Photography with Unsplash Photowalk in London Chinatown and Soho

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-BressonOver the weekend I had a chance to take in my first photo walk with Unsplash.

35mm F1.4 Lens

As you guys know I have been steadily practicing my photography skills. All I can say it was an amazing and fun experience.

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I got to meet some really cool, talented and kind London photographer.

The walk was during the London Pride Parade and covered China Town and Soho. Most of the shots were of people enjoying the Pride festivities and spreading love in all forms.

I’m sharing some of the shots from the photo walk.All photos where taken on my Fujifilm X-T2 with my 35mm 1.4f lens.

I find that this set up is light and easy to carry around, less intimidating and you can go unseen by most people as the set up is so small.

And the 35mm 1.4f lens is sharp as hell and it has become my favourite lens to shot with.

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The photo walk was organised by the talented Clem Onojeghuo. Check out my Unsplash Photowalk Instagram Highlights

Hello not now, I’m enjoying PrideWhen the whole squad comes togetherI get such a buzz from getting together with other creative people, you can learn so much from them as well as realised your own creativity is just as good as anyone else.

I think sometimes I have a tendency to doubt myself and abilities, especially when I am doing something new that takes me out of our comfort zone. And to tell you the truth since picking up photography and even this blog.

Fuji 35mm lens 1

Sometimes I find myself, comparing myself to other (it’s normal, and we all do it). Saying things like is my blog good enough, why isn’t my photography as good as theirs or when will my photography be as good as that person.

Beating myself up about it.Then other times I think ‘girl you are only just starting, you’re still learning, this is your apprentice phase, don’t rush the process.

Embrace it and enjoy it’.Because let’s be honest when we first start anything we feel like we are the worst that ever did it, not realising it takes years and countless hours of practising an art form to master it truly.

When I first started out, I was tough on myself, and most of that had to do with not having the confidence in myself and my photography abilities.

I had no clue what I was doing. But the funny thing is the more I practised my photography, shooting more, doing more photoshoots with other bloggers and shooting with incredibly talented people like Clem and Adeola and the other photographers on this photo walk.

The more confidence I’ve gained in my photography, and my photo storytelling abilities.

I’m trying to shoot at least three to four days per week, with the majority being on my way to and from work on my iPhone. Where I capture other commuters going about their day.

I’ve found that this has helped me too look at a scene and picture what I want to capture in my mind’s eye first before I even take a photo.

This has also help me to capture great images that tell a story at that moment on the fly.

I’ve noticed the more I shoot, the better I’ve gotten, and the more confident I’ve gotten with my photography, resulting in me wanting to shoot more.

The learning experience is all a cycle.So, if you’re trying to improve your photography or just starting out learning something new but you don’t have the confidence yet.

Why not start practising on your way to work by taking photos out the train window to build up even the tiniest amount of confidence and self-belief and then find a meet up for a photo walk (or group) with photographers more talented than you.

Who are also supportive and willing to teach you their thought process of capturing an image.

This will not only push you out of your comfort zone but trust me you will learn so much from it, and it will help build up your confidence even more.

I’ve learnt a lot from this Unsplash photo walk and from the different photography styles of the photographers I meant during the walk,  which has helped with my confidence in my photography.

I now see my work in a new light and can’t wait to go out and shoot again.

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Essence of an Image

On this photo walk I learnt that sometimes it’s not the most obvious beautiful things you capture that creates a beautiful image.

But that a great image, a striking image, can come from the way the light dances on your subjects face, the way colours clash and compliment each other or the emotions that are exuded in the moment. 

These elements creates a truly striking image that and tells the essence of what’s going on.

These images are normally ones filled with emotions that will cause the viewer to stop and really look at what’s in front of them with curiosity.

When you have everyone lookingLove is LoveHappiness as a silver bumblebee ???? She was sitting outside a restaurant so elegant & peaceful, in the midst of the chaos around her.

Looking and smiling at the passing young people of very form & type, holding hands, kissing, laughing & filled with joy.

She smiled wearing her pride pin proudly ????.Moments in Chinatown

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