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Brunch is one of the best things to do on the weekend in London. While a normal brunch is already an amazing experience and a good way to socialise, a bottomless brunch takes all the things you like about brunch and dials them up a notch.

Bottomless Brunch London Bridge

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Bottomless drinks as well as delicious food on offer from some of the top brunch spots in London.

A bottomless brunch is a great change from the norm of breakfast or an afternoon tea in London when meeting friends or family.

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Not to mention, it adds a little more fun to the occasion and a bottomless brunch in London Bridge is the perfect way to kick off your day in the capital. 

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    Best Bottomless Brunch in London Bridge

    There are near endless locations around London to grab brunch and nearly just as many that will offer a bottomless brunch as well.

    Best Bottomless Brunch in London Bridge

    When it comes to restaurants in London Bridge, there are a few breakfast shops that stand out amongst the rest.

    Here are some of the best spots for a bottomless brunch in London Bridge that will keep you busy for the weeks to come as you try out each of these delicious locations.

    Grind, London Bridge

    Grind may have quite a few locations all over London, but their London Bridge site is the one to visit. You will find it alongside the infamous Borough Market, making this the perfect place to either refuel after a long shopping spree or get ready to tackle the market after.

    The weekend is the best time to visit Grind in London Bridge as that is when they serve their Grind bottomless brunch options.

    From 12:00-17:00 on Saturdays and 12:00-18:00 on Sundays, indulge in one or a few of the delicious brunch dishes that they offer.

    There is a selection of small plates and bowls, like Buratta and Devon Crab, to gluten-free porridge to get your brunch started. However, all the classics are there alongside some exciting dishes that you need to try on the London Grind menu.

    The Sweet Potato Harissa cakes are more on the interesting side while the traditional brunch dishes, like the Full English breakfast, are still on offer.

    They do offer a full vegetarian breakfast option as well for those who are meat-free. A nice little bonus is the bottomless Prosecco before 17:00, where you can drink as much as you like within 90 minutes for a small additional cost.

    Lantana, London Bridge

    This must-visit brunch spot for foodies is named after an iconic Australian plant, originally taken to Australia by immigrants, the Lantana. Famed for tenacity and hardiness, this plant is a metaphor for these Australian-owned cafes as they too have taken to non-native soil with great success.

    Famous for their brunch, Lantana offers two floors of seating and will keep serving that enticing brunch all day, at an affordable price as well.

    Treat yourself to unlimited Mimosa or Prosecco with their “Lantana Blowout,” which also includes any brunch item. For those who want to stay alcohol-free, their “Hold the Booze” option means unlimited coffee and juices with any brunch item.

    They also offer a selection of dishes that cater to all diets with plant-based and vegetarian as well as meat and fish options. The Veg Big Bubble Benedict is delicious for vegetarians and the Duck Hash for meat lovers is a tasty option.

    The only catch with their bottomless brunch is it only lasts for 90 minutes and every person at the table has to participate. So, drink up quickly and make sure that all your friends are on board for this foodie adventure.

    The Botanist

    Another spot that is famous for its bottomless brunch, is the The Botanist. They may only serve brunch on weekends but the wait and exclusivity are worth it.

    The decor alone makes this place already incredible but add the stunning food, and this place is a standout.

    But you are here to know what to get and why the brunch here is so good. Well, the sheer number of options will ensure everyone gets something that they like. The menu offers vegetarian, plant-based, and meat options.

    The Truffle and mushroom arancini is a must for plant-based diets while the salt and pepper Chilli Squid is equally as good.

    There are options for just bottomless drinks as well as adding two or three courses of their classic and new brunch menu items for different fees. You can choose from a range of different drinks, from Heineken or wine to Bloody Mary’s and champagne.

    There are even a few cocktail options to choose from that are also bottomless, but you can only choose one type. The Aperol Spritz should be your first choice.

    Compared to other restaurants, you will have an extra 30 minutes, two hours in total, to enjoy your drinks and food with your group.

    Shangri-La at the Shard

    Are you looking for a place to enjoy spectacular views while eating a mind-blowing brunch all within a luxurious environment? Then you need to visit the Sky Lounge in Shangri-La at the Shard.

    Nothing quite says luxury like brunchin’ up amongst the clouds, on the 34th floor, on a Sunday.

    Now, it should go without saying that since they are only open for brunch once a week, booking is going to be important.

    What is different as well about this lounge is that you have a choice between menu 1 or menu 2. Menu 2 is the bottomless brunch option and therefore comes in at double the price of the first.

    You can expect as much Veuve Yellow Label as you want for 90 minutes as soon as you sit down. A choice of starters, along with the choice of one main and a dessert platter await. Vegetarian menu options are available for anyone on a vegetarian diet.

    The Miso soup and Katsu chicken are mouth-watering starters while the Shanghai noodles and Buddha’s Delight are impeccable.

    This is one of those bucket-list type bottomless brunches that you simply need to experience at least once in your life or on your visit to London.

    Tanner & Co

    Tanner & Co can be found in an old warehouse that has been converted into a modern eatery that serves British classics. Its style is somewhat reminiscent of an old-style bar on a side street.

    The modern yet fun decor makes the perfect backdrop for all the photos you will take during your visit.

    Although they have a fantastic everyday menu, their bottomless brunch is what you need to go here for. It is only available on Saturdays between 12:00-15:30 so you might need to book in advance to ensure that you have a spot.

    Upon arrival, 90 minutes of free-flowing drinks are waiting for you, with your choice of either wine, beer, or a range of cocktails.

    Tanner & Co offers two menu options, a meaty one and a vegan one. These menus are extremely small with only two to three items on each option.

    For the meaty menu, the Pulled Beef Shin Burger is mouth-watering while the vegan Burnt Squash is equally amazing.

    The portion sizes are on the smaller side, so they are more of a larger snack than a full-size meal. However, it is deliciously worth it. 

    The Breakfast Club, London Bridge

    This is another famous franchise which has locations all over London, but the Breakfast Club spot in London Bridge is a favourite. What makes this spot unique is the pink ceiling that adds a little bit of quirkiness while eating a scrumptious bottomless brunch.

    The cool part is that they serve breakfast all day long. They serve some amazing comfort food for their brunch and breakfast classics.

    The Cornflake Chicken and waffles are out of this world if you are wanting some American flavours. If you are looking for something more local and British, then the Full Monty has all the British favourites on a plate.

    Another fantastic thing about this place is that there is a hidden aspect to this location. Hidden beneath the brunch bonanza above is their dive-bar, Call Me Mr. Lucky.

    Strong drinks and a good time await inside this secret little bar once the sun sinks in the sky, and it transforms into one of the best bars in London Bridge.

    They cater to all dietary requirements, with the Avo and Mojo Picon on toast being a really stunning option for vegetarians.

    HotBox London

    For all the barbeque lovers who want the smokiness in their food to be the standout, the HotBox is the perfect place to be. This eatery is famous for its smoked meats that will only leave you wanting more.

    For anyone on a meat-free diet, there are vegetarian options that they offer to cater to your dietary preferences.

    Thankfully, they are open almost every day of the week for brunch from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30-14:30 and on Sundays from 11:30-15:00.

    Their bottomless brunch is an absolute must and is something that you should try at least once while on a London brunch adventure.

    You have two hours from the start of your booking time and the option to have bottomless drinks is a choice for everyone at the table.

    What’s nice is that you aren’t limited to one specific drink, you can mix and match between five different drinks and even some bubbles if you’d like.

    The Pork Belly Eggs Benedict is a must with their smoked belly bacon while the Truffle Egg and Toast is equally as good for anyone on a vegetarian diet. When it comes to mains, grab yourself the Beef Rib Tacos or St-Louis Pork Rib to tuck into, you won’t regret it.

    The Beet and Bean burger is so good that it can entice those who came to eat meat to transition over to eating this no-meat burger.

    The Ivy Tower Bridge

    Brunch at The Ivy is a pretty smart affair with a sophisticated environment that does have a dress code to adhere to. So even if you love sneakers, they might not be acceptable here.

    The Ivy is a British brasserie that serves brunch on the weekend with their dedicated brunch menu that you can enjoy while taking in the views of the Thames and Tower Bridge.

    You can book for brunch from 11:00-15:45 but make sure that you are there for some time as the menu is quite large and will take you a while to navigate through to choose something.

    There are options for all dietary preferences from vegan to vegetarian and meaty dishes.

    The Truffle Arancini is incredibly delicious while the Zucchini Fritti is equally as amazing.

    Although all the other traditional brunch options are there, ready and waiting to be tried and tasted. These menu items are only served on the weekend for brunch.

    When it comes to drinks, the bartender creates a little something special for the drinks that you can have while munching brunch.

    London Bridge Rooftop Bar

    Who wouldn’t want a rooftop brunch experience that offers incredible views of London’s skyline with epic cocktails and a selection of street food to go along with it? The London Bridge Rooftop is a bar with a view in London that has a delicious brunch selection that caters to all dietary preferences and will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

    They say that they are here for a good time and not a long time so the sooner you go and visit, the better.

    Brunch is served on weekends from 11:00 with a range of different burgers and bottomless Prosecco, plus a few cocktails options as well for those who want to stay away from bubbles.

    The vibe of this rooftop bar is amazing as it is buzzing with good music and a few shenanigans to go along with it. It is a good idea to book ahead.

    Even though walk-ins are welcome, it depends entirely on the availability of tables. This is another fun and quirky thing to do in London.

    When it comes to the London Bridge breakfast, the vegan Chorizo Sandwich comes highly recommended while the Serranito is just as amazing for those who eat meat.

    Throw in a side of deep-fried Padron Peppers and you have yourself a party right there. This is some amazing street food that you can enjoy with friends while taking in the views, making this one of the top outdoor brunches in London.

    SAMA Bankside

    SAMA brings traditional British food with a Caribbean flair thrown into a few of their dishes to make them stand out.

    SAMA offers two different kinds of brunches over the weekend but there is something that is a little different about brunch here. The quirky thing is that they offer brunch every Friday but only from 17:00, so not your conventional brunch time.

    They also serve brunch on Saturdays from 13:00. A nice touch is that you can choose between a “little brunch” or a “big brunch” with the larger one including an extra course of food.

    You will also get yourself as much Prosecco or Cosmo Punch as you want in those 90 minutes for the little brunch and two hours for the big brunch.

    Their food is well rounded with vegan, gluten-free, and meaty options for their starters, mains, and desserts. The burgers, even the vegan ones, will blow your mind and just explode with flavour.

    The desserts are for the big brunchers only with a vegan Chocolate Brownie or a Cinnamon Cheesecake being the top choices.

    It is advisable to book in advance to secure your spot, although walk-ins are welcome.

    The Folly

    The Folly is home to a bottomless brunch like no other in the city of London. Set in this beautifully decorated location, the bottomless drag brunch takes place on selected Sundays of the month.

    This is a first for London in that it has an exclusive line-up of performers from the West End.

    Each brunch is unique in that new performers, who will perform anything and everything from disco and pop to musical theatre show tunes, are around for every brunch.

    While enjoying the entertainment, sit back and sip on as many cocktails as you like for 90 minutes.

    To start with, the entire table receives a Mezze and Charcuterie platter while deciding on which main to choose. For the mains, there are vegan, vegetarian, and meat options for all dietary preferences.

    For anyone looking for a vegan option, their Symplicity burger is a must-try. While their Spicy Half-Chicken is simply mouth-watering for anyone wanting a meat option.

    Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian either as the Marmite Mac and Cheese will put a smile on your face.

    Another neat feature is that you can even extend your bottomless brunch by an extra 30 minutes and upgrade to 90 or 120 minutes of bottomless champagne for an additional fee. This is one of those brunches that you simply have to try and experience for yourself.

    The Drift

    The Drift is open every Saturday to satisfy those brunch cravings that you may get during the week. Drift brings a little something extra to brunch with what they call, a musical punch. This is their way of saying that they have live music at the venue.

    The menu is concise and simple, with vegetarian, vegan, and meat options to suit anyone.

    This venue is light and modern with some delicious food to keep you and your friends coming back every weekend. For the bottomless brunch, you have a choice of different cocktails, Prosecco, and some selected lagers that you can have as many of as you like in 90 minutes.

    You can even upgrade your brunch for a small fee to enjoy either Porn Star Martinis or Espresso Martinis.

    The price isn’t too bad considering what you are getting. You really need to try the Crispy Duck salad or the warm baked Jalapeno Cornbread as these come highly recommended.

    Stay after brunch to continue your cocktails into the night and dance the night away until they close.

    The atmosphere is lovely and warm, so if you’re looking for a place for that first date, this would be a lovely spot to meet for the first time and enjoy a few drinks together over some delicious food.

    1751 Distillery Bar & Kitchen

    If you want a brunch spot that is a little different, then 1751 Distillery Bar & Kitchen is a good choice for brunch in London Bridge.

    You will need to walk in with an open mind and be open to new experiences of taste and texture. They are famous for blending British dining in a new way.

    Saturdays and Sundays are when this location transforms with bottomless brunch being served from 12:00-14:00. You can expect two courses of incredible food and bottomless glasses of Prosecco or a London Dry gin & tonic.

    The menu is small with the traditional brunch items that you would expect.

    The menu is mostly vegetarian and vegan with options for bacon if you would like. The starters are simple with either a pastry or porridge on offer. For the mains, traditional Eggs Benedict is great if you’d like some bacon while the 1751 Garden Breakfast is delicious for anyone on a vegan diet.

    The dining room is full of bold bohemian style colours and items, transporting you to another world. This is a great place to meet up with friends or family. You could even have a business brunch here if you are feeling adventurous.

    The Bridge Tap

    Now, this place is really one of the top brunch places in London Bridge as the Bridge Tap is offering two hours of unlimited drinks from what could be the largest selection of drinks available.

    This is a pretty basic brunch option when it comes to the food, nothing overly sophisticated, just simple comfort food to soak up all the alcohol.

    These bottomless brunches take place every Saturday and Sunday while they open at 10:00 and will serve up until 13:00 with both vegetarian and meat options available.

    Essentially, you get the basic bottomless brunch, but you can upgrade your brunch for a small fee to get yourself a burger or pizza and other upgrade options for beer on top and a few different gin & tonic options.

    For the more traditional brunch items, you simply cannot go wrong with the Full Vegetarian Breakfast and Full English Breakfast. The atmosphere is nice and cosy and a brilliant place to relax with friends or family and believe it or not, your furry friend is also welcome.

    There are also a lot of televisions around so you can enjoy the weekend sports matches with friends while eating some amazing food.


    Open on the weekends for their famous bottomless brunch from 12:00-15:00, OXBO will create some amazing food for you to experience a different kind of brunch. There is a somewhat modern yet industrial vibe on the interior with brick walls and wooden furniture with black leather trim.

    They serve British and European food that caters to all diets and preferences with a separate vegan menu available as well.

    Stop by one of the top places in London for friendly catch-ups and romantic dates. What makes this brunch different is that the food is near endless with the starters being an unlimited buffet for you to choose from.

    It is a self-service brunch really with the main breakfast items and main menu items being limited to three choices. They are all served in the middle of the table, family-style.

    The vegan waffles or Eggs Royale are amazing breakfast items while the main of Josper Baked Cod is simply delectable.

    You will have two hours to enjoy as much of this as you can with unlimited bubbles included as well. There is also an option for a four-course bottomless brunch with some live music to entertain you.

    The Garrison

    This eatery is a little off the beaten track and somewhat of a hidden gem in London with a relaxed cafe-style atmosphere.

    The Garrison is open from 10:00-24:00 on Saturday and closes at 22:00 on Sunday. The bottomless brunch is a massive pull to go there and book a table for your weekend brunch needs.

    It is often referred to more as a coffee shop than a restaurant, but it isn’t like any coffee shop in Shoreditch.

    The menu is pretty small since it is a sample menu and has an option for either two or three courses for you to enjoy over your two-hour seating time. Bottomless Prosecco, Mimosas, and even some Bellinis will keep your thirst quenched while enjoying your courses.

    There are also vegetarian, vegan, and meat options available throughout the menu. There’s something for everyone.

    The Eggs and Chorizo are recommended while the vegan Mac and Cheese is a firm favourite amongst those who visit. Regardless of your diet preferences, the vegan Banana Bread is a delicious option you must try.

    They update their menu on a regular basis by introducing new dishes and removing old ones.

    So, don’t expect to get a little bored with the same dishes after going multiple times. It is recommended that you book your table in advance to secure your spot.


    Gaucho is a brilliant restaurant that is serving bottomless brunch, with both unlimited food and drinks. Their brunch is only available on Saturdays from 11:00-16:00 and is at a fixed price as well.

    Gaucho offers what they call an “Electro Brunch” which means you can enjoy some amazing food that has a Latin flair to it while listening to a curated house music playlist. Enjoy 90 minutes of endless drinks and traditional brunch items.

    The list of drinks you can choose from is almost as big as the number of dishes available. You aren’t limited to one drink type, but you can only have one drink at any one time.

    The menu has a nice mix of vegetarian and vegan options, along with carnivorous choices as well.

    The Chilli Mushrooms on toast is a delectable vegan brunch item while the Maple Bacon Sandwich will keep bacon lovers happy.

    For dessert, the old-school Dulce Eton Mess is a winner and will keep everyone happy. If you really want to go to another level, try one of their jack and lemonade drinks that they offer.

    All Bar One

    The last restaurant to look at is the All Bar One with a bottomless brunch on offer at one of this franchise’s best locations. Sit back, relax and enjoy 90 minutes of bottomless drinks with some amazing food while enjoying a leisurely start to your day.

    Unlike a few other places, brunch is available every day of the week from 10:00 until 15:00. You get a choice of one dish with glass upon glass of Prosecco, gin & tonic and more.

    You can even upgrade those drinks to Espresso Martinis or Porn Star Martinis. Bookings are essential to secure your spot and get your upgraded brunch items.

    The menu has a range of traditional brunch items that cater to all dietary preferences, vegan, vegetarian, and meaty meals. The Shakshuka Baked Eggs are legendary but spicy while the Banana Berry Bowl is a great vegan option.

    A nice added touch is that All Bar One is a supporter of Shelter, and 25p of any of their breakfast dishes is donated towards their charity.

    Where Will You Go For Your London Bridge Brunch?

    London is not short of places to go and enjoy brunch, with plenty of restaurants in London Bridge to choose from.

    There are even a bunch of options for brunch near London Bridge that could give the brunch spots in Shoreditch a run for their money.

    While the choices are nearly endless, you can rest assured that the ones discussed above are worth the trip to explore the London Bridge food scene.

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