26 Best Places to See Autumn Colours in London 2022

It is the time of year where the sun starts sinking just that little bit earlier in the day. The fall colours with their beautiful red autumn leaves are starting to appear and paint the streets of London.

Autumn in London UK

The cooler days (along with a coffee from one of the food markets around London) will give you the energy and motivation to venture out to the park and take your autumn photos.

Whether you are new to London or a local looking for a hidden gem to explore on the weekend, there is something for everyone to experience autumn in London.

That’s where this guide on where to see autumn colours in London will help you find the best places to take those beautiful autumn pictures and best things to do in autumn in London.

Where to see Autumn Leaves in London

Where to See Autumn Colours in London

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit London, when the leaves of the trees turn to a blaze of red, orange and yellow. There are many places where you can see the autumn foliage in all its glory.

The morning mist will start to appear as the trees turn into the hues of autumn. With trees taking on shades of red, orange and gold, there are chances for romantic walks in stunning surroundings.

For any photographers out there, now is the time to break out the camera and capture the beauty that awaits.

Sure, the temptation to stay in bed with some Netflix is getting stronger by the day, but you would be missing out on what is one of the most beautiful times of year.

Believe it or not, you won’t have to travel that far to do some leaf peeping and check out the London fall foliage.

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    Where to get Your Autumn Photos for Instagram

    It’s time to add some colour to your Instagram and get those photos for your feed. There are a few special places around London where you will be able to get some beautiful snapshots.

    Where to see the best Autumn Leaves in London

    Here are is a list of some of the best places to go and get your picture of autumn in London for your Instagram.

    1. Horse Guards Parade

    A smaller known event takes place here when compared to the changing of the Queen’s guard but the changing of the Queen’s Lifeguard ceremony is something to witness.

    Autumn Photos for Instagram

    This event has smaller crowds and no railings between you and the mounted soldiers. It takes place daily at 11:00am and 10:00am on Sundays.

    This is a good chance to grab some photos of the soldiers as they transition into their cold month uniforms.

    Just off of The Mall and Horse Guards Road, the Horse Guards Parade is home to one of the best places in London to get autumn photos.

    Taking a walk along the tree-lined Mall will provide some captivating scenery to shoot on your way to the Guards Parade. What awaits is one of the best spots in London for your new Instagram profile picture.

    There is a building in the parade area, the Admiralty Citadel, that you must visit. The walls are covered with vines and leaves which cascade like a stream of fire when the leaves turn red in autumn.

    During the early Autumn months, you can even catch the transition as the leaves change from green, to gold, and to red, as they move along the wall.

    This is one of the best backgrounds in autumn to use for some photos to start off the autumn months.

    2. Kynance Mews

    Located in South Kensington is a mews street called Kynance Mews and it’s one of the best places to see autumn leaves in London. The local residents have tried to create an environment with different plants that will bloom at different times of the year to ensure a show will be put on all year.

    Kynance Mews

    They have added flowers, bushes, and trees to decorate this charming and colourful road. It is the entrance to these mews that is any photographer’s dream.

    This is one of the most popular Instagram spots in London. Going early in the morning is key to getting your shot before the crowds arrive. The Gloucester Road entrance is the easiest to get to.

    It is the archway entrances that are what everyone is there for, with the long hanging vines that change to shades of red and pink during autumn.

    The arches provide you with the ideal natural frame to stand in and get that superb photo.

    3. Dalloway Terrace

    If you want to capture autumn without having to leave Zone 1, Dalloway Terrace is a grand place to visit.

    You can enjoy a delicious meal while being surrounded by autumn foliage inside the terraced restaurant. So, if you are looking for the perfect brunch spot with an autumn theme to post about, Dalloway should be on top of your list.

    The wall of the terrace is covered with maple and walnut leaves to create a copper backdrop, with a few hues of yellow and green thrown in. Think of Alice sitting at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

    That is what the Dalloway terrace feels like. Their menu also changes according to the season, with autumn cocktail creations coming onto the menu as well.

    Kynance Mews London England

    It is best to book in advance as this place will get very busy. If you happen to go on a cold day, there are some snuggly wool blankets to keep you warm and cosy.

    4. Kyoto Garden

    Sitting in Holland Park is an oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This Japanese-inspired garden is a tranquil area that is full of beauty and traditional Japanese ornaments.

    There is also a charming koi carp pond and a garden that will bring you an overwhelming sense of peace.

    The trees around the pond will turn red and all the other foliage around this hidden gem makes it exceptionally Instagrammable.

    The small waterfall that flows into the pond is a good spot to take a few images.

    This little park is hidden in the corner of Holland Park, so it doesn’t get too busy. You can take your time to walk around and explore.

    As with many London spots, it’s best to go early just in case there are crowds, especially in autumn.

    There is also a muster of peacocks that roam around in this zen garden, so be sure to have your phone ready at all times.

    5. 88 Fitzjohn’s Avenue

    You wouldn’t think that there was a specific little house in Hampstead that would draw so much attention in autumn, but there is. 88 Fitzjohn’s Avenue is a small house that has most of its roof and exterior walls covered in vines and leaves.

    88 Fitzjohn’s Avenue London

    What makes this so attractive in autumn is that these leaves will all change colour.

    The autumn months transform the exterior from its normal green leafy and yellow brick tones into a bright red and golden yellow colour palette.

    The stark contrast of nature taking over this house is what makes it so Instagrammable, especially when you add in a classic or modern car sitting in the driveway.

    This is a popular photo spot, especially for Instagram photos. You should be able to take a walk past any time and take a snapshot or two.

    Just remember that this is someone’s home, so take the shots you want, but try not to intrude on their privacy while doing so.

    6. Little Venice

    At the intersection of Regent’s Canal and Grand Union is a place called Little Venice. This small river is lined with bright houseboats that add even more colour to an already colourful scene.

    The riverbanks are full of trees that reflect gracefully in the mirror-like canal. As the trees change colour in autumn, walls of orange will line the canal.

    This is one of the most romantic spots in London. It may not be Italy, but it is still a place that you could fall in love with. Stand on the bridge and look down over the canal for a vantage point that will create a dream-like photo for your Instagram.

    Early to mid-autumn is when you need to take a trip here, on a calm and windless day for a sunset that would be hard to beat.

    7. The Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola

    For couples who want a romantic setting for their autumn couple posts, the Hill Garden and Pergola is an exquisite location.

    Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola

    The Pergola is lined with trees and vines that provide shade in the summer and springtime, but will change to curtains of gold and red in autumn.

    The Hampstead Pergola is somewhat rundown looking, which only adds to the intriguing aesthetic, making one of the best places to visit in Hampstead.

    The gardens on the ground, overgrown roofs and archways create this magical atmosphere that transforms into a sea of orange and red in autumn.

    A clear autumn day is the best time to visit. The natural light coming through offers some of the most sublime photos imaginable. It is a popular spot for a lot of photoshoots and can even be hired out for weddings.

    Early to mid-autumn is the best time to go, before all the leaves are on the ground.

    Sunrise is ideal for golden hour photos and beating the crowds. This is a sure-fire way to make your Insta followers stare in awe.

    8. St. Dunstan in the East

    St. Dunstan in the East is a church that was built around 1100 but was largely destroyed during World War Two.

    St. Dunstan in the East UK

    The ruins have been transformed into a public garden that will transport you to another world.

    The green foliage drapes the historic walls of the church that will change to walls of red as the autumn season comes in.

    If you can only visit a handful of spots, then this should be at the top of your list. The alluring appeal of this church garden is something that you absolutely cannot miss.

    Take your time exploring and relax on one of the benches around the church. The frames of the stained-glass windows are the perfect spot to take a few snapshots.

    9. The Holly Bush

    The Holly Bush is a centuries-old pub in historic Hampstead. This is a real gem of a local pub in London.

    The Holly Bush London

    It also happens to be one of the most Instagrammable pubs in Hampstead, if not London.

    The trees that are littered along the curve of Holly Mount add to the quintessential autumn imagery, with the pub being the focal point.

    This is an ideal place to take a break and rest while going through your photos and planning where to go next.

    So, sit back. relax, and snap a pic of the autumn atmosphere with a glass of wine by the fire.

    10. Stanley Crescent

    For an early autumn excursion, you have to go to Stanley Crescent and see the gorgeous cherry blossom trees in the area.

    Stanley Crescent London

    Although the trees bloom in spring, you might be able to catch the tail end of their flowers at the very start of autumn. If not, this is still one of the most elegant areas in London to take photos for Instagram.

    Even without the cherry trees, there are other trees that will create a roof of orange over you as you walk down the pavement.

    Stand under one of these trees with a slight breeze and you will have a grand photo of yourself as the foliage rains down over you.

    11. Steeles Mews North

    Hidden in the Borough of Camden is Steeles Mews North, a small cul-de-sac with a cobbled street that has its own archway entry.

    The high walls around the street are covered in thick vines with green leaves that will change to orange and red in autumn. Some of the houses even have vines that flow from their balcony down to the road.

    The combination of the houses and walls covered in foliage, and the towering trees behind, give this area an enchanted feeling.

    Take a walk here in mid-autumn when the trees and leaves are shades of fire to get your Instagram photos of this marvelous area.

    12. Steeles Mews North

    Hidden in the Borough of Camden is Steeles Mews North, a small cul-de-sac with a cobbled street that has its own archway entry.

    The high walls around the street are covered in thick vines with green leaves that will change to orange and red in autumn. Some of the houses even have vines that flow from their balcony down to the road.

    The combination of the houses and walls covered in foliage, and the towering trees behind, give this area an enchanted feeling.

    Take a walk here in mid-autumn when the trees and leaves are shades of fire to get your Instagram photos of this marvelous area.

    13. The Queen’s Walk

    The Queen’s Walk along the Thames is one of those unforgettable daily walks. Most people might not even take note because they walk it so often. But in autumn, it is something special.

    If you take a moment along the South Bank, the trees along the walk will resemble orange brushes. Mid-autumn is the best time to take a few photos along the riverbanks.

    If you can wait for a day after some rain, the pools of water on the pathway will give you a chance to capture the reflections of the trees on the ground, and then you can truly invert reality.

    Besides, with a backdrop of the city, what isn’t there to love about some Instagram photos here?

    14. Victoria Embankment

    To take in views across the river to the South Bank, this is a beautiful walk to take on an autumn morning. You’ll see ionic London landmarks like London Eye.

    Victoria Embankment London

    The embankment itself is lined with tall leafy trees that are almost wall-like with how they form a barrier and hide what is behind them.

    This is one of those places that will give any landscape lover amazing fall photos for their Instagram.

    Throw on your autumn coat and take to the embankment with a few friends for some of the best autumn photo opportunities around.

    The trees give you an amazing cloud-like feel that will cover you with an orange glow. Throw some leaves around for that boomerang for the gram.

    15. 98 Elgin Crescent

    Sitting on a humble road in London is 98 Elgin Crescent, a house that stands out amongst the others with its vast foliage out front.

    98 Elgin Crescent

    With large trees and bushes adding privacy for the owners, it has the added bonus of being an incredible sight in autumn when the leaves change colour.

    With so much greenery, it’s hard to believe that there is even a house behind it all.

    This is also a popular spot for some Instagram photos, with a background that you can almost climb in and hide inside of.

    Mid-autumn is the best time to go here, when the leaves will be at their most colourful. Remember again that this is someone’s home, so respecting their privacy is important.

    Autumn Walks in London – Where to Go

    One of the best autumnal things to do in London is walking through the park on a beautiful autumn morning.

    Now that you know how beautiful it can be, you need to know the best places to take photos in London of the colours of autumn. Here are some of the best parks in autumn in London.

    16. St. James’s Park

    St. James’s Park is one of the best places to see autumn colours in London. The park is located in central London, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace and is one of London’s royal parks.

    The park is especially beautiful in autumn, when the leaves on the trees turn golden and red. There are also plenty of benches where you can sit and enjoy the view. The best time to see the gorgeous autumn colours is from second week of October to early November.

    During this time, the leaves on the trees change to a beautiful colour and the flowers are in full bloom. St James’s Park is one of the largest parks and a great place to take a stroll, relax, and enjoy the autumn colours.

    17. Richmond Park in Autumn

    One of the most infamous autumn areas in London, this beautiful park covers over 2,500 acres.

    Terrace Gardens, Richmond United Kingdom

    So expect to stroll around for hours and explore this stunning area. The morning mist starts to fade away as the sun gets higher and the golden leaves start to glow in the light.

    With such a large area, there are plenty of photo opportunities for you to take impeccable images. Don’t forget to bring a quality tripod along with you to help grab those amazing scenic shots.

    The Isabella plantation in Richmond Park should be your first stop with its woodland garden being the perfect place to stop for some photos, this is one of the top places to visit in Richmond.

    Early autumn is the best time to go, with the trees in the plantation turning hues of red and orange. There are even a few evergreen plants to add contrast, with tons of unique and unusual-looking trees scattered throughout the garden.

    Don’t be startled if you happen to see a deer, as Fallow deer and Red deer roam Richmond park freely. Also DO NOT feed the deers in Richmond Park, as this might be dangerous for the deers and you can be told off for it.

    18. Hyde Park in Autumn

    Hyde Park is one of the go-to destinations year-round for all outdoor activities, and autumn is no different.

    Hyde Park in Autumn

    This is the largest park in London with 142 hectares of greenery to keep you captivated as the vibrant colours start to change.

    A morning or evening walk here is simply beautiful. The low-hanging sun shines golden light and starts to cast different shapes amongst the autumn foliage in London.

    Grab a coffee from one of the many coffee shops around the park to keep you warm and energised as you explore. The Rose Garden hidden in the southeast corner is something that you must see as the roses will grow throughout autumn.

    This is the perfect spot to grab some photos for your Insta or a Polaroid for some photos to pin to your wall.

    Hyde Park is always busy, so pick a time that suits you. The tops of the trees start to lose their green and slowly paint themselves and their neighbours’ shades of red and orange.

    Hyde Park in Autumn London

    For the full effect, mid-autumn is beautiful with leaves scattered everywhere and breathtaking imagery on walks down the avenues.

    19. Kew Gardens in Autumn

    If leaves are your thing and one of your life goals is to fall over into a pile of them, Kew Gardens is for you.

    This is a massive royal botanical garden in London with the arboretum having 14,000 trees alone from around the world. That should fulfill any leafy dreams that you may have in this autumn park.

    The standout feature of Kew Gardens is the treetop walkway that will provide you with spectacular views of the colour palette of the trees in autumn from above.

    The Pagoda in Kew Gardens

    For those that aren’t too fond of heights, stick to the ground and take the Sackler Crossing over the lake. From here, you can marvel at the reflections of the towering colourful trees in the water.

    For the perfectionists and fans of symmetrical photography, check out the Pagoda Vista that is close to Victoria Gate.

    From here you can look at the Great Pagoda building from a perspective framed by trees, with the ground being covered in a carpet of fallen leaves.

    Early to mid-autumn is the best time to visit to experience the shades of autumn that take hold over the trees and foliage around the park.

    20. Hampstead Heath Woods

    For a wide range of autumn scenery, Hampstead Heath has it all, from the woodland areas to lake views and beautiful vantage points.

    To appreciate Hampstead in all its glory, a sunny autumn morning is ideal to take it all in. Just make sure that you wear a pair of boots, as it can get a little muddy in some areas.

    There are a few standout spots to stop at to take your photos. Parliament Hill is a popular vantage point to overlook the park from.

    The transition from the green grass to red trees, and then blue skies is a spectacular sight. Take a moment up here to appreciate the view with your partner or friends.

    The wooded areas give an entirely different experience, with the trees letting light be filtered in through the leaves and branches. The atmosphere makes for a somewhat eerie, yet enchanted feeling.

    The leaves that cover the woodland floor add even more colour to this already red and orange area. Take your perfect, leaf-covered photos here by laying in them and throwing them in the air.

    The perfect time to head to Hampstead Heath is mid to late autumn. But be prepared as the later in autumn that you go, the muddier it will get.

    21. Regent’s Park and Canal

    If you are looking for something that is bright and near golden, Regent’s Park boasts hues of gold and yellow in the autumn months.

    The bright colours of the leaves will have you walking on a carpet that resembles gold, while under a yellow roof of leaves still on the trees above. The main avenue that is lined with trees is a great spot to get your photos for the gram.

    Regent’s Park is an amazing escape regardless of the time of the year. This is one of the most beautiful places that you can go in London.

    Head there during autumn for a walk and grab a hot chocolate or coffee while doing so. The boating lake is also a good stop to make to enjoy the tranquility and beauty that waits as leaves float in the lake.

    The standout attraction is Regent’s Canal. The canal is lined with a variety of trees that will change to shades of red and orange as autumn progresses.

    Stand on the bridge and you will have the perfect photo opportunity, with the reflections of the trees causing the water to turn orange and red.

    October is the best time to go to find that ideal balance of leaves still being on the trees but also covering the ground.

    If you only have your phone on you, here are some tips on smartphone travel photography to help you capture as much beauty as possible. Then, upload some worthy images to Instagram to show off what you have snapped on your adventure.

    22. Kensington Palace Gardens

    A literal royal garden that you can walk in, these gardens used to be a part of Hyde Park but have been separated and reserved as the palace gardens.

    The palace may be the main attraction for tourists, but the garden is one of the most beautiful places to visit in London.

    There are a few attractions to visit, such as the Albert Memorial. With a large green avenue that is lined with trees leading up to it, this is one of the most spectacular spots for landscape images.

    The contrast of the green grass and autumn trees with the monument in the center is a sight to behold.

    Another beautiful spot is the Allotment Garden and Italian Garden. The Italian Garden has a pretty water garden that is surrounded by trees and foliage.

    This will bring all the colours of autumn with them into the reflections of the fountains. This is the perfect place to begin or finish your autumn walk in the gardens.

    Early autumn is the best time to visit as you can catch the remnants of spring and the slow shift into autumn in London.

    For a chance to capture some enticing long exposures, the fountain is a must-visit, especially if you have a neutral density filter with you to capture that misty effect.

    23. Greenwich Park

    Greenwich Park sits in southeast London and is one of the largest open spaces in this area. Its 183-acre enclosed area is a sanctuary for the over 70 bird species, and for various foxes and deer that call this park home.

    This is the oldest royal park that is enclosed with a number of attractions to keep everyone entertained and interested.

    Walk along the avenues lined with Spanish chestnut trees that are over 400 years old to find the incredible Royal Observatory and over over the River Thames. Believe it or not, in autumn, these trees will produce nuts that are actually edible.

    But maybe give that a miss and leave them for the squirrels. This is a favourite amongst couples for its romantic tree-lined avenues scattered with orange leaves.

    Take your dogs with you on a sunny autumn day to relax and take in the lovely views. One Tree Hill is a great vantage point to take photos with views of the London Eye, the Shard, and the Houses of Parliament – to name a few.

    This is a good way to escape the city for a few hours and recharge your social batteries as well if needed.

    The Queen’s Orchard is another beautiful place to visit and take a few snapshots with your camera. The Park is beautiful throughout autumn, but mid-autumn would be the best for the scattered leaves that will cover the grounds.

    A good comfy backpack for your camera and some essentials will keep you ready for a day of walking around.

    24. Battersea Park

    Battersea Park will transport you to another world during the autumn months. This park doesn’t get much foot traffic from tourists, so you are sure to always find a place to yourself in there.

    Battersea Park

    From leaves floating in the lake to wooded areas covered thick in leaves, there is always something to marvel at in Battersea Park

    In autumn, Battersea takes on a whole new dimension with its wide range of gardens, that range from winter to subtropical, giving plenty of fantastic foliage to explore.

    The oak and willows that shed their giant leaves will give you a little keepsake to take home. This is one of the best places to visit in London, year-round.

    One of the best gems about this park is the hybrid strawberry trees that have red bark, making them stand out amongst the normal trees around them.

    The best time to visit here is the end of autumn, as these hybrid trees will be covered in white flowers and fruit. There are photo opportunities around the entire park, but this is one of the most picturesque and romantic.

    25. Fulham Palace and Bishops Park

    Visiting Fulham Palace and Bishops Park is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning in autumn.

    The colourful leaves that line the river offer a dramatic and beautiful backdrop to a farmer’s market that happens in the park. So, grab a cup of tea and a snack and take a stroll around the park.

    Bishops Pond is a must-see with its small bridges and water features being the focal point, while the banks are lined with the red-tinted shrubs and trees in autumn.

    You can also take a walk through the palace garden that is covered in red leaves. There’s even a crop of pumpkins in the walled garden that you can visit.

    The best time to visit here would be early to mid-autumn to witness the leaves fall and cover the grounds like snow.

    The pond is also a romantic spot for any couples who wish to visit and offers a lovely photo opportunity as well. For any nature photographer, you will love the entire area for taking some gorgeous landscape shots.

    26. St. James Park

    Sitting in the heart of London is St. James Park, which will always deliver some fiery-looking views with the trees there. If you are looking to get some pictures of autumn leaves then this is one of the places to be.

    James Park

    Although it can be busy here, as it is a popular tourist spot, what awaits is worth dealing with a few extra people walking around.

    The reds and yellows of the leaves that litter the grassy fields are carpet-like with the colours of London being prominent throughout.

    Take a picnic on a sunny day and relax with some friends or family while the world passes by. The yellow canopy of leaves above will start to fall off slowly.

    Don’t forget a good picnic blanket in case the ground is a little damp with the morning dew. For any street photographer, this is one of the best places to just sit back and observe while taking a few snapshots.

    Early autumn during golden hour is a good time to take a walk here, or on a cloudy day for some moody nature photos.

    When is the Best time to see Autumn Leaves in London?

    If you’re planning a trip to London and you want to see the city at its autumnal best, timing is everything. So if you are wondering “when is autumn in London?”, the peak time for seeing autumn leaves in London is usually mid October 2022 or early November 2022. However, this can vary depending on the weather conditions in any given year.

    For example, if there’s been a lot of rain leading up to autumn, the leaves may not reach their peak colour until later in the season. Conversely, if there’s been a period of prolonged dry weather, the leaves may start to fall off the trees earlier than usual.

    Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see autumn leaves even if you visit London at the right time of year. However, if you’re lucky enough to catch them at their best, you’ll be rewarded with some truly stunning sights. The best place to see autumn leaves in London is undoubtedly Hyde Park.

    With its endless trees and open spaces, Hyde Park is a true haven in the city, and it comes into its own during the autumn months. So if you’re planning a trip to London and you want to experience the city at its most beautiful, make sure to factor in some time for leaf-peeping!

    What is the weather like in London in autumn?

    London in autumn is a beautiful time to visit. The leaves on the trees start to change colour, and there is a coolness in the air that invigorates the senses. However, visitors should be aware that the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year. One day it may be sunny and warm, and the next day it may be cold and rainy. So pack your bags accordingly!

    In general, the weather in London during autumn is mild, with daytime temperatures ranging from about 15 Celsius to 10 Celsius. However, nighttime temperatures can dip down below 10, so you’ll want to bring a sweater or jacket for evenings out. With a little advance planning, you’re sure to have a great time exploring all that London has to offer during autumn.

    Autumn Colours in London – Wrap Up

    Be prepared for everyone’s Instagram to be flooded with autumn photos. These are the best places to visit in autumn in London, and you’ll likely see tons of your followers throwing those beautiful leaves into the air to mark the arrival of another London autumn.

    Add in the traditional landscape pictures of trees in autumn and you have the perfect shots to post.

    Struggling with knowing what to do in London?



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      âś… Top Free Things To In London

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      âś… Epic Free Viewpoints

      âś… Cute Instagrammable Places in London

      The colours of London come out in full force amongst some of the best parks and areas covered above. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some of the last warmth before winter truly sets in.

      So, grab your coats, your camera, and go on an adventure to clear your mind and take in the beauty that awaits you.

      The question is, just where will you go first to experience London in the fall.

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