How to Visit Stonehenge For Free | Everything You Need to Know

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Want to know how to visit Stonehenge for free? Learn everything about the different ways that you can see Stonehenge for free and if this is the best option for visiting this prehistoric monuments.

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Yes, you might say it’s only some big stones in a circle, what’s the big deal? Well, this ancient site captures the imagination of many and draws in thousands of visitors every year.

It’s also a World Heritage Site and best known prehistoric monument in Europe. Now, how many stones in a circle can you say that about? None

Top things you’ll need To Visit Stonehenge

  • A camera to capture the spots you’ll be visiting around the Stonehenge, all my photos are taken with my Fujifilm X-T 4

  • A GoPro HERO 9 for cinematic videos of your travels

  • A powder bank to keep your devices juiced-up, I use this one to charge my phone, GoPro and cameras while travelling

  • A backpack to carry your snacks and a bottle of water

  • A stylish pair of walking shoe to explore in comfort

Stonehenge is one of the most visited sites in the UK, and if you are planning a visit to London, it should be at the top of your list of day trips from London.

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I’ve seen it twice and learn something new about the history of the stones every time I visit.

The good news is, unlike other popular England attractions, there isn’t a single price for everybody. Depending on the type of experience you want to have, and what your budget looks like, there are several different ways to visit Stonehenge. 

I’ve laid out all of your options –  including how to visit Stonehenge for free. I’ve also answered many common questions, including how to take a day trip from London to Stonehenge and the best time to visit. 

This guide goes over all of the information you’ll find useful, so let’s dive in! Or roll in ????, get it? Stones? Circular? Roll? Ok enough with my dad jokes.

What Exactly is Stonehenge? 

Visit Stonehenge For Free

Stonehenge is a large man-made circle of standing stones. The site was built thousands of years ago and continued to be constructed over many hundreds of years. It’s one of the world’s most famous and mysterious monuments. 

Sarsen stones were used to construct Stonehenge, which is a silicified sandstone boulder. 

About 50 stones remain today, although originally, there were probably many more. Each stone is around four metres high, two metres wide, and weighs around 25 tons. 

No one knows exactly how Stonehenge was built. It’s a question that continues to baffle, and no solid theory has ever been proven. 

Where is Stonehenge?

So where in England is Stonehenge anyway? And how far away is Stonehenge from London? 

This famous prehistoric monument is located in the county of Wiltshire, three kilometres west of the town of Amesbury.

It’s built on Salisbury Plain, which is a large, open plateau. If you’re coming from London, Stonehenge is situated about 90 miles west of the city centre. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Stonehenge?

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The best time to visit Stonehenge is outside of peak tourist hours. This is usually just after sunrise and before sunset. These are called the golden hours, and this is also the best time to take pictures. 

In winter, the sun sets much earlier than in summer, so make sure you plan your time accordingly. 

I’ve visited the site in summer and late winter and if you are visiting in winter, definitely wrap up warm and bring an umbrella, as there is nothing to shelter you from the elements if it starts to rain or sleet. 


Stonehenge Admission Information – Visitor Centre

Opening hours | 9:30am – 17:00

Stonehenge Address | Near Amesbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7DE

The visitor centre also has a car park

Is it Free to Visit Stonehenge?

The short answer is yes. It can be. There are also ways you can visit without having to pay the normal Stonehenge entrance fee every single time. Let’s breakdown all the options you’ll have. 

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s an ancient celebration, as well as an astronomical phenomenon.

It produces the longest day of the year, or, in other words, the day with the most sunlight. 

Yeah for summer babies, we bring that sunlight ????.

It’s one of the rare occasions where visitors are allowed to enter Stonehenge for free. This even includes access to the inner circle of stones.  

During the Stonehenge summer solstice, thousands of people gather in and around the ancient stones to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Spending the night is even permitted so visitors can watch the sun rising above the stones in the morning.

This event has turned into somewhat of an outdoor festival in recent years, with past numbers reaching up to 10,000 people! 

The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere usually takes place on the 20th or 21st of June. 

Park at Fargo Road to See Stonehenge for Free

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Can you walk to Stonehenge for free? Absolutely! Walking is a great alternative way to view Stonehenge, and you won’t have to pay a single penny. 

Simply plug “Fargo Road, Amesbury, Salisbury, UK” into your GPS. Once you arrive and park your car on the side of Fargo Road, plug Stonehenge into your GPS. Then, switch from the car setting to the walk setting

Follow the footpath. Depending on where you park, you’ll be able to see Stonehenge in under 30 minutes. 

At this point, you might be wondering, but can you just walk up to Stonehenge? The answer is yes, to a certain extent. The closest you can get is about 10 yard from the stones.

There are barriers that run around the perimeter to prevent visitors from walking inside or touching the stones. 

One thing to keep in mind when selecting this option is that paid ticket holders are able to walk a circular path around the stones – thus being able to see them from every direction, whereas the free public footpath only runs along one side of the stones.

But hey, at least you’ll skip out on the Stonehenge entry fee! 

English Heritage Membership

Purchasing an English Heritage Membership card is another option you’ll have for visiting Stonehenge. The card costs £60.00, but it’s valid for one year.

After you purchase the card, you can visit Stonehenge for free as many times as you’d like, as well as 400 other English Heritage sites around the country. 

Or, you can purchase an English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass. This is a better option for shorter stays in England.

You can buy a 9-day pass for £37.00, or a 16-day pass for £44.00. It includes free access to Stonehenge as many times as you’d like, as well as 100 other sites around the country. 

If you’re a family visiting Stonehenge, the Family English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass is the best option. It costs £69.00 for 9 days and £79.00 for 16 days. It’s valid for two adults and up to four children under the age of 18 years old. 

This pass is great for all my history buffs and culture vultures.

Walk From Woodhenge to Stonehenge

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Woodhenge is an ancient henge monument near Stonehenge. While the site is a reconstruction, as the original wooden post holes have been replaced by concrete pillars, it’s still a very interesting site to visit. 

Walking from Woodhenge to Stonehenge is another free option for seeing the stones. Plug “Woodhenge” into your GPS. Once you arrive you’ll find free parking and a well-marked walking path.

This path is a bit longer than the one at Fargo Road, but with a nice pair of hiking boots, you can enjoy a lovely stroll through the countryside. The distance is about five kilometres and takes about 90 minutes.

Once you arrive, the free views you’ll receive of Stonehenge are only a few metres back from the ones you’d get with a paid ticket. 

However, if you do wish to purchase a ticket, you’ll enjoy access to the Stonehenge visitor’s centre. This area contains displays about the monuments, an outdoor gallery, a shop, and a cafe. 

Book Here | To book your Stonehenge admission ticket

What is the Best Way to See Stonehenge?

If you’re planning your visit to Stonehenge and looking for the most convenient option, a tour is your best bet.

Tours transport you right to the site and provide a more detailed look at the history of this mysterious stone circle. When you understand something more, you appreciate it more. 

Best Stonehenge Tours From London

Tours take you directly from London right to Stonehenge. They cover your transportation and entry free.

You’ll also get to listen to an informative audio guide that will teach you more about this prehistoric stone circle. Here are two of the best tour options from London to Stonehenge. 

Book Here For London: Stonehenge And Bath Full-Day Tour Tickets

Stonehenge Bus Tour From London

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A Stonehenge bus tour from London is the most popular way to see this ancient site. You can choose between a morning or afternoon tour.

An audio guide is included in your ticket price and available in multiple languages. Upon arrival, you’ll have some free time to explore the site, take pictures, and learn about Stonehenge’s fascinating history. 

Book Here | To book a London: Stonehenge half-day morning or afternoon tour

London | Stonehenge and Bath Full-Day Tour

You might also want to consider tours to Bath and Stonehenge from London. You can cover two awesome England attractions in one day.

After spending some time at Stonehenge, you’ll board your tour bus and continue on to Bath and enjoy a bit of free time. 

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Visit Bath Abbey, discover the ancient Roman Baths, and stroll the charming city centre. 

Book Here | To book your London Stonehenge Bath day tour

Can You See Stonehenge From the Road? 

Yes, you can quickly view Stonehenge when driving along the A303 Road in both directions.

Don’t expect more than a quick glimpse though. You’ll need to keep to the speed limit, and there’s nowhere to pull over or park your car. Taking the time to actually visit Stonehenge will be much more rewarding. 

Can You Go to Stonehenge Without a Tour?

Yes, you can definitely go to Stonehenge without a tour. If you have a car, you can drive from London to Stonehenge in about two hours.

Taking public transport is another option. All major cities and towns in England are serviced by buses and/or trains. 

However, with that being said, Stonehenge lies in the middle of a large, open plateau. If you’re visiting England on vacation and aren’t renting a car, or don’t want to fuss with public transport, a tour will definitely be the easiest way to visit Stonehenge. 

How to Get to Stonehenge From London by Train

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The train to Stonehenge from London is a reliable and economical option. With trains running roughly every 30 minutes during the day, it’s also a flexible way to plan a visit. 

There isn’t a direct train link from London to Stonehenge, the closest train station is in Salisbury, which is 14 kilometres from Stonehenge. 

The train from London’s Waterloo Station to Salisbury will take about 1.5-hours. Expect a round trip London to Stonehenge train ticket to cost around £37.00, although this price can vary depending on the day and time of your departures. 

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Once you arrive in Salisbury, you’ll need to hop on a Stonehenge tour bus. This is a public bus that will take you from Salisbury to Stonehenge Visitors Centre.

It will take another 25 – 30 minutes. The round-trip bus ticket cost £16.00 and is good all day. 

Is the London to Stonehenge Bus Cheap?

Taking the bus from London to Stonehenge is slightly more affordable than taking the train, but it will add more time to your journey. 

Start by taking the bus from London Victoria Coach Station to Salisbury. The ride is about 3 hours and costs about £21.00 for a round trip.

Once you arrive, you’ll need to take the Stonehenge tour bus for the rest of the way. This will cost another £16.00 (round trip) and take about 30 minutes. 

How to Get to Stonehenge From Bath

Stonehenge and the ancient city of Bath are only 35 kilometres apart. Given their close distance, they’re often combined into one trip. Both are iconic England attractions and should not be missed. 

You can drive from Bath to Stonehenge in about one hour, or you can take the train. There’s a direct train line from Bath Spa to Salisbury that will take just under one hour.

Similar to the train route from London, once you arrive in Salisbury, you’ll need to hop on a Stonehenge shuttle bus.

This will take you the rest of the way to Stonehenge Visitors Centre. It will take about 25 – 30 minutes and a roundtrip bus ticket will cost £16.00. 

A tour from Bath to Stonehenge is another option. You’ll get picked up from your hotel in Bath, or from the train station in Bath and be driven straight to Stonehenge. Your private guide will fill you in on even more insight into the history of Stonehenge. 

Book Here | To book a private half-day tour of Stonehenge from Bath

Stonehenge Free Access – Final Thoughts 

So, is Stonehenge free, in fact? Yes, it can be. If you don’t mind walking through the English countryside, you can walk up to Stonehenge and visit for free.

Or, if you plan a trip during the summer solstice, you can also visit for free. 

However, I think it’s safe to say that tours to Stonehenge are a bit more convenient. And, they allow you to learn more about the history and mystery of these ancient monuments.

How to visit Stonehenge for free
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