The 8 Best Coffee Shops in Richmond | Park Cafe’s and More

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Richmond is a vibey area that sits on the River Thames. It attracts people for its stunning panoramic views and quaint picnic spots throughout. But, behind all of this is a thriving coffee culture with roasteries and speciality cafes all over.

Whether you’re a fan of lattes, flat whites or the traditional cappuccino, heading to one of the best coffee shops in Richmond will satisfy all your caffeine cravings.

Richmond London

So, if you want something to do before having tea on the River Thames, visit one of the coffee shops below.

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    The Top Richmond Coffee Shops

    When it comes to the best coffee in Richmond, there are a lot of different artisan and speciality shops and roasters in the area.

    Ole Steen London 1

    Taking a step away from the norm and visiting some of these coffee shops that show a passion for coffee is a must and will change your life when it comes to coffee. There is even a little Richmond Park coffee shop thrown in for good measure.


    If you are looking for the best coffee in Richmond, Kapucin is the place to go for all your caffeine requirements. Once you step inside this friendly cafe, a sense of relaxation will almost instantly overcome you – with the smell of fresh coffee as well of course.

    Kapucin London
    Kapucin Official Photo

    This cafe only cares about the best, which is why they source the best products that are available. Their coffee beans are sourced from some of the top roasters in the UK and Europe while their ingredients and goods are also sourced from trusted local suppliers.

    Their all-day brunch is simple yet delicious with classics like avo on toast and a favourite snack of a ham and cheese toastie.

    Pair these with your coffee of choice and sit back while the world passes you by outside the window. If you want something more filling, the kapucin burger is absolutely a must-try.

    Location: 18B Hill Rise, Richmond, TW10 6UA

    The Retreat Kitchen

    This little eatery really is a retreat for those who love their coffee and vegan food. This plant-based kitchen serves up some amazing food to their customers. The interior is crisp and modern yet still warm and inviting at the same time, with the friendly staff helping out.

    They serve breakfast and lunch with the super green quinoa burrito for lunch being a standout and great pairing with your latte or coffee of choice. All of their coffee beans are specially roasted and supplied from the Old Spike Roastery.

    For those who need a break from caffeine, there is a great selection of loose leaf teas and fresh smoothies for all.

    Location: 16 Hill Rise, Richmond, TW10 6UA

    Pen Pond Cafe in Richmond Park

    Cafes in Richmond Park are great for your morning refreshment. This is a little unconventional when it comes to the normal cafe type in that there is no actual indoor seating, and it is more of a permanent take-away spot in the park.

    But Pen Pond Cafe is a lifesaver for any coffee lover. This little cafe is found in the heart of Richmond Park and is the perfect place to stop on your morning run or commute for a refreshing cup of coffee.

    The menu is small and simple with mostly coffee and juices available, with a few snacks as well. There are a handful of small tables set up around the cafe, but no inside seating is available.

    This shouldn’t be a worry at all when you can grab your coffee from this Richmond Park Cafe and choose any spot in the park to sit back and relax with your cuppa.

    Location: Pen Ponds Car Park, Richmond Park, TW10 5HX

    Richmond Hill Bakery

    For your weekly shop of freshly baked bread of choice and a fresh hit of caffeine, while you’re at it, the Richmond Hill Bakery is a brilliant place to go. As you would expect, all the items are baked fresh from scratch every day at the bakery.

    Richmond Hill Bakery
    Richmond Hill Bakery Official Photo

    They have a large menu to choose from for a hearty breakfast with your coffee or even a toastie over lunchtime. This place always has such an amazing vibe with friendly faces and service.

    The interior is a modern and rustic type of decor with mood-setting natural lighting.

    For those on the run in the morning, grab yourself a baker’s breakfast, a croissant, and coffee. This is the best thing on a cold winter morning and a favourite amongst many.

    There is a small selection of teas and coffees for sale in the store as well for you to take home and continue to enjoy those aromatic drinks in the comfort of your home.

    Location: 54 Friars Stile Road, Richmond, TW10 6NQ

    Tide Tables Cafe

    This little cafe sits on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond within an archway beneath Richmond Bridge. This is a lovely place to escape the busy world above and even watch as the world goes by.

    Tide Tables Cafe
    Tide Tables Cafe Official Photo

    Other than the coffee, the views of the river are absolutely stunning and make this one of the top Richmond cafes.

    This lovely waterside cafe serves strictly vegetarian food with options for vegan and gluten-free diets as well. For snacks, there is an incredible selection of salads, pastries, and cakes on offer, along with a few other savoury items.

    The interior is lit up with lights everywhere with a simplistic modern design, a nice place to escape the heat during the summer and to warm up a little during winter.

    Grab yourself a cortado or flat white with your choice of cow-milk alternatives at no extra charge.

    Location: 2 The Arches, Beneath Richmond Bridge, Richmond, TW9 1TH

    Ole & Steen

    Originating in Denmark, Ole & Steen has been operating for over 30 years but only opened in the UK in 2016.

    Ole Steen
    Ole & Steen Official Photo

    This bakery has become a standout around the world and has made a name for itself with its incredible baked goods that are made from scratch with impeccable ingredients.

    Their menu is full of delicacies from cakes to breakfasts and more, but you absolutely need to try their Danish pastries. They are freshly baked throughout the day and are the perfect companion to a smooth espresso from one of their baristas.

    To help reduce waste, any unsold pastries are returned to the bakery at the end of the day and are made into their truffle logs. Their coffee is supplied by Modern Standard Coffee, a direct-trade coffee roaster with amazing roast profiles and tasting notes. This is the must-visit cafe in Richmond for any coffee connoisseur.

    Location: 59 George Street, Richmond, London, TW9 1HE

    Caffè Nero

    Caffè Nero is a chain of coffee shops found throughout the UK. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee that brings in some flamboyance with seasonal speciality coffees, this is a great place to stop.

    Even though this is a chain, they do love their coffee and take it seriously with their own signature blend being a firm favourite. For something a little different, try the Espresso Con Panna, a double shot of espresso that is topped with whipped cream.

    The flat white has become a staple amongst coffee drinkers in recent years and for those who can’t drink hot coffee on a summer’s day, Nero offers an iced version to satisfy those caffeine cravings.

    There is a full range of snacks and food for any situation, from snacks for people on-the-go to group meetings and wanting to sit down and catch up over lunch. Their plant-based “sausage” ciabatta is amazing while their meat version is just as good with your morning cuppa.

    Location: 7-8 The Square, Richmond, Greater London, TW9 1DZ


    If you are wanting some speciality coffee from one of the cafes in Richmond, Coffeeology is the place to go. This is more of a unique experience with their stores opening in 2017, they offer something special for any artisanal coffee lovers.

    Coffeeology Richmond

    Great care is taken with sourcing quality coffee blends from single origins while employing a range of different techniques in brewing methods. Think of this as if you are going to a custom tailor for your clothing, but for your coffee. Coffeeology will find the perfect coffee to suit your taste.

    The interior is simple with a somewhat rustic decor, the focus here is on coffee after all. The atmosphere is always buzzing at this cool little espresso bar. It is just off the high street at the end of a small alley.

    Location: 4 The Square, Richmond, London, TW9 1DZ

    Final Thoughts on The Best Richmond Cafe

    With all the different cafes in Richmond, it can be hard to choose but there is a place for everyone to satisfy their taste buds. All of these places are definitely worth a visit and will be the perfect partner for your social media posts with some of the best Instagrammable desserts in London.

    So, which one of these coffee shops will you be grabbing your morning coffee from while taking a stroll along the River Thames or through Richmond Park?

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