Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech Review

Have you been wondering Zagora desert tour from Marrakech? I’ve got you covered!

As someone who has done this epic overnight excursion into the Sahara Desert, I’ve got the insider knowledge about one of the top excursions from Marrakech.

Sahara Desert Morocco Marrakech Morocco

As first-timers visiting the vibrant city of Marrakech, you may not know that one of the top experiences to add to your itinerary is to travel to the vast sand dunes surrounding the village of Zagora.

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Berber people at the dunes of Sahara Desert

Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech

Overall, the Zagora desert tour from Marrakech is an ideal experience for first-time visitors desiring an overnight desert stay.

This two-day journey encompasses the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, magical desert sunsets and sunrises from camelback, and an authentic night at a Berber camp with a traditional feast.

The tour also includes a visit to the historic Aït Benhaddou, guide and round trip to and from your hotel.

Sure, roaming the souks and Djemaa el-Fna square of Marrakech gives you a taste of Moroccan culture, but an overnight Zagora desert tour transports you to a magical landscape that feels worlds away.

After doing tons of research and comparing reviews, I booked my own Zagora tour to get away from the hustle of the city. From camel rides at sunset to traditional Berber music under the starry night sky, it exceeded my expectations and was a highlight of my trip and is one of the best Sahara Desert tours from Marrakech.

Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech Overview?

Riding camels at Sahara desert

The Zagora Desert Tour is a 2-day, 1-night guided excursion from Marrakech into the dramatic desert landscape of Morocco.

You’ll venture through the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, meet your camel companions, trek deep into the desert sands to watch the radiant sunsets and sunrises, overnight at a traditional Berber encampment on this Zagora desert trip where you feast on authentic cuisine, and so much more.

It’s the ultimate blend of culture, scenery, and adventure – perfect for first timers in Marrakech seeking to discover the magic of Morocco beyond the hustle of Marrakech.


  • Breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains
  • Camel trek during golden hour into the desert
  • Overnight stay at a traditional Berber camp
  • Authentic homecooked meals & entertainment
  • Incredible sunrises & sunsets amid the dunes
  • Exploration of the Draa Valley & villages

What To Expect On A Zagora Desert Trip

Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech

The tour begins with a morning pickup from your Marrakech accommodation in a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus. As you traverse through the staggering High Atlas Mountain range, your English-speaking guide will share stories about Berber culture and the indigenous villages nestled within the harsh landscapes.

Your first stop is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aït Benhaddou – an ancient, fortified Kasbah city overlooking the desert. You’ll have free time to roam this remarkable filming location of many blockbuster movies.

Re-boarding the minibus, you’ll continue onwards through the Draa Valley, brimming with palm tree oases and fertile landscapes providing stark contrast to the encroaching desertscapes.

After arriving in the town of Zagora, you’ll meet your camel companions for an unforgettable trek into the heart of the Sahara Desert to the Zagora desert camp. Perched atop the lofty, endearingly awkward beasts, you’ll wander towards a traditional Berber encampment – your home under the stars for the night.

After settling in, relax over a hearty Moroccan feast, share stories around the campfire, and gaze in awe at the dazzling night sky before retiring to your cozy, private tent. At dawn, position yourself for an awe-inspiring desert sunrise before breakfast and the camel trek return.

After saying farewell to your camel, the journey back to Marrakech includes plenty of photo-ops through quaint villages and the mountain passageways. You’ll be comfortably returned to your hotel by evening, leaving you with lifelong memories of mystical Morocco.

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2-Day Desert Zagora Tour from Marrakech Features & Benefits:

Live Tour Guide:

These shared desert tours from Marrakech include live expert English, French and Arabic-speaking tour guide which benefits first-time visitors wanting an overnight desert trip in many ways.

Guides handle all transportation and logistics for a seamless trip, share deep cultural knowledge about the areas visited, communicate with locals for authentic interactions with Berber villagers, cameleers and more, ensure travelers’ needs are met especially when camping overnight, and allow first-timers to simply enjoy their introduction to Morocco’s landscapes without worry.

By providing ongoing narration and education in multiple languages throughout this 2-day desert adventure, the guides meaningfully immerse you in Moroccan culture.

Overnight Accommodation in Nomadic Camp:

Sahara Desert Morocco

The overnight accommodation at a traditional Nomadic-style desert camp greatly enhances first-timers’ adventures into the Sahara.

Staying in a Berber-run luxurious camp under star-dotted desert skies allows for full immersion into local culture through Moroccan mint tea, authentic home-cooked meals, musicians and dancers over the campfire.

Waking up in the peace of desert sands is the ideal scenic way to start sunrise camel rides. With multiple private tents, blankets and camp cots provided, you can comfortably experience Nomadic hospitality and culture even in the isolation of the Sahara.

Roundtrip Transportation from Marrakesh:

Having round trip transportation conveniently included from Marrakesh allows first-timers to effortlessly embark on this 2-day Zagora Desert adventure without logistical planning.

Air-conditioned minibuses and comfortable 4×4 vehicles safely transport you while guides narrate the changing landscapes along the way. Transportation handling takes the hassle out of navigating from Marrakesh through the High Atlas Mountains all the way to the desert.

With hotels pick-up/drop-off included, you simply enjoy the scenic journey into harshly beautiful deserts knowing that transportation details are covered.

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Pros of Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech

  • All transportation and lodging logistics handled for travellers.
  • Experienced multilingual guides to facilitate cultural immersion.
  • Perfect blend of modern amenities (A/C van, included meals) with exotic activities (camel riding, desert camping).
  • Opportunities to engage with Berber villagers/Nomads not found in Marrakesh.
  • Captivating views of Morocco’s landscapes from mountain ranges to sand dunes.
  • Overnight at traditional tented camp for memorable visit steeped in Berber culture.
  • Sunrise/sunset camel rides for quintessential Sahara Desert experiences.
  • Chance to buy unique handmade souvenirs directly from Moroccan artisans.
  • Deeper understanding of Moroccan history, culture and hospitality.

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Cons of Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech

  • Very long driving days to reach the desert and back.
  • Extensive walking over desert sand dunes may be strenuous for some.
  • Staying overnight in the desert may be too adventurous for cautious travellers.
  • Introverts may prefer more solitary experiences vs. highly group-based tour.
  • Tour timing requires early mornings and long travel days without much personal freetime.

However, in this 2 day desert tour from Marrakech guides provide frequent stop opportunities, and any physical limitations can be accommodated by cameleers. Ultimately the cultural rewards outweigh the packing list and early rise required.

As long as first-timers come prepared, this tour provides once-in-a-lifetime access into Morocco’s magical Sahara Desert in an easy-to-navigate structure ideal for novices.

My Experience On The Zagora Tour From Marrakech

Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech Review

My journey with the 2 days desert tour from Marrakech was an odyssey that took me from the lively chaos of the city to the profound tranquility of the Sahara.

Marrakech, with its sensory overload of sights and sounds, from the bustling Djemaa el-Fna square to the labyrinthine souks, was a thrilling start.

From the outset, our guide Fatah was a fountain of stories, bridging the cultural divide with his fluency in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

As we journeyed from Marrakech through the High Atlas Mountains, the landscape shifted dramatically, from verdant valleys to stark, orange dunes, each mile revealing another layer of Morocco’s diverse beauty.

Our route took us through cinematic Ait Benhaddou, across the Draa Valley’s verdant palm groves, and into the heart of Zagora, where the desert’s pulse began to beat in sync with my own.

The camel ride, albeit uncomfortable at first, became a rhythm I tuned to as we trekked to our camp. That night, enveloped in the desert’s silence, I understood the true meaning of peace.

The stillness was a stark contrast to Marrakech’s vibrance, a stillness so profound that even the stars seemed to pause and respect it. Our nomadic tents offered a comforting end to an exhilarating day.

Waking before dawn on the second day, we were greeted by a sunrise that played with shadows on the dunes, a natural spectacle of light and life. After a hearty breakfast, we bid farewell to the desert, riding camel’s back to the threshold of civilization before retracing our steps to the city.

As we departed, the desert’s stillness clung to me, a stark contrast to the renewed cacophony of Marrakech.

The tour was not merely a trip but a transformative experience, revealing the multifaceted soul of Morocco. And while the comforts of the desert camp were basic, they were authentic, a true nomadic embrace that luxury could not replicate.

For anyone visiting Marrakech, a venture to Zagora is essential. It offers a different side to Morocco, a canvas of serenity against the vivid tapestry of city life.

The Zagora Desert Morocco doesn’t just hold sand and silence; it holds stories, stillness, and the sublime, waiting for those willing to ride a camel into its heart.

drums at the campfire Sahara scaled

Who Is Zagora Desert Tour From Marrakech For?

This tour is ideal for first-time visitors to Morocco seeking an adventurous yet accessible way to experience the Sahara Desert’s natural splendour and sleep a night under the stars.

Zagora Sahara Desert Tour Pricing/Location

What to know before travelling to Morocco

The two day Zagora desert tour typically ranges from $100-200 USD per person, depending on time of year and tour provider used.

The tour departs from and returns to Marrakech, located inland Morocco. The route traverses the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara Desert, passing numerous Berber villages before overnight camping in the dunes near Zagora town.

Top Sahara Desert Tours From Marrakech Alternatives:

  • 3 Day Desert Safari from Marrakech
  • Overnight Camping Trip to Merzouga Dunes
  • Day Trip to Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou

Zagora is considered a gateway town on the edge of the Sahara Desert. Located in southern Morocco about 350 km from Marrakech, its landscape transitions from mountainous to desert terrain.

The towering sand dunes approximately two miles from Zagora town offer visitors a magical spot for camel treks, stargazing, and sunrise appreciation amid the vast Sahara.

There are also luxury desert tours from Marrakech, however the tours I have recommend are very inexpensive and are great for anyone doing a tour like this for the first time and don’t want to blow their budget.

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FAQs About About Zagoura Tour

✅ What is included on the 2 day Zagora tour?

The tour normally includes roundtrip transport from Marrakech, an English-speaking guide, camel riding, overnight Berber camp accommodation, dinner and breakfast and is one of the best day trips from trip Marrakech.

✅ How strenuous is the camel riding?

Rider comfort levels vary but it can be slightly uncomfortable or awkward for first timers. Trek durations are generally 1-2 hours.

✅ What should I pack for overnight camping?

Pack lightweight layers, sandals, sun protection, flashlight, toiletries, sleepwear, towel, and a sleeping bag if one isn’t provided.

✅ What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations more than 24 hours before departure often receive a full refund. Under 24 hours usually do not qualify for refunds.

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Final Thoughts: Is Zagora desert tour from Marrakech Worth It?

In conclusion, the Zagora desert tour from Marrakech is an experience that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Morocco, blending the vibrant city life with the serene, majestic beauty of the desert.

For first-time visitors to Marrakech looking to dive deeper into the Moroccan experience and yearning for an overnight desert adventure, this tour is definitely worth it and is one of the best Sahara Desert tours from Marrakech.

The tour strikes a perfect balance between adventure and cultural immersion. From the scenic drive through the Atlas Mountains to the traditional Berber camps under the starlit sky, every moment is imbued with the magic of Morocco.

The opportunity to explore historical sites like Aït Benhaddou adds a rich layer of cultural and historical context to your journey.

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