Three Unexpected Activities and Sights in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Nevada to play at its glitzy casinos and take in its exuberant nightlife. Yet Las Vegas is more than just poker and slot machines. Its rise to riches has left a unique history that can be found in and around the main strip. Below, we give three unexpected sights and activities you can experience in Las Vegas. 

The Neon Museum

One of the most interesting places to discover Las Vegas’s recent history and get some fantastic shots for Instagram is the Neon Museum. This was once a large lot that contained the broken and unwanted signs that had adorned the strip clubs and casinos. As they began to grow, the owners started to renovate them and soon a whole museum was created around them. 

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As Vegas changes so quickly, the yard is often getting new artefacts and revitalising old ones. Part of this changing Vegas culture has been down to changes in tourism and often the casino industry itself. There are now online casinos offering convenience and the ability to play from home. They also have huge ranges of flexibility, from the choice of games on offer to payment methods. You can click here to read about some of the most recommended. This development has brought in a whole new range of customers who know how to play before they visit. 

This in turn has led to some serious renovations for the digital age, all to the advantage of the Neon Museum. Many of the signs are instantly recognisable, such as the Golden Nugget, Moulin Rouge and Caesars Palace signs. There are over 200 in total, and you can find them in the courtyard of the La Concha Motel. 

The Haunted Museum

This museum is just a mile off Fremont Street, close to the hustle and bustle of central Vegas. It is literally a haunted museum, which also features a host of spooky and paranormal artefacts. 

The building is a mansion that was erected in 1938. Its history is peppered with strange deaths and there are rumours of paranormal rituals taking place in the basement at one point. Its reputation led to its purchase by Zak Bagans, a television ghost hunter. In 2017 he began to transform it, filling it with odd artefacts like cursed trinkets and items linked to celebrity deaths. The museum even does a nighttime torch tour if you want to get really spooked, which you can read about here.


The town of Mercury is a short ride just outside the city in Nye County, which is covered here. It has absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about it, and that is what makes it so odd. The city is a fake town.

These places were set up as test towns for nuclear testing which took place in Nevada. They were closed to visitors, with post offices, cinemas and anything else a town would need. Used only by professionals, or often created with no livable inhabitants, few now remain. You do not need to get a tour with the Nevada National Security Site, but they are well worth it and even the visitor centre can give you a fascinating insight into the history of the area. 

Many more exist in and around Las Vegas. Do your research, check opening times and enjoy your visit. Vegas does have something for everyone, you just need to look beyond the casinos and hotels.

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