13 Best Pubs in Shoreditch | Beer Gardens & Bars

If you’re walking through Shoreditch during the day, you may be wondering where to get your groove on when dusk sinks in.

This quick list of the best pubs in Shoreditch takes you through some of the best spots in terms of vibe, cost, and, of course, an extensive selection of craft beers.

Old Fountain

Since there are so many things to do in Shoreditch, you may feel inundated at first, uncertain of what to look out for in a pub. Well, luckily this list has you covered.

Keep reading to find the best pubs Shoreditch has on offer!

Best Pubs in Shoreditch

The Best Shoreditch Pubs

Whether you’re scouting for a classic Shoreditch beer garden or looking to explore the city through the most incredible pints out there, these pubs will surely leave you with something to talk about even months after your visit.

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    Here are the best Shoreditch pubs and bars around.

    The Crown and Shuttle

    The Crown and Shuttle is a lovely pub in Shoreditch that you can go to at any time of the day. Whether you’re looking for something relaxed, an ice-cold Guinness and lunch, or a pumped-up vibe and a few cocktails to take you into the evening.

    The space is vibrant, warm, and welcoming. If you’re looking for something substantial before a night of liquids, you’ll have to try the fish finger wrap and chips or nibble away at their wide range of tasty snacks. 

    While the friendly staff, an assortment of beers, ales, cocktails, and a yummy menu of good grub are all worth the while, the biggest drawcard is the beer garden out at the back.

    Here, you can get lost in the music, catch up with old friends, or make new ones in the bright and open space.

    The Queen of Hoxton

    The Queen of Hoxton is more of a Shoreditch club than a Shoreditch pub – although the space itself is multi-faceted and adaptable to anything you may need it to be. Similar to the ‘Room of Requirements’ in Harry Potter but with more sassiness.

    The club can be transformed into a space for brunch, tea parties, and major events, but it is always ideal for a quick pint or three. If you’re also hoping to dance the night away, check in on the club’s website, as they tend to have regular events and themed nights.

    Whether you’re dressing up as Alice from Wonderland or rubbing shoulders with the fiercest of drag queens over bottomless brunch, you’re in for an exciting time.

    Choose your vibe between the ground floor or rooftop terrace, the views are second to none, and the drinks don’t stop flowing.

    Howl at the Moon

    One of the best pubs that Hoxton has to offer will show you the authentic atmosphere of this area. You can expect freeing fun and silliness, good food, proper beer (and a few other beverages), and a ton of fantastic events to be a part of.

    Here, you’ll be reminded not to take life too seriously and enjoy the finer things in life. Their selection of beverages is vast and budget-friendly, so you may have a hard time when it comes time to leave.

    Luckily, this place is available to you after work for a quick pint or on a Sunday afternoon for a saucy Sunday roast with all of the trimmings.

    While you’re there, be sure to try out the burger and a Guinness as well and de-stress surrounded by the intriguing decor and a ton of plants.

    Old Fountain

    The Old Fountain has made it onto the list of best bars in Shoreditch thanks to its gourmet-level food, modern decor, and high-end-looking terrace. Experience a mature night out with some of your closest mates and your favourite beers.

    Old Fountain London
    Official Photo From Old Fountain

    This pub has an excellent reputation for soliciting a vibrant, chilled, and comfortable vibe. While this is a firm favourite amongst many locals, it is also quite hidden. So, you won’t be bombarded with too many people at once. Although, you’ll have a crowd big enough to feed off the energy.

    With this being said, this spot is truly one for the ladies and gents among us. This pub draws in a specific kind of crowd that allows you to enjoy a responsible pint without any ‘hooligans’ around to dampen your vibe.

    Owl and Pussycat

    As the self-proclaimed soul of Shoreditch, the Owl and Pussycat pub and restaurant offers you old-school vibes that are popular with both locals and tourists. So, it’s a great place to make some new friends and a ton of new memories.

    Owl and Pussycat
    Official Photo From Owl and Pussycat

    They’ve got a menu full of hearty dishes, delicious treats, and some creative ways of sharing them with you. From the Crumble Guy that walks around serving apple crumble and custard to bottomless Yorkshire puddings on a Sunday.

    Chill out back in the garden with a couple of pints and a rugby game or stay inside on the first floor or The Jago (second floor) for a good chat and a Guinness with a beloved group of friends.

    Princess of Shoreditch

    A couple of pubs in Old Street give Shoreditch a good name. But this specific Shoreditch pub with a beer garden right around the corner makes Old Street look like it’s missing something.

    If you’re looking for a gastropub with some great tasting food, a decent budget, and lots of excellent beers and ales to choose from, then you’ve hit the mother load.

    Princess of Shoreditch
    Official Photo From Princess of Shoreditch

    The Princess of Shoreditch has received countless awards that prove their vibe makes them worth visiting.

    While you’re there, be ready for a three-course meal. Enjoy the Sunday roast, the mackerel, potatoes, beef, or Yorkshire pudding. Although, we’ll understand if it looks too good to choose one and you opt for the course tasting menu instead. 

    The Red Lion

    If you’d like to make the most of a sunny day in London, then you’ll most likely want a place like The Red Lion. Their rooftop bar and craft beer in Shoreditch is second to none.

    A ladies’ night out for some pizza and cocktails sounds like a great way to enjoy your Friday night, and The Red Lion ensures that it’s done right.

    The pub is managed by women, so ladies, you’ll feel a whole lot safer here.

    Its trendy decor adds to the fun atmosphere and makes this a space where you can just throw it back and let your hair loose. There’s also a 10-pound pint and pizza special.

    Strongroom Bar and Kitchen

    Imagine ivy covering a bright, open, wooden furnished courtyard and a whole lot of fairy lights for that extra je ne sais quoi. This gastropub in Shoreditch offers you an eclectic atmosphere safe for anyone that prefers to throw the box away instead of fit inside it.

    The pub also ropes you in with an exciting trivia quiz night (with cash prizes), and a range of sensational live music to keep your toes tapping.

    The bar stands for the community created by the different musicians and artists in and around Shoreditch.

    So, coupled with a great sense of camaraderie, wonderful music, and the best beers, you’ll also find affordable prices and delicious dishes. Each of these factors adds to the aforementioned decor, making it a true pub Shoreditch can be proud of.

    Brick Lane Tap Room

    Visiting a pub on Brick Lane is a given on any itinerary. The Brick Lane Tap Room lies in the centre of Shoreditch and offers the usual suspects like beer, ales, ciders, and a pretty good time.

    Join a walking tour of the best pubs in order to truly compare the different places in, around, and other pubs near Shoreditch.  The Brick Lane Tap Room hosts regular events to make sure you’re up to date with The Six Nations rugby championship.

    So, yes. This is your regular awesome game night, just kicking it up a notch with some extra added panache. Support your favourite team with like-minded people at this quaint space.

    Goose Island Brewpub

    The Goose Island brewpub in Shoreditch is the perfect spot for lovers of anything craft beer. This is by far their most appealing facet. It’s not only popular with the artisanal beer lover but with vegans and foodies too.

    Get your fix of their personal brew and a burger to boot. Choose your favourite flavour from a long list of beautifully crafted beers or sample anything and everything you can before taking your pick.

    The interior is welcoming, warm, and decked out with wood. It proves to offer a typical gastropub feel while ensuring a touch of class in your experience. Since their food is such a catch, you can always order some food to pick up if you’re running low on time (or energy).

    The Golden Heart

    This list of Shoreditch’s best pubs is also a solid guide for making your way through a DIY pub tour. The Golden Heart is on the other corner of Brick Lane and is close to The Ten Bells. A quick walk away; the Golden Heart is slightly more relaxed and is a more traditional space.

    This establishment may be best for a quick pint as it does become quite pricey if you’re looking for a space to settle in for the night. Try to grab their craft beers or ciders or a taste of Prosecco and crisps.

    If you’re lucky, you’ll run into Sandra, the landlady. She is a warm and welcoming person who is always ready for a chat. Be sure to go in there with an open heart and mind to experience the very best of The Golden Heart.

    The Ten Bells

    What’s better than a regular pub? An excellent pub that has a regular pub quiz. At this intriguing place, you and your favourite group of people can test your knowledge on a Tuesday at their weekly pub quiz or one of their bespoke social events.

    The pub itself is known for its historical background displayed through the Grade II listed tiles and the traditional decor. The Ten Bells offers a wide selection of affordable drinks and a great atmosphere.

    Choose between their extensive wine list, tasty ales, and ciders. If you’re looking for something a little bit more traditional, you’ll have to try their Old-fashioned or Negroni cocktails.

    Spend the afternoon in the 17th-century main bar or book the upstairs area for a wonderful cocktail party. Spend the night having a classy evening in the Lounge area that is only open from Thursday to Sunday.

    The Pride of Spitalfields

    At the Pride of Spitalfields, you can indulge in the best beers, be serviced by the top-of-the-range staff, and enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere.

    If you’re in search of an authentic London pub, this one fits the bill. Stumble in here from Brick Lane and spend the night delighted with great tastes in music and an old-school-style pub vibe.

    You will never be disappointed here, so pop in for the game on a Sunday or a quick beer after work on a Friday. While you may be a bit peckish and hope for something to line your stomach, the place is best known for its drinks as opposed to its delicacies.

    Luckily, the pub is right around the corner from excellent restaurants like What the Pitta for vegans, Pepe’s for fast food, and Kumi for a lovely sushi platter.

    The Pride of Spitalfields is also around the corner from Premier Inn London in Brick Lane if you need a quick room for the night.

    Final Say On The Best Pubs In Shoreditch

    There are a ton of friendly pubs in Shoreditch, regardless of the vibe you’re looking for. There’s something for everyone.

    Whether you’re looking to dress up at Queen of Hoxton, hoping to sit back responsibly at The Old Fountain, or be a little silly at Howl at the Moon.

    With so much to choose from, you’re definitely in for a night to remember (or forget). Be sure to check out the best Shoreditch coffee shops in the morning.

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