6 Tech Gadgets You Need On Your Vacation

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More than ever, modern tech gadgets are playing a crucial role in enhancing our holiday and travel experiences. From portable chargers to travel cameras, these technical tools have become indispensable companions that cater to our diverse needs and ensure that we make the most of our holiday. With so many to choose from, which are the most necessary that you really need for each vacation? Below, we’ve listed our top six:

A Featherweight Laptop

A featherweight laptop, also known as an ultrabook or ultra-portable laptop, is the most necessary gadget for any modern-day travel excursion.

Despite their impressive performance and longer battery life perks to their ‘bulkier’ peers, a featherweight laptop also provides a piece of home away from home where nothing else really can when it comes to home comforts. For example, streaming platforms often have different content libraries based on the country you’re visiting.

By connecting to a VPN server such as ExpressVPN for the UK, you can access your favourite streaming services and enjoy the content you’re accustomed to. You can watch the best of British TV and sporting events with no worry about any third parties, including Wi-Fi hackers or spies, due to ExpressVPN’s best-in-class encryption service. Similarly, you can rest assured that all activity logs and connection logs will be safely wiped with every reboot. This way, there’s no need to be worried about your privacy or homesickness! It’s a win-win scenario. 

A Portable Charger

Let’s face it, anyone born in the millennial era or after is way too reliant on their smartphones. With that being said, no one wants to have a 2% battery while in the middle of Google mapping how to get A to B in unfamiliar territory.

A portable charger is, therefore, a must-have gadget for any trip. It ensures that your devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or cameras, stay powered up throughout the day, even when there is no electrical outlet to be seen.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train, or even just relaxing on the beach, noise-cancelling headphones provide an immersive audio experience by blocking out unwanted ambient sounds. They allow you to blissfully enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, or films without those pesky baby-crying-on-plane type disturbances. 

Action Camera

An action camera, such as a GoPro, is perfect for capturing all your adventurous moments during your well-deserved break. Insta360 highlights how these super handy devices are great for discreet filming for those of you that are camera-shy. Selfie sticks are a whole separate personality trait, after all! Whether you’re snorkelling, hiking, or zip-lining, these sturdy cameras are designed to withstand various environments and deliver high-quality photos and videos. 


If you’re an avid reader, an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic gadget to have on vacation. It allows you to carry an entire library of books in a compact and lightweight device, ensuring you always have something to read, whether you’re lounging by the pool or waiting at the airport. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your favourite music or podcasts while on the go. Whether relaxing on the beach, pre-gaming at your Airbnb before the BNO, or having a picnic, these speakers provide excellent sound quality and are typically compact and easy to carry around from place to place. 

Double-Tech That Holiday Checklist

All in all, whether it’s staying connected with loved ones, capturing memorable moments, navigating unfamiliar terrain, or accessing essential information on the go, modern tech gadgets have revolutionalised the way we travel and help to make our holidays more enjoyable, efficient, and fulfilling. So before you head off to your next sunspot, you may want to reconsider your holiday checklist for these six essential items. Safe travels!

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