Best Brunch in Bristol | 13 Places for a Late Breakfast

Nothing screams a time of peaceful bliss with a side of fries, quite like the sacred institution of embarking on a brunch adventure.

The city of Bristol has a sense of vibrancy embedded within its busy streets, which is seasoned to perfection with an endless array of brunch spots.

Best Brunch in Bristol

Whether you stay in the area or make your way to this city for a day trip from London, you’re in for a treat.

Unsure where to find the most fabulous brunch places Bristol has to offer? I’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through the ultimate eateries to satisfy any hunger, from Sunday catch-ups to hungover hankering. These are some of the best brunch in Bristol.

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10 Best Bristol Brunch Spots

From activities to simply wandering through its streets, this city has an assortment of experiences hidden within its crevasses.

However, a Bristol breakfast and lunch is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of this beautiful city in a unique way.

Best Brunch Bristol

With a brunch mission in this magical metropolis, you’ll have the chance to have the best of both worlds with a two-in-one mealtime marvel.

No need to search for ‘brunch near me’; I’ve listed the crowning jewels of Bristol’s eateries below:

Cosy Club

An evangelistic-like venue that will put the Sistine Chapel to shame, the Cosy Club is an eatery that embodies grandeur.

Located in a Neo-Palladian style architectural gem, you’ll have a ball living out your fairy-tale fantasies.

The restaurant itself will provide you with the sweet taste of true sophistication, which is filled with dazzling chandeliers and intricately designed ceilings.

While this eatery has an extensive all-day food menu, their brunch special is where they truly shine. For an extra £25 when you order your breakfast dish, you can get unlimited drinks to start your day off in style.

You Should Try: Feeling hungry? Try the Butcher’s Brunch filled with sausage, bacon, toast, beans, mushrooms, rostis, and eggs your way. Oh my!

Location: 31 Corn St, Bristol BS1 1HT, United Kingdom

Primrose Cafe

Situated on the cobbled sidewalk embellished with periwinkle blue trimmings, the Primrose Cafe looks like it jumped straight out of a Parisian film.

This brunch place in Bristol uses local and sustainably sourced produce to serve delicious dishes. With daily specials that include fresh seasonal ingredients, the Primrose Cafe is sure to be your new brunch tradition.

There are various indoor and outdoor seating options to choose from, such as a romantic roof garden. So, you can enjoy this establishment to the fullest come rain or shine.

You Should Try: The zesty pleasure of the homemade lemon poppyseed cake because who says you can’t have cake in the morning?

Note: The restaurant encourages worker bees to bring their laptops and enjoy some good ol’ brain juice (namely coffee), but only when it’s not too busy.

Location: Within the Clifton Arcade on Boyce’s Avenue

Rosemarino Bristol

A hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant that embodies the welcoming embrace of this vibrant culture, Rosemarino Bristol is the place to be.

While many believe the carb-infused Italian cuisine is synonymous with a hearty dinner, Rosemarino packs an eggs-travagant punch when it comes to brunch.

From the yolky pleasures of an egg florentine to finely crafted pastries, this eatery serves an array of dishes waiting to be tasted.

Equipped with sidewalk tables and big windows to watch the world move on by, this gorgeous location is also the perfect spot for some glorious people watching.

You Should Try: The mushrooms on focaccia infused with truffle oil is an exciting excursion for your tastebuds with its exotic flavours and wholesome feel.

Location: 1 York Pl, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1AH, United Kingdom

At The Well

Located in the dynamic duo of a cafe and launderette, this innovative establishment has never made doing your weekly wash so fun.

Whether you prefer self-service or would love to take a load off (pun intended), At The Well has got you covered.

This eatery offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch options to nibble away to your heart’s content while waiting for your laundry.

With a sense of community embedded within their philosophy, At The Well is a great place to meet old friends or make some new ones along the way.

You Should Try: The whipped wonder of a nitro-dalonga coffee will make any coffee connoisseur’s knees weak.

Location: 145 Cheltenham Rd, Cotham, Bristol BS6 5RR, United Kingdom

The Crafty Egg

Also known as the Crafty Jungle, this plant-filled paradise is an escape from the concrete jungle of Bristol.

Whether you’re looking to be surrounded by greenery or hunting for your next houseplant, The Crafty Egg is a rustic gem that is the perfect pairing for a Sunday morning.

This space is known for its extensive breakfast options, making it a great place to go after a full day of covering your exploring Bristol itinerary.

From Afghan baked eggs to a vegan pattie dish, The Crafty Egg provides a meal for all types of cravings.

You Should Try: The pancakes with maple syrup are bound to have you returning time after time again.

Location: 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW, United Kingdom

Eat Your Greens

The perfect way to sneak an abundance of vegetables into your diet in the tastiest way, Eat Your Greens is a vegan joint located in the suburb of Totterdown.

This simple yet quirkily decorated restaurant takes vegan cuisine to a whole different level.

Packed with unique flavours and the heartiness of comfort food, the dishes of this establishment will have you converting to a sustainable eating life.

From golden waffles to sausage rolls, you’ll have your friends green with envy when you post your next brunch selfie.

You Should Try: The bountiful Beasty Breakfast has soy sausages, crispy tofu, hash browns, and garlic mushrooms that will have you rolling home afterwards.

Location: 156 Wells Rd, Totterdown, Bristol BS4 2AG, United Kingdom

Boston Tea Party Park Street

Considered a local favourite on Park Street, Boston Tea Party is a slam dunk when it comes to the dreaded ‘where should we eat today?’. This dog-friendly cafe consists of two floors and a garden area.

With minimalist artwork and an inviting atmosphere, the Boston Tea Party is ready to serve up a stellar venue for all occasions.

From a work-centred session to a brunch bash with friends, this place has an all-day brunch that will have you fuelled to take on the world.

You Should Try: A blueberry and maple syrup porridge is the perfect combination of a sweet and homey feel.

Note: This eatery is breastfeeding-friendly, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to venture out with your newborn, this is it.

Location: 75 Park St, Bristol BS1 5PF, United Kingdom

Mud Dock Café

Situated in a former warehouse on the harbourside of Bristol, this artsy eatery is encapsulated with an easy-going vibe that is perfect for a slow morning.

This space has an abundance of quirky decorations, such as a network of hanging bicycles within the vicinity.

This establishment doubles as a cycling shop, which services range from bike repairs to bike sizing.

This venue can host a wide range of celebrations, ranging from birthday parties to weddings, to make your typical brunch experience extra special.

You Should Try: The aromatic wonder of the shakshuka served with red peppers, eggs, and spinach is a wonderful pick for those cold Bristol mornings.

Location: 40 The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB, United Kingdom


Near the regal green space of Queen Square, a wholesome gourmet coffee shop waits for the mad rush of the breakfast crowd.

With a banquet of baked goods pulling you in through its sugary siren call, you’ll have a divine time from start to finish.

Spicer+Cole uses organic meat, locally sourced and seasonal produce in their dishes; you’ll have comfort knowing you’re supporting a business that cares.

From its house cold brews to their avocado on toasts, this establishment proves that sometimes the simpler things in life are the best.

You Should Try: The spicy beans on toast infused with herb oil provides a kick to the traditional British brunch meal option.

Location: 1 Queen Square Ave, Bristol BS1 4JA, United Kingdom

Harbour & Browns

Situated on the Wapping Wharf, a mere minute walk from the iconic M Shed Museum, this shipping container eatery is the hippest place around.

Harbour & Brown is the perfect location for the best breakfast in Bristol experience with the smell of the sea breeze and bacon wafting in the air.

One of their busiest time slots is during brunch hours, a lively and bustling atmosphere filled with laughter and hearty pops from Prosecco bottles.

The menu ranges from burgers to confit duck and waffles, so you’ll have an array of options to delve into.

You Should Try: The peach bellini on the pre/post-brunch options. The perfect cocktail for those sublime sun-drenched days.

Location: Unit 13, Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6ZA, United Kingdom

3 Bottomless Bristol Brunch Places

A brunch is a fantastic antidote for the Sunday blues, but sometimes a bottomless brunch is needed to transform a meal into a full-on buffet.

Get your bibs ready as these brunch places in Bristol will have you drooling:

The Florist

A botanical daydream fitted with a Mediterranean cuisine flair; The Florist is a flower-filled eatery near Brandon Hill Park.

While the garden-like space is known as a cocktail bar, this restaurant has a great build your own brunch board.

The brunch special is £15 per person, and for an extra £15, you can get a bottomless portion of pre-selected alcoholic drinks.

The menu ranges from hearty to sweet selections; you’ll have the opportunity to sip and nibble the day away in a lavish leisurely manner.

You Should Try: The Nutella french toast is a must if you’re looking for the top contender for the best breakfast Bristol has to offer.

Location: 69 Park St, Bristol BS1 5PB, United Kingdom

Pitcher & Piano Bristol

An eloquent escape situated on the waterfront, Pitcher & Piano is a great way to spend your late breakfast in Bristol, watching the boats bob by.

While this bar is known for its lively dinner crowd, it serves a mean bottomless brunch on the weekends.

For £29 per person, you’ll be able to get your chosen brunch dish with a side of an endless supply of selected alcoholic beverages.

From the bubbly pleasures of mimosas to the sparkling joy from a chilled prosecco, your weekends will never be the same after indulging in an afternoon of liquor-laden libations.

You Should Try: The brunch burger served with a wedge of Monterey Jack

Cheese, bacon, and an egg to top it off.

Location: Cannons Road, Bristol BS1 5UH, United Kingdom

Lost & Found

A ceiling bespeckled with a tapestry of hanging flowers, brown leather chairs, and ever-flowing cocktails – this space is a slice of Victorian-themed heaven.

Situated a few minutes from the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, you’re in for an afternoon simply dripping with culture and refinement.

On Saturdays from 11:00 to 15:00, brunchers can reserve a space for two hours to enjoy specified unlimited alcoholic beverages.

Be sure to book well in advance, as this elegant establishment gets especially busy during these hours.

You Should Try: The buttermilk pancakes get ordered like hot cakes during brunch. This dish is a delicious kaleidoscope of flavours with bacon, banana, and miso caramel sauce.

Location: 85 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1QS, United Kingdom

Final Thoughts on the Best Brunch Bristol Has to Offer

Whether you’re too late for breakfasts in Bristol or early for lunch, brunch is the ultimate solution to your problems.

With a menu that ranges from egg-featured dishes to British lunchtime classics, this in-between meal is the best way to have a treasure trove of choices at your disposal.

From innovative Italian restaurants to unique cocktail bars, the top eateries of Bristol have jumped on the brunch train to cater to the late morning breakfast crowd.

The perfect excuse to drink orange juice with a kick before 12:00 during brunch, Bristol will ensure your day is paved with delicious adventures.

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