17 Best Euston Station Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes

It is known for the commute, the feel of something more as you head to your eventual destination.

The roads are busy, the railway lines even busier during peak times. This is London Euston Station, and mostly, you don’t get to feel the environment or notice the area as you hurry through it to your next stop. 

Drummond Villa

Thankfully, while Euston Station might have been notorious for having nothing of interest, except of courseblack taxis and trains, these days that is no longer the case. 

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Today, Euston Station restaurants have everything from smoked ribs to burgers, beers, and more.

So, if you find yourself in need of a bite as you wait for your train to your onward journey – why not check out some cool restaurants near Euston Station.

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 Best Euston Station Restaurants 

So, whether it’s grabbing a quick bite, enjoying a business lunch, or merely quenching your thirst as you wander around Euston Station.

Here are the best places to eat near Euston Station including 18 best restaurants, pubs, and cafes near Euston.

1. The Quaker Center Cafe & Bookshop

If you require a light homemade snack to get your day going, The Quaker Center Cafe is an ideal stop.

This coffee and snack shop specialises in homemade snacks, panini and sandwiches. They are also a good stop for vegans, with their array of organic ice creams, cold drinks, and gluten free soup available daily. 

The Quaker Center Cafe Bookshop

2. Murger Han Restaurant 

Severs up the most original Chinese Street food in London with ‘Murger’ meaning burger.

The toasted flatbreads with stuffed minced pork or beef are great, and so are the murgers soups with beef. For a special, go with the Biang Biang noodles. There is also a second location in Mayfair.

3. Nando’s 

Nando is great healthy fast-food restaurant for anyone looking to grab a quick, satisfying bite. They serve up Afro-Portuguese inspired dishes.

Nando’s a exllecent place for travellers on a budget who still want to eat healthy. Dishes are mostly grilled chicken with various herbs sauces as a marinating base to season the meat.

If this is your first visit to Nando’s try their Peri-Peri sauce and if you are a student, you might get a discount off by showing your school or university ID.

Nando’s was a lifesaver when I was a broke university student.  

4. Roti King

Inconspicuously placed on Doric Way is what many consider being the ‘kings’ of the Euston food scene. This is not the most striking of restaurants you will find in the area. This is a cheap, no-frills Malaysian restaurant housed in a basement, but it is almost always busy.

Roti King 1

Once you get past all that, though, and dive into the meal, the roti canai flatbreads with curry sauce are beyond excellent. Roti King should be high on your list of restaurants near Euston Station if you are in the area. 

5. Number Twelve

Number Twelve is a plush restaurant with a nice air of casualness in the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel.

Number Twelve 1

As you would expect with the contemporary environment, the British Italian fusion cuisine served here is slightly more upmarket compared to many of the restaurants near Euston Station.

The portions are rich and thick, as you will notice with the steak, the meal preparation and seasoning is sublime without going over the top, and there is a nice selection of tea and drinks to accompany your meal.

6. Cafe Caritas – 30 Euston Square

At the heart of 30 Euston Square lies a welcoming escape from the rush of the entire Euston Station area. Cafe Caritas serves diners with expected freshly brewed tea or coffee in an airy and well-lit environment.

Going beyond that, however, you will be faced with a wide selection of food and drinks, with everything from salads and paninis to freshly made sandwiches that both tantalise your taste buds and fill you up. Friends House Restaurant

Just across the road from the ever-busy Euston Station is the calm, unassuming presence of Friends House Restaurant.

With its friendly staff, well-lit room and reasonably priced meals, there’s enough on offer to attract a ton of visitors. Thankfully, it is never overcrowded.

It is a great place to grab a nice, freshly brewed coffee or fruit tea. If you want something more filling, you will find the buffet-style restaurant is extremely satisfying, with a speciality in delicious home cooked meal giving it something of a friend’s house appeal.

7. Drummond Villa

Drummond Villa is the perfect place to stop for a quick and affordable bite after a long day of travel. The restaurant is located close to Euston mainline station, making it convenient for weary travellers.

And although it may be popular with the after-work crowd, there’s no need to worry about being elbow-to-elbow with your fellow diners – the clean dining room and well-spaced seating offer a comfortable dining experience.

Drummond Villa Food

For those looking for a traditional British Indian restaurant experience, look no further – the menu features an extensive selection of curries spiced with a variety of traditional masalas, as well as tandoori-cooked dishes. So whether you’re stopping in for a quick lunch or looking for a hearty dinner, Drummond Villa has something for everyone.

8. The Savannah Bar and Restaurant – London’s Sustainable Restaurant

Just a minute away fromEuston Station London, the Savannah Bar and Restaurant is tucked away from the usual hustle of Euston Station. It boasts a quality menu for diners.

This modern and peaceful British restaurant maintains a rich ethical core that sees it serving meals based only on sustainable ingredients in a super casual environment. Take your pick of quality steaks, pasta, and burgers for your lunchtime delight. And if you’d instead go vegan, you will find the vegetarian dishes on offer to be just as well. 

9. Great Nepalese 

Small, inconspicuous but by no means generic is how many a Nepalese fan would describe this lovely little restaurant right beside Euston Station London.

Running for over 50 years now, the Great Nepalese restaurant is famed for its Nepalese specials that do well to warm your soul directly as it fills you up.

If in need of a wonderfully served, tasty and nutritious curry, you cannot go wrong with Great Nepalese.

Pubs near Euston Station London

Euston may have a long list of restaurants and fast foods spots for a quick bite or a steamy lunch, but it is admittedly not lacking in the pub department either.

The surprising number of well-served pubs near Euston Station should not to go unnoticed as they boast everything from traditional boozers to trendy Gastropub’s and beer joints.

The Euston Tap

10. The Crown & Anchor

 A local favourite, The Crown and Anchor, is a trusted British pub that combines the warm, upbeat vibe of its Euston neighbourhood with a typically British feel. Its varied menu is such that you can enjoy a lazy, laid back lunch right there, or a family roast dinner on Sundays. 

Be sure to soak in everything from the cold refreshing beer for which it has made its name, to the continuous airing of live sports, the trusty burgers and flavoursome meals.

11. The Doric Arch

The Doric Arch prides itself in its ability to keep you long beyond your desired waiting period. Sitting right outside Euston Station, this pub caters to commuters and travellers who wouldn’t mind a great pint while waiting for their train. 

Pair the cold refreshing drinks on offer with any of the tasty British classics on the menu to soothe your hunger pains on a hot sunny afternoon. 

12. Somers Town Coffee House

Although the name sounds all they serve here is coffee and tea, Somers Town Coffee House boasts an extensive beer-house on its ground floor.

This is a lovely pub with a warm neighbourhood feel.

Its beer-house on ground floor hosts a little beer garden and an extensive range on draughts. It is also a great bet if what you seek is a more classic gastropub.

 13. The Euston Tap

All the pubs reviewed above have had one thing in common – they all go beyond serving drinks and can be an excellent spot for a working lunch, and much more. This is not the case with The Euston Tap. 

This pub, which sits in an old gatehouse which formerly housed part of the station, is nothing more than a bar to grab a quick drink, or two… or more.

With its minimal seating arrangement, light spacing, and food-less menu, it is essentially an after-work beer-house. 

However, it boasts arguably NW1’s best craft beer line, and its heated beer garden is one you’d be delighted to try out in the colder weather.

Coffee Shops near Euston Station 

A steaming cup of well-brewed coffee is always a delight regardless of the time of day.

Londoners are unknown for their coffee obsession, so it is no surprise that there are some excellent cafes near Euston Station.

I’ve already mentioned a couple of cafes on this list, but there are others with a coffee speciality that deserves more than just a passing mention.

From expertly served espressos to perfectly served cold-drip Americanos and flat whites, these cafes are a lovely haven.

14. Pret Euston Station

Pret a Manger is definitely a well-known food chain with stations in many locations across London. Its Euston Station location is one of its more recent branches and is designed with a calm, neat and welcoming décor and layout.

This is essentially a cafe, and a fast-food joint rolled into one, with its rich coffee just as popular as its selection of classic British soups. Whether you are looking for an after-hours meal, a satisfying quick lunch there are tons of great choices on offer at Pret a Manger Euston like their classic sandwich, protein pots and vegan/gluten-free meal options.

15. Caffe Ritazza 

One of the more upscale cafes in the Euston Station region, Caffe Ritazza is yet another food chain here to provide commuters with an on the go coffee or a refreshing sit-down meal.

Whatever your preference, Caffe Ritazza is adequately suited. Its barista made coffee is renowned for its high standards and Italian style preparation – with all of Italy’s favourite coffees on offer, from the cappuccino to the Buonissimo and Sagafredo.

The food is equally inspired by Italian culture and cuisine, and you will find an array of wonderfully combined sandwiches and pastries with a complimentary wine, spirits and beer selection.

16. Sorrento Cafe

Out on Woburn Walk lies Sorrento Cafe and Snack Bar. Unlike both coffee shops above, it is as unassuming a coffee shop as you’d ever find, and is only a few minutes away from the station.

It is also more English than Italian with toasties, Full English breakfasts and baguettes a regular on the menu.

The wooden booths have a combination of vintage and homely feel to them and make for a great place to sit and unwind.

17. Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee is a more substantial extension of the espresso bar stand which you’d quickly find in the entrance hallway of the British Library.

Coffee Shops In Shoreditch

This cafe shop situated on Euston Road is known for its quality takeaways and is always a safe bet if that is what you need.

If you find yourself in here, though, you do not want to miss their single origin, self-roasted coffee brews, known for their excellent taste and quality.

Pair this with any of the tasty sarnies and savoury pastries on offer for a beautiful afternoon delight.

There is no shortage of restaurants near Euston Station, but so too are pubs and cafes.

Whether you need a meal to stuff face after work hours, a quick lunch to get you fuelled up for the day, a pint to soothe your nerves or a refreshing cup of coffee to recharge your batteries, there are options ready to cater to your needs.

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