Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferry Review

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The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island in the United Kingdom. It’s an ideal destination for any type of traveller, with its lush scenery and quaint little villages. It is great for a day trip from London or a long weekend getaway. Which I recently did.

However, if you’re not sure how to get there from mainland England or Wales, then you might need to book a ferry ticket! That’s where Red Funnel Ferry comes in; they offer ferries between Southampton to Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

In this blog post, I’ll review their company, provide information on their prices and routes, what to expect from your ferry journey, as well as answer some common questions about booking your ferry tickets.

Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferry Review

I was very excited to board the Red Funnel ferry as I had never taken a car ferry before. 

The drive to Southampton from South London was relatively easy. However, once I arrived in Southampton, it was a different story.

On the ferry ticket, it states arrive 30 minutes before your departure but with the traffic in Southampton city centre and the signage to terminal 7 being a little confusing to find. I recommend you get there 45 – 60 minutes before departure, so you are not stressed out before you have even begun your trip.

Once I found my terminal, I was instructed which queue my car should be in, and it was smooth sailing from there. All the various vehicles were guided onto the ferry with expert precision. And the boarding staff made all the drivers feel welcomed by waving and smiling at us.

You are not allowed to stay in your vehicle during the crossing. So, once all cars had been safely loaded onto the ferry, you are allowed to leave your vehicle. To visit the upper decks of the ferry where you’ll find the cafe, doggy lounge, toilets, and Signature Lounge.

I had access to the Red Funnel Ferry Signature Lounge with my ferry ticket, which is definitely an experience for the grown and sexy honey.

Red Funnel Ferry Signature Lounge

The exclusive lounge offers a relaxing space to travel in. The lounge is decked out with enhanced WiFI, a selection of complimentary drinks and snacks, a bar, table service, and panoramic views of the Solent during the crossing.

I felt like a baller in the Signature Lounge!

The Signature Lounge is available on all the ferries and is open seven days a week.

You can your ticket to the Signature Lounge from £11.50 per person, per crossing.

Note: Persons under 12 and pets are not permitted in the Signature Lounge.

The Signature Lounge was the highlight of my ferry ride and enhanced the comfort and see the journey.

Do you have to pre-book the Isle of Wight ferry

Now on thee the many questions I had when I was planning on visiting the Isle of Wight and thinking about taking the ferry, as I had never taken a car ferry before and had no idea what it entailed or what to expect.

How much does the Isle of Wight ferry cost

Isle of Wight car ferry prices will vary depending on the time of day you want to travel, the season and how far in advance you book your ferry tickets. 

The earlier you buy, the cheaper they are. In winter the prices are cheaper and could cost as little as £40. However, in summer and peak times, tickets can cost as much as £100.

What are the postcodes for the ferries to Isle of wight

When I was looking for tickets in mid-June, tickets were around £140 for two people in a car, but booking your Red Funnel ferry tickets in advance could also help you save on ticket prices. 

I notice that their website has a deal and discounts page, which is worth keeping an eye on. 

They are currently giving a 25% discount on electric vehicles until 31 December 2021, which is excellent for all my eco-friendly travellers!

There are other factors too – such a day return ticket is cheaper than a week’s holiday on the Isle of Wight and motorhomes, and vans cost more than cars.

How long does the Red Funnel ferry take

Do you have to pre-book the Isle of Wight ferry?

No. Passengers do not need to book their ferry in advance, but it is advisable as the service can be delayed during peak periods. If you are travelling in a car, then tickets will likely cost more than £140 per person for two people on a day return ticket.

Where do I get the Isle of Wight Ferry from?

The Red Funnel ferry company has two bases: Southampton and Portsmouth. You can get to the Isle of Wight by using either port, so it all depends on which one is closer to your destination or cheaper for you.

As I was coming from South London, the Southampton port was close to me.

What are the postcodes for the ferries to Isle of wight?

Isle of Wight car ferry postcodes are:​

  • Red Funnel Southampton ferry terminal postcode: SO14 2AL
  • Red Funnel East Cowes (Isle of Wight) ferry terminal postcode: PO32 6RA

The exact terminal you should arrive at will be located on your ticket.

How long does the Red Funnel ferry take?

The ferry from Southampton to Cowes on the Isle of Wight approximately 55-60 minutes. This crossing time is for car ferries to the Isle of Wight.

However, if you are looking for foot passenger ferries to the Isle of Wight, you can take the very James Bond looking Red Jet Hi-Speed Service, which gets you to the in just 30 minutes!

Should I take my car on the Isle of Wight Ferry?

My answer to this is yes! If you are planning to explore the Isle of Wight. You’ll need a car to get around. There are local buses on the island, but they are not as frequent as those in London. Taking your vehicle just makes exploring easier.

How much does the Isle of Wight ferry cost

Will I get seasick on the Isle of Wight Ferry?

For me it was a no. I am doubtful that you’d get sick. The Isle of Wight car ferries are huge and generally steady. 

Can I take my bicycle on the ferry?

Yes, you can take a bike onto the Isle of Wight ferry for free. However, for the Southampton to West Cowes: Red Jet service, they only allow fold-up cycles in a cycle bag due to limited safe storage.

Can I take my dog to the Isle of Wight?

Yes, the Isle of Wight ferry is dog friendly. I didn’t even think of this, unlike I saw someone with their dog on the ferry.

It’s free of charge to take your dog on the ferry, plus you don’t need to pre-book or obtain a ticket for them. There is also a designated pet lounge, complete with bowls of water and dog treats, in the North Lounge onboard Red Osprey, Red Falcon and Red Eagle. Your dog will need to be on a lead.

Do you need a passport for the Isle of Wight Ferry?

You don’t need a passport for the Isle of Wight Ferry, as the Isle of Wight is inside the UK and not subject to any border control. But you do require some form of identification.

I know this is a random question, but I thought about this while packing.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Red Funnel Ferry. It is a great way to get from the UK mainland to the Isle of Wight. It’s fast, reliable and affordable!

I a great experience during both crossings; if you are looking for an easy ferry ride over to the Ilse of Wight, this could be your best option. You can find out more information on their website. They have been around since 1837, which means that they must be doing something right.

Have you tried this ferry before? What did you think about your experience? Leave us a comment below with any questions or thoughts that I didn’t cover here!

This is a sponsored post for Red Funnel Ferry, however All opinions are my own.

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