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Housed in a brown-toned, modern café, Bafarat is a chic place to go for Afternoon Tea in London. On the inside, the chocolaty buffet turns out to be milky white with red-orange-green pastel hues furnishing.

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea

It had a retro décor with a mix of millennial-gen Z and Insta worthy vibes that we all wished a nice, cosy tea place in London would have. I absolutely loved the décor of this place.

In this Bafarat Café afternoon tea review, I will tell you all about its services, tea, prices, and all that you’ll experience in this art deco afternoon tea in London post.

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A Little About Bafarat Café London

Bafarat is famous a Middle-Eastern coffee company and a family-run business that serves top-tier speciality Arabic coffee in different eye-popping colours.

Founded in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah in 1952, Bafarat opened their first café in 2016, three years before making their international debut in London’s Soho.

Bafarat Cafe scaled

In a short span, the eponymous Bafarat Café has become a rage among the coffee-crazed Londoners that love to enjoy hot, frothy sips in high-end interiors.

What’s more? It serves delicate, French-inspired, Insta-worthy patisseries that boast tough-to-eat-because-so-beautiful capture it from every angle presentation.

So, why talk about Bafarat Café Afternoon Tea London? Because, amid the coffee craze, this London café rolled out its all-new, tongue-satiating Afternoon Tea Menu in August 2020.

The café now also serves chai for the thirsty teetotallers in the heart of Soho.

Whos’ the Chef at Bafarat Café?

Bafarat Café owes its indulgent selection of pastries to Chef Thomas Alphonsine, previously of the Callebaut, the French chocolate company.

Bafarat Cafe London

It is no surprise why Alphonsine works so well with exquisitely crafted chocolate desserts, decadent pastries, and toothsome cakes.

I got to meet Chef Thomas on my visit, and he was very passionate about his create, plus I learnt so many things about how they make the chocolate tree. Each tree taking around 3 hours to create, and it is all done by hand.

This impressed me and showed me how well thought out the afternoon tea was at Bafarat Café London.

My First Impression of Bafarat Café

Just when I heard that café was going to offer the traditional English Afternoon Tea but with a refreshing twist by chef Thomas Alphonsine, I was thrilled.

Bafarat Cafe 1 scaled

I could feel the excitement thumping in my chest, stretched out on my ear-to-ear smile, and ready to burst out from my widely open eyes.

In just a week, I ran – faster than a greyhound winning a race. And before you knew it, I was in Soho London heading towards Bafarat Café before I knew it. I stepped into the bourbon-ish café only to find it creamy-white with soothing pastel colours splashed across. What an ambience!

The décor of this, dare I say, London tea house, was filled with mirror accents, wall art, contemporary lamps, island pendant lights, and minimal geometric textures. Comfy sofas, ottomans, and bar chairs made Bafarat Café a great place to hang out for hours.

The pastel palette against the white-washed backdrop made the café look hundred times more modern, clean, and like a hospitable Parisian parlour.

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea Price scaled

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My Order and Bafarat Café Afternoon Tea Review

Quickly I took a seat at my table. The cafe was fragrant with coffee scent mixed with sweet aromas of the café desserts.

I was ecstatic to try out their menu. So, I flipped through the pages of Bafarat café menu, and to my surprise, there were so many options. I ordered a green matcha latte alongside the Ultimate Afternoon Tea.

Once the throat-soothing, taste bud-satisfying latte was all sipped down, the wait for their famed Bafarat London Afternoon Tea became more and more testing.

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea London

The matcha was delicious, and I wanted to know the decadent-inclined menu would compete against that.

Lo and behold! Ten minutes later, a concoction of artsy confections was on the table. The afternoon tea display was stunning.

Made entirely from chocolate, a piece that was hand-sculpted into the shape of a tree that bore colourful, buttery pastries was the highlight.

Flavours included apple and cranberry tart, Colombian coffee tart, bite-size pistachio éclair, chocolate macaron, and a mango-passion fruit cheesecake.

The quintessential scones with clotted cream and jam were also on the Bafarat London menu to complete the Afternoon Tea experience.

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea Menu scaled

What made the experience so exciting was that this was not even half of what Bafarat Café serves for Afternoon Tea.

The ultimate Choco-feast was accompanied by a row of three savoury delicacies – Truffle Croque Monsieur, lobster roll, and a salmon-avocado toast.

I started with the miniature savouries and then moved on to the sweet patisseries. Momentarily, it was as if I was in France. Neither too sweet nor over-the-top in their flavours, the pastries were just perfect. The bite-size savouries melted in the mouth, leaving a wonderful aftertaste.

Bafarat Café Afternoon Tea Price

The Afternoon Tea at the café is currently priced at only £25 per person. Known as the Ultimate Afternoon Tea, the order includes one drink of your choice.

You also get the option to upgrade the order with an additional chocolate tree for an extra £8 (I had the full afternoon tea experience with chocolate tree and all, go big or go home).

And still, the cost keeps low, compared to the afternoon tea experiences in London, the Bafarat London afternoon tea was pretty affordable.

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea

Bafarat Afternoon Tea Timings

The tea is currently served from Tuesday through Sunday, between 12 noon to 5 pm.

Do You Need to Reserve a Table in Advance?

Advanced reservation is essential when you are visiting Bafarat London, lest you return disappointed or wait long enough to lose patience.

Booking a table at the café is simple via this link. You can also contact the café via email beforehand to ensure the tea is serving and other queries.

My Take on Bafarat Afternoon Tea

Priced at £25 and £33, the Afternoon Tea in the café is value for money. You get to enjoy a lavish meal brimming with chocolate, pastries, and cakes. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in London and have a relaxing experience with friends for a catch-up.

There is no doubt; I am going back to Bafarat Café in Soho to try the Ultimate Afternoon Tea with Chocolate Tree again, very soon.

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