Is London Safe To Travel Alone? Local Solo Female Traveller Tips

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Is London safe to travel alone? In this solo travel London guide, I answer questions like how to travel solo in London, the safest areas in London to stay for solo travellers, and how to plan a solo trip to London.

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As a solo female traveller myself, I understand how difficult it can be to decide where your next solo adventure will take place.

In this solo travel in London article—the ultimate solo female travel London guide—I answer all the questions that you’ll have when planning a solo trip to London.

Questions like, is London safe for solo female travellers, how to stay safe in London as a solo traveller, is it safe to travel alone in London, the best places to stay in London for solo travellers, what to do in London alone, and much more.

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First up – Is London safe for solo female travellers? The answer to this question is yes! London is safe for solo female travellers. London is one of the safest cities in the world for solo travellers.

This is always the first question a lot of solo travellers ask themselves when travelling to The Big Smoke.

While travelling to London alone may be daunting, you don’t have to begin the trip blindly.

Luckily for you, there are a whole host of female go-getters that have taken on this task before you (me being one of them).

Luxury Hotels in Northern London With Pools

I loved London so much now I live there, so you’ll be getting a first-hand guide on how to travel solo in London.

You can take a few pages out of my book, and learn the ins and outs of London. You’ll know how to stay safe in the city before you even get there.

If you’re reading this, I take it you’re in need of a little guidance with regards to solo travel, London.

Whether you want to find out more about London safety, or the very best things to do in London alone, there is an answer to all of your most burning questions.

I’ve got you covered with the ultimate solo female travellers guide to London. Read on and have all your safety and solo travel London questions answered. This guide will help put your mind at ease.

Plus, if this is your first time travelling alone to London and you have worried relatives, show them this guide to help put their minds at rest too!

How Safe Is London?

Cutty Sark UK 1

When considering whether to take on this destination alone or with a travel buddy, you’ll more than likely be asking yourself – is London safe to travel alone?

It’s a beautiful city filled to the brim with sightseeing activities and attractions. London is one of the top destinations amongst every avid traveller’s dream.

In general, London is very safe. However, it is visited by a continuous stream of tourists throughout the year. This makes it a hotspot for pickpocketing and scams.

You need to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. As petty theft is the only real danger, you don’t have too much to worry about as long as you look out for your belongings and take precautions. You can start by investing in a good anti-theft bag.

So, when is it safe to travel to London alone? Always.

Practical Tips for Safety in London | Is London Safe To Travel Alone?

Here’s everything you need to know about whether it’s safe to visit London right now.

London Travel Insurance

When travelling abroad, it’s essential to take safety precautions no matter where you’re going. Taking out travel insurance is a great way to gain peace of mind during your trip.

You’ll be able to enjoy travelling alone in London knowing your valuables will be replaced if anything should happen to them.

You’ll also have access to 24/7 medical assistance, and will remain covered while taking part in various adventure activities.

how to save money while on holiday

Keeping Your Money Safe in London

Don’t ever leave your valuables unattended. Usually, this leads to a security alert, which is entirely unnecessary.

It’s also easy for someone to pinch (aka British slang for steal) your belongings while you’re not in sight.

So, no leaving your bags on the ground unattended near crowded tourist attractions while you do a full-on photo shoot for the “GRAM”. And then you act surprised and start crying when it gets stolen. I know this is harsh guys, but I’ve seen this happen.

There are opportunistic thieves everywhere just waiting for you to be careless with your stuff.

Just like in any other city, it’s best to be cautious when using an ATM. See that the ATM hasn’t been tampered with, and cover the keypad when typing in your PIN.

How Safe is Transport in London?

London has some great public transport options, so here’s a breakdown of which are the safest for solo female travellers.

If you are wondering if it’s safe to travel in London, I’ve covered all the top ways for you to travel safely in London.

Things To Do IN London Elephant And Castle

Is the London Underground Safe?

The London Underground is a local favourite, as thousands of locals use it every single day.

Nothing is ever 100% safe, but the London Underground is known for leading the world in transit safety. Plus, there are CCTV cameras in operation on the Underground to capture any incidents.

Are Buses Safe in London?

The bus system is generally safe. The only problems you might encounter are the occasional pickpocket and drunk ravers (mostly on weekends after a night out).

For this reason, I suggest you keep your valuables safe on you and travel downstairs on the bus if you’re alone and it’s late at night. This means there’ll always be other passengers and the driver will hear if there’s any commotion.

Also always check your seat before you leave the bus to make sure nothing has fallen out of your pockets, like your Oyster card or debit card.

People will generally hand cards and wallets they find to the driver, who will then hand them to the bus company’s lost and found department. If your details and contact number are in your purse, they will call you and tell you they have your belongings and where to collect it.

This has happened to me before and I got everything in my purse back. Mostly because it had my Oyster and British Library card. Yes, I am one of the few people alive that still owns a library card. What can I say—I like books.

Things To Do Near Kings Cross St Pancras London

Is Uber Safe in London?

Uber is usually quite safe in London, but there are some risks that come with getting in any car. Be sure to stick to Uber’s official safety precautions if you decide to use the service. You can also send your route to a friend, to make sure they can track that you got home okay. I do this all the time after a night out with friends.

Before getting into any Uber, always make sure the driver is there for you and has your correct drop-off address.

Are Taxis Safe in London?

Taxis are generally safe in London, but it’s essential only to use official taxis. There are plenty of reliable taxi services around London. Many of them can be hailed from the side of the road, but pre-booking is also an option.

Is it Safe to Walk Alone in London at Night?

Most areas of London are pretty safe to walk around at night. However, I would recommend being alert as you walk around, not having your headphones in or having the volume up too loud, so that you wouldn’t hear if someone was behind you.

Emergency Numbers You Must Know When Visiting London

In case of emergencies such as a fire or terrorist attack, these are the emergency numbers you should know. Both 999 and 112 numbers are for the emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) in London.

Emergency 112 will work on any mobile anywhere in the world112
National non-emergency medical number111
Non-emergency number for the police101

Essential Tips for Solo Female Travel in London

the Cutty Sark

Here are a few tips for solo female travellers on how to stay safe in London and other must-know guidelines. These tips for travelling around London safely will help you explore your destination while taking the correct precautions.

Here are a few of my top safety tips for travelling to London as a female alone:

London is a magical place with plenty of mysteries to be discovered. But staying safe when you travel alone in London is the only way you’ll have a good time.

While you’re walking around this famed city, it’s best not to wear headphones. These decrease your awareness of your surroundings – and it’s important to stay vigilant and aware, even in the safest cities.

It’s best to avoid walking alone at night. Rather travel via public transport, or order a taxi.

If you discover that someone has stolen something from you, the best thing to do is dial 101.

This will connect you to the closest police station where you can report the crime.

Is London Safe For Solo Travel?

After everything you’ve read so far, you may be wondering, ‘is it safe to go to London alone?’

The answer is yes, London is a great place for solo travel as there is so much to do and it is easy to connect with other solo travellers.

where to stay in southbank

Why Solo Travel to London?

If you’re wondering why London is great for solo female travellers, then wonder no more! This exciting megalopolis is filled to the brim with thrilling activities and incredible things to do in London on your own.

There is an almost unlimited amount of landmarks and neighbourhoods to be explored. So no matter how long your holiday in London is, you’ll likely never run out of things to do in this historic city.

It’s also great that the city is predominantly English speaking. This makes getting instructions and reading signage a whole lot easier for English speakers.

It’s also very safe as far as cities go, rated as a low-risk city for solo female travellers.

How to Plan Your Solo Trip to London

The very first thing you need to decide when planning your trip is when you should visit London.

The city is incredibly beautiful all year, but presents different opportunities depending on the season you decide to travel.

Once you’ve decided on a time of year, you can start looking for the best flight deals and planning where to stay in London. There are so many great neighbourhoods in the city that you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Trafalgar Square in London

After making all these travel arrangements, you’ll need to decide what you want to get up to while you’re there.

Although leaving room for spontaneity is always fun, be sure to make a list of a few extraordinary things to do in London by yourself.

Solo Things To Do in London | Activities For Your Solo Trip to London

Where to stay in London area guide

Taking a trip to London by yourself begs the question, what is there to do in London alone? There are endless perks to travelling by yourself.

These include never having to compromise on the activities you enjoy and spending your preferred amount of time at each activity.

As well as staying where you want and doing what you want, it honestly doesn’t get better than that.

No having to wait for someone else to choose where they want to eat for breakfast/lunch or having to do a silly tour or activity you have no interest in.

Daytime Things To Do Alone in London

There are thousands of activities to choose from, so I’m going to narrow it down to a few of my top picks. Here’s what to do alone in London during the day.

Stroll Down the Victoria Embankment

The Victoria Embankment is a river walk that winds its way along the side of the Thames.

Victoria Embankment London

It runs from the Palace of Westminster, all the way to Blackfriars Bridge. Although the walk itself is beautiful, there are plenty of other attractions along the way.

The Battle of Britain Monument, the HMS President, and the Victoria Embankment Gardens are all located along this walk.

With so many places to visit along the way, you’ll be indulging in a healthy dose of exercise with a side of entertainment.

The Victoria Embankment Gardens are a series of gardens that contain interesting statues and monuments.

The Sir Arthur Sullivan memorial, the Imperial Camel Corps, and the Equatorial Sundial are some of the most exciting features in the gardens.

Palace of Westminster London 1

Go Bargain Hunting at a Market

London has an overwhelming selection of markets. Be sure to set one day aside to explore a lot of them.

Camden Market is located in Camden borough, where you’ll find plenty of alternative stalls. You’ll find everything from vintage clothes to gothic giftware, tarot readers and delicious food.

Camden Lock Market

Borough Market is a market hall in Southwark, London. It’s predominantly a specialty foods market and has been around since the 12th century – making it one of the oldest markets in the country. If you’re up for a tasty treat in London, this is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Brick Lane is a Sunday market located in East London. The market is located in the heart of London’s Bangladeshi community and is every bargain hunter’s dream.

It is filled with a wide range of items from antique books to 8-track tapes. It’s regularly visited by photographers, art students and local hipsters looking for cheap vintage clothes, cameras and other nick-nacks.

Catch a Movie at Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema is a movie theatre located in the West End of London. It originally started as a theatre in 1962, and eventually converted into a cinema. This old-timey cinema has become a hit among the locals, and the tourists too.

It’s been known to play old classics, as well as new Hollywood releases. So if you decide to visit, you’re in for a mixed bag of treats.

During the weekends, the cinema often displays double features, and sometimes even all-night movie marathons. If you’re a film buff, this is one of the best things to do in London by yourself.

Try Your Hand at a Fulham Palace Park Run

If you have a competitive streak, then why not take on the Fulham Palace Park Run. The fit and not-so-fit locals meet every Saturday morning at 9 am. It’s a 5-kilometre race that takes place in Bishops Park.

The views are absolutely beautiful, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in nature than with this lovely run.

If you haven’t trained, join in anyway. There are no rules against walking where you have to.

There’s no fee but remember to register online before the race. You’ll be given a unique barcode, so be sure to bring it with you to the race. Without it, you won’t be able to take part.

Go on a Photo Mission in the City

Threadneedle Street

London is full to the brim with beautiful locations. Whether you’re looking to take a shot for your next Instagram post or keep a record of the beautiful things you saw, London has a location for you.

Map out a list of your must-see landmarks, and take a day out of your London itinerary to take some photos.

Here are a few of the best photo opportunities in London:

Take a Ride on the London Eye

Riding the London Eye is a right of passage of sorts for all London tourists. Take in the spectacular views of the city below and the boats floating along the Thames.

The giant wheel was initially built to celebrate the turn of the millennium and is now a landmark that draws hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Views Of London Eyes

The pods that you ride in are spacious, and there are different options available. You can share a pod with other visitors to the London Eye, or spend a little extra for a private pod.

I always think it’s better to join in with others, especially when you’re travelling London alone. It allows you to meet new people and make memories with plenty of other travellers.

Things To Do Alone in London at Night

Is London safe at night? Well, yes! Just because the sun has set and the air is cool, doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Here’s what to do in London by yourself at night.

Visit the Angel Comedy Club

Angel Comedy Club is located in Islington, London. They bring seven nights of comedy every single week.

If you feel like having a good laugh, this is a great thing to do at night. It’s also a great way to meet other people over a bonding comedy show.

Because Angel Comedy Club believes in making comedy more accessible to the public, these comedy nights are free. The drinks are also very reasonably priced, so it makes for a great budget activity in London.

Listen to Live Music

If you’re in the mood to listen to some live music, there are plenty of perfect spots in London.

The Ain’t Nothin But Blues Bar is a well-known bar in the city that showcases great blues artists every night. Some nights, the bar erupts into dancing while other times there’s a more mellow vibe. It’s recommended that you arrive early as there are often queues to get in.

KOKO is yet another great venue to watch live music. It’s so great that Madonna hosted her very first UK performance at this venue.

The venue has six bars and a stage, with an incredibly theatrical feel to it. In the summer months, they open the rooftop bar, which adds another dimension to this great live music venue.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more mellow, why not hit The Piano Works, located in Farringdon warehouse. Pianists perform live every night, playing audience-requested music back-to-back.

Go on a Late Night Shopping Spree

Although it doesn’t have the nickname “the city that never sleeps”, London does bear a few of the same night-owl traits.

There are plenty of places in London that provide late-night shopping experiences. This allows you to free up your daytime for things like sightseeing activities.

If you feel like shopping for high-end brands and luxury items, then visit the hundreds of shops at Westfield London centre.

Bond Street

For a completely different kind of experience, visit the largest mall in Europe – Westfield Stratford City.

Oxford Street is another great place that is home to a variety of stores that leave their doors open until late at night. It’s a great place to shop department stores as well as designer brands.

Walk the City at Night with a Guided Tour

While in the safety precautions I recommended you don’t walk through the city at night by yourself, there is still a way you can experience the vibrant nighttime atmosphere.

You could take a haunted pub tour through the streets of London, learning about the city’s most infamous ghosts. You’ll also learn about the tales of gruesome murders that took place in years gone by.

If you’re into spooky tours then a Jack the Ripper tour might be right up your alley. You’ll learn about this criminal and how he became so famous around the world.

If you’re looking for something a little tamer, then an evening city and food tour might be the one for you.

You’ll get the chance to explore some of the more exciting areas of London and indulge in a delicious six-course meal.

Pay a Visit to an English Pub

If there’s one thing that England as a whole is known for, it’s the many pubs that are scattered across the country.

London, in particular, is home to a great many pubs, all of which deserve a visit. You’ll unlikely be able to visit them all during your trip, so here are a few you should try out.

The Spaniards Inn is a pub in Hampstead that has been around since 1585. It’s well known amongst the locals as a place that Charles Dickens used to frequent.

There’s a large terrace, perfect for sipping beer on a warm summer’s day. In the wintertime, you can cosy up by the fireplace while sipping on your favourite brew.

The Prospect of Whitby provides gorgeous riverside views. It’s thought to be one of the oldest riverside pubs, dating back to 1520.

It was once the local watering hole of pirates, smugglers, sailors, and petty thieves, but has managed to gain a more respectable reputation over the past few hundred years.

Remember to never leave your drink unattended in bars or clubs, as it can be spiked. If a cute guy asks to buy you a drink in a pub or bar, go with him to the bar to make sure that he is not tampering with your drink.

Safest Places To Stay In London | Where To Stay in London as a Solo Traveller

Places to Stay in Notting Hill

When you travel alone in London, you have the exciting job of choosing where to stay in this beautiful city. Here are a few of the best places to stay for London solo travel.

Is Canary Wharf Safe?

Canary Wharf is a business district and one of the main financial hubs in London. During the day it’s filled with bank and office workers, and at night Canary Wharf is quiet, but very safe. You’re more likely to be robbed by the banks in Canary Wharf than by anyone else :).

Things To Do Near Canary Wharf London

The promenade by the river by the pier, near the ferry docks, has a few nice restaurants, upscale bars and cool watering holes. There’s a fair amount of buzz during happy hour, and it’s a gorgeous walk in the evenings. That’s why I think this area is safe and great for solo travellers.

Britannia International Hotel Canary Wharf

The Britannia International Hotel Canary Wharf is just 600 metres away from the Canary Wharf Underground Station, making it a great place to base yourself during your solo travels.

It offers spacious rooms as well as free WiFi access, and many of the rooms have stunning Docklands views.

There are two on-site restaurants, one serving traditional British breakfasts, and the other serving delicious pizzas.

Click here for the latest rates:

Is Alexandra Palace Safe?

Alexandra Palace is a safe area with lots of green space and great event venues. You can also get panoramic views of London from Ally Pally.

Green Rooms

The Green Rooms is a hotel located just 1.4 kilometres from Alexandra Palace. There are a variety of accommodation options ranging from dormitories to private rooms and apartments.

There are regular events being held at the hotel, including a DJ that comes to play a set almost every weekend.

Art exhibitions are also frequently held on-site, so be sure to take full advantage of all the little extras. Pop-up restaurants often set up shop in the hotel, so you’ll surely be in for a unique experience.

All these regular social events make this one of the best hotels for solo travellers in London.

Click here for the latest rates:

Is Shoreditch Safe?

Shoreditch is relatively safe, plus it is far more trendy than the other neighbourhoods. If you are looking to be near cool bars and quirky speakeasies and still feel safe, then Shoreditch is the area you’ll want to stay in. If you read this blog enough you’ll already know that I love Shoreditch and all its eccentricities

CitizenM London Shoreditch Hotel

This lovely hotel offers free WiFi, an on-site bar, and a chic lobby for socialising. It’s affordable luxury, in one of the hippest neighbourhoods in London. There is also the great CanteenM serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and more.

The hotel is located just a 5-minute walk away from the Shoreditch High Street Overground station. This makes it a great place to stay while you’re in London.

Click here for the latest rates:

Wrapping Up Travelling Alone in London

So, is London good for solo female travel? I would have to give that answer a “heck, yes”!

In fact, I would go as far as saying that visiting London alone is one of the best solo travel experiences you can have. And I’m not just saying that because I live in the city. But it truly is.

Now that you know why it’s so amazing, and you understand how to travel alone safely, it’s time to book your solo holiday to one of the greatest cities in Europe—if not the world.

Solo travel in London - Filled with things to do alone in LondonIn, in this London solo female travel guide. I answer questions that you’ll have when planning a solo trip to London. Like is London safe for solo female travellers, how to stay safe in London as a solo traveller, best places to stay in London for solo travellers, things to do in London on your own and more. #solotravellondon #londontraveltips #londontravel #visitinglondon

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