How to spend the weekend in Bath England | 48 Hours Itinerary for First Time Visitors

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How to spend a weekend in Bath UK, this 2 days in Bath itinerary is filled amazing tips on what to see and do on a weekend in Bath like visiting the Romans Baths, climbing the Bath Abbey or visiting the Bath Skyline to get epic views over the city center and much more.

As I stepped outside my Airbnb and walked towards Bath City centre I quickly agreed with their rave reviews. Comments about how beautiful and relaxing the city is to visit were true. The streets are lined with honey-coloured Georgian houses, and the air is crisp and fresh.

Now, I could see why Bath has been attracting visitors for over 2000 years with its famous mineral-rich hot springs, impressive Roman Baths, and honey-coloured Georgian streets.

I can sum Bath up in two words relaxing and beautiful. Around every street corner and every footpath, it’s like Bath is beckoning you to relax, to stroll around and listen to the ever-present squawking seagulls overhead. 

There is something about Bath that forces you to slow down, relax and take in every little detail of your surroundings. Bath has a slower pace than London.

I’m sharing my 2 days in Bath itinerary. To give you ideas of top things to do, what to eat, and how to make the most of a weekend in Bath.

Lots of people take a day trip from London to Bath, but I think a weekend in Bath is ideal. You can leisurely take in the sights instead of rushing around just ticking sites off your list.

Bath, located in Somerset, South-West England is a UNESCO world heritage city, built for pleasure and relaxation. 

Bath is the only UNESCO World Heritage city in the UK and is famed for its 18th-century Georgian architecture and ancient Roman Baths. These house the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can bathe in.

All of this makes Bath an ideal city break destination.

Thinking about to what to do in Bath England, then read on.

How to get to Bath from London

Bath is easily accessible from London. It's a 90-minutes direct train ride from London Paddington station to Bath. Book your tickets in advance. Remember to reserve your seats on the train.

Where to stay in Bath UK

I stayed in Airbnb on Oxford Row street just 10 minute walk from two of Bath’s main attractions, The Circus and The Royal Crescent.

Weekend in Bath itinerary | 48 hours in Bath UK

Bath Itinerary Day 1

Visit Circus 

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First up after dropping my bags at my Airbnb. I was ready for a stroll to explore Bath’s main sites. Bath is a super-compact city and very walkable. Most sights are within 10 minute walking distance of each other. 

The Circus is a circular row of Georgian townhouses designed by architect John Wood the Elder. The now Grade I listed building built between 1754 to 1768.

The Circus is one of the main places to visit in Bath and the first place I visited.

Walk along the Royal Crescent

Just around the corner from The Circus is the Royal Crescent, another place worth seeing in Bath. The Royal Crescent is one of the most iconic landmarks in Bath and another designed from John Wood the Younger. 

The row of 30 terrace houses is one of the UK’s greatest example of Georgian architecture.

The Royal Crescent also overlooks the Royal Victoria Park, where you can enjoy a picnic or just lay on the grass and watch the day pass by. The Royal Crescent is one of the top places to visit in Bath.

No.1 Royal Crescent Museum for the curious ones

The No.1 Royal Crescent Museum is one of the most exciting museums/houses you’ll visit in Bath. I absolutely loved visiting this museum. I learnt so much about the scandalous past of Bath in the 18th century. 

Did you know that Bath was the ‘Las Vegas’ of the UK in the 18th century where people would visit Bath for the season’ 6 months’ and engage in all sorts of debauchery, before heading back to their homes. These are not the things you think of when you think of Bath, right?

No.1 Royal Crescent was the first house of the Royal Crescent and the first house to have a documented resident. Mr Henry Sandford, who rented the house for 20 years! You’d think after 10 years he would just buy the place.

The museum is decorated and furnished as it would be during the period of 1776-1796.  

Each room features objects from that period, such as furniture and clothing Bath’s high society residents wore and used at the time. 

The museum is super interesting and will keep you entertained for a few hours. My favourite thing to look at was the cabinet of curiosity and the lady's bedroom with all the 18th-century beauty compacts and wigs.

There are several other museums around Bath you can check out. Like the Fashion Museum, Jane Austen Museum and the Museum of Bath Architecture

But my favourite was the No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum.

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Lunch at The Circus Restaurant 

The Circus restaurant is a short walk from the from both the Royal Crescent and the No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum. So, it’s an excellent option for lunch if you’re visiting these two sights in Bath.

The restaurant serves modern European food, from a seasonal menu, accompanied by fantastic wines, in a relaxed atmosphere. They even had curry goat on the menu when I visited which peaked my taste buds right up, being Jamaican and all.

But the waitress advised that it might not be as spicy as I’m used to, and I didn’t want to be disappointed. So, I got the steak and fat chips instead, which really hit the spot. 

And after you’ve been walking around for a few hours, steak and fat chips are always a good option.

The restaurant also serves a complimentary selection of bread from the Bertinet Bakery. A beloved bakery in Bath.

Grab the best gelato in Bath from Swoon Gelato

For dessert, I headed to Swoon Gelato to try out their famous gelato. Their milk is sourced from Somerset and pistachios from Sicily. 

Plus, their gelato is slow churned on-site resulting in a more luxurious, creamier texture with an intense flavour. It was worth the visit, and I wanted to revisit them on my second day. Yes, the gelato was that good. 

They also add up to five new seasonal flavours monthly to their award-winning sorbetto and gelato.

2 Days in Bath Bath from Swoon Gelato.jpg

Visit the Pulteney Bridge a Georgian masterpiece 

The Pulteney Bridge is a stunner, enough said. Walking along the bridge, you can’t help but be in awe, and it is another example of Georgian architecture at its finest.

The Pulteney Bridge is a famous landmark of the city of Bath and crosses the River Avon (Avon is another name for River).

Robert Adam designed the bridge in a Palladian style. The Pulteney Bridge is one of four bridges in the world to have shops lining the full span on both sides.

This bridge is magnificent to look at, you can wander along the footpath on the River Avon to get even better views.

Click here for ticket prices to a 25 minutes City Boat Trip to Pulteney Bridge.

Relax in the Parade Garden

Just next to the Pulteney Bridge is the charming Parade Garden. It’s a place you can comfortably relax in if you want to take a break from exploring Bath. 

The garden gives some of the best views of Pulteney Bridge and the weir, especially from the colonnade. 

You must pay to enter the garden £2 for adults and £1 for students. But there are free deck chairs that you can sit on and just listen to the sound of the running river and the seagulls. You’ll realise that Bath has a lot of seagulls and I mean a lot. I was actually be woken by the sounds of seagulls on my second morning in Bath.

Visit the Bath Skyline Walk 

After relaxing at the Parade Garden and resting my feet. I wanted to finish off my day with views from the Bath Skyline. 

The Bath Skyline Walk is a six-mile route through some of Bath’s beautiful valleys and meadows. It’s a beautiful place to stop, relax and watch as the trains roll through Bath and on to Bristol. 

I visited just before sunset, and it was one of the most epic views of Bath City centre. It’s definitely a spot to chill out and relax on your weekend in Bath.

Hop on the Bath Sightseeing Bus - Bath City Tour

If you only have one day in Bath, then a hop-off hop-on bus tour which covers two routes is a great option. The City Route takes you to all historic urban spots across 17 stops on the Bath sightseeing tour.

This tour takes 50 minutes and takes you to all the main Bath tourist attraction.

You can get off the bus at any time. If you are spending 2 days in Bath, your ticket covers their Skyline Route tour in the evening which takes you out of the city centre and through the countryside.

The Skyline Route offers 21 stops.

I know many people aren’t fans of bus tours but if you’re short on time and you’re trying to make the most of your visit to Bath. Then check it out. 

I did the City Route tour on my second day in Bath and loved it.

Check the prices for the Bath Sightseeing Bus Tour here

Bath Itinerary Day 2

Grab Breakfast The Cornish Bakery

I grabbed a savoury warm, freshly baked bacon and cheese scone from the Cornish Bakery next to the Pump Room Restaurant. Whoever thought scones could be made even better by adding bacon and cheese to them was an absolute genius. 

You can try for a fancy breakfast but if you are short on time, then grab one of these bad boys as they are delicious and filling. They were so good I had one for my train ride back to London.

The bakery is right across from the Roman Baths.

Still looking for what to see in Bath keep on reading.

Take a dip in The Roman Baths

Roman Baths UK Day trips from London.jpg

The Roman Baths are one of the biggest draws to Bath UK. I’ve seen it in photos and let me tell you  visiting in person and seeing it for myself was a memorable experience. Let’s just say those photos don’t do it justice. 

The Roman Baths were constructed around 70AD, for bathing and socialising. It’s one of the most well-preserved Roman remains in the world. 

I visited the Roman Baths, and the abject remains of the Temple to Sulis Minera on a Sunday morning to avoid the crowds. 

After I entered the ticket entrance hall to the Roman Baths. I was given a personal audio guide (headset), for the interactive tour. 

The audio guide takes you through the museum and down to the Romans Bath. There are numbers on the walls that you can press into the headset, and it gives you more information on the artefact or tools. There are also actors and messages projected onto the wall at various points along the way.

You can do a complete tour of the museum, but I just skipped some bits and only listened to the commentary that interested me.

At the end of the tour, you’ll get a chance to taste the water from the Roman Baths. 

The water tastes like lukewarm saltwater that you rinse with after having a tooth removed. At least that’s what it tasted liked to me.

The Romans Baths are one of the main Bath attractions to visit.

You can purchase your tickets online which were £19.50 (weekends) and £18 weekdays.

The Roman Baths, Abbey Church Yard, Bath, BA1 1LZ

12. Thermae Bath Spa

You should also check out the Thermae Bath Spa, which is another top thing to do in Bath. I didn’t get a chance to visit the Spa on this visit to Bath. But I would definitely visit if I had booked my tickets in advance.

Click here for tickets prices to the Roman Baths and City Walking Tour.

Roman Baths England.jpg

Climb The Bath Abbey

After visiting the Roman Baths, visit the Bath Abbey, which is right next door. It’s an Anglican parish church and Benedictine monastery. This Gothic masterpiece was founded in the 7th century.

You can take a tour of the Abbey Tower and get a closer look at the architecture, by ascending the 212 steps to the top of the Bath Abbey’s Tower to see Bath from a different perspective.

Tours last 50 minutes, however, there are no tours on Sunday.

 The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe

Stepping into The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe is liking stepping back in time. They even still serve the famous Bath Bun which dates to 1761. And not to be confused with the Sally Lunn Bun, which I’ll get to later.

You can also have high tea in the Tea Shoppe, which I did, but it was nothing specular or compared to the high teas I’ve had in London. Like the Sketch London High Tea.

So, I would recommend that if you are used to that calibre of high tea, then you might be disappointed by the high tea that the Bath Bun tea shoppe has on offer. 

However, if all you want to do is try out the famous Bath Bun, then they sell those to go at £2.50 a bun.

The Bath Bun is a dough bun with crushed sugar and fruits sprinkled on top after baking. The variation of the bun sold at the tea shop includes lumps of sugar in the middle of the bun.

Sally Lunn Bunn

The Bath Bun is a close rival of the Sally Lunn Bunn, another favourite bun that originates from Bath and is still made there.

I visited Sally Lunns as its one of the oldest houses in Bath. The house now has a kitchen museum showing the actual kitchen used baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath.

I had dinner at Sally Lunn Bun and had one of their hot Trencher because of my FOMO. I wanted to try all that Bath had to offer.

I was not really impressed with the Sally Lunn Bunn, and it just tasted like ordinary bread. 

Nothing to really rave about.

But I do think this might differ with people and what sort of palate they have. But for me, it was an average bun at best. 

Wander Bath’s cute streets

Things to do in Bath The Pump Room.jpg
Things to do in Bath UK.jpg

Like I said before Bath is a small enough city that you can see Bath’s main tourist attractions in one day. However, spending two days in Bath gives you a real feel of the city and time to explore the small winding streets and cute hidden squares that you’re not going to find if you just rush through seeing the city.

There were so many little streets with interesting shops that you’ll see in the city centre if you just wondering around.

I hope this weekend in Bath itinerary gave you some ideas about some cool things to do in Bath.


Here’s how to spend a weekend in Bath UK - this 2 days in Bath itinerary is filled the best things to do in Bath England like visiting the Romans Baths, climbing the Bath Abbey or visiting the Bath Skyline to get epic views over the city center. Plus the best places to visit in Bath and much more

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