CityHub Rotterdam Review – Best Place To Stay In Rotterdam

This CityHub Rotterdam review, gives you a breakdown of what to expect from one of Rotterdam’s first capsule hotel.

If you’re a traveler looking for a unique capsule hotel experience in Rotterdam, CityHub Rotterdam might be the perfect fit for you. Recently, I had the opportunity to stay at this modern and tech-forward capsule hotel in Rotterdam, and I was captivated by its combination of hotel comfort and hostel community.

CityHub Rotterdam

In this CityHub Rotterdam review, I’ll delve into the various aspects of CityHub Rotterdam, highlighting its appeal and why it stands out as a top choice for Millennials and budget-conscious travellers to Rotterdam.

What is CityHub Rotterdam?

CityHub Rotterdam bed
Pod hotel Rotterdam great for solo travellers

Rotterdam CityHub is an ultra-modern accommodation option designed with Millennials and solo travellers in mind. It takes the concept of capsule hotels, popular in cities like Tokyo, and brings it to European cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. CityHub Rotterdam distinguishes itself with its tech-forward approach and 24/7 app support from hosts. This innovative concept caters to the needs of tech-savvy travellers seeking a seamless and convenient stay.

Like its counterpart in Amsterdam, CityHub Rotterdam provides a refreshing alternative to traditional hotels and hostels, attracting travellers seeking a contemporary and tech-forward experience.

The CityHub Rotterdam Capsule Experience

CityHub Rotterdam double bed
This capsule hotel Rotterdam is one of the first in the city.

One of the standout features of CityHub Rotterdam is the capsule (referred to as “Hub”) itself. Forget cramped dorm beds in hostels; these hubs (private cabin/pods) are spacious with each private sleeping capsule containing a king size double bed. Which might be a little squashed for two but perfect for solo travellers.

You also get the option of a bottom or top hub, I recommend a top hub if you want to feel more comfortable. 

With the Cityhub mobile-app, guest can control their room and chat with the CityHosts. This allows self check-in and you get a contactless wristband which grants you access to your room, 24 hour front desk, coffee and drinks area, as well as personal advice on what to see and do in Rotterdam.

Once check-in, I received my portable wifi device for free internet access to use when I was exploring the city of Rotterdam.

Each hub is also provided with clean, white crisp sheets and duvet, towels and bathrobes. Equipped with cool lighting that is controlled from the Cityhub app on my phone, Bluetooth speakers, free wifi, air conditioning and USB chargers on each side of the bed. The Hubs provide a cosy and customisable atmosphere.

The rooms are soundproof with was great for when the party on Witte De Withstraat was in full swing. Additionally, each Hub comes with ample storage space and the hotel also has free luggage storage space at the property.

Facilities and Property Amenities

CityHub Rotterdam Pod
Rotterdam capsule hotel – where amenities are at your fingertips.

CityHub Rotterdam offers impressive facilities and amenities that enhance the guest experience. There are separate women and women bathrooms that are clean and well-maintained. Featuring decent showers, share luxury toiletries – Rituals and hair dryers for your convenience.

I found the bathrooms were always spotless and I rarely encountered anyone using them. The inviting lobby provides a common area with ample seating space, a vending machine, and a coffee machine, making it an ideal spot to socialise or relax.

Moreover, the self service bar with beer taps adds to the communal atmosphere. The wristband/room key payment system simplifies the process of enjoying a drink or two. Everything paid for by swiping your wristband. Each item charged to the card you booked your reservations with.

Where Is CityHub Rotterdam Located?

CityHub in Rotterdam

The CityHub Rotterdam located on Witte de Withstraat, a vibrant and artistic street in Rotterdam. This thriving street offers an array of shops, trendy cafés, and lively nightlife. Lined with restaurants, bars and cafes so you can enjoy this great location.

The hotel is within walking distance to some of Rotterdam top attractions like Markthal Rotterdam, Kijk-Kubus and the bustling Coolsingel shopping street. The train station is within easy reach, allowing you to explore the city center with ease.

The property is also near Diergaarde Blijdorp, Ahoy Rotterdam, Maritime Museum and the nearest airport is Rotterdam. The Hague Airport, 3.1 miles from Rotterdam capsule hotel. Whether you want to visit popular Rotterdam attractions, discover hidden gems, or indulge in the local culture, CityHub Rotterdam serves as a convenient starting point for your adventures.

Pod Hotel Rotterdam Dining Options

market hall Rotterdam

While CityHub Rotterdam doesn’t serve food onsite, there are plenty of dining options in the area. You can start your day by ordering breakfast at the café or coffee shop next door, where you’ll find a variety of delicious options to suit your taste. Additionally, the area surrounding CityHub is teeming with cafés and restaurants that cater to all kinds of cravings.

The CityHub Hotel Verdict

CityHub Rotterdam Lobby

Having experienced the comfort and convenience of CityHub Rotterdam firsthand. I can say that it offers a unique and quirky accommodation option in Rotterdam for travellers. 

The blend of privacy, comfort, and affordability makes it particularly appealing to solo travellers, and digital nomads. The tech-forward amenities and the sense of community fostered by the communal spaces add to the charm of CityHub Rotterdam.

I am hopeful that CityHub Hotel expands its reach to more European cities, as it is a concept that deserves recognition and appreciation.

CityHub Rotterdam Wrap-up 

In conclusion, CityHub Rotterdam provides a memorable and innovative accommodation experience that combines the best aspects of hotels and hostels.

With its spacious and tech-forward Hubs, free wifi, well-equipped facilities, and is very central location on Witte de Withstraat, CityHub Rotterdam is a fantastic choice for travellers.

The hubs are not the kind of rooms that you would spend all day in but are perfect for anyone that will be spending most of their day sightseeing and exploring around Rotterdam. 

I would recommend the CityHub Rotterdam hotel to anyone looking for a cool and modern hotel in Rotterdam.

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