How to Get From London to Mersea Island | Routes, Tips & More

Are you looking for a way to get to Mersea Island? There are several ways that you can get there depending on what mode of transport you prefer. You can take the bus, drive your own car or even take the train.

How to get to Mersea Island

We’ll go through each option and explain how it works so that by the end of this post, you will know exactly how to reach Mersea Island from London.

Mersea Island is a lovely destination just a short drive from London. It offers a relaxing escape away from the bustle of England’s capital city.

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    This is thanks to the island’s beautiful landscapes, picturesque Essex beaches, and old-town charm.

    But what continues to attract locals and tourists alike is the island’s incredible seafood. Mersea Island is renowned for producing the freshest fish, crab, prawns, and oysters.

    So if you’re in the mood for delicious food with a seaside setting, this beach trip is a must. To help you plan, here is everything you need to know about how to get to Mersea Island from London.

    London to Mersea Island

    Is it Worth Visiting Mersea Island?

    Mersea Island is one of the best day trips from London and is certainly worth the visit. The quaint island offers plenty to those who stop by its golden shores.

    With a small-town vibe, breath-taking scenery, and some of the best seafood and oysters in England, a day spent here is sure to be memorable.

    How Far is Mersea Island From London?

    The distance from London to Mersea Island varies depending on the route you take. The shortest route is via the A12, which covers a distance of around 110 kilometres. Alternatively, you can travel 118 kilometres via the A2 and A12 or 123 kilometres via the M11 and A120.

    How Far is Mersea Island From London

    Additionally, the time taken to reach Mersea Island from London will depend on your mode of transport. If you’re travelling by car or bus, you can expect a drive of between 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 hours.

    If you’re taking the train, you will reach the island within 1 hour 5 minutes.

    How to Get From London to Mersea Island

    There are a number of ways you can reach Mersea Island from London. This includes self-driving, taking the bus, or travelling by train. For more information, here is a deeper look at each mode of transport.

    London to Mersea Island by Car

    London to Mersea Island is a popular day trip. The drive is pleasant and takes just under two hours. The most common route is the A12, which passes through Chelmsford. Once you’ve exited the A12, make your way along the B1025 towards the island.

    After turning off the highway, enjoy a scenic drive through Essex’s picturesque countryside. And if you’re not in a rush, be sure to stop by the charming villages.

    Eventually, you will find yourself at the Strood, a causeway that connects the mainland and the island. Once you’ve made your way across, turn left towards East Mersea or right towards West Mersea.

    Overall, driving is one of the best ways to travel to Mersea Island. It offers plenty of flexibility as you’re able to take a leisurely drive and explore different parts of London’s Essex.

    Check The Tide

    Just be sure to check the tide times before you go, as water tends to cover the entire causeway during high tide, making it impossible to cross. The tide usually recedes after around 30 minutes.

    London to Mersea Island by Bus

    Travelling by bus is the slowest way to get to Mersea Island from London. However, it is also the cheapest.

    Bus rides from London to Mersea Island generally go via Colchester. The average travel time between the two cities is around 2 hours 43 minutes, covering a distance of 84 kilometres. 

    A good bus to travel with from London to Colchester is National Express. These buses depart from Earl’s Court or Buckingham Palace Road and take you to the Colchester bus stop.

    Once in the town, you will need to grab another bus to Mersea Island. These have the numbers 67 or 67a and are operated by First Buses.

    On average, there are around 62 buses that travel this route each week. However, this can vary. To make your travel as seamless as possible, be sure to check the bus timetable and book online before you go.

    Where is Mersea Island

    London to Mersea Island by Train

    The fastest way to get from London to Mersea Island is by train. The train ride takes around 1 hour 5 minutes and covers a distance of 90 kilometres.

    The London to Mersea Island train is operated by Greater Anglia. This train departs from London Liverpool Street and takes passengers across southeast England towards Wivenhoe.

    This is a small fishing town five kilometres southeast of Colchester. From here, take a 25-minute drive via car, taxi, or bus towards Essex Island.

    Alternatively, you can take the Greater Anglia train towards Colchester station. Then, take a short walk to the bus stop on High Street in Colchester Town Centre. The bus will then take you directly towards West Mersea.

    London to Mersea Island – Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information on getting to Mersea Island from London, here are a few frequently asked questions and answers.

    Where is Mersea Island?

    Mersea Island is located 3 kilometres south of Colchester on the Essex coast. It is found right in the estuaries of the River Blackwater and the River Colne.

    What is the Quickest Way to Get to Mersea Island From London?

    The quickest way to get from London to Mersea Island is via train. The average ride takes around 1 hour 5 minutes, though you can expect rides as short as 45 minutes.

    What is the Most Cost-Efficient Way to Get to Mersea Island From London?

    The cost-efficient way to travel to Mersea island from London is by bus. The cheapest bus ticket to Colchester is around £6.60 ($8.90). From there, you will need to pay £2-3 ($3-4 USD) for a ticket from Colchester to the island.

    Is Driving From London to Mersea Island Worth It?

    Yes, the drive from London to Mersea Island is worthwhile. Along the way, you will pass through the beautiful Essex countryside, as well as various towns and villages.

    When is the Best Time to Visit Mersea Island? 

    The best time to visit Mersea Island is between May and September during the summer months. The pleasant weather is perfect for exploring and enjoying Mersea’s beautiful coastline.

    Summary on London to Mersea Island

    A day trip from London to Mersea Island is a must for anyone who stays in or is visiting the English capital.

    The island beautifully contrasts the lively city with its quaint fishing village and unspoiled landscapes, making it the perfect spot for a quiet retreat.

    Whether by car, bus, or train, the destination is certainly worth the journey. For more incredible day trips, check out this guide on London to Whitstable.

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