How to Access Geo-Blocked Content when Travelling through Europe

If you’ve ever travelled and tried to watch your favourite show on Netflix, then you might have been disappointed to find that it isn’t available in your current location. This known as geo-blocking. While it can be annoying, especially when you pay for your subscription, there are things that you can do to work around this.

A few examples of other areas where you might run into restrictions include online stores restricting a sale to a certain region, or blocked access to services such as X or WhatsApp.

How to Access Geo Blocked Content when Travelling through Europe

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Implications of Limited Access

A lot of people game while on the go, as it’s a great way to pass the time. If you play games for real money online, such as the lottery or even casino games, you may find you’re limited as you cross different borders. Some games won’t be available in some countries, and this can be frustrating.

It’s not as simple as signing up with a new site so you can play the games you want, as your winnings are tied to the account you have now. If you play money back roulette on Paddy Power, playing American Roulette with Mr Vegas won’t just result in you not being able to withdraw your current winnings.

It’ll also result in you playing a game with a bigger house edge, as American roulette has an extra pocket. For gamers who like to travel, this can be very disruptive, and it’s not just casino games it affects.

Your progress with normal games will be lost, so if you’ve reached a certain level on a game, you can say goodbye to it until you travel to a country that isn’t geo-blocking that provider. 

Another example would be for those who like to watch TV and movies. If you want to watch a French TV show on Netflix, you might not be able to do so if you’re in the UK, Spain or Italy.

As you pay for your subscription, it’s a shame to miss out on shows that are available in your home country. Luckily, there are ways around this, and all you have to do is bypass geo-blocking.

How a VPN Can Help You Access Geo Blocked Content

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How a VPN Can Help You Access Geo-Blocked Content

Your IP address will vary depending on the router you run your connection through. Your public IP, or internet protocol, is what makes geo-blocking possible. An IP address is a numerical label that’s attached to a device on a local network or the internet.

The address makes it easy for you to receive information online. Without it, you wouldn’t even be able to load this post.

Although an IP is essential for browsing the internet, it also holds information about your geographical location. A VPN helps by making it look like you’re accessing from a different location, so you can watch your French TV shows in Italy, without compromise.

Using a VPN is easy, and there are hundreds of providers to choose from. This is the best way for you to access all of the content you need, as you make your way through Europe. Regardless of where you are, you can maintain a seamless gaming, viewing and shopping experience.

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