Best Bubble Tea in London Guide | 19 Places to Get Boba Tea UK

Are you looking to get your boba cravings satisfied with some incredible bubble tea plus all the tapioca balls you could ask for? Then I have good news, as this guide to the best bubble tea in London will help you in your search for the ultimate boba drink.

Matcha Bubble Tea
Green matcha bubble tea and black tapioca pearls

Whether you’re a newcomer to the bubble tea scene or a seasoned veteran, there is a flavour combination out there for everyone.

This is the perfect beverage to recharge and give you that added boost needed to walk around some of the best food markets in London.

Here is a list of the 19 best bubble tea stores around London to keep you going and drink tea in a different way.

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    Bubble Tea Shops in London – Where to Go

    Now you know that you want bubble tea but just aren’t sure where to go in your area, so here is the definite guide on where to get bubble tea in your area.

    West London

    To the westerners out there, you are lucky to have what is the best bubble tea in London on your doorstep.

    Chocolate Bubble Tea
    Taiwan milk tea with bubble


    Traditional Taiwanese bubble tea that is hand shaked by staff in-store for you. That is one of the selling points of Chatime. This store is part of a global franchise that is also in Canada, the U.S and Hong Kong.

    Paying a visit to the number one tea specialist in the UK will leave you with plenty of options for delectable variations of bubble tea.

    For a particularly refreshing flavour, the Jasmine Green Milk Tea is a firm favourite that will leave you wanting even more.

    You can find a Chatime Soho store as well as in a few other locations but the store in Hammersmith in West London is one of the best.

    Find it here: Broadway SC Island Site, London W6 9YE


    This is one of the top contenders for the best bubble tea in London. Tealive emphasises the impact on the environment that their company has by introducing paper and metal straws and even a reusable strawless cup.

    For something completely out of the box, they offer an avocado coffee but for the bubble tea lovers there are plenty of teas to choose from.

    A sure-fire bet would be their signature Caramel Pearl Teas which will only leave you wanting more and screaming for more boba.

    Find it here: 56A Queensway, London W23RY

    Dragon Cat Cafe

    Dragon Cat Cafe aims to be more than just another bubble tea store but instead wants to focus on the tea behind it. This is hands down the best bubble tea in London with multiple awards to prove it.

    Every cup is made fresh to order with specialist equipment and all teas contain 100% fresh pressed fruit juice and no artificial flavour enhancers.

    Their menu changes according to the seasons but their Dragon Cat Milky Tea is a favourite, with plant-based milk options available for vegans.

    Pair your drink with one of the 50 different flavoured Wheel cakes and you will be the happiest of chappy. If you can’t make it to the store, they also offer a DIY bubble tea kit that you can have delivered to your home.

    Find it here: 18A Broadway Shopping Center, London W69YD


    This gem of a store was opened by its owner who has a profound love for boba and wanted to give London the very best bubble tea possible.

    You won’t find any batch brewed tea here, this is brewed to order bubble tea to ensure a fresher and healthier product.

    Forget the powdered creamer as well as only fresh organic milk is used to create these masterpieces.

    Biju’s signature Hong Kong Milk Tea is the one to try but if you’re not in the mood for a milky tea, their signature Iced Honey Green Tea is another yummy option.

    For a quick fix, the Biju bubble tea Westfield, London kiosk is not a bad option but try to visit their stunning bubble tea shop in North London for some bubble tea in Soho.

    Find it here: 45 Compton Street, Soho, London WID 6HQ

    Yi Fang

    If you are in North London and want a true bubble tea Chinatown experience, Yi Fang is the place to visit.

    This is a little hole in the wall type store that offers incredible tasting bubble tea in the heart of Chinatown.

    Although there are stores all over London, this is the best store. It is named after the owner’s grandmother, who invented the secret recipe behind their famous drink, YiFang Fruit Tea.

    Each of their teas are infused with seasonal fruits, no artificial flavours, and served with your choice of ice and sugar.

    For all the vegans, you will love their specialty Pineapple Soya Milk Tea or their YiFang Fruit Tea for everyone. On a cold day, you can even grab a hot version with Golden Jelly or Grass Jelly.

    Find it here: 104 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EQ

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      Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 110 things to do in London from a local, includes:

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      Cuppacha Bubble Tea Chinatown

      When you visit Cuppacha their striking pink exterior is hard to miss but in case you do, the long queue will be another clue.

      What makes this place stand out amongst all the bubble tea in Chinatown is their offering of Ombre tea flavours. That, and their extremely Insta-worthy cups, is what makes this shop so popular.

      A must-try is their Butterfly Pea Ombre series of teas, they will leave you craving more. For the milk teas, there are soya milk options available for vegans, the Brown Sugar Oolong is particularly good.

      For those who aren’t too fond of milky tea, there are refreshing textured juices available as well.

      Find it here: 23 Newport Court, London WC2H 7JS

      Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

      The self-proclaimed best and biggest bubble tea brand in the World, Coco fresh has thrown down the challenge to other bubble tea stores, but can they live up to it? Well, if their Pearl Taro Milk Tea is anything to go by, they most definitely can.

      Coco bubble tea London is a standout in the rampant and competitive world that is the bubble tea Soho scene.

      For the sweet lovers among you, their Ladies in Chocolate drink will change your life and is the summer equivalent of a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. If you can’t make it to their store then don’t worry, they deliver as well.

      Find it here: 52 Dean Street, London W1D 5BL

      Xing Fu Tang London

      Xing Fu Tang is known to make some of the best tapioca pearls for bubble tea in London. This is because it is made right in front of you, in-house.

      Their Brown Sugar Boba is the absolute best with their signature of the brown sugar on top being torched. Unfortunately, there are no milk alternatives for vegans or those who are dairy intolerant.

      The tea here is a little pricier when compared to other boba stores in the area but the drinks are worth the little extra. It has been said that their bubble tea is even comparable to the original tea overseas.

      If you want some bubble tea in Soho, Xing Fu Tang is a good spot to go but be prepared to queue for some time as it almost always has a line to get in.

      Find it here: 29 Frith Street, London W1D 5LG

      Happy Lemon

      If you are in the mood for bubble tea in Chinatown, London, keep an eye out for the bright yellow facade on the road.

      Happy Lemon offers traditional bubble tea with their signature lemon flavour but for something really different, there’s even a signature Rock Salted Cheese series.

      For the purists and classic lovers, grab one of their Classic Milk Bubble Teas. Happy Lemon’s flagship European store opened in London in 2015, in the heart of Chinatown.

      For a more refreshing sensation, their Lemon Smoothies are amazing and will give you a little zing. They are welcoming to all so head down to Chinatown and experience one of their award-winning tea drinks.

      Find it here: 24A Newport Court, London WC2H 7JS

      Kissaten Bubble Tea Soho

      Kissaten is a little different in that it is a Japanese Tea house that prides itself in their handmade, tactile and crafted drinks. They strive for quality and provide as healthy bubble tea as possible.

      You won’t find any food preservatives or food colouring here. For a full-on Japanese experience, their store in Soho is also a karaoke bar so you can enjoy your bubble tea while belting out some classic songs with friends.

      This is as simple as bubble tea gets, in its purest form without all the bells and whistles with different handmade boba on-site to pair with one of their milk teas.

      If milk isn’t your thing, then discard the milk and enjoy pure tea with some floating bobas. Their passionfruit green tea is particularly delicious if you don’t mind waiting in the long queue to get in.

      Find it here: 30 Brewer Street, London W1F0SS

      The Alley

      Now you would be forgiven for thinking you have walked into a modern coffee shop with the aesthetic of this bubble tea store. The Antler logo above the door is your queue to walk into boba city.

      This franchise started in Taiwan and has spread across the world and made its way to the UK shores.

      They seem to be the bubble tea shop of choice for the more health-conscious and ethical customers. They make everything in-store and use sustainable cane sugar.

      Their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca is an absolute winner, the bonus being that it’s a hot drink to keep you warm on those cold winter day commutes.

      Otherwise grab yourself their other signature drink, the Royal No.9 Milk tea and enjoy. If there was ever an Instax camera moment, it would be here.

      Find it here: 10 Maddox Street, London W1s1PF

      Woo Tea

      For those who want a more creative experience, Woo Tea offers handmade Oolong artisan bubble tea to their customers.

      This is one of the more popular boba shops in the area so be ready to queue. But when you make it through their door, their signature Woo Tea is a must try.

      Unfortunately, even though they are artisan, they do not offer any plant-based milk alternatives for vegans. But for others, there are a number of different flavours available to choose from.

      Find it here: G, F 26 Wardour Street, London W1D6QL

      Yunique Tea

      If you wanted bubble tea to flaunt all over Instagram then this is the one, especially with a name like Yunique Tea.

      Offering hand-made bubble teas with even a Smashed tea option, there’s a lot to get excited about when visiting this bubble tea Chinatown store in London.

      Their Oreo with Milk tea is a winner for all the Oreo fanatics here but their Coffee Latte with Brown Sugar Bubble is what makes this place truly unique.

      Find it here: 10 Newport Street, London WC2H7JJ

      Min Tea

      The new kid on the block, Min Tea aims to serve premium bubble teas that are made with traditional ingredients.

      Sitting in the boba haven that is the bubble tea Chinatown, London area is Min Tea. You must adventure there and try their Caramel Milk Tea with Tapioca, it is delectable.

      It is hard to stand out amongst the herd, but Min Tea have managed to do that with their approach to their flavours and creation of their tea. Overall, an amazing experience that blends the modern with the traditional.

      Find it here: 34 Newport Court, London, WC2H7PQ

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        Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 110 things to do in London from a local, includes:

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        East London

        If you are over in East London then your bubble tea choices aren’t as plentiful, but what is certainly one of the best bubble tea stores in London is hidden here.


        Did someone say bubble tea and waffles in a cone? Well, if you are in the mood for a sweet treat then Bubbleology is the place to go.

        What makes this experience even more unique is that they have a special Utopian menu, the Mermaid is particularly amazing and Instagrammable. You can also grab a few photos with a polaroid camera for more personal memories.

        With Bubbleology, you are the mixologist and can create almost anything that your mind can come up with.

        They are also a certified Soil Association company using 100% organic tea leaves. For vegans, there are soya milk alternatives and for others there is an organic whole milk option.

        On a hot summer day, one of their bubble fizz drinks will help quench that thirst and cool you down, the Electric Yuzu is a favourite.

        For bubble tea in Stratford, you can head to Westfield Stratford City and get a Bubbleology drink.

        Find it here: 32 Montfichet Road, London E201EJ

        South London

        Down south, again there might only be one but it is also one of the best around and will keep you coming back for more.

        Ding Tea

        If you don’t mind a little adventure, then Ding Tea is worth it to taste their incredible Black Sesame Milk Tea.

        Their aim is to promote Taiwanese tea culture all over the world with a focus on a unique taste and strict tea selection.

        This trendy place has a steady queue so be ready to wait a little, but their signature Monster Boba Latte with its Leopard stripe look is worth it.

        Find it here: 17 Thames Street, Kingston upon Thames KT11PH

        North London

        With a few bubble tea shops in your area, one with over 1000 combinations, you will never get bored.

        T4 Bubble Tea

        Bringing the beautiful taste of Taiwan tea to the UK, T4 aims to have a cup of tea for you. T4 is also famous for being the leader in hand-mixed bubble teas and uses unique methods to enhance their flavours.

        The best flavour has to be their Peppermint Milk Tea that, when mixed with the milk, creates the flavour of chocolate!

        T4 uses the best natural ingredients to create this experience with a special Taiwanese tea, Jadeite Royal Tea.

        Choose your sweetness and ice quantities and take off with your boba fix for the day.

        Don’t forget to snap a few photos to make your friends jealous. Look out for the bright teal blue doorway for some bubble tea in Camden or for bubble tea in Stratford.

        Find it here: 1A Parkway, Camden Town NW1 7PG


        Looking for bubble tea in Camden? You are almost guaranteed to never get bored of flavours when visiting Mooboo with their menus having over 1000 bubble tea combinations.

        Hidden in the trendy Camden area, Mooboo is the perfect place to recharge after walking around the market. Their best-selling Passion and Mango Tea is a solid choice with some extra ice and flavoured bobas or herbal pudding topping.

        The only thing to be wary of is that the plastic cups they use are pretty fragile so handle with care, so you don’t drop your precious drink anywhere.

        With all the options available, you are free to experiment as much as you like but this might not be fun for anyone who struggles to make decisions.

        Find it here: 84 Parkway, London NW1 7AN

        Cafe Bao

        For a more upmarket and sit down or take away food experience, Cafe Bao offers a few classic bubble teas, the Oolong Bubble Tea being the best, to accompany some delicious bao buns.

        It is nestled inside Kings Cross Station and was inspired by the western style of the cafes in Asia.

        So, if you’re in a rush or have some time to spare while waiting for your next train, pop into the convenient take-away section and grab a delicious bubble tea.

        Find it here: 4 Pancras Square, Kings Cross N1C4AG

        Struggling with knowing what to do in London?


          Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 110 things to do in London from a local, includes:

          ✅ Top Free Things To In London

          ✅ Cool Touristy & Non-Touristy Things To

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          London Bubble Tea – Frequently Asked Questions

          For some of those niggling questions on your mind, hopefully this will answer them and put your inquisitive mind at ease.

          Is Bubble Tea Popular in the UK?

          It is well known that the British love their tea and their traditions so what happens when you take something the English love and adore and change it drastically? You would think they would hate it, but bubble tea is widely popular in the UK.

          You can pop down to your local high street, to a bubble tea cafe to get your bubble fix and try new combinations every day.

          It is also so popular as with all the different options available, there is a flavour for everyone.

          Don’t forget that it’s become a widely popular trend on social media so grabbing a bubble tea for the Gram has also contributed to its popularity.

          Which Flavour of Bubble Tea is Best?

          This is all down to personal preference and with the immense number of different teas and pearls available, you are free to experiment and find your favourite.

          There are some general and more traditional flavours that every store will sell that are considered the best.

          You will find the Oolong and Brown Sugar tea in nearly every bubble tea store in London but each having their own twist on this traditional flavour.

          But, if there has to be one that is the best, the classic Pearl Milk tea has to be it, with your choice of tapioca balls you can make this classic bubble tea your own.

          How Bad is Bubble Tea for You?

          Although the main component is tea, there are a lot of added extras in bubble tea.

          The tapioca pearls are full of carbohydrates and will give you an initial boost of energy but otherwise have no added nutritional value.

          Where bubble tea is not good for you is the high amounts of sugar that are in each cup, with sugar being linked to diabetes and obesity, but there are now options that have no sugar.

          There is a health benefit that comes with the actual tea that makes up bubble tea. Tea has been known to work in decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol.

          So yes, as with everything there are good and bad attributes to bubble tea but if drank in moderation, it won’t be too bad.

          Where Will You Get Your Bubble Tea in London?

          With this guide, you are all set to find bubble tea no matter where you are in London.

          This delicious drink has so many unique flavours and combinations available that you could easily visit every store, every day for some time and never run out of options.

          If you really want to indulge that sweet tooth, then take a tour of some of the best desserts in London as well.

          Struggling with knowing what to do in London?


            Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 90 things to do in London from a local, includes:

            ✅ Top Free Things To In London

            ✅ Cool Touristy & Non-Touristy Things To

            ✅ Epic Free Viewpoints

            ✅ Cute Instagrammable Places in London

            So, which bubble tea store are you heading to first and what will your first order be?

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