The best travel gifts for a stylish traveller

Here are the best travel gifts for that stylist traveller in your life from power banks, noise cancelling headphones, GoPro to more unique travel gifts. Grab these must have gifts for someone going travelling.

Finding the perfect present for that well-travelled woman in your life can be a very tricky affair.

You’ll be looking to get the best travel gifts for her — something that will make flights more comfy, long airport waits more endurable, and overall travel experiences more convenient and exciting.

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Best Travel Gifts For 2019

This comprehensive travel gift guide is designed to help you find the best gift for the traveller in your life.

Whether it’s a quick weekend away or a trip of a lifetime, these are the best travel gifts curated to make a worthwhile impact on your favourite globe-trotter’s travel plan.

Best Power Banks for Travel

Anker Power Bank – PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger

If you have friends going travelling to any countries liable to power outages, carrying along a portable power bank will be especially helpful.

Even where power supply is stable, your travel itinerary may require all day trips and visits to different fun sights, leaving you no time to get to a power socket, then the Anker Power Bank PowerCore 20100 portable charger is what you need in your life.

With its ultra-high capacity, weighs as little as a can of soup (12.5 oz) yet charges an iPhone 8 almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 five times or the iPad Mini 4 twice. You will never run out of juice for any of your devices while travelling.


RAVPower Xtreme Series 26800mAh Portable Charger

Smartphones and cameras are two of the most important gadgets for many of us today.

Nothing feels worse than running low or even out of power when you need it the most–and this can be a big headache for a traveller if things such as directions, translation apps, or ticket confirmations are in your smartphone.

Power Banks RAVPower Portable Charger with its larger battery capacity of 26800mAh, charges most smartphones over 6 times or a tablet 2+ times for an average of 9 days of unrestrained usage per charge.

This power bank has 3 iSmart 2.0 USB ports and can charge 3 devices simultaneously and is another top quality, super-fast charging power bank.

With its 26800mAh power capacity, 2X fast-charge speed, and detailed/convenient design, travel carry pouch, the Ravpower Xtreme is the ideal partner for your road trips–a perfect gift for a traveler.

I have the RAVPower extreme and love it, I always have it in my bag when I’m travelling.

The only downside is the power bank is larger and heavier than I thought it would be but for the benefits I get from it I don’t mind the size. Plus, I can always use it as a weapon if someone ever tries stealing my phone while traveling. 😛


Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Travel should be fun, and the Sony SRS-XB01 compact portable water resistant wireless bluetooth speaker makes the perfect companion – and gift for your favourite traveller. You can sync the portable wireless speaker with your phone using Bluetooth and control your music on the SRSXB01 through your phone.

Making it easy for a traveller to watch movies with others, listen to music on the beach, or even throw a spur-of-the-moment party.

While there are lots of Bluetooth speakers available today, the Sony Bluetooth speaker simply stands out especially with its high-quality sound with extra bass, is water resistant and has a long battery life. This is one of the best Bluetooth speaker for travel on the market.


Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 3 – Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

The Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 3 wireless headphones is a lightweight and comfortable over-the-ear device that offers an excellent sound quality and features amazing noise-canceling technology.

Besides its long battery life (they can last up to 12 hours), the headphone folds up into a compact form, allowing for convenience and comfort while traveling.

Its noise-canceling technology is especially appealing, as they can be used in places such as an airport, noisy bus with no accompanying and unnecessary sounds. Making it an essential travel gear or gifts for friend going travelling.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle hardly needs an introduction here but the new Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof and has twice the storage as before.

It is the perfect present for a travelling bookworm or even anyone who fancies occasional reading. Its small size and long-lasting battery life are attributes that makes it appealing to travellers.

The Paperwhite is a great gift for someone going travelling as it allows one to read even in the dark. The Amazon Kindle is a library that can fit thousands of books, yet very portable – ideal for long flights and bus rides.


Personalised Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

You know a customised gift is always more appreciated than anything else right? A passport holder is an ideal travel accessory as it can fit your passport, travel document and secure them.

Luggage tags are also great travel gifts since they can perfectly accommodate suitcases of varying sizes and is easy to spot your luggage in luggage claim.

Customising the passport holder and luggage tag adds even more meaning comes along with a special appeal and has more meaning for the receiver.

Passport and Document Organiser

Every traveler would appreciate a safe and convenient way to keep boarding passes, passports, and other important travel documents safely together. A document organiser might not be the most glamorous travel item, but it is essential for keeping your travel documents together, safe and secured.

Best Travel Packing Cubes

Packing tools are amazing. They help organise your items and save space, allowing you to pack as much items as you need for your trip. Interestingly too, travel packing cubes prevent over-packing since you can have a cube for each category.

For instance,  if you designate one large cube for all your clothes, you’d be careful to ensure you fit in only the clothes you need for your travel. Yes, packing cubes are great travel gifts for any traveller.

Samsonite Luggage

A quality travel set, or suitcase will be a much-appreciated present for a keen traveller. Samsonite luggage offers a wide range of choices, so you can get one that fits the needs of your travelling friend.

They are also fitted with TSA approved locks, meaning that the luggage can be opened using a master key, allowing security to check your luggage without having any of its contents compromised. It is stylish; it is safe, and it is a perfect gift for your favourite traveller.

Best Compression Leggings

Looking to get a handy gift for the girl boss in you life? Then why not get a travel compression socks or leggings. They might not be the sexy things to wear but are just perfect especially for a frequent flier vulnerable to deep vein thrombosis.

They help to ensure an optimal circulation in the legs during flights – and they are a warm and comfortable wear. No, they won’t bring sexy back, but they will keep you safe during a flight.

Ray-ban Sunglasses

Created at the request of the United States Air Corps’ in 1936, they designed Ray-ban Aviators to block the blue and white light from the sun to reduce the sun’s dangerous light and reduce the occurrences of headaches among pilots. And 80 years down the line, the sunglasses are still a best seller.

Ray-nab have a classic design, hides a tired jetlag face and a multitude of other sins, like heavy night outs, all while making you look stylist and cool. Even if you are dying from a hangover after drinking too much wine in Paris.


Best Travel Steamer

I once laugh at a friend that carried a travel iron to New York. Not understanding the importance of an iron until I needed to iron my dress to go out and had to ask to borrow her iron with my tail between my legs and egg on my face.

She reminds me to this day about laughing at her about her travel iron.

I no longer think carrying a travel size iron or streamer is a laughing matter. I can always carry a travel size blow dryer everywhere I go and recently brought a travel size steamer.

As clothes can get wrinkly or rumpled inside a suitcase or backpack.

travel steamer is ideal to maintain the uprightness of your clothing without having to carry a huge iron along. It is a portable travel companion that produces steam continuously from its water tank, eliminating any unwanted wrinkles in the clothing.

It is lightweight and compact, making for easy packing – and comes in handy for any traveLler.


Best travel gift for her

Moroccan Oil luxury hydrate and style kit products

Do you have a  glamorous well-travelled woman around? Then this travel-ready hair kit will be the prefect gift for her. With all the hair essentials inside the pack, it is the perfect travel pack for her hair. This set is definitely amongst the luxury travel gifts but trust me it will be very welcomed.

Travel Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are a necessity for many ladies today. Unfortunately, a normal size dryer can be too bulky to take travelling or the hair dryers in the hotel aren’t powerful enough to dry your hair. Especially if you have a lot of hair or big curly hair like mine.

A good travel hair dryer is just the ideal solution for all your hair needs – and its lightweight, compact, and foldable handles makes it a great travel gift.

Hunter Boots

Hunter boots have transcended all fashion styles and choices. Whether you are headed to the U.S. or festival somewhere in England, hunter boots are functional accessories across the globe.

Besides their weatherproof quality, many hunter boots today are fashionable and versatile, easily fitting skirts, pants, and a variety of clothing items no matter the weather condition.


Pure Silk Mask

It’s not just a luxury, its beauty sleep. They design the anti-aging pure silk mask to allow for the ultimate comfort and rest, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted sleep, following the stress and hassles associated with your travel.

It is made from pure mulberry silk and features a range of colours, helping to reduce those fine lines caused by frowning while you sleep. After buying a pure silk mask in Korea I never looked back or better.

If you’re looking for some unique gift ideas for women? This is it!

Humans of New York Book

The Humans of New York Book is a massive collection of images, lending tributes to New York, showcasing the city’s personalities, and celebrating individuality. It is a photographic census of the nation’s most populous city, covering thousands of miles, and capturing its residents and their stories.

Whether she is a bookworm or a casual reader, the Humans of New York book will make for an interesting read and unique travel gift.


Passion Planner

Passion planner is a personal 24/7 life coach that can help an individual define what represents the ideal life through a unique “happiness planning process”.

It is an inexpensive purchase that allows you create a balance between your personal activities and work projects, ensuring you can set your priorities right and focus on the positives each week presents.

Still looking out for the best gift for travel?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is a stylish camera that has just the right features for a travel essential: portable, smart, with specific shooting modes for a variety of environments.

It is an instant camera that calculates exposure based on distance –  a perfect gift for friends going travelling.  This is one of the fun travel gifts I’ve received and love it.


Eye Gels

Travelling comes along with its stress, causing puffy eyes or an aged appearance from tiredness. Those tired looking eyes may even go beyond giving you a tired or aged feel, leading to premature wrinkles. No, this is never ideal for a fun-loving lady traveller. Enters eye gels.

If, for any reason, you’ve been under stress or lack sleep, an eye gel can make a difference. When applied, an eye gel eliminates puffy eyes, reduces dark circles under the eyes, and provides a cooling, soothing, and moisturising effect for the under-eye skin. If you are looking to get that unique gift for travellers, search no further. Eye gels are one of the most stylish gifts you can give someone and it’s also very relaxing.

Facial Mist

Facial mists are increasingly becoming absolute must-haves beauty product today. In fact, many girls are now obsessed with them – and this is for good reason. Facial mist refreshes the skin, leaving a cool and soothing feel after a hot or stressful day. It also adds moisture, hydrating the skin on the go.

So, you’ll not need to worry about it messing up your makeup or your skin dehydrating on a long flight with a facial mist. A must have beauty product for the female globe-trotter in your life!

Nike Free Run Flyknit

Nike has been an industry leading athletic shoe company, inspiring and innovative. With the Nike Freestyle as a part of your travel pack, trips to those fun sights would never be a hassle.

No more sore feet from those 4-hour walking tours or hike with these stylish trainers. They are like walking on the clouds.


Best Travel Photography Gifts

Best Travel Tripods – GorillaPod Focus

The GorrilaPod Focus is a strong and flexible mobile tripod that makes it easy to capture timed lapse and other fun shots at just about anywhere if you are travelling solo.  For its small portable size this tripod is a beast and is great if you want to make fun travel videos to upload to YouTube or share on your social media.

I own a GrillaPod and love as I’m able to take travel photos from every position and angle. Making it one of the best travel tripod on the market.


Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

The Manfrotto Mini Tripod is a portable solution for photography professionals and enthusiasts. The mini tripod provides a stable base for you to place the camera, allowing you to frame your intended capture and get clear, smooth, and crisp images. With the added advantage of its small size, it can be carried along in any travel pack or even left connected under the body of your camera when not in use.

I also own the Manfrotto PIXI and love it for when I want to go unnoticed but still get photos when I’m travelling by myself or do a little vlogging as the GorillaPod tends attract attention. I can easily slip the PIXI into your purse as it’s so small and compact.

Gifts for someone going travelling

GoPro 7 Black Or GoPro 8 Black

Is your friend an adventurous traveller? Then the GoPro 7 Black will make for an ideal gift. It is a portable, bombproof device that has a voice controller, so you’ll not have to worry about handling its buttons to take selfies or shoot footage.

All you need do is tell the device what you want, and even from a distance, it’ll get the job done. It is a great camera for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, biking, and snowboarding.

A GoPro and its accessories are ideal gifts for friends going travelling. If you want to know more about travel cameras then read my guide on the best travel camera.

I haven’t upgraded to GoPro 8 as I think my 7 black is still great and the specs are not that different from version 7 to version 8. But if you are a gear head then having the latest and greatest might be your thing.

Camera Lens Pen

Nothing feels more frustrating than having to deal with a dirty lens while trying to capture awesome memories. A Camera Lens Pen is a cleaning solution for your camera lens, ensuring your travel photos are crisp, and well-focused. It is a small and easy-to-use product and will make the perfect travel accessories.

Olloclip Clip-on Lenses

Is the traveller in your life a Instagram lover? Still looking for the best travel photography gifts? Then the Olloclip Clip-on Lenses is your best bet.

It converts the built-in front and rear cameras of the iPhone into a telephoto or wide-angle lens.

Its storage case can also serve as the phone’s tripod, and with its weight just under two ounces, the Olloclip Lens set should never be left at home.

A great travel gear. You can read my full review on the Olloclip Clip-on Lens in this post.


Fujifilm Instax Printer

Some photos don’t deserve to remain only in the records of your smartphone gallery. With the Fujifilm Instax Printer, you can now print photographs directly from your phone. Yes, that’s right. It is a portable item that can easily fit into your travelling backpack and become an intricate part of your travel story.


That’s a wrap for the best travel gift ideas. With these unique gifts for travellers from the list above, you can help your favourite traveller ensure that they pack light and still packs all… that’s right.

Looking for more gifts ideas then check out this guide to gifts for travel lovers for every budget.

Happy shopping! And remember to take out time yourself to explore the world. These are some of the best gifts for people going travelling.


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