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One of the best things to do in East London is to taste delicious foods. The area is home to some of the most acclaimed restaurants and eateries in the world, with dishes that will have your taste buds tingling.

From Michelin-star restaurants with four-course tasting menus to East London’s best brunch spots, there are plenty of incredible flavours waiting to be explored.

Pophams East London

This guide hopes to inspire your food adventures by introducing you to some of the area’s most unique dining experiences, supper clubs, and foodie hotspots. So, without further ado, here are the best restaurants in East London.

11 Best East London Restaurants

Looking for the best restaurant East London has to offer? Whether you want a quick bite at a trendy east end eatery or to relax at a supper club, here are a few places to check out.

The Clove Club

The Clove Club East London
The Clove Club Official Photo

First on the list is The Clove Club, one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the United Kingdom. And it is arguably the best East London restaurant.

It was founded by chef Isaac Mchale in 2013 and is set in the historic rooms of Shoreditch Town Hall. Since its establishment, it has accomplished plenty.

This includes being the highest-ranked UK restaurant on the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. It also holds two Michelin stars and is the number one UK restaurant according to the Sunday Times.

The Clove Club is renowned for its seasonal tasting menu, which features a variety of modern, elegant, and delicious dishes.

Each item on the menu is prepared using the best produce the British Isles has to offer. For dinner, the tasting menu is quite expensive, costing visitors £145. However, you can experience the restaurant’s innovative flavours with the lunch menu for just £65.

Some popular dishes served at this relaxed fine dining restaurant include hot smoked Wiltshire trout, middle white pork jowl, and badger faced lamb.

Accompanying the tasting menus is the restaurant’s extensive wine list, which showcases both contemporary and classical old-world wines. 

Address: Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London EC1V 9LT, United Kingdom

Silo London

Silo London is a well-renowned restaurant in East London. It was founded by a pioneer in eco-focused eating, chef Douglas McMaster.

Silo London
Silo London Official Photo

The concept first materialised in Brighton in 2014, where the innovative chef opened his first zero-waste restaurant. In 2019, the restaurant moved to its new home – London’s Hackney Wick.

But what is “zero-waste”? Simply put, it means that there is no need for a bin. Every bit of every ingredient is used in its entirety, resulting in some of the most creative and delicious meals.

The Silo menu features a number of dishes made from local ingredients purchased directly from producers and farmers. Using modern and ancient techniques, chef Doug McMaster aims to wow people with his mouth-watering dishes.

Favourites include the king oyster dish, smoked venison served with sichuan peppercorn sauce, and many more.

Each of these delectable dishes can be paired with a glass of fine wine. You can also indulge in a cocktail that uses botanical spirits or a biodynamic beer.

The restaurant is housed in a former factory building and boasts a minimalist, eco-friendly design. All the chairs and tables are upcycled and sustainable, keeping true to the chef’s mission to “close the loop” while feeding people delicious food.

So, if you’re an eco-conscious individual or a foodie, be sure to stop by this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Address: Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN, United Kingdom


Shoreditch’s Lyle’s is another East London restaurant that nails the concept of serving a delicious, well-crafted tasting menu in a relaxed setting.

Here, the tasting menu changes daily, including everything from fish to mutton and even game. There is also a vegetarian menu, boasting a tasteful selection of vegetable-based dishes and desserts.

Lyles Shoreditch
Lyle’s Official Photo

Each dish is created by the restaurant’s renowned chef, James Lowe. The chef boasts an impressive resume, having served at Noma in Copenhagen and St John Bread and Wine in London. You can see evidence of this in his dishes, which draw inspiration from his previous gigs.

At Lyle’s, the ever-changing four-course menu is accompanied by some of the finest beers in London. Included among these are East Sussex’s Burning Sky Saison a la Provision and Herefordshire’s world-class perry and ciders.

The restaurant sits in an old Lipton tea factory near the Shoreditch BoxPark. It offers a unique setting with expansive windows, allowing for plenty of natural light.

Coupled with some of the best foods and beverages, it’s no wonder this place is among the best restaurants in London.

Address: Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ


Chef Ravinder Bhogal worked in the Michelin-star Trishna restaurant before opening up her own restaurant – Jikoni.

Referred to by Bhogal as a “no borders kitchen”, the restaurant aims to celebrate the similarities and differences between various cultures. But how so? – Through food, of course.

Jikoni East London
The Fork Official Photo

Jikoni serves a diverse menu inspired by immigrant cuisines. Included are a number of tasty favourites from South and East Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, and Britain.

Using the maternal and instinctive style of cooking seen in many of these family-oriented cultures, Bhogal provides visitors with dishes that are just as comforting and nourishing.

The vibrant menu features many dishes and snacks suited to brunch, lunch, or dinner. Start off the day with the prawn toast and Scotch egg served with banana ketchup or indulge in a fish pie with golden saffron for dinner.

And for dessert, try the restaurant’s marsala spiced apple and blackberry roulade. At Jokoni, each dish is colourful and boasts a truly unique flavour.

To pair with your hearty meal, Jikoni offers a lovely selection of cocktails. Some of these thoughtfully crafted beverages even make use of eastern spices.

And if you’re not one for alcoholic drinks, there are a number of speciality teas available too. 

Address: 19-21 Blandford St, London W1U 3DH, United Kingdom


If you’re a fan of seafood, then be sure to visit Cornerstone, one of the most beloved fish restaurants in London.

Cornerstone London
Cornerstone Official Photo

It was founded by chef Tom Brown and is situated just two minutes from Hackney Wick. Here, indulge in an ever-changing menu that celebrates the flavours of the sea and plenty more.

Cornerstone offers a smaller menu that features a number of elegantly prepared seafood dishes.

For starters, try the restaurant’s fresh oysters. These can be enjoyed raw with green tomato hot sauce or pickled with cucumber, horseradish, and dill. For the mains, indulge in hake kiev served with mussel butter and parsley emulsion, crab Thermidor crumpets, or baked scallop with coral butter.

While the highlight is undoubtedly the fish, Cornerstone offers some exceptional desserts and beverages, too.

Upon arrival, visitors can enjoy the restaurant’s “Cornerstone G&T”. This signature cocktail is made with gin that has been distilled with cloudy apple juice and is served with apple, samphire, and herbal tonic.

At Cornerstone, enjoy all of the above and more in a relaxed and casual setting. The restaurant boasts a wonderful, light and bright space dotted with several terracotta-potted succulents.

The kitchen sits underneath pendant lights, right at the centre of the restaurant. So, you’re guaranteed a front-row seat no matter your table.

Address: 3 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LX, London


Tomas Parry is famously known as the chef behind the prestigious Kitty Fisher’s, considered to be the celebrity hangout in Mayfair. In recent years, he rolled out his solo project – BRAT.

BRAT London
BRAT Official Photo

Since its launch, the Shoreditch restaurant quickly became a hit and earned a spot amongst the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

At BRAT, the menu centres around Basque Country cooking. This suggests that dishes are prepared directly on the flames.

For something extra delicious, be sure to order the “Whole Turbot”. This large, highly valued fish is the restaurant’s signature offering. After all, brat is the old English name for turbot. While it costs a whopping £150, it can feed a table of three and boasts a flavour and texture like no other.

Other popular picks on the menu include John Dory, Dover Sole, various cuts of meat, and plenty more.

To complement the food is an extensive wine list curated by Noble Rot’s Dan Keeling. Here you can expect everything from glasses of fine wines to bottles of sherry. A favourite is the Fino en Rama, which pairs well with just about anything on the menu.

Though Kitty Fisher’s is known to be more of a private club, BRAT offers a more relaxed space. The wood-panelled restaurant boasts a relaxed and cosy campfire feel with light chatter throughout.

So, if you’re looking for a good spot to grab a meal with family or friends, this is the place to be.

Address: 4 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL, United Kingdom


Pidgin is the debut restaurant of James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, former hosts of the acclaimed supper club, The Secret Larder.

Pidgin East London

 While The Secret Larder is now closed, Pidgin continues to thrive, bringing an array of new flavours to the bustling Hackney Street.

With a vibrant yet relaxing setting, Pidgin offers a wonderful reprieve from the busy neighbourhood it finds itself in.

Inside the restaurant, you will find copper-trimmed tables and walls covered with twigs from the New Forest. This is the perfect space to indulge in some of the most divine dishes in East London.

While the setting is stunning, Pidgin’s biggest draw is undoubtedly the food. The relatively new supper club features a unique “no-choice” menu that changes weekly. In fact, the restaurant has not repeated a dish in over two years.

The short four-course menu adds to the laid-back feel of the restaurant as visitors do not need to stress about what food to order.

It’s like a dinner party where you can simply relax and enjoy good company while being treated to the host’s cooking.

To round up your seamless dinner experience is Pidgin’s drinks menu that includes a variety of cocktails, beers, ciders, and wines. Like the menu, wine pairings change weekly, so your drinks are sure to complement your meals perfectly.

Address: 52 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG, United Kingdom


Founded by David Carter, the restaurant earned its stripes as a food truck, which quickly accumulated queues that extended around the block.

Smokestak East London
Smokestak Official Photo

Today, it finds itself in a brick-and-mortar location in Shoreditch and continues to attract hordes of people with its tasty offers.

Whether a food truck or restaurant, you’re likely to smell Smokestak from halfway up the street.

So, if you’re unsure about where to find the restaurant, let the tantalising aroma of slow-cooked brisket be your guide. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself at the restaurant’s two heavy, metal-riveted doors.

Smokestak boasts a rustic charm. The space is dimly lit with large concrete walls, steel panelling, rough wooden tables and banquettes, and a kitchen that somewhat resembles an engine room.

Here, the beef brisket is slow-cooked for up to fifteen hours over kiln-dried English oak. This smokey meat is then served to visitors inside a brioche bun, along with a mustard-barbecue sauce, butter, and pickled red chilli.

And while the meat is the star of the show, the restaurant offers some excellent vegetarian options too.

This includes coal-roasted aubergine, which is served with red miso, toasted cashews, and red miso. Pairing perfectly with the food are the lagers and ales. These come from Kernel and 40ft, two of the best craft breweries in London.

Address: 35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB, United Kingdom


If you’re a pastry-lover, then chances are you’ve heard of Popham’s. Founded by baker Phil King, this masterful patisserie was a popular breakfast spot in East London.

However, in 2019, it moved to Richmond Road and expanded its menu. Today, Popham’s is renowned for serving some of the best pastries and pasta dishes.

Pophams London
Pophams Official Photos

With an evening pasta menu, there is something to be enjoyed any time of the day at this wonderful restaurant.

Visit in the morning and indulge in a warm croissant or fig leaf custard with candied walnut. And for lunch, enjoy a sourdough toastie or a fresh salmon salad.

Come the evenings, and the bakery transforms into a pasta-based supper club. The menu is limited, with around ten tasty items on offer.

On the menu, you will find various dishes featuring hand-crafted cappellacci, gnocchi, or tortellini. Favourites include the porcini agnolotti, parsnip gnocchetti, and barchette dishes.

For dessert, Popham’s serves doughnuts with rhubarb jam and vanilla and ginger custard and a pecan pie croissant pudding. With an evening menu filled with pasta and pastries, taste the flavours that helped make Popham’s the popular patisserie and pasta-joint it is today.

Address: 197 Richmond Road, London, England, E8 3NJ, United Kingdom

Smoking Goat

Smoking Goat is renowned for its incredible, flaming-hot, Thai-inspired dishes. So, it’s no wonder fans of the restaurant were not happy when Ben Chapman closed the popular Smoking Goat on Denmark Street.

Smoking Goat East London
Smoking Goat IG Photo

Fortunately, the acclaimed chef later opened a bigger site, right in Shoreditch, East London.

Like the previous location, the Shoreditch restaurant focuses on “Thai barbeque”. This comprises a number of extra-spicy dishes made from seasonal British ingredients.

Popular items on the menu include the Tamworth pork skewers, barbeque chicken with smoked chilli jaew, chilli fish sauce wings, and many more. Even side dishes like the lardo fried rice are highly praised.

The food at Smoking Goat can also be described as “Thai drinking food.” So, it’s only fitting that the restaurant offers a drinks menu with an extensive list of alcoholic beverages.

This includes beers (on tap), ciders, cocktails, and a wide range of wines. For something new, try the “America Eats its Young” cocktail. This is made with vodka, tomato, fish sauce, and chilli.

Smoking Goat is set within a dark, bustling dining room, which matches well with the restaurant’s unique food and drinks menus. So next time you’re craving spicy food or a holiday-style cocktail, be sure to stop by this incredible Shoreditch hangout.

Address: 64 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom


PEG is a trendy neighbourhood restaurant and wine bar in Hackney Central. It was founded by the team of P.Franco in Clapton and Bright in Broadway Market. PEG takes the cool-but-casual vibe the two restaurants are renowned for and kicks it up a notch.

PEG is a rather bold food establishment as it does not accept reservations. It also serves a rather limited menu.

So, what makes this walk-in restaurant so popular? For many, it’s the food. PEG serves a set menu with some of the simplest yet most delicious Japanese-inspired dishes.

The set menu costs £49, comprising four to five courses. Dishes are inspired by seasonal produce and include everything from dumplings to dry-aged trout or beef and Hampshire pork collar. Vegan or vegetarian options are not always available.

As PEG is a wine bar, you can expect a rather extensive drinks menu that includes G&T’s, ciders, beers, and a long list of wines. For the perfect pairing, try the punchy white Negroni.

Address: 120 Morning Ln, London E9 6LH, United Kingdom

Visit the Best Restaurants East London Has to Offer

When it comes to food, East London offers plenty. From charming brunch spots to Michelin-star restaurants, there is something to suit just about any palate or occasion.

In this article, we have looked at some of the top tables in London. From Shoreditch to Hackney and beyond, these East London restaurants are sure to have you coming back for more.

While you’re in the area, do not limit your gastronomical experience to a few restaurants. Be sure to check out one of the many East London food markets, too.

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