Is Ocho Rios Safe For Tourists To Visit?

Ocho Rios is one of Jamaica’s most popular destinations for tourists. With lush green mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why travellers flock here.


However, with Jamaica’s reputation for crime, many visitors wonder – is Ocho Rios safe for tourists? The short answer is yes, Ocho Rios is safe for tourists.

Ocho Rios Ocho Rios is one of the safest areas to visit in Jamaica, so violent crime against tourists is rare, though petty theft like pickpocketing does occur.

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By being aware of your surroundings, using common sense, and taking safety measures, you’re unlikely to encounter any major issues during your Ocho Rios vacation.

The answer is yes, Ocho Rios is safe for tourists. Ocho Rios is one of the main tourist areas in Jamaica.

Is Ocho Rios Safe?

Like many Caribbean destinations dependent on tourism, local authorities in Ocho Rios Jamaica make an effort to ensure tourist areas are secure.

The Jamaica Tourist Board has worked closely with the local police to increase foot and vehicle patrols in the main tourist districts.

Security cameras, guards, and police stations have been placed at key sites around town. As a result of Ocho Rios being a popular tourist destination, crimes against tourists in Ocho Rios are uncommon.

Violent assaults are extremely rare – most issues involve petty crime, scams, or harassment.Use the same common sense traveling here as you would in any new place and you’ll avoid most potential problems.

Is Ocho Rios Safe For White Tourists?

docked Carnival Cruise Ship and small tourist boat in Moon Palace Cove in Ochos Rios Jamaica

Yes, is Ocho Rios Jamaica safe for white tourist. There are no known risks specific to white tourists visiting Ocho Rios.

There are no targeted threats based on race or ethnicity.In fact, the majority of tourists are white, given Jamaica’s popularity as a cruise destination and Ocho Rios being a major cruise ship port town on the island.

Violent crimes rarely occurs against any race in Ocho Rios’ tourist areas. Petty theft can happen but is not specific to white tourists.

Use the same common sense as you would when traveling anywhere new. Avoid deserted areas, especially at night, and don’t flash expensive items or leave them unattended.

As long as you stick to populated tourist spots and licensed operators, Ocho Rios presents no unique safety concerns for white tourists.

Is It Safe To Walk Around Ocho Rios?

It is generally safe to walk around Ocho Rios’ main tourist areas during daylight hours. This includes spots like the cruise ship terminal, Island Village, Taj Mahal Plaza, Turtle Beach, and within resort grounds.

These areas have a visible police presence and high foot traffic from tourists, which deters most crime.Avoid walking alone off the main roads, especially at night.

Only take registered taxis or licensed tour vans when travelling between tourist sites. Jamaica has many remote areas and winding backroads, so hiking or wandering aimlessly is not recommended.

As long as you use common sense, walking within busy tourist zones in daylight is perfectly safe.

Is Ocho Rios Safe At Night?

Jamaica Ocho Rios 1

At night, stick to well-populated tourist districts like the Taj Mahal shopping center. Avoid walking outside these central areas after dark.

Take registered taxis between your hotel and other districts at night. Do not try to visit isolated beaches or attractions on your own after dark.

Within the touristy areas, you can feel comfortable dining and shopping in the evening hours. Police patrols increase at night to deter criminal activity.

Nightlife hotspots like Margaritaville Ocho Rios often have security staff monitoring the surroundings.Still, apply common sense – don’t wander dark streets alone while intoxicated. Travel in groups whenever possible.

Are Resorts In Ocho Rios Safe?

Staying within gated resorts in Ocho Rios is safe. Properties like Couples Swept Away, Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort, Hilton Rose Hall Resort, and Holiday Inn Sunspree all offer secure, controlled environments for tourists. Guests can enjoy amenities without worrying about safety.

Most resorts have 24/7 security personnel patrolling grounds and securing entry points. Many require guest IDs or wristbands to access rooms and facilities.

Built-in safety measures like lighting, cameras, and room keys also safeguard guests.While petty theft can rarely occur at resorts, other violent crimes is extremely uncommon.

Many resorts offer private shuttles to take you between the property and outside tourist zones.This is the best way to explore Ocho Rios safely while staying at a secure resort base.

You may also consider booking tours with licensed operators instead of independent travel. Overall, Ocho Rios’ resorts provide a worry-free setting for vacationers focused on relaxation.

Their controlled access and professional security teams ensure a safe experience.

Is It Safe To Travel To Ocho Rios?

Is it safe for tourists to visit Ocho Rios? Absolutely! While no place is 100% crime-free, Ocho Rios sees very few incidents against foreign visitors.

Here are some precaution you can take when travelling to Ocho Rios Jamaica.Use official taxis, reputable tour providers, and Jamaica’s licensed attractions as they all undergo background checks and training to reassure visitors.When booking tours and transfers, stick to highly rated companies like Jamaica Tours Limited, JUTA Tours, and Chukka Caribbean.

Research all operators, read reviews, and book directly instead of taking offers from solicitors. Avoid taking unmarked taxis.

Use licensed providers when exploring Ocho Rios. Don’t wander off alone into isolated areas. Travel in groups when possible and only swim at beaches with lifeguards present.

Avoiding deserted areas and solo hikes tremendously improves safety for visitors.The biggest issue travellers will face is likely petty theft, not violent crime.

Many tourists visit Ocho Rios every year without any safety issues by being proactive. Do your research, use common sense, and take basic precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Ocho Rios Safety Tips For Solo Travellers – Solo Travel

Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Women wandering around by themselves, especially at night and in less-populated areas, can face some catcalling on account of Jamaican men.

If something like this happens to you, firmly refuse with politeness instead of completely ignoring the person.Jamaican men can get very aggressive, and this is coming from a Jamaican woman.

Jamaica is not London, New York, Paris, or whatever Western countries you are from, ladies, where you can respond to man catcalling in an equally aggressive manner.

In this case, you will have to just bite your tongue as your physical safety is more important than your ego or pride.

This is the reality of being a woman in Jamaica!Dress modestly when going out, and be careful about your surroundings, don’t be too friendly, leave drinks unattended or take drinks from guys.

Again, this is not to fear monger. Do not get into a car with men you don’t know, obviously; this goes for any woman travelling alone anywhere in the world.

But in Jamaica, your body just might be found in the bushes.I want you to know just how dangerous Jamaica can be if you do not take the correct measures as a solo female traveler in the Caribbean. It’s not all sun, sea, and tan ladies.

Solo travellers can stay safe in Ocho Rios by taking these extra steps:

  • Book a room close to central tourist zones and main roads. Avoid isolated hotels or villas.
  • Do not wander alone off resort, especially at night. Explore with other tourists you meet or take an organised tour.
  • Avoid deserted beaches and secluded lookout points. These can be unsafe when alone.
  • Tell someone back home your itinerary so they know where you should be.
  • Befriend other tourists you meet and look out for each other. There is safety in numbers.
  • Only take registered taxis or shuttle transport organised by your hotel. Never get in informal taxis.
  • Stick to busier streets and attractions. Don’t end up somewhere remote.
  • Trust your instincts – if someone makes you uncomfortable, move away from them.
  • Don’t let your guard down just because Ocho Rios seems friendly. Follow smart travel habits.

With vigilance and care, solo travellers can safely visit Ocho Rios and make new friends along the way. The key is avoiding isolation and situations that leave you vulnerable when visiting Jamaica.

Common Tourist Scams And How To Avoid Them

While violent crime is rare, travellers in Ocho Rios should be aware of some common scams targeting tourists:

Fake Tour Guides

Locals posing as guides offer to take you to attractions on the island. Vendors near attractions like Dunn’s River Falls may try quoting entrance fees to divert tourists to specific tour guides/taxis for a cut of profits. Only book tours from hotel desks, licensed companies, or recommended guides.

Attraction Fees

Vendors near attractions like Dunn’s River Falls may try quoting entrance fees to divert tourists to specific tour guides/taxis for a cut of profits. Verify prices ahead online and stick to the official ticket office.


Crowded areas like the craft market are prime spots for pickpocketing. Keep valuable items in secure front pockets and bags closed. Avoid carrying much cash or wearing flashy jewellery.

Aggressive Vendors

Vendors can become very pushy insisting you buy something or let them braid your hair. Be firm and don’t engage. Say no thanks and move away if hassled.

Fake Cops

Criminals pose as police officers to extort money from tourists, claiming you committed some minor offence. Ask to see ID and confirm with real authorities if unsure.

Rigged Taxi Meters

Unofficial taxis have rigged meters overcharging you. Only take licensed, marked taxis booked through hotels/restaurants and ignore solicitations.

Agree on a fare up front. By staying savvy and following the same street smarts you would anywhere, you can avoid falling victim to any scams. Use reputable businesses and think twice before engaging with pushy vendors.

Ocho Rios Travel Safety Tips

Like any other tourist hotspot, the Ocho Rios could be dangerous if you visit it without proper research beforehand.

Take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. Don’t know which essential travel tips to follow? We got you covered:

  • In case of any medical or security emergency, dial 119, and the fire brigade, ambulance, and police will be at your disposal.
  • As you are in the port city to enjoy your holidays only, stay away from any protests you might see locals participating in.
  • Well, you can dodge those pickpockets by carrying a dummy wallet and end up saving your hard-earned money. To your ease, there are several secret travel wallets as well. Could you ask for more? You could use money belts, bras, and hidden bag sections for the purpose also.
  • Speaking of Jamaica, keep a safe distance from any drugs offered. Although these drugs are not harmful to health, the state has a zero-tolerance policy for even harmless drugs. So, help the government stop this crime instead of ending up in jail in a country you went to for holidays.
  • Take time to take safety measures whenever and wherever possible. Do your homework to find authorised and trusted hostels/hotels. After booking the room, make the rest of the bookings such as that of bus or taxi via the hotel to stay on the safe side.
  • If you head to the Ocho Rios anytime from June to November, do not forget this is during the hurricane season in the Caribbean and could cause disruption to your trip. So, take all the suggested precautions needed to stay safe.
  • Stay alert and agile when roaming around motorbike riders pass by. These riders are seen to have been actively involved in petty crimes such as snatching your phone, handbag, cash or other items that are easy to grab.
  • Do not carry expensive stuff with you. Use safe backpacks with hidden sections to hold your adventure gadgets, such as expensive travel cameras and smartphones.
  • Beware of any fraudulent actions that your bus or taxi drivers might proceed with after knowing that you are not a native to the Ocho Rios.
  • Avoid walking around alone, especially in the dark. If you must, walk along the populated areas and the town’s main roads for unavoidable reasons.
  • Ensure the doors of ATMs are locked behind you once you enter. Before exiting the ATM booth, hide your money in your travel wallet. Also, have a quick look around for anyone looking suspicious before leaving the booth.

Where To Stay In Ocho Rios Jamaica?

Ocho Rios has many hotels to accommodate the massive tourist influx daily. As this port town is safe for visitors overall, here are some of the best places to stay in Ocho Rios Jamaica including these all inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios. Some of the choices we thought you might like are as follows:

Tropical Escape Villa: This villa is just 1.4 km from Saint Ann’s Bay. The place offers you an outdoor swimming pool, bar, free WiFi, air-conditioning, private parking for free, and a 24-hour active front desk.

Idilio Rooms: This beautiful place has to offer you free parking, free WiFi, non-smoking rooms, and a beautiful garden.

Tropical Luxury Dreams: This beautiful and luxurious lodging includes a private beach area, free WiFi, family rooms, an airport shuttle, and free parking. Besides these, there are many other beautiful places where you can stay while enjoying your vacations in Ocho Rios. Choose the one that suits your taste and be merry.

Getting Around Ocho Rios

The prime location of the Ocho Rios makes it one of the best places in Jamaica. Also, this city is near the Ian Fleming International Airport, thus making your link to the neighbouring islands easier.

Moreover, the frequent buses and taxi services enable you to explore the area to its fullest conveniently.Even the taxi is the most preferred way of commuting across the Ocho Rios by many tourists. The brands like ICAL, MAXI and JUTA govern these taxis, so do go for them!

How Safe Is Ocho Rios Jamaica FAQs

Are The Beaches Of Ocho Rios Safe?

If you take care of the basic safety precautions, the beaches of Ocho Rios are as safe as any other beaches in the world.

Is Ocho Rios Worth Visiting?

You have no reason not to like this beautiful port town on Jamaica’s North coast. As the location suggests, beaches are the highlight of the city.

Also, from luxury hotels to evening bars, from nightclubs to beautiful scenery, Ocho Rios has all you can look for.

Best Time To Visit Ocho Rios Jamaica

The following slots are the best if you want to visit the Ocho Rios Jamaica and get the most out of your trip.These are the best months to visit Jamaica in terms of temperature and rainfall:

  • December to April

Which is safer Ocho Rios or Montego Bay?

Overall, Ocho Rios is considered safer for tourists compared to Montego Bay. Montego Bay has significantly higher rates of violent crime like murder and shootings per capita vs Ocho Rios.

Generally speaking, Montego Bay, being a larger urban center, has historically had a high crime rate compared to Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay has, at times, dealt with gang-related issues, particularly outside the primary tourist areas. Some of this crime, particularly outside the main tourist zones, has been gang-related.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that tourists are rarely the targets of such activities.You can also read my guide on Ocho Rios or Montego Bay which is better?

Is Ocho Rios Safe For Tourists– The Verdict

So, if you are wondering “is Ocho Rios dangerous?” the answer is no, Ocho Rios is one of the safest places in Jamaica to travel and while no destination is crime-free, Ocho Rios is predominantly safe for tourists who take sensible safety precautions.

Violent crimes against visitors is rare – petty theft and scams are the main risks. The police and tourism board have worked hard to ensure major tourist zones in Jamaica are secure. Stick to these areas, apply street smarts, and do not let your guard down.

While staying alert, get out and enjoy the natural beauty and culture of Ocho Rios. With vigilance, you’re likely to have a safe and memorable trip when visiting Jamaica.

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