Things to Know Before Visiting Graz Austria

This post is filled with very thing you’ll need to know before visiting Graz Austria.

Graz is a UNESCO “City of Design” — one of only 21 such cities worldwide!

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Graz is also the city of design, and being named the European Capital of Culture in 2003.

The historic city centre of Graz owes its title ‘UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site’. Because of the variety of different architectural styles that can be seen throughout the city – Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

Museums and most tours attractions are closed on Mondays in Graz. Shops and quite a few restaurants are closed on Sundays as most residences of Graz is are Roman Catholic. Sunday is a day of rest in Graz.

If you are visiting Graz on the weekend make sure you try to plan your itinerary around Sunday when most things are closed.

Graz has 14 framers market, but the two most popular farmers’ markets are the one at the Kaiser-Josef-Platz and the one at the Lendplatz. Both are open from Monday to Saturday from 06:00 am until 13:00 pm.

Things to do in Graz Farmers Market and Lendplatz.jpg

Graz is the largest community of farmers in Styria and has the highest frequency of market days.

Kaiser-Josef-Markt, the most popular farmers’ market in Graz. Styrian pumpkin-seed oil sourced directly from the farmer — with its exquisitely aromatic, nutty favour is used in my of the dishes in Graz.

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Graz has 14 Christmas markets! During the festive season, all within walking distance of each other and each market has a different theme.

They open during the 6 weeks before Christmas. Visiting Graz Christmas markets soundly every appealing. 

Altstadt Tram – you can take the Altstadt tram free of charge through the city centre.

The Altstadt tram will guide you through the historic city centre of Graz, between stops Jakominiplatz and Hauptplatz plus an additional stop in both directions.

Graz is a university city so you will see a lot of students wandering around the city. It has 40,000 students at four universities and two technical colleges.

So, even those Graz is a very historic city filled with life and innovation from the youths of the future.

Things to do in Graz Hauptplatz (Main Square) and Herrengasse .jpg

The heart of Graz’s Old Town is formed by pedestrian zones and is, therefore, best explored on foot. While the city is large overall, many of the most major attractions in Graz are located at or near the city centre.

On either side of the River Mur that dissects Graz into two parts. Because many of the things to do in Graz and main attractions are located within a small area, you can explore the various historical sights with ease, even on a single walk. 

Kunsthaus Graz – On the outer plastic of the structure, if you look closely, you can see reflections of the Old Town and even the clock tower.

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There is also a mini replica of the Kunstable Graz outside the museum for the blind. So, that they can feel what the structure is like. It’s also the second major landmark of Graz.  

Not all shops and restaurants take contactless card or cards at all. So, always carry some Euros with you.

Check out my Youtube video of cool things to do in Graz. You’ll fall in Love with this gorgeous city

Linzbichler on Franziskanerplatz is one of the best chocolate shops in Graz. You can get chocolate year-round, but the owner recommends getting chocolate there from October to December as this is when they get their speciality chocolate for the festive season.

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The chocolate shop has been in his family since 1965. So you can consider him a Professor of Chocolate because he knows his stuff.

They have some of the coolest chocolate wrapper designs I’ve ever seen; the chocolate is ethically sourced and organic, with an emphasis on Styrian chocolate.

It would be a shame if you didn’t visit this show on your visit to Graz. Franziskanerpl 16, 8010, Graz.

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Das Gram is cool package-free supermarket owned by two young ladies in Graz. It’s a zero-waste supermarket where you’ll find some cool environmentally friendly products like bamboo toothbrush, Stainless steel straws, solar glass pins and much more.

They also offer workshops, guided tours and lectures in the shop to raise awareness on their zero-waste concept shop. Joanneumring 16  8010 Graz, check out their website for more information.

If you vegan or vegetarian and planning on visiting Graz, fear not you’ll find some amazing vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the Gries District.

Das Gram Packagefree Supermarket.jpg

If you are looking for vintage shops or into upcycling, but with a difference then visit shops like Offline Retail. It offers people with addiction employment. Learn more about it here

Long Table of the Capital of Delight, Graz – Every year, the Long Table of the Capital of Delight turns the historic city centre into a festive food mile. 


The Schlossberg funicular: one of three ways to get to the top. Alongside the Schlossberg glass lift and the Schlossbergstiege stairs. 

All city walks, and bus tours can be booked directly with Graz Tourism. 

Best Time to Visit Graz – Graz has something to offer all year round. Due to it being southeast of the Alps shields it from typical weather fronts that come via the North Atlantic to central and northwestern Europe.

Schlossbergbahn Funicular Graz.jpg

This means that the Mediterranean influences the weather here, with less wind and rain and more hours of sunshine than in Salzburg or Vienna. 

These are just a few things to know before visiting before visiting Graz Austria.

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Graz Tourism and Austrian National Tourism. Although all thoughts and experiences are entirely my own.

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