Mallorca Itinerary in 3 Days | The Ultimate Guide

I had a few days to experience Mallorca and can honestly say it is one of my top destinations for a bit of holiday sun.

Things to do in Mallorca Spain

The marvels and multitudes of Mallorca, within the Balearic Islands, is an idyllic island that caters to travellers from all walks of life. From backpackers, cyclist to vacationing celebrities, these lush plains are peppered with unforgettable attractions and activities to explore and experience.

Mallorca, also known as Majorca, provides the perfect place to experience a kaleidoscope of diverse settings. From exciting things to do in Palma to the quiet mountain town of Valldemossa, you’re in for a spectacular time.

Mallorca Itinerary in 3 Days

The island of Mallorca is also known to have one foot planted in the past while also catering to the swells of tourists known to flock to this picturesque place.

Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca

From a day of visiting awe-inspiring museums to delving into a cocktail bliss at beaches the following afternoon, Mallorca is made for experiencing the essence of life at its best.

Within three days, you’ll be able to take a gander at the various gems hidden in this island’s folds.

Places to see in Mallorca Itinerary

Unsure how to navigate these winding paths of Mallorca’s most remarkable treasures? We’ll provide a Mallorca travel guide on what you need to know to embark on this Mallorca three-day itinerary to be locked, loaded, and ready for anything.

How To Get to Mallorca

An underrated hidden gem of Spanish city breaks to venture to, Mallorca can be reached by a flight or a ferry ride from nearby ports. There are various factors to consider when choosing a transportation method (such as how much time you have to travel)

Mallorca Itinerary

By Ferry

These boat rides typically come from nearby cities and islands, such as Barcelona and Valencia. While this can be a scenic way to travel to the gorgeous bays of Mallorca, it is by far the most extended way to travel to this island.

How To Get to Mallorca

So, if you find yourself on a tight schedule, this option might be a bit tricky.

By Plane

The easiest and most effective way to arrive in Mallorca is by catching a flight. If you’re looking for an airline suggestion, Jet2 Majorca flights are an affordable option if you’re travelling on a budget.

The main airport in Mallorca is situated in Palma, namely the Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Best Time To Visit Mallorca

While it’s always a pleasure to experience the sublime diverse sceneries of Mallorca at any time of the year, certain months can be seen as superior in various ways.

Firstly, you should determine the essential factors to fulfil your specific traveller’s needs, such as budget and preferred weather conditions.

Things to do in Mallorca

Summer in Mallorca (between June and August) has three attributes: lively festivals, hot days, and seas of tourists. This is a peak season for vacation hungry tourists on this sun-drenched island and can be pretty expensive if you’re on a tight budget.

So, right before Mallorca is stung by summer fever, the best time to visit this island is from March to May, when spring is still in full bloom.

You’ll experience milder weather conditions and have a glorious time taking candid photos of your holiday for your Instagram without the steady stream of tourists blocking your shot.

Best Mallorca Tours

Mallorca has a mosaic of nooks and crannies to explore to experience what this Balearic Island is all about.

Palma Cathedral Guided Tour

While wandering the streets of various towns and spaces in Mallorca is an adventure in itself, a guided tour can often fill in the blanks for you to see and fully understand this island’s majesty.

Palma Bay Boat Tour with Snorkelling

With a gentle breeze wafting through your hair while you have a sangria in hand marvelling at the surrounding seaside splendours, a boat tour in Palma is a must.

Palma Bay Boat Tour

This tour also includes cruising to two snorkelling bays to swim with the fish (in a non-mob manner). You’ll be able to sway along while various hues of whizzing aquatic creatures make their way along the ocean waters and floor.

If swimming along these waters is not your thing, you’ll be able to enjoy the hip-swaying music of an international DJ onboard.

Are you feeling peckish? This tour also includes a buffet lunch to end a perfect beach day in the proper fashion.

1-Hour Hot Air Balloon Flight

An airborne adventure that will be sure to rise up to the occasion, a hot air balloon flight tour, is the ultimate way to obtain a bird’s eye view of Mallorca in all its glory.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Mallorca

With an unmatched view of this island’s surroundings, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled through every nook and cranny of Mallorca with just one overhead trip through the sky. You’ll be offered a glass of champagne on your tour, which is the ultimate way to end a dazzling excursion and toast the day away.

The flights are explicitly timed so visitors may enjoy the changing colours of the sky by witnessing the sunrise or sunset. While sailing through the clouds in a colourful cruising balloon, you’ll want to take a good camera to capture these unreal moments. 

Spanish Cooking Experience

To fully understand the vibrance and spirited nature of Spanish culture, a cooking class experience demonstrating how to prepare traditional dishes properly is a great place to start. In this class, you’ll look at some of Palma de Mallorca’s best edible pieces of heritage on a plate.

This class explores how to cook a full Spanish menu with added secrets and helpful tips to make visitors chop and carve like a true local.

With the help of various demonstrations to assist on the path of true culinary mastery, you’ll be able to tell friends and family all about your trip at a dinner party. From the welcoming snacks to the end products after working away behind the stove, you’ll be sure to roll back to your accommodation afterwards.

One of the dishes you’ll be learning to craft to perfection is a steaming pot of paella, one of Spain’s most popular dishes. 

Palma Tour With Wine and Tapas Tasting

If you’re more of a professional taster than a savvy chef, this Wine and Tapas Tasting tour might be right up your alley. While taking a trip through the old town of Palma, you’ll stop along the way to sample some staples of Spanish and Mallorcan cuisine.

Palma Food Tour

This excursion is a private tour that focuses on two essential factors of exploring a foreign place: discovering the city and sampling local products.

A tour guide will ensure you’ll learn all about this fascinating city’s history while sampling Spanish specialities, such as wine and olive oil.

Palma Tour With Wine and Tapas Tasting

As you’ll be walking along the winding paths of the city, you’ll need a comfortable pair of walking shoes to ensure you don’t fall behind the herd of hungry participants.

Things To See and Do in Mallorca Itinerary

From the charming towns to the spectacular mountain ranges, Mallorca’s travel activities and attractions are ripe for the picking.

Mallorca Travel Guide

Whether you’re a history hunter or looking to have the ultimate beach bum experience, this island has something for every type of adventurer.

Take a look at this jampacked Mallorca itinerary to experience some of the best excursions Mallorca offers.

While a more detailed itinerary will be highlighted, each day will have an abundance of extra excursions added if you opt to experience a more ‘curate your own adventure’ option:

Day 1: Arrive & Explore Palma

If you decide to take a Jet2CityBreaks Palma City flight, you’ll start your adventure in the resort city of Palma.

To dip your toes before diving headfirst into the splendours of Mallorca, I suggest exploring Palma before heading to other regions.

Palma Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

This will enable you to get the lay of the land and also not start your exploration of this island with more travel. With an array of amazing things to do in Mallorca, you’ll have a blast getting to know this Spanish island with all its unique landmarks to explore:

Mercat de l’Olivar

Located in the Plaza de Olivar 4 since 1951, this historic market specialises in providing locals and tourists to sample various delicious cuisines in one hub.

Mercat de lOlivar Palma

From the fresh produce of the countryside to the salty scent of freshly caught fish, the Mercat de l’Olivar fills the air with the aromas of Mallorca.

On the upper level of the market, you’ll find the Espai Gastronòmic that will be sure to make any foodie buckle from all the sampling stations. With various food-related workshops available throughout the year, you’ll be able to take home a tangible souvenir of cooking like a true local.

Castell de Bellver

A circular gothic structure near the centre of Palma with exquisite views of this city and the surrounding port, the Castel de Bellver is a must-do excursion.

Bellver Castle Palma

A fortress which held various uses in history, from regal residence to prison, you’ll be able to see an array of defensive structures around the vicinity. This includes stoic towers and machicolation openings in the upper sections of the castle.

Once you set foot in this seemingly otherworldly building, you’ll find various collections and rooms with interesting artefacts to peruse to gain insight into Palma’s past.

Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca

Also known as La Seu by locals, this Gothic structure is simply dripping with intricate details and refined beauty.

Catedral Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca

This cathedral upon a sea wall is on an elevation that makes it viewable from all parts of the town. So, locals and visitors will have this building’s dominating demeanour in the corner of their eyes at all times.

From the glorious sphere of stained glass of the Great Rose Window to the sparkle of the iron-worked canopy from above, this cathedral is a dazzling display beyond comprehension.

If you’re looking to ignite some chills up your spine, you can make your way to the Capella de la Trinitat to look at the alabaster tombs of past royal figures.

Paseo Maritimo

To end your day in style, head to this promenade to watch the sparkle of the surrounding waters during sunrise and watch the sea transform into a glowing puddle by the moon’s rays.

Paseo Maritimo

From rollerblading to cycling, this walkway is made for riding around and admiring the seaside view.

With various restaurants in the area, you’ll have a chance to sample the delicious seafood the Balearic Islands are known for. Ask the waiter for pa amb oli (toasted bread with usually locally made olive oil and garlic) to start your culinary journey with a tasty bang.

If You Have Time…

While Mallorca is all about exploring the iconic landmarks and stunning buildings, there are various beach-centred activities to get lost in if you wish to take a walk on the wild side.

Sunbathe at Cala Comtessa:

With a quick 15-minute drive to get to the sunny shores of this beach from the city centre, Cala Comtessa is the slice of sandy heaven you’ve been searching for.

Cala Comtessa

This beach is surrounded by warm, aquamarine water, which is perfect to paddle in after a long day of sightseeing.

Take a Trip to Convent de Santa Clara:

The Santa Clara Monastery is a religious site in Palma that nuns currently run. This Gothic church is a unique place to visit, as visitors are encouraged to purchase an array of sweet treats and handcrafted products to support themselves.

From the citrus flavours of an orange blossom pastry to the cosy sensation of handcrafted gloves, this quirky spot to shop is a beautiful place to pick up a souvenir with a backstory.

Day 2: Felanitx

A mere 40-minute drive from Palma, Felanitx is a quaint rural town to experience the more authentic and down-to-earth side of Mallorca.

Felanitx Mallorca

Known as one of the most prominent wine-producing regions in Mallorca, you’ll be able to sip and stroll your way through the crevasses of Felanitx like a pro.

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

A relic of past lives planted on the hilltop of Felanitx, the Sanctuary Sant Salvador is a mesmerising monastery that is well worth the elevated trip.

With stunning shrines and sublime views to fill your day with unforgettable sights, this religious structure is a must-see attraction and mini hike all in one.

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

Wine Tasting

What is a trip to the rolling hills of Felanitx without visiting a winery or two? By exploring the stunning vineyards of this tasteful town, you’ll get to spend your day around nature while sipping a finely crafted tannin-filled beverage.

From wine connoisseurs to budding beginners, a trip through these fruitful grounds will make any doubtful drinker into a converted fermented grape lover.

One winery you can add to your list is the green plains of Armero i Adrover Vineyard. This wine estate is famous for producing a great selection of white wines, so be prepared to find a sunny spot and drink in the natural surroundings in booze-filled bliss.

If You Have Time…

While there are not many big celebrations held in the town of Felanitx, this busy hub is known to get into the festivities when tradition calls for it. Take a look at this niche experience to visit if your schedule allows it.

Celebrate Sant Joan Pelós:

If you find yourself in this town on 24 June, you’ll be able to witness this vibrant fiesta of the saint day dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.

A tradition that found its roots in the 18th century, Sant Joan Pelós usually features a variety of lively dancing and music playing in the streets. You’ll also see various individuals wearing interesting customary clothing representing a treasured part of this beautiful tradition.

Day 2 (Continued): Coves del Drac

While exploring cultural attractions while drinking a glass of wine or two is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, a cave-dwelling activity is a perfect way to amp up a day.

Coves del Drac

Coves del Drac is around 25 minutes away from Felanitx, making it a relatively close excursion to experience an almost eerie adventure. The Drach Caves is a magical network of four caves to explore, each more ethereal than the next.

These caves will feel like stepping into an entirely different planet with underground lakes and ceilings decorated with sublime stalactites seemingly suspended in space.

Coves del Drac Mallorca

One of the most spectacular occurrences to look forward to in this shadow-filled space is the Lake Martel Concert. By plunging through the waters of Lake Martel while listening to marvellous melodies, you’ll be able to experience a moment that will undoubtedly be cemented in your memories.

If You Have Time…

Mallorca provides a wide variety of caves to explore, so if you’re ready to plunder further into the depths of its cave networks, look no further.

Explore Coves dels Hams:

This natural phenomenon was discovered in 1905, and lighting technology illuminates these caves’ effervescence in full form. This tour will allow you to follow the rainbow and admire the variety of earth-made objects from blue to purple hues.

Coves dels Hams

While travelling down under might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you’ll be able to add an activity to your trip that genuinely represents the art the natural world has to offer.

Day 3: Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a beautiful town with cobblestones and darling eateries to feel like you’re living in an old-timey fairy-tale. While you might wonder if packing two towns (Valldemossa and Sóller) into one day might be a little much, it won’t take much time to fall in love with this village’s charm


Valldemossa is an enchanting village with its claim to fame being the brief stay of the famous composer Frédéric Chopin and the novelist George Sand in 1838.

Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

Easily one of the most famous attractions in Valldemossa, this monastery has made a mark in history in many ways (such as hosting royalty). Still, tourists tend to visit for another reason.

Cartuja de Valldemossa

The mark Frédéric Chopin and George Sand left while living in the monastery’s cells can still be seen through various items, such as the piano Chopin used. Upon entrance, you’ll be able to hear some of Chopin’s work (which plays throughout the day) while you have a look around.

Cala Deià

To take a break from the hustle and bustle of tourist season, you can make your way to the rocky treasures of Cala Deià (near Valldemossa) to get a well-deserved breather.

Cala Deia

With a lush backdrop and clear, turquoise waters to float around, this beach is the perfect place to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty of Mallorca. If you’re feeling peckish, a few little eateries are nearby.

If You Have Time…

While searching for a sweet treat might be considered a prime activity to add to your Mallorca itinerary, no trip to Valldemossa is complete without sampling this nutty staple.

Eat Gató d’ametlla:

A type of almond cake that originated in the rustic ridges of Valldemossa, gató d’ametlla is a modest yet delicious dessert that is the epitome of the heartiness of simple pleasures.

With a scoop of almond ice cream at its side, you’ll constantly crave this dessert when your trip is over.

Day 3: Sóller & Surrounds

Visit Soller

Next up on the agenda, you’ll travel from Valldemossa to the town of Sóller nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains. In this town, you’ll find various things to do that might appeal to every kind of nature lover, from the hike enthusiasts to the fossil fiends.



If you’re looking to take a step back and enjoy the unparalleled pleasures of slow living, Ecovinyassa is the ultimate escape to bask in the sunshine and have a merry time. This farm specialises in growing citrus gems, such as oranges and lemons.

You’ll find these fertile grounds between Fornalutx and Biniaraix, an 8-minute drive from Sóller. These orchards are a dream to walk through, as the orange-dotted trees encapsulated by the impressive rock formations of the Alfabia ridge provide a tranquil terrain like no other.


On a tour through these awe-inspiring orchards, you’ll be able to learn all about the history of the orange trees of Sóller and what makes the Mallorcan climate perfect for growth. You’ll also be offered a small snack and freshly squeezed glass of orange juice after your tour to experience the zest of these lush plains.

Sa Capelleta, Santa Maria de l’Olivar

A unique pilgrimage site that seems straight out of a fantasy film, this seemingly deserted church is sure to be one of the strangest sights of your trip.

Train to Soller

Located near Sóller, Sa Capelleta, Santa Maria de l’Olivar is constructed from individually laid stones, which gives it the appearance that the building will tumble down at any second.

This temple is a Gaudinian-inspired architectural gem that can easily be found by hikers taking the GR-221 trail route. Along the building, you’ll see some panoramic views of the surrounding green valley and the entire town of Sóller.

Within this whimsical stoned fortress, the interior has a cave-like appearance equipped with rough walls and surrounding stalactites. With various religious statues within the temple, this stunning sight is the perfect place to gather your thoughts and enjoy a moment of silence.

Port de Sóller

Known as the port of this town, Port de Sóller is a fantastic way to end your trip with a nautical edge.

What to do in Mallorca

From breathing in the salty air on the promenade to visiting a cocktail bar to toast the conclusion of your vacation, this oceanside marvel has all the ingredients to fuel the perfect send-off.

If you have an early return Jet2CityBreaks flight in the morning, you can travel back to Sóller by the Ferrocarril de Sóller railway and take a train back to Palma.

Port de Soller

This train ride will have you drink in the beautiful Mallorcan scenery by whizzing past the countryside one last time.

Sa Calobra Road

If you are travelling back from Sóller, definitely drive via Sa Calobra Road (The Snake Road), one of the most scenic drives in the world and one of the most dangerous roads I have ever driven on!

Views of Sa Calobra Road

This road is an adventurous ride and is one for confident drivers.

Sa Calobra Road

The Sa Calobra Road runs northwest of Mallorca. This eight-mile trek up the island’s rocky mountain region is a breath-taking experience. The road was built by Antonio Paretti, an Italian engineer, and is a must-see for visitors to Mallorca.

Where To Eat & Drink in Palma

Nothing beats sampling the delicious dishes of a region to discover the fantastic underbelly of a population and have a taste of its vibrant culture in the form of food. 

Resturants in Palma

Sadrassana Restaurant

A shaken, not stirred mix of old-school Mallorcan living with a sophisticated and arty flair, the Sadrassana is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds.

Located within a seemingly ordinary square, you’ll happen upon a 19th-century manor house that the Horrach Moyà Gallery owns.  Beyond enjoying a carefully curated work of culinary art on a plate, you can end the night perusing art installations and collections at the gallery.

Food in Palma

La Bóveda

A vibey tapas bar with a seemingly constant buzzing atmosphere, La Bóveda is the place to frequent if you’re looking to keep your finger on the pulse of Palma’s hot spots. This eatery is decorated with traditional Spanish trimmings, such as intricate ceramic tiles on the bar.

You’ll find yourself sitting at a table (or rather wooden beer barrels) with a long list of tasty tapas selections to choose from. Whether you’re looking to throw a few pints back or enjoy a plate of freshly cooked mussels, you won’t be disappointed.

Tapas in Palma

Restaurant Botànic

Known for its innovative cooking method of ‘Plant Forward gastronomy’, Restaurant Botànic is a great option if you’re looking for something a little different.

With green cuisine as their drawing point, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy dinner that does not slack in the flavour department. From locally sourced salad options to the lettuce vegetable tacos, this restaurant is a treasure trove of environmentally conscious dishes to try.

If You Have Time…

While a restaurant in Palma is flavourful beyond compare, some nearby establishments can bring something else to the table – a sense of zen by the sea.

Restaurante Illeta:

You’ll experience the easy-going lifestyle of an island living at this sandy eatery and beachy den with a blissful atmosphere of good times and mellow vibes.

While it might take a 20-minute drive to get to this restaurant from Palma, you’ll be in heaven once you realise this establishment is an island fantasy come to life. If you’re looking to have a drink close to the water, you won’t get much closer than at Restaurante Illeta.

A small bridge will take you to the restaurant situated in the tranquil, clear-blue waters of Camp de Mar Beach. From the sangrias to the island seafood specialities, you’ll leave this establishment with a full stomach and a heavy heart once you eventually leave its welcoming embrace.

Where To Stay in Mallorca

Where To Stay in Mallorca

There is a fantastic array of diverse accommodation to choose from in Mallorca, from charming boutique hotels to rustic B&B’s. Take a look at a few stay away options to make your trip to this Balearic island one to remember:


A simple yet elegant 4-star hotel located in the heart of Palma’s old quarter, the Purohotel Palma is a hidden sanctuary to retreat to after a busy day of exploring.

Purohotel Palma

With each room decorated in a different contemporary design, you’ll be able to rest and rejuvenate in a unique setting. From the tasteful morsels of the Beatnik restaurant to the romantic view of the city from the rooftop, the Purohotel is the place to be.

If you’re looking for hotels in Palma with pool facilities, this hotel has two nearby beach clubs (reachable by hotel shuttles) with a majestic pool to enjoy.

The urban spa of this hotel is the perfect place to alleviate any ailments, such as the dreadful dalliance of jet lag.

Try the Chakra Stone massage, equipped with hot volcanic and semi-precious stones to transport you to a relaxed and realigned state of mind.

If you’re still unsure, check out this Purohotel review to see if this luxurious spot is the one for you.

Finca Son Menut

If you’re an equestrian lover, you’ll find this sublime country house in Felanitx is the horse-filled retreat you’ve been searching for.

From its own horse-riding schools on the property to an exquisite restaurant that uses farm-fresh produce, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish countryside spirit.

This understated yet picture-perfect place allows visitors to enjoy various horse-riding lessons, from trotting beginners to the galloping technical riders.

The surrounding mountainous terrain is also perfect for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy other nature activities, such as nature walks and cycling. The rooms are decorated in a minimalist fashion, and a balcony with a view of the countryside is available upon request.

Es Petit Hotel De Valldemossa

A family-run establishment that oozes a sense of authentic allure, Es Petit Hotel De Valldemossa is an old-fashioned oasis worth staying in.

Es Petit Hotel De Valldemossa

You’ll feel like you’re living in a storybook within a traditionally structured stone house with a spectacular balcony to view surrounding townhouses and green pastures.

The hotel has a lounge area for visitors to come together and meet fellow travellers from all walks of life. This cosy burrow has a fireplace to warm up to and transform a cold night into a toasty affair during the winter.

Be sure to dive into the buffet breakfast in the morning to fuel up on your day of trekking and trailing the wonders of Valldemossa.

The Salvia

If you’re looking to dip into the lap of luxury living for a night, The Salvia, with its grand trimmings, will have you feeling like royalty. Situated in a 19th-century mansion, you’ll experience the tranquil town of Sóller with a glamorous twist.

This hotel will be hard to leave with sun terraces and lavish gardens to explore once you’ve felt its elegant touch. This establishment is also an adult-only hotel, which will make travellers rejoice by the absence of tantrums and crying-fits in the vicinity.

Whether you choose to treat yourself to various pampering pleasures of the spa or prefer to simply soak up the sun in the pool area, this serene space is a vacation in itself.

How Many Days To Spend in Mallorca

Mallorca is an intricate tapestry to explore, from the hidden valleys to the lesser-known bountiful beaches. This is why this island is the perfect place for various types of trips with different timeframes.

How Many Days To Spend in Mallorca

Wondering how many days in Mallorca is enough? If you’re looking to embark on an excursion of the top highlights, then a three-day itinerary will be right up your alley. With a generous swirl of diverse settings to explore, from the countryside to bustling cities, you’ll have a vacation filled with different activities and views to enjoy.

If you’re planning to have an in-depth experience and unearth the hidden gems of Mallorca beyond the main attractions, an extended stay on a Mallorca road trip might be your best bet.

As you can see by the ‘If you have time’ sections, you’ll never have to answer the question of what to do in Mallorca.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mallorca Guide

While many believe the art of spontaneity is what gives a holiday that extra exhilarating charm, having some insider information can make your trip all the better.

When is Siesta Time in Mallorca

Take a look at some common queries to enable you to navigate the streets of Mallorca like a seasoned tour guide:

Can You Use The Citymapper App in Mallorca?

The Citymapper App is an excellent addition to your phone during travels, as it makes planning your itinerary and getting an array of tools to make your exploring endeavours easier. This includes features such as route planning and booking tickets online.

As this application continuously grows and strives to provide an effective way for travellers to explore the world, the Citymapper App includes the Balearic Islands.

However, this terrific tool currently only includes the major cities in the Balearic Islands, so you’ll only be able to use this app in Palma.

Can You Use Uber in Mallorca?

Unfortunately, uber services are not permissible in Mallorca or the rest of the Balearic Islands. Visitors and locals are only allowed to use registered Mallorcan taxis to get around.

In Palma, you’ll be able to distinguish a taxi from the swarm of traffic by its distinct markings, which are red and yellow-striped, white vehicles with a sign above them.

When travelling to other regions, be sure to research local taxi services beforehand to ensure you don’t end up stranded without a plan at hand.

Can I Use My Contactless Debit Card For the Taxis in Mallorca?

While most taxi drivers do allow Master and Visa credit cards as a payment method, cash is often preferred (in this case, euros). Be sure to carry a few small notes and coins around, as drivers don’t always have the correct amount of change.

When is Siesta Time in Mallorca?

The healing properties of a good nap time are unparalleled, and Spain’s inhabitants are well versed in this innovative way of thinking. Siesta time usually includes a specific time of the day (which varies in each region) when establishments close up shop for a few hours.

3 Day Mallorca Trip

While this might not always apply to big chain corporations, you can expect the local shops and eateries in Mallorca to be closed from 13:00 to 16:00.

Final Thoughts on a 3 Day Mallorca Trip

Whether you’re looking to experience a moment of silence at Gothic cathedrals or prefer to shake your troubles away in the nightlife scene, a Mallorca vacation has got you covered.

Avoid missing your home too much on your travels or kicking yourself by only booking a day or two on this lovely sand-filled haven, a three-day island fling is a perfect duration.

This island is the ultimate slice of sanctuary for any type of relaxer. From exploring the mountain ranges by foot to sipping and nibbling your troubles away with a hearty Mallorcan feast, you’ll capture a few blissful moments of ease to take home.

While many believe that the importance lies in the journey rather than the destination, in Mallorca, you’ll realise – why can’t it be both? With an island paradise to explore, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own adventure in a space with endless possibilities.

If you need more help planning your trip, check out this guide on travel essentials for long-haul flights.

This post was in partnership with Jet2Holidays, however, all opinions are my own.

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