11 Awesome Brick Lane Vintage Shops: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Hey Londoners, can we go thrift shopping? Have you heard of the Brink Lane Vintage Shops?

With fast fashion awareness on the rise and the thrill of vintage clothing from famous brands trending, we’re gonna go shopping.

So if you are heading to the famous Brick Lane Market but can’t quite find the vintage clothes you’re after, then a store is your best bet.

As a local Londoner, I can’t get enough of the vintage clothing selection in the city!

The Big Smoke has fun thrift stores in every area, but I’m taking a moment in this article to gather together the best Brick Lane vintage shops to check out on your next trip to London!

eclectic clothes and backpacks at one of the vintage shops in brick lane

Vintage shopping in Brick Lane is one of the top things to do in East London.

So, here is a list of some of the best vintage shopping in London to help you find those rare items before bragging about them.

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    Best Brick Lane Vintage Shops in London

    For bargain seekers and thrift lovers, this list is here to help you get out there and find that vintage denim jacket you’ve always wanted. With that in mind, get thrifty at a vintage market in London!

    1. House of Vintage – Spitalfields

    After launching in Canada, House of Vintage opened its first London store located in the trendy area of Shoreditch.

    This Brick Lane vintage store opened in 2010 and carries a curated selection of clothing from the 1920s to the 1970s.

    Pink exterior of a couple popular Brick Lane vintage clothes shops

    The store specialises in rare and unique items and is also one of the many online vintage stores in London.

    Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 6:30 pm (closes at 6 pm on Sunday)

    2. Levisons

    Levisions was established in 2008 and has become a popular destination for thrift seekers.

    It is known for stocking a unique, hand-picked selection of rare and vintage clothing.
    The store stocks styles of workwear, military, tailoring, and knitwear for both women and men.

    New items are added on a weekly basis and there is even a showroom that houses the rarest archive pieces that are available for hire.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 6:30 pm (10:30 am – 5:30 pm on Sunday)

    A fun find at london second hand clothes store in Brick Lane

    3. Atika Brick Lane

    Just off Brick Lane in a huge historic warehouse, is Atika – one of the best vintage shops London has to offer. It’s also one of the largest walk-in and online vintage stores.

    A vintage fashion department store spanning over two floors with five rooms and over 20,000 vintage items from the 70s to the early 00s.

    Sporting high-end brands like Burberry, Armani, and a few more, Atika also supports independent artists and designers who rework vintage clothing.

    If there is something in particular that you’re looking for, this is the place to go, with such a large collection to sift through.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (12 pm – 6 pm on Sunday)

    cool Egyptian jewelry at London thrift stores

    4. Vintage Basement

    A quaint vintage shop in London, Vintage Basement attempts to embody one’s style and sentiment through the retro trends in vintage clothing.

    The owners are passionate about finding exclusive once-off garments from around the world.

    With the shop and basement floor always changing, this retro shop has items that are handpicked for the true vintage lovers who take pride in wearing unique pieces.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Every Day)

    Donna trying on a fun jean jacket at her favorite Brick Lane vintage shops!

    5. Serotonin Vintage

    This heavyweight vintage store was established as a brick-and-mortar store in 2016.

    This Brick Lane store offers a real personal selection of some of the cutest vintage clothing. This ranges from designers to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

    Since their inception, they have catered to the Sid and Nancy meets Cher Horowitz clientele that they love.

    They feature a massive online store as well, giving you the freedom to shop from your living room.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Open until 8 pm on Friday & Saturday)

    a collection of earrings at Seratonin Vintage Shop in Brick Lane

    6. Here After

    Having its roots as a small market stall at a vintage market, Here After expanded into a full-time home in 2017.

    A smaller vintage boutique, this shop offers a refined selection of high-quality vintage clothing that focuses on beautiful prints and fabrics.

    All of these items are skilfully selected and only slightly tweaked when needed. The owner travels the world for rare designer finds and pieces from the 1970s and 1990s.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Opens at 10 am on Sunday)

    Red Carpet Retro Wall, full of red themed vintage clothes

    7. Rokit

    A classic originating in London’s Iconic Camden Market in 1986, Rokit vintage clothing Brick Lane has three shop fronts. They house all the vintage clothing that you could dream of. 

    Fancy something from the 50s and a touch of the 70s? Or maybe a jacket from the 80s with some neon from the 90s, Rokit London has it all.

    All items are chosen with the style-conscious and environmentally friendly vintage lovers in mind.

    Rokit clothing also upcycles their own pieces but all of these come at a price as this is not the cheapest of vintage stores.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Every Day)

    Rokit Vintage – one of the most popular vintage stores in London

    8. Nordic Poetry

    Being born from a vision to elevate the perception of vintage fashion, this store opened in 2017 after starting out as an online thrift store in the UK.

    This store is what most Londoners would point out when asking for the best vintage shopping in London.

    Housing pieces from the 70s all the way through to the 90s, for men and women, this is the place to go.

    If you want to really get into the mood, order an Old Fashioned from the bar that sits in the center of the store.

    Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Closes at 6 pm on Sunday : Closed at 8 pm on Thursday)

    The entrance to House of Vintage in London

    9. Hunky Dory Vintage

    Occupying a small space on Brick Lane, this place is all about glamour, with a lot of its vintage collection being coats, blazers, faux-fur jackets, and blouses.

    The self-proclaimed ‘purveyors of vintage clothing’ sits behind an indiscernible wooden front with a wooden door.

    But this is actually home to vintage for twentieth-century frocks and manly modes.

    Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 7 pm (Every Day)

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      10. Metro Retro

      Selling online since 1994 and a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, if you want some real vintage then Metro Retro is for you.

      This store offers a fine selection of authentic vintage and antique clothing, jewelry, and accessories from all eras.

      Looking for something from as far back as the Victorian era? Metro Retro has it from there all the way to the Art Deco period.

      They also house everything Modernist for all the fashion hipsters out there. There is something here for everyone, no matter your style.

      Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm (12 pm – 6:30 pm on Sunday : Closed on Monday & Tuesday)

      a treasure trove of vintage items, from tops to jackets, dresses, and hats.

      11. Paper Dress Vintage

      By day, this boutique sells men’s and women’s vintage garments from 1900 to the 80s that are all hand sourced around the UK. By night, it transforms into a live music venue spread over two levels.

      Sustainable fashion is at the heart of this store with the belief that older garments were made to last so why buy throwaway fashion?

      With a knowledgeable staff on hand to find any garment you might need and an in-house tailor to take the fitment to perfection, this is a one-stop service.

      Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm (Closes at 2:30 am on Friday/Saturday : Closes at 7 pm on Sunday : Closed Monday)

      Tips For Shopping at Brick Lane Vintage Shops + Map

      It’s hard to have a bad time at the vintage shops on Brick Lane, but I’ve got some insider tips that will help you enjoy the shopping experience even more!

      • Make sure to have cash on hand. While nearly all shops offer payment via credit card, there may be some that do not, and you can occasionally get discounts for paying in cash!
      • Lookout for Kilo sales, where you can pay a few £ to enter and then buy anything in the store for £10-20 per kilo! These pop up in random vintage shops at random times, but you will have to handle crowds!
      • This list has been updated very recently, but some of the lists I see online of the best London second hand shops & Brick Lane clothes shops are outdated. A few thrift shops in London have closed down over the past couple of years (including Beyond Retro Brick Lane and East London vintage shops), so always double-check on Google Maps before you go!

      While most of the Brick Lane shops overlap with a lot of the best vintage shops in Shoreditch. Don’t forget to take some time to explore other Shoreditch Vintage Shops and other things to do in the area!

      Brick Lane Vintage Shops: FAQs

      Is Brick Lane Market open on Sunday?

      Yes, Brick Lane Market is open on every Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

      Most Brick Lane vintage shops are also open on Sunday!

      Is Brick Lane Open on Saturday?

      Yes, Brick Lane is open on Saturday. Most of the vintage stores on Brick Lane actually have longer hours on Saturday than on weekdays. The famous Brick Lane Market, which is open from 11 am – 6 pm.

      Sign for Brick Lane Backyard Market

      What is Brick Lane in London Famous for?

      Brick Lane is famous for its street art, historical significant, but it’s most well-known for the best markets in London. You’ll find tons of cafes, food markets, boutique shops, and vintage clothing stores along Brick Lane.

      Is Shoreditch Good for Thrifting?

      Yes, Shoreditch is really good for thrifting, especially if you go to Brick Lane on the east end of the neighborhood.

      Final Thoughts: London’s Brick Lane Vintage Shops

      The focus towards more sustainable ways of living has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives.

      Although these are not Brick Lane charity shops (all of them are for-profit), Fast fashion is one of the key contributors to waste, so shopping at the Brick Lane vintage shops is a very sustainable thing to do.

      Let’s not forget the thrill of finding a designer piece at a reasonable price that you can then show off on your next adventure with your friends.

      Before you go, grab coffee at one of the awesome Shoredich coffee shops, or make a reservation at one of the best bottomless brunch spots in Shoreditch!

      Struggling with knowing what to do in London?


        Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 110 things to do in London from a local, includes:

        ✅ Top Free Things To In London

        ✅ Cool Touristy & Non-Touristy Things To

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        ✅ Cute Instagrammable Places in London

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