Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Review

Who wouldn’t like to trace HRH’s footsteps in the elegant Fortnum and Mason Tea Room? Even if you are not a teetotaller, the ambience here is too tasteful to not come over for afternoon tea.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Menu

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But is the fancy royal-chicness all that the Jubilee Tea Salon has? In this Fortnum and Mason Afternoon tea review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to make the most out of your afternoon tea experience.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Review | The First Impression

Just a stone’s throw from The Ritz on Piccadilly street, the Fortnum and Mason department store is best described as posh store. On the fourth floor is the ivory Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon with calming pastel hues.

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The egg-blue chinaware with intricate imagery will have you take a gazillion photos for your Instagram.

White tablecloth, comfortable pastel green leather armchairs, delicate flower vases, and warm lighting make the Fortnum and Mason Tea Room look as royal as you’d expect a place visited by Her Majesty to look.

It has a charm of the bygone eras that will want women to put on the beaded, scalloped, and bowed. And why not? The now dashing tearoom is a historical room that began three centuries ago as an apartment of the Fortnum Family.

I already knew how old the place was and yet standing in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, the antiquity struck me hard. It was no less than standing in a monument.

Fortnum and Mason Tea

It is the perfect place to indulge in the timeless tradition of Afternoon Tea.

I sat on one of the tables beside the window. It was lit and airy, which is why I would recommend the same to my readers too – reserve a window-side table if possible (or get there early so you can choose where, you’d like to sit. That’s what I did). It will make your Afternoon Tea experience even better.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Menu

1 FortnumandMasonTea

Describing the Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea menu as comprehensive is an understatement. One look at their tea selection and I was spoilt for choice. There was,

·      The traditional 19th-century Afternoon Tea

·      Chef Rosemary Hume’s original Savoury Afternoon Tea from 1953

·      Fortnum’s very own High Tea from 1738

·      A festive, Vegetarian Afternoon Tea from historic Fortnum collection of 1926

But is that all? Far from it.

It is only the Tea Salon’s Main Menu. Besides, the place also had special menus for Vegan Afternoon Tea, Afternoon Tea made without gluten, and Afternoon Tea made without dairy.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Review

With every Fortnum Afternoon Tea, the salon serves complimentary finger sandwiches, scones, and Afternoon Teacakes. A delicious feast if you ask me.

A Place to Enjoy Teatime with Kids

You can try the delicious Afternoon Tea at Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon with your children (4-10 years), thanks to the thoughtful addition of Children’s Afternoon Tea Menu.

It includes similar categories of finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes with a kid-friendly selection. There is, of course, no tea available for the little ones. Instead, they get to choose from choices of hot chocolate, a glass of milk, apple juice, and orange juice.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea Review

Fortnum and Mason London

I arrived at the tea salon for the taste of the traditional English Afternoon Tea, and despite being greedy for more, I stuck to my first choice. I

n a short while after having placed my order, a gorgeous pastel-coloured three-tiered silver stand arrived at the table. It carried the fragrant finger sandwiches, buttery scones, and colourful Pâtisseries.

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My favourite of all was the coronation chicken sandwiches and savoury delights which the delicious Pâtisseries were. Taste-wise Jubilee tea room goodies were just as well-balanced as they were balanced visually appealing.

How much is at Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea?

An order for any Fortnum’s tea with finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes is £80.00 per person. You can add to the order a glass of Fortnum’s Blanc de Blancs for a price starting at £15.75.

How much is at Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea

An Afternoon Tea from the children’s menu costs £30.00 per child. Not in a mood for the traditional speciality teas? You can opt to order a jug of Fresh Homemade Lemonade for £10.50 or a jug of Fortnum’s Countess Grey Iced Tea for £13.50.

While writing this review, the Jubilee Tea Salon is offering free birthday Afternoon Teas for those who have birthdays in the same month they are dining in.

Is the Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea price worth it? Frankly, at first, I had my doubts but, after having sipped on delicious traditional English tea in the tastefully antique place, I can confidently say yes.

I also think it makes an excellent mothers-day gift or would be a great experience to have with your favourite aunt or female friends.

These are the Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea prices at the time of writing this review.

Everything Else You Need to Know before Booking a Table at Fortnum and Mason

Best Time to Go to Experience the Pianist

The Jubilee Tea Salon has live pianist from Monday to Saturday, from 1 pm to 7 pm. On Sunday, they have pianist from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea dress code | Fortnum and Mason Dress Code

Fortnum and Mason do not have a dress code. However, smart-casual attires are encouraged. Trainers are acceptable, and in warm months, touring guests can arrive in shorts as well. I would not recommend flop-flaps.

Fortnum and Mason Reservation Policy

Reservations are not mandatory at Fortnum and Mason Tea Room. However, given the popularity of the place and tourist season, it is best to reserve a table up to 3 in advance.

Fortnum and Mason

Can we Reserve a Window Table?

You can communicate your preference for a window table, but there is no guarantee.

Is It Possible to Share an Afternoon Tea Between Two?

Unfortunately, no. Two people cannot share one-pot of Afternoon Tea at The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. One-pot will be for one person only.

Can I Have Just Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason?

You can have just the tea at The Parlour. At the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, they only serve the Afternoon Tea set with finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes.

My Take on Diamond Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Come my birthday, and I will be at The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon again for the High Tea this time. After being to the beautiful place, and tasting its tea and afternoon nibbles, I have decided I will not stop till I taste all items on the menu. Yes! It is that great! So, who’s up for tea?

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