22 Best City Breaks for your 30th Birthday

Wondering what’s the best city breaks for your 30th birthday?  Well, wonder no more, your 30th birthday is so important, and these cities are the best places in Europe to celebrate it in style. Read on to find the city that you can ring in your dirty 30 in style.

Top Things To Do In Porto

Your 30th birthday is one of the most significant milestones in your life (it might be all downhill from here, so start your 30s of with a bang). Celebrate moving away from your crazy developmental and broke 20s by leaving your city behind, and reigning it in somewhere new and exciting.

I’ve put together all the best cities for a huge variety of 30th birthday breaks. So, whether you’re looking for a weekend of culture, debauchery, escape from your responsibilities or lack there of, or just a girls’ weekend away, I’ve got you covered. 

Things to do in Mallorca Spain

Each city includes an average cost for two and three days per person. So if you need to save up, you’ll know how much to budget for your big bash.

Keep reading for the top 30th birthday city breaks and some of the best countries to celebrate your 30th birthday.

30th Birthday City Break | 30th Birthday Weekend Breaks Ideas

Porto | For the love of Port Wine

For a weekend of wine – and other celebratory things too, but mostly wine – Porto is a paradise. The coastal Portuguese city is full of magnificent medieval and Baroque architecture and colourful structures. So, sightseeing is also a blast. 

Day trip from Porto to Douro Valley

Have a decadent meal at Atrevo, stroll through the cobblestone streets, and visit the ornate Livraria Lello bookstore. Check out this weekend in Porto itinerary for a few more ideas.

Spend a day in the countryside, tasting local vintages and enjoying a traditional Portuguese lunch on a Porto wine tour and river cruise before heading back to the city.

A full weekend in Porto averages at €190 – €285 (£170 – £255).

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Porto Portugal To See in

How to Get to Porto

On the Southeastern edge of Europe, Porto is not a quick city to reach by car, train or bus. Thankfully, direct flights go regularly, particularly in-season. They’re also well-priced, I bagged a flight to Porto for only £35 for a 3 day trip.

Riga | For Lovers of Colour and History

Riga offers lively nightlife and rich culture. The colourful Latvia capital is known for its unique Art Nouveau architecture and thriving party scene. The perfect combination of culture and debauchery for a 30th birthday celebration.

Top Things To Do In Riga

For a classy night and mind-blowing cocktails, start your evening at Skyline Bar. Then move onto something a little wilder at One One nightclub, or the subterranean Folkklubs ALA pagrabs, where gigs are held in an ancient wine cellar. 

If you can still move your legs the next day, stroll through the medieval Old Town, stopping at the House of the Black Heads and St. Peter’s Church.

A birthday weekend in Riga will only cost you around €130 – €195 (£110 – £165).

How to Get to Riga

Riga is easily accessible from London and Europe. Direct flights run from London and take about 2h 30m. Tickets cost as little as €40 (£35), depending on the time of year. 


Riga is a bit remote from Europe, so a car trip isn’t feasible for a weekend. Depending on where you’re departing from, it could take the whole weekend.

Brussels | For A Quite One

For less of a hangover-induced vacation and more of a foodie delight, a short trip to Brussels is ideal. This is a fantastic 30th birthday destination for anyone needing some quiet time. 

Enjoy a chilled weekend of waffles, chocolate markets and great open green spaces. It’s perfect for a laid-back solo trip, or with your favourite person. 


A Brussels weekend birthday can be pretty pricey, averaging around €200 – €300 (£170 – £255).

How to Get to Brussels

Just across the pond from England, Brussels is a very accessible city. You can catch a direct or 1-stop flight, or a 2-hour train. Trains go up to 10 times a day, so you’re sure to get one even if you can only leave after work. Trains are often cheaper, and faster than any flight that isn’t direct, so I’d suggest you take the scenic option.

Krakow | For Back To Your University Days One

When you think of an exciting birthday weekend, Krakow may not spring to mind. But the Polish city is incredibly beautiful. It was actually declared the first-ever UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world.


Krakow has a strong drinking culture, with regards to both coffee and alcohol. You can spend a raucous night in the Jewish quarter Kazimierz, where impressively varied bars are all pressed into one eclectic area. 

Then revive yourself the next day at one of the many lovely cafes, before heading out to do some sightseeing. 

You’ll spend around €120 – €180 (£100 – £150) on a birthday weekend in Krakow.

How to Get to Krakow

Krakow is nestled in the South of Poland, far from most cities in Europe, and certainly very removed from London. But you can easily find a direct or 1-stop flight, as it’s a popular tourist and trade centre.


Direct flights from London take just 2 hours 15 minutes, and cost upwards of €46 (£40).

Paris | For A Swanky Birthday Weekend

If you’re looking for a classy birthday weekend with your girlfriends or partner, the City of Lights is the perfect place to go. It’s famously sophisticated and incredibly beautiful. 

In Paris, you can indulge your inner shopaholic on Rue Saint-Honoré, or discover the various French pastries on a cafe crawl. You can even treat yourself (or be treated) to dinner at Le Jules Verne, the restaurant inside of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris scaled

A swanky birthday weekend in the French capital will average €320 – €480 (£280 – £420). But it can easily cost you around €480 (£420) a day if you really want to splurge.

How to Get to Paris

Paris is central and easy to reach. A train from London will get you here in 2 hours 20 minutes, and take you through the charming countryside while you’re at it. Flights take just over an hour and cost a little more, for those in a rush to get the party started.

For more inspiration read my guide on Cities close to London

Amsterdam | For Good Vibrations

If you’re looking for the kind of 30th birthday celebration where you can let go of all your work stress and cares, and just relax in a beautiful setting, Amsterdam is iconic. You can smoke a joint or eat a ‘special’ brownie, and embrace the chill – if that’s your thing.

Be sure to visit the many museums – this city has a museum for absolutely every interest, but the Rijksmuseum is a big favourite. Then enjoy a decadent picnic in Vondelpark or take a cruise down the many canals, drinking champagne with your friends.

Amsterdam Netherlands

A splashy birthday weekend in Amsterdam will cost about €260 – €390 (£220 – £330) per person.

How to get to Amsterdam

You can get to the city by plane or, if you’re travelling within Europe, by bus or train. There is a super efficient public transport system, with trains heading here multiple times a day from all over Europe. A flight from London takes just over an hour and costs about €52 (£45). 

London | Bad and Boujee

I’m sure you knew I’d be adding London to my list. Whether you’ve never been to my great home city, or you’re a born-and-bred Londoner, there’s no doubt this city is a fantastic place to reign in your 30s. 

St Pauls London London United Kingdom

London City has it all. Boujee wine tastings and art exhibitions. Cocktail bars and grunge clubs. It’s really a one-stop-shop for any kind of 30th birthday you’ve ever wished for. 

Treat yourself to brunch at Milk or Jikoni after a raucous night on the town. See a film in the weird and wonderful Backyard Cinema. If you’re a tourist in London, be sure to tick off a few of the bucket-list London activities.

There are just so many things to do in London for your 30th birthday.

You can expect a weekend in London to put you back by around €330 – €495 (£290 – £435), with an extra £10 per cocktail.

How to Get to London

If you’re travelling from within Europe, London is a very easy city to reach despite not being on the continent. Direct flights run from most large cities, and can cost very little with a company like Ryanair – as long as you don’t plan to do too much shopping.

Edinburgh | For Lovers of History and Whiskey

An important part of the UK, Edinburgh is a delight for fans of history and whiskey. And yes, those go very well together. Spend your 30th birthday weekend drinking some of the best whiskey in the world, and exploring Edinburgh castle and the city’s underground vaults


If, like me, you grew up with Harry Potter and would love to experience some of the magic for yourself, treat yourself to some child-like fun. The Harry Potter tour is an absolute favourite in the city. 

A weekend trip to Edinburgh will cost you around €260 – €390 (£230 – £345).

Book Your Ticket To The Harry Potter Tour Here

How to Get to Edinburgh

Surprisingly, travelling from London to Edinburgh can take longer and cost more than a trip to Europe. Trains leave every 20 minutes and take about 5 hours 15 minutes. So, you’ve got to make the journey part of the birthday adventure. Flights take just over an hour. 

If you’re travelling from Europe, non-stop flights do run from most main cities, but connecting flights are usually cheaper and more common.

Nice | For Lovers of Sand, Sea and Sun

Nice is ideal for a girls’ weekend away. The coastal French city is fashionable and sunny, with bright blue waters.

For a bit of culture, visit Musee Marc Chagall and Lascaris Palace. Get pastries for brunch at the extremely Instagrammable Déli Bo. And, of course, spend a good deal of time lazing on the pebble beaches and shopping at outdoor markets.

A birthday weekend in Nice, filled with fun activities (both free and paid) will average at €210 – €315 (£180 – £270). 

How to Get to Nice

The best way to reach Nice is definitely by plane. Direct flights run year-round, although only a few times a day. You can find flights as cheap as €52 (£45).

30th Birthday Destinations ideas

Trento | For Lovers of Beauty, Nature and Good Food

This lovely little Italian city is ideal for those whose birthdays fall in winter – between November and March. It’s beautiful throughout the year, but ski season is an absolute riot here. 

Places to see in Trento

Spend your birthday weekend on the slopes of the Alps, drink hot chocolate and warm yourself by the fire after full days of fun. It will be a luxurious, exciting weekend for sure!

A summer weekend can be spent celebrating on the banks of Lake Garda and drinking Limoncello on a lazy Italian holiday.

A weekend in Trento will cost the same as a few drinks in London (surely the most valuable measuring stick), that’s about €80 – €120 (£70 – £105).

How to Get Trento

Trento is a little harder to reach than other cities. You’ll need to catch a flight to Verona, Italy. From there, you can catch a cheap 1 hour 30 minutes bus or train. Renting a car for the weekend is also a good way to get there and back.

Graz | For Lovers of Good Food And Culture

Graz is a relatively unknown city among tourists. But it’s stunning, with Roman roots and a village atmosphere. 

Check out my post on things to know before visiting Graz before planning your birthday trip to this exciting destination. 

Graz in Austria

While a weekend in Graz will include lots of sightseeing, birthdays are about more than that. You’ve got to treat yourself! Indulge in some delicious cocktails at Bar Ernst Fuchs, and a rich steak at El Gaucho in the striking Renaissance Landhaus building.

Your birthday weekend in Graz will cost an average of €180 – €270 (£160 – £240).

How to Get to Graz Austria

To get to Graz you need to take a connecting flight to Vienna. Often, you’ll find that it’s cheaper to book a flight to Vienna, and then to Graz, rather than booking straight to Graz. You can also catch a bus from the capital city. These take 2 hours 30 minutes and cost as little as €10 (£8).

Top Things To Do In Graz

Berlin | For The Wild Ones

Berlin is a famously eclectic, contemporary city with a massive range of things to do, diverse cultures, and exciting atmosphere. A birthday city break in the German capital can be spent any number of ways. But what it’s best for is probably a culturally rich celebration. 

There are so many theatres, clubs, opera houses, and museums. Some favourites are Berliner Ensemble, Museum Island, and East Side Gallery (a street-art covered section of the historic Berlin Wall). 

For something a little wilder, check out the unique industrial-techno Sisyphos Nightclub. Fun 30th birthday weekends away in Berlin cost around €200 – €300 (£180 – £270).

How to Get to Berlin

Your best bet is definitely a direct flight to Berlin. Trains don’t go directly, but you can find multiple flights daily. 

Zadar, Croatia | The Budget Friendly One

Croatia is a dreamy destination for nature lovers. You can start your birthday lazing on the white-sand beach, or jumping into the crystal-clear waters off jutting rocks. 

The inland is as beautiful as the coast. You can go kayaking down rivers, watching butterflies flitting past and weaving your way down rapids and through mountain passes. Plitvice Lakes National Park is also a must-visit.

Croatia is also a brilliant budget destination, so you’ll be able to do and see a lot without breaking the bank. End the day with cocktails and seafood overlooking the ocean, feeling sun-kissed and excited for your new decade.

A weekend in Croatia will cost you around €140 – €210 (£125 – £185) – seafood and kayaking included.

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How to Get to Zadar

Ryanair offers direct flights to Zadar, which take 2 hours 20 minutes from London and vary substantially in price throughout the year. Most other flights are connecting.

Barcelona | Dance The Night Away

If you’d like to spend your 30th birthday dancing, listening to fantastic local music, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, Barcelona should be at the top of your list. The exciting Catalonian city has a lot to offer. 

Aside from the party fun, you can spend your weekend indulging in local Spanish delicacies. As well as taking a cooking class with your gals, and strolling through the city to marvel at the architecture, and finding all the works of Antoni Gaudi. 

Barcelona is quite a pricey city. Expect to fork out around €230- €345 (£200 – £300) for a full weekend of adventure.

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How to Get to Barcelona

No direct trains run from London to Barcelona, but not to worry! Direct flights are pretty common, and will take you just over 2 hours.

Marrakech | For A Trip Of A Lifetime

Marrakech, Morocco, is technically not in Europe. But the North African city is so beautiful, and so easily accessible from Europe, that I had to add it to the list. 


I mean, where else can your birthday weekend include a camel ride through the desert? Not to mention a visit to Ouzoud Falls, and the various souks (markets). Your Marrakech birthday celebrations will cost about €100 – €150 (£90 – £135) per person.

How to Get to Marrakech

Any land-based trip to Marrakech will take up your entire weekend, so you’ll want to take to the sky. Direct flights take 3h 30min, and cost upwards of €70 (£60). Before you head there, check out my Marrakech travel tips.

Budapest | For A Unique Experience 

Hungary’s capital city is famous for its beautiful skyline and unusual attractions. If you’ve done a lot of travelling, and want to spend your 30th birthday in a unique city, this may be the destination for you.

Go bar-hopping among the ‘ruin bars’ like Szimpla Kert – quirky pubs that have popped up among the ruins of the city’s old Jewish Quarter. Soak in the mineral waters of Széchenyi Thermal Baths. And take the funicular up to the beautiful Buda Castle.

You can expect to pay around €140 – €210 (£125 – £185) for a fun birthday weekend in Budapest.

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How to Get to Budapest

The average direct flight to the Hungarian capital takes 2 hour 20 minutes. You can get a ticket for upwards of €40 (£35).

Prague | For Lovers Of Castles And Culture

Prague has spent centuries being an intellectual and cultural centre of Europe. The historic city is picture-perfect, with architectural monuments and quirky bars around every corner.

If you’re keen on historic sightseeing, visit the Astronomical Clock Tower, and stroll across the Charles Bridge. 

If it’s the experience you’re looking for, go on a dinner cruise with live local music. You can also go beer-tasting (Prague is famous for its beer, after all). There’s even an option to soak in beer, which I loved!

Your weekend in Prague should cost you about €150 – €225 (£130 – £195).

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How to Get to Prague

Prague is best reached by flight. From London, it’ll take you just under 2 hours, and cost around €46 (£40).

Copenhagen | For A Luxurious One

Famous for its happy people, loads of cycling, and tasty cuisine, there’s a lot to encourage a holiday in Copenhagen. 

Spend your birthday weekend cruising around on a bicycle while you enjoy some sightseeing. Try as many of the foods as you can (don’t need to ask twice) and drink loads of snaps and beer at the cheerful bars. It’s a wonderfully joyful place to start this new chapter in your life. 

The average cost per person on these 30th birthday weekend getaways is around €320 – €480 (£280 – £420). It’s one to save for, but it’s certainly worth the luxurious vacation time.

How to Get to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is right in the north of Europe, making travel by train lovely but lengthy. Certainly not too lengthy for a weekend away, flights, fortunately, take an average of just 1 hour 45 minutes.

Istanbul | For A Turkish Adventure

Turkey’s major city straddles Europe and Asia, making it a melting pot of historic cultures and influences. It’s an incredibly beautiful city, and one of the cheapest European cities you can visit. 

Drink strong Turkish tea, and roam the buzzing streets of the Grand Bazaar, buying yourself some exciting birthday presents (including Turkish delight, and perhaps your own carpet). You can even soak in the traditional Turkish baths!

The average cost for a weekend in Istanbul is €50 – €75 (£45 – £70). If you really splurge, you can expect to bring that number up to about €210 (£185) max.

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How to Get to Istanbul 

Since Istanbul is on the very edge of Europe, you may not want to spend time travelling by land. Even flights take longer than usual, at an average of 4 hours. But they run regularly, and cost around €103 (£90).

Venice | City of Bridges

The City of Bridges is a particularly good place to spend your 30th birthday if it falls between November and March. This is the popular city’s ‘low season’, so the swarms of tourists will be substantially less. 

Go see a performance at the grand and extravagant Teatro La Fenice for something really special. Relax on a gondola ride through the winding canals. Tour Doge’s Palace, and discover your favourite Spritz at Venice Jazz Club (you’ll just have to try them all).

A trip to Venice will put you back by about €220 – €330 (£190 – £290).

Book Your Tour Doge’s Palace Here

How to Get to Venice

Venice is an easy country to reach from anywhere in Europe, with high-speed trains and frequent flights. Direct flights from London run for just over 2 hours, and can cost only €40 (£35).

Lisbon | Lovers of Pasteis de natas Rejoice

Lisbon is one of the best budget cities in Europe. Culturally rich, and with gorgeous music you can dance to all night. There are some fantastic draws here. 

Spend your 30th birthday city break eating delicious Portuguese food, sightseeing, and enjoying the traditional Faro music. 

You can even explore the city via tuk-tuk, or with the 1870s tram. Be sure to visit the neighbourhood of Bairro Alto in the evening, for fun bars and restaurants, and local music.

For a mid-range weekend holiday in Lisbon, with some fun splurges, you can expect to pay around €190 – €280 (£165 – £245).

best countries to celebrate 30th birthday

How to Get to Lisbon

Lisbon is easy and cheap to reach from most main cities in Europe and the UK. Flights from London cost as little as €30 (£27), and take 2 hour 45 minutes.

Hamburg | For the Alternative Ones

If you want the beauty of Venice canals and historic architecture without the crowds that the city pulls, Hamburg is a brilliant alternative. 

The rich German city has a lot to offer anyone, but some favourites are the authentic chocolate factory tours, the massive markets, and the beautiful Alster Lake.

A mid-range weekend in Hamburg will cost average €140 – €210 (£120 – 185).

How to Get to Hamburg

The train from London to Hamburg runs around 10 times a day, but takes over 13 hours. Flights, thankfully, take only 1 hours 30 minutes, and cost around €52 (£45).

Final Thoughts on Where to go for Your 30th Birthday Weekend

So, there you have it! The most exciting and unique cities in Europe to celebrate your 30th birthday breaks. These cities have so much to offer, making for a birthday you’re sure to remember as one of the greatest.

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