get a bit crowded.

    Catch Comedy Shows

    Islington is most definitely more of a popular cultural hub. If you’re looking for British comedy at its best, try your hand at the Angel Comedy Club. It hosts a plethora of events that will have you in stitches.

    The club has hosted everything from Roast Battles to names like Richard Todd, Ceyla AB, and Sarah Keyworth, to mention a few. If you’re looking for a fun night out, the comedy club has you covered.

    There are also options like The Internet and The Bill Murray Comedy Club, which offer their own unique brand of funny. While The Angel caters mostly to up-and-coming artists, it also ensures that you can have a relatively affordable night out.

    Places like the Bill Murray Comedy Club hosts eclectic comedy and feels a bit more upmarket than their counterparts. Either way, you’ll end up with a fun time and a more pleasing six-pack after all your laughing.

    Sway in With Sadlers

    Sadler’s Wells Theatre is a lovely place for you and yours to experience a night of culture. Before you catch your seats, visit the bar for some snacks or the Fox Garden Court Cafe for some seasonal meals and delicious salads, curries, or pastries.

    Be sure to check out the What’s On guide before booking your tickets, as the playbills change regularly.

    You can expect exciting nights of Scottish Ballet, Flamenco dancing during the Flamenco Festival, and a range of exciting guest events.

    Whichever night you choose to be there, you’ll find a night worth remembering, with a stomach full of food and a heart full of wonder.

    Grab a Cocktail

    What is a better way to end your night (or get it started) than with a wonderful cocktail? Islington and Angel is home to a range of fantastic cocktail bars and pubs with exciting menus.

    Try the Barrio Angel or The Bar with No Name as you waddle along the A1 main road. You can even spend the night bar hopping, testing your favourite martinis from the Angel tube station all the way to Highbury and Islington station.

    Luckily, there are numerous ways to get around, so you’ll have no need to drive or spend the night stumbling back home after a few drinks. Grab the tube, catch a bus, or call a cab to be safe.

    Angel and Islington’s Points of Interest

    What is a trip through the south of London without a couple of fun locations on your itinerary? Angel and Islington’s points of interest are impressive and diverse, so you’ll get a taste of every sphere unique to the district.

    Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

    If you’re a lover of art, especially Italian art, you’ve come to the right place. The Estorick Collection is housed in a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse. Not only will you enjoy the artwork for your viewing pleasure, but the building itself is a beautiful feat of architecture.

    The collection offers some of the finest works of the twentieth century and is the only one in Britain devoted to modern Italian art.

    The Garage

    If you’re looking for iconic live music, this club in Highbury is the place to be. With regular live concerts, The Garage has been ruling the live music scene since 1993.

    You can expect interesting shows from Samatha Harvey, Blood Red Shoes, and Gregor Barnett. On other nights, you’ll see a nightclub vibe with a DJ playing your favourite BTS hits. Keep an eye out on their live music schedule for some of the best concerts and festivals. 

    Islington Assembly Hall

    You’re in for a classy treat at the Islington Assembly Hall. Culture and music encompass the Islington Assembly as you move from Daughtry to Fatherson and Ravyn Lenae as your main headliners.

    This establishment has been around since 1930 and has become a popular location for dances, variety shows, and local organisations. Despite being dormant for around thirty years, it has now been restored, with many of its features kept intact.

    The establishment prides itself on being flexible and able to host a whole range of events. Whichever show you choose to watch, you’ll be in for a good time here.

    Barnard Park

    While most of Islington is adorned with restaurants, lovely clubs, pubs, and cultural events, there is also a space for you to unwind and connect with nature.

    Barnard Park is one of the largest in Islington, so it’s definitely a lovely place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    Here, you can take the kids out to explore the playground and water feature or visit the perennial meadow. Even without kids, this place offers wonderful sports facilities, for tennis or football, where you can play for free and meet a bunch of new people.

    Where To Eat in Islington & Angel

    We’ve finally made it to the part of the list we’ve all been waiting for. Angel and Islington offer some of the most decadent gourmet options in London. From boutique restaurants to exquisite pub services, here are just a few places where you can whet the whistle throughout your stay.

    Brother Marcus, Islington

    A self-proclaimed hidden gem, Brother Marcus offers colourful plates of delightful treats with eastern Mediterranean flavours. The pub was created in the name of making friends and connecting to family. So, don’t be surprised if you walk out there with a new friend or two to explore the city with.

    Brother Marcus is run by a young trio that has roots in Cretan and Cypriot heritage and strives to make this establishment one of the best in the business. You can choose between Mezzes, tasty desserts, and even delicious brunch options depending on what time you’re there.

    Be sure to try their black garlic hummus and tasty pitas to start and follow with grilled mackerel or scallops and baklava for dessert. Nonetheless, you’ll enjoy a delightful mix of eastern Mediterranean and British cuisines.

    The Camden Head, Angel

    As one of the most popular places to visit in London, this restaurant is located in Camden Walk.

    The Camden Head offers a regular gastropub feel, with quick bites that cater to just about every kind of diet, from gluten-free to vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

    This is a lovely place to bring your plus-one for an anniversary or birthday dinner before exploring the rest of the neighbourhood. With a quirky beer garden in the midst, it’s also a fantastic place to take your football friends for a quick game.

    While you’re there, grab a plate of their famous fish and chips to enjoy with your pint of beer. You can also have a taste of their mushroom pie and lamb if you’re looking for some heartier flavours.

    Sit back and enjoy the jukebox as it belts out some of the greatest tunes and keep an eye on their website for extra entertainment. There are often comedy shows on, so be sure to get there early for the best seats in the house.

    The Old Queens Head Pub, Islington

    If you’re looking for a traditional British pub, this is the place to be. With lucky chip burger specials and a delicious Sunday roast offering, this award-winning location has tons to enjoy.

    Spend your weekend watching football over a couple of ice-cold beers or enjoy your Sunday lunch made with love and shared with your family.

    You can also spend your Friday nights sipping shooters and watching some of the best entertainment. These include a concert by names like Burna Boy or a pub quiz to test your intelligence.

    This pub is also home to some of the loveliest of sass, as RuPaul’s Drag Race quiz is a friendly addition to the quiz series. Make your bookings and list your teams as you prepare for a night of debaucherous fun in either the Play Room or karaoke room.

    If you’re in the mood for less talking and more singing, you can grab up to 12 people to join you in the karaoke room with a personal host and a range of music to cater to even the oddest tastes.

    De Beauvoir Arms

    You may be wondering, is Islington Posh? Well, the De Beauvoir Arms is a clear answer to that. Yes, Islington does have certain standards, and this restaurant is a wonderful place to show off your favourite people to the grander ways of life.

    At this Victorian pub, you can experience tasteful Mediterranean menus. Spend the night meeting new people and experience tasty new drinks around beautiful wooden tables with gorgeously plated meals.

    Be sure to call in advance as this place can get quite packed. Since it caters to a world of adventures, your choice of seating can transform this experience. Jump between a chilled night at the pub’s bar to a fun family gathering around their kitchen table.

    After enjoying one of their delicious pigs in a blanket and beef ragu, try their chocolate and polenta cake for a sweet conclusion to your night.

    Places To See Near Islington

    With a ton of things to do in the surrounding areas, you may want to consider expanding on your trip and maybe prolonging your itinerary. Just venturing off into another quaint and beautiful neck of London’s woods would do the trick.

    Camden Town, Market Estate, and Dalston are to the north of Islington and are a quick cab ride from the neighbourhood’s main road. If you’d like to venture further, you’re just 4.8km (3 miles) from the City of London and the River Thames.

    Continue up north for around 9.6km (6 miles) if you’d like to visit Tottenham, Whetstone, or Chingford.

    Final Say on Top Things To Do Islington

    While the City of London typically gets all the glory in travelling blogs and wondrous stories of adventure, Islington is usually left out of the mix. Luckily, now that you know where to go and what to see, you and your Fuji Prime Lens can capture everything you need for your Instagram account.

    From Islington High Street to The Angel High Street, there are tons of fun activities to keep you occupied for an unforgettable vacation. Don’t forget to grab a few cocktails at sunset before enjoying a gourmet dining experience. Go off and paint the town red with your favourite people.

    So, don’t be shy. Book exciting tours and visit your favourite spots in Islington, and don’t forget to share your memories.

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