Ultimate guide to buying the best luggage sets in 2021

This is post is the ultimate guide for buying the best luggage sets in 2021!

This review of the best luggage sets for 2020 is designed to help you get your hands on the best sets of luggage for you regardless of your budget


Are you all set for that very important first holiday? Planning a small family vacation? Or perhaps you simply need that weekend getaway with some of the girls (or boys)?

Whatever the case, one thing is certain, you will be needing a quality luggage set to get your stuff to your destination safely.

However finding the perfect and most importantly durable, best luggage sets you can afford can be daunting.

Of course, you would likely already have a travel suitcase. But what happens if you have small carry-on luggage, but you’re preparing for a 5-day trip? Too small, yeah?

How about when the whole family is preparing for a vacation? You would definitely need something more than a single suitcase, and shopping for different suitcases for the entire family can be a real problem.

Whatever the scenario may be for you, one thing is for sure, a luggage set covers multiple travel situations, ensuring that your travel process is unhindered by the scramble for different luggage sizes.

Even with this said, you still need to consider many factors before deciding on the best luggage sets for you.

This review and buying guide of the best luggage sets for 2022 is designed to help you get your hands on the best sets of luggage for you and your family, regardless of your budget or unique personal needs and travel style.

Top 10 Luggage Sets

Advantages of Opting for Luggage Sets

While individual spinners might seem like the easier purchase option, luggage sets are a worthwhile investment.

From their ability to come in different sizes with matching colours, to the variety they provide you with, here are some of the important advantages of getting a luggage set.

Travel style

Luggage sets provide you with a masterful luggage variety for the different kinds of travels you embark upon. Travelling for a two-day business trip differs from a 7-day long holiday.

Driving to your destination also differs from flying down there. A trip within cities in Europe differs from interstate or international travel.

This is why luggage sets are designed to fit your different travel needs.


While getting individual suitcase pieces might seem cheaper, they do not add up favourably against a luggage set.

Indeed, you can save as much as 20% if you opt for a luggage set rather than going ahead to purchase each piece in the set.

If eventually, you will have to purchase a 3-or 4-piece set, why not get it all at once?


Even if you have lots of storage room, keeping it minimally occupied due to great organisation hacks is a no-brainer. Most luggage sets are designed with a feature known as “nesting”.

This means that smaller pieces can be stored within larger pieces so that all the pieces occupy a single luggage space. This is perfect for those with smaller storage room.


Luggage sets are designed to come in a variety of sizes for a range of consumers. For instance, a 2-piece luggage set might include a medium sized spinner and carry-on luggage, while a 5-piece set could consist of 3 spinners of different sizes, a duffel, and a carry-on bag.

Likewise, while 28” bags may seem easier on the eye, 31” bags may be better for international travel, providing extra space for souvenirs and gifts.

Be sure to check that the sizes of each piece meet your requirements (as well as other travel/airline requirements). Consider some common sizes:

2-piece set: 20”, 28”

3-piece set: 21”, 25”, 29” or 20”, 24”, 28”

4-piece set: Carry-on, 20”, 24”, 28”

Luggage Sets Buying Guide – Things to look for when buying any set of luggage

Ready to buy your first luggage set? While this is an exciting task for a first-timer, going in unprepared may leave you with an expensive luggage set which you really might not like.

But I’ve got you covered! Consider some essential features to look out for when buying your first luggage set.

Wheels: Except for you carrying an overnight bag, you will very much require your luggage to be mobile.

While most luggage sets come with a wheel assembly, you still have to decide whether you’d prefer those with 2 wheels or 4 wheels.

4-wheeled luggage carriers are typically more balanced, allowing you to balance other bags on top of them with relative ease.

However, though they are unlikely to topple over, they do take up more space. 2-wheel spinners are a delight when you have to pull your luggage over cobblestones or rocky ground. This is almost always the case outside of the airport.

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Colour: Which is your preferred colour for your luggage set? Although this is not exactly a “critical” decision, you will be better placed having a rough colour idea in mind before you go shopping for a luggage set.

From single bold colours to coloured pairs, and checkered patterns, you will have lots of options. Likewise, some luggage sets are designed with different colours for each piece if that is what you would prefer.

I personally have a black luggage set because black looks timeless, stylish and elegant. Also, scratches/dirt doesn’t show up as much on black as it does lighter colours.

I accentuate my black luggage set with a bright neon green luggage name tag, so I can easily spot it amongst the masses of other suitcases.

Zippers and handles: Travel bags and luggage are typically exposed to more strain and stress than bags for everyday usage.

Be sure to get you a piece of luggage set with large toothed, sturdy zippers that can withstand the strain of travel and over packing, and do not pop open as you move.

Make sure they also come with reasonably sized pull tabs that make zipping that much easier. This is always a bonus both before, during and after the journey.

Weight: The heavier your luggage, the higher your possible travel costs — especially when you have to fly to your destination. Heavier luggage sets are also more strenuous and exhausting to move around.

It is always best to go lightweight when packing, but you also want to ensure your luggage set doesn’t bring in any unnecessary extra weight.

Packing capacity and organisation features: How do you like to travel? What kind of items will you be bringing along? Some luggage sets come fitted with internal compartments that allow you to store small items securely.

But this is not always necessary, particularly if you won’t be travelling light, as the usage of these compartments may limit your storage space for larger items.

Warranty: Okay, okay, it’s only luggage, not some electronics! Do you really need a warranty, like really? The luggage set industry is filled with sets and brands that offer up to 10 years warranty.

Whether you cash in on this or not, a warranty provides added assurance and guarantee of quality for the luggage. It also means that if anything goes wrong some years down the line, you are covered.

Expandable compartments or rigid: Luggage sets with expandable compartments are an excellent fit for travel gifts and souvenirs. These sorts of compartments allow you add to your luggage conveniently without battling for space in the already filled up major compartment.

However, they may make the bag more difficult to move, potentially tipping its weight to one side.

On the other hand, rigid cases typically use locks rather than zips for fastening which makes them generally more secure.

Lock features: Zippers are only one way to secure your luggage. It may also come with other kinds of locks and clamps. Watch out for the lock type and ensure that it closes securely, and for clamps, shuts completely.

After all, you want your bag to remain secure as possible even if you momentarily have to take your eyes off it for any reason.

Best Luggage Brands Reviews 2022

What comes to your mind when you think of travel luggage? It has to be light, practical and sturdy.

While some luggage brands have been able to produce one or two sets that meet all three qualifications, some other brands have proven to match these qualifications with each set.

This is what I consider when I thought of the best luggage brands you should considered this year.

Samsonite: This American company has been making travel luggage for well over 100 years, making it one of the world’s oldest travel brands.

Still, they remain one of the most forward-driven brands as they continuously strive for new heights in reliability and innovation.

With both soft side and hard case luggage collections on offer, they continue to remain industry leaders.

American Tourister: Yet another popular brand, it is interestingly owned by Samsonite. As a result, it is also a pacesetter in terms of innovation, reliability and design.

Where it does differ from its mother brand, Samsonite is in its more fun and colourful approach to design. In general, it is an excellent brand for those seeking fun but durable luggage sets.

Travelpro: If you are looking for soft case bags, this is the brand for you. Travelpro bags are renowned for their lightweight and enduring durability, making them one of the best travel brands in 2022.

Antler: Antler is typically one of the best luggage sets for international travel due to the lightweight of their products. Its hard case luggage sets defy the notion that hard case luggage should be heavy.

They are one of a few brands that manage to marry durability with compactness and lightness, giving them a space on our list of the best travel brands 2022.

Best luggage sets reviews in 2022

As a gentleman, your taste buds might favour the more rugged luggage sets. As a lady, yours might lean towards the more colourful, playful colours and stylish design— if the stereotypes are to be believed.

Now that we’ve identified specific features to look out for in a luggage set before making your choice, why don’t we take this a step further?

Consider some of my preferred luggage sets for this year so far, for any personality and budget.

Samsonite Luggage Review: Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner

Designed using the Curv technology — which is employed in the design and development of bulletproof vests, skates and skis, it is indeed sturdy.

Should it get dented by poor handling, simply knock it back out from the inside to return to its original shape.

Samsonite is not merely industry leaders on paper, and the recently introduced Cosmolite collection reveals just why the Samsonite brand appeals to many a traveller.

This sleek-looking spinner is definitely a head turner due to its smooth, shiny finish. It is also noted for being Samsonite’s lightest and strongest ever luggage.

Its greatest selling point, though, is its ability to remain sturdy without getting overweight.

It should be no surprise to find that even the huge 81 cm (32-inch) luggage, which weighs only 3.10 kg when empty, weighs lesser than most medium sized luggage.

With a stylish but firm handle to match, you can easily pull up and move with your bag without any annoying snags.

This 4-wheeler is also good on its feet. Filling it to the brim hardly did anything to hamper its movement. Neither does the added weight force the surprisingly robust wheels to snap or fray.

While some have complained about the zipper snapping open on the road, many found that it stays in place so long as you do not overstuff it — which I admit might be tempting given its size.

Samsonite Omni PC 3-piece Set Spinner


Made from 100% polycarbonate, the shell is said to be scratch-resistant. Indeed, it has earned a reputation for looking just the same on its 100th trip as it did on the first.

While it does accumulate a few scratches over time, it does that ever so slowly. Its wheels are also designed for different terrains and terraces which is a major plus as you take this on a trip.

It may not be as shiny as the Cosmolite collection, but the Omni PC set from Samsonite is designed to be just as sturdy.

Arguably the toughest hardside luggage set on the market, it is built as a stylish travel option and a lasting companion.

Packing the ideal combination of weight, strength and balance, it doesn’t tip over when full — regardless of its content, and can be extended if need beby merely opening up its side.

It’s rather a simpleinterior boasts lots of room for your luggage, a mesh pocket for storing important papers, and a simple strap to hold it all in. It could do with one or two more pockets, but that’s what a carry-on is for.

And the carry-on does just fine in terms of its size and weight, fitting perfectly with overhead bins.

Unlike the Cosmolite, it is slightly heavier in nature, although it is far from overbearing in weight. Although it definitely could be lighter, it shouldn’t expressly impact your luggage weight.

Affordable Luggage Sets

COOLIFE Luggage Review: COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3-Piece Set


On the exterior, COOLIFE has taken steps to ensure that these spinners continue to look good as new with their thoughtful textured exterior shell. While this may not be flashy on the eye, it is no slouch either.

More importantly, though, it does get the job done. Its 100% ABS exterior can conveniently take a beating through the airport without appearing flustered, while the textured finish ensures that scratches are hard to come by and those that appear are concealed.COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3-Piece Set

COOLIFE may not have featured on our limited list of top luggage brands 2022; still, its expandable luggage suitcase set is unarguably amongst our best luggage sets for international travel.

A marvellous combination of innovation and design brings life to an otherwise simple luggage. And no place is this better felt than the interior which houses a separate laptop compartment — ideal for business trips.

With 4 wheels for each spinner, these spinners are very well balanced, even when rolling them upright.

The interior can conveniently take a 15” laptop, a tablet and some paperwork in a separate padded compartment, which is an interesting quirk.

And while the largest 31” spinner doesn’t have this feature, it boasts expandable zippers to allow for more luggage.

Other pockets are also in place for smaller items and stationery, with cross straps for the main compartment, giving your bag a really organised look.

Hardside Luggage Sets: AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Multi Piece Set


Enjoy seamless mobility with its unidirectional 4-wheel set that gives you the confidence to transverse any road type or surface.

With its nesting capability, storage is rather simple without taking up much space.

While its exterior may appear basic, it is anything but. Reinforced ABS gives the hardside exterior shell the strength it requires for the rough and tumble of airport handling.

With Amazon’s hawk-eyed view of the retail industry, it is no surprise that they have a pretty good idea of what most consumers need.

The AmazonBasics hardside spinner luggage goes some way to address those needs — a budget-friendly, rugged, high-quality multi-piece spinner set.

The interior is just as satisfying with dividers installed to make packing that much easier. Need even more space? An expandable section gives you up to 15% extra packing space without doing any damage to the structural integrity of the material.

In all, AmamzonBasics is a great option for budget buyers looking to balance style with functionality and price.

What is more, its standard three-piece set can be expanded as much as you please, and a three-year warranty gives you added quality assurance.

Antler Luggage Review: Antler Sonar Luggage 3-Piece Set

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The exterior of the three-piece Sonar Exclusive luggage is made from 100% ABS. In addition to being super tough, though, it is also given a scratch-resistant finish.

Both characteristics allow your luggage to endure the stress and bumps of travel with minimal fuss.

However, this does not translate to any extra weight as the luggage remains within the general lightweight average on this list.

With Antler ranking on our list of best luggage brands, it is no surprise that the Sonar Exclusive collection ranks amongst the best luggage sets for international travel.

This hardside luggage set from the Antler collection is both sturdy and stylish, two critical qualities of a travel suitcase.

The interior is fitted with an internal ID tag. And elastic straps are in place for holding down your belongings before zipping up.

The handle is made of a soft material that makes movement easy on the hands even for prolonged periods. For extra security, TSA combination locks are in place.

Weighing a minimal 2.4 kg, you sure can’t argue against its weight either. I personally have the Antler luggage set – Sonar Luggage 2-Piece Set and love it.

Its one of the most stylish luggage sets I’ve owned, and it’s 4 wheels glide smoothly as you I rush through busy airport terminals. I got my set during the Antler luggage sale.

If you want to look stylish and effortless while you travel, then definitely check out luggage sets from Antler.

Delsey luggage Review: Delsey Luggage  Helium Aero Set 3 Piece

Delsey is primarily known for its elegant and affordable French designs, and that is easy to see here too.

The Helium Aero luggage set is made from highly durable materials that give your luggage the extra protection it deserves. With its glossy exterior finish, it is also scratch-resistant.

Speaking of which, its exterior is simple and elegant without being too flashy.Being around since 1946 has afforded Delsey Luggage plenty of time to fully understand the market demands and how to keep them satisfied.

With this in mind, it is no surprise to find that they boast of some of the industry’s most stringent quality control measures, plus secure patented zippers that are up to forty times more difficult to break than regular zippers.

The main interior compartment provides you with space and flexibility you need for storage, providing organisational control without limiting the storage space.

A zipped mesh divider separates two compartments, while straps hold your clothes in place during movement.

Its 360-degree double wheels allow for full manoeuvrability, and the exterior material is strong without being heavy.

As for some nice extras, it does have a built-in overweight indicator that lets you know your bag is over 50 pounds in weight. This is extremely handy as it enablesyou to reorganise your bag to size right from home.

Aerolite Lightweight 4 Wheels ABS Hard Shell 3-Piece Luggage Set


This 4-wheel spinner is ultra-lightweight, with the biggest — and heaviest — of the set coming in at an incredible 2.5 kg without any load.

This makes the Samsonite Cosmolite set its only major challenger on the weight front on this list. Designed with a 600 Denier rip-resistant polyester, it is as durable as you can expect any softside luggage to be.

Aerolite bags always strive to perfectly combine durability with a lightweight, without going overboard with its pricing. As one of a few soft side sets on my best suitcase reviews list, it has certainly done fine with meeting that goal.

Paired with four multidirectional wheels, its durable double tube retractable trolley makes movement with your luggage easy.

Two practical exterior pockets provide extra storage room for easily retrievable materials like tickets, travelling documents and other personal accessories. Likewise, interior straps keep your belongings in place despite the rocky nature of your commute.

The interior is adequately lined and fully branded. For security, the 3-digit combination lock paired with some robust zippers makes for a reliable guard.

You may want to take care with how much you stuff into the bag, though, as it has been noted to be a little wobbly and difficult to move when over 80% full.

American Tourister Luggage Review: American Tourister Fieldbrook II


The interior of the softside bag is partitioned with pockets that allow for seamless organisation of your belongings.

While exterior pockets — a major advantage of soft side luggage sets — give you some nice extra storage space for things like your rain jacket which you need to access quickly in emergency situations.

The American Tourister luggage set might be a budget range item, but it does contain some nicely built-in premium features that make it a no-brainer.

Its extreme lightweight construction and high-quality design set it apart from other budget friendly luggage sets.

Certainly, the Fieldbrook II luggage set from American Tourister is one of the most durable luggage sets on the market, which is a lot considering its pricing.

American Tourister review — the set comes with two upright spinners which roll just fine through the airport and a small onboard bag.

The bag handles are rather sturdy, but the same cannot be said of the internal bag lining.

At 15”, 21”, and 25”, though, these are far from the largest of luggage sets, so you want to be sure that this is what you need before setting sights on them.

Best Budget Hard Side Luggage Set: Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3-Piece set


The set’s exterior is made of sturdy, rigorously tested materials that you can be sure of. The interior, on the other hand, provides you with two separate zippered sections.

This allows you separate materials you wish to keep apart without compromising on storage spacing. For even more spacing, an expandable feature on the side offers you up to 25% more storage room.

If you are looking for a budget hardside luggage set, you definitely can do no better than the Merax Travelhouse 3-piece luggage set.

This budget hardside set is loaded with a ton of features and comes in 10 different colour variants. Thankfully, the budget doesn’t mean heavy, and durability is not sacrificed for lightweight.

To keep spacing at a premium, the ergonomic handle is moulded to the case exterior.

And four spinner wheels give you as much ease of movement as you may need. However, you might find the lack of side handles for the carry-on a little discomforting, but that should be manageable.

Best Designer Hard Side Luggage Set: Steve Madden Luggage 4-Piece Spinner Suitcase Collection

Hello, fashion-conscious chicas! While I’ve had a few stylish designs graze our best luggage sets reviews, none comes close to this 4-piece collection by Steve Madden.

Yes, the very same Steve Madden known for their classy shoe collection. With 3 suitcases and a satchel, its pricing is also one of the best on the market for value provision.

The seemingly small satchel is excellent as a carry-on, with plenty of space for extra travel materials — including a 15” laptop.

It also boasts just enough compartments for comfort, although this may be a tad too few for some.

On the other hand, the larger spinners come fitted with plenty of inside pockets that allow for the super organisation, as well as a large pocket on the outside for documents or items you need to retrieve on the fly.

While the set is generally great and stylish, I should warn that the black colour variant seems quite susceptible to scratches.

Likewise, the carry-on although a small 20-inch suitcase, does turn in a weight of about 7.8 pounds which is on the heavy side.

The wheels also seem to get increasingly difficult to manoeuvre as the bag size goes up so you may want to watch out for that.

With that out of the way, though, the bag is of a high quality, from the exterior materials to the zippers and handles.

Best Luggage Accessories

So, you now have your desired luggage sets. Or not! Either way, you are considering what else you can include in your purchase (or get as a nice little extra) to make your travel kit even more useful and personalised.

Worry not! Yet again, I’ve got you covered. Consider some extremely useful and worthwhile additional luggage accessories.

Luggage scale: A luggage scale is an essential feature if you’re an over-packer like me and want to keep the excess luggage charges at bay.

Handy and lightweight, luggage scales are typically easy to use and very much accurate. Simply measure out each case while packing and redistribute items accordingly to make sure that the weight is kept within limits.

TSA approved locks: Nothing beats the feeling that your belongings are secure in your luggage.

Then again, you really don’t want to have your lock or zipper broken by airport security for routine checks. TSA approved locks allow you to secure your luggage with a 3-or 4-digit combination while giving TSA security access to your luggage if need be.

Packing cubes: Who needs those internal pockets and sections that take up valuable space when there are packing cubes to the rescue! Packing cubes are simply zipper pouches that allow for smooth internal segmentation of your luggage.

This means more items can go into the same space, and items can be properly grouped together for easy retrieval.

Talk about organisation!

Well, I hope this list of the of tips of what to look for when buying a luggage set and my top picks of some of the best luggage sets on the makers for 2022, helps you select the perfect set of luggage for your next trip!

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