9 Best Beaches in Portland Jamaica & Free Beaches

Portland, Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. From white sandy shores tucked away in secret coves to bustling reefs alive with tropical marine life, there’s something for everyone who visits this picturesque island.

beaches in portland jamaica
Beaches in Portland Jamaica

The popularity of Princess Nina Aga Khan, and San San beaches makes them perfect spots for water sports like snorkelling, swimming, and scuba diving.

The surrounding jungles also offer adventurers a chance to hike and explore vibrant flora and fauna. If you’re looking for more of a laid-back feel, Frenchman’s Cove and Winnifred Beach are great choices where you can relax on soft sand or take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline while listening to the gently crashing waves.

For an unforgettable trip filled with adventure, relaxation and breathtaking views of Portland’s best beaches. This blog post will give you an overview of the best beaches in Portland including free beaches in Portland Jamaica.

The Best Beaches in Portland Jamaica | Best Portland Beaches

While there are many great beaches to choose from across the island, Portland is home to some of the best. From Boston Bay Beach, famous for its surfing, to secluded Winnifred Beach, these are some of the best Portland beaches and best things to do Portland Jamaica

1. Winnifred Beach – Free Beach in Portland Jamaica

Winnifred Beach best free beaches in portland jamaica
Photo Credit _ IG_Geejamhotel, Best free beaches in Portland Jamaica

Looking for a paradise but still have a budget to stick to? Winnifred Beach Portland (also known as Fairy Hill beach) is the place for you.

Well-known for its off-the-beaten-path location and dramatic cliffs, this exotic beach is located in Jamaica and will make your holiday feel like a scene from an adventure movie. This is one of the few free beaches in Portland Jamaica.

Although Winnifred Beach in Portland Jamaica is tricky to reach, it’s definitely worth the effort. Enjoy swimming or fishing in the crystal blue waters or relax with a sunbathing session or two; everything here is free of charge.

Just make sure you bring your snorkelling gear and fins because you won’t want to miss out on exploring the nearby reef.

On weekdays there may just be a few hawkers around, but ultimately, this spot remains lowkey almost untouched despite its popularity among locals. 

So don’t forget your camera as these moments should be forever remembered… especially when they happen on such a unique beach as Winnifred. Winnifred is also one of the few free beaches in Jamaica.

Entrance Cost: Free Access

Location:  Fairy Hill, Portland

2. Shan Shy Beach

Shan Shy Beach sign
Photo Credit _ IG_Shanshybeachcomplex – Free Beaches in Jamaica

One of the best beaches in Portland Jamaica is Shan Shy. Shan Shy Beach is the perfect place to relax and have a break from the bustle of life. The clear water and white sand provide an idyllic setting, whether you’re looking to fish, swim or just sunbathe.

There are plenty of opportunities to take part in snorkelling and other aquatic activities as well and is one of the top public beaches in Portland Jamaica.

Once you get hungry, there’s a cafe on the beach, plus Dickey’s Best Kept Secret restaurant further along the shoreline for delicious seafood meals. So why not head on down to Shan Shy beach for a day away from it all.

Dennis Butler offers various boat tours from the beach, including fishing, snorkelling, and sightseeing at attractions like Navy Island and The Blue Lagoon.

Entrance Cost: Free Access

Location: Bryan’s Bay, Norwich

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3. Frenchman’s Cove Beach Portland Jamaica

people sitting on frenchman cove portland
Photo Credit _ IG_bealesspaconsulting – Frenchman Cove Portland Jamaica

Only 20 minutes east of Port Antonio, a serene private beach in Jamaica awaits surrounded by a stunning tropical biosphere that is synonymous with Portland. Frenchman’s Cove beach is located on the Frenchman’s Cove property.

The property sprawls over 45 acres and includes not only the tranquil Frenchman Cove Portland beach but also its own restaurant, yoga shala, and other dedicated spaces.

At the Frenchman Cove in Portland, you don’t need to be an on-site guest in order to visit this untouched piece of paradise; it can be accessed without any reservations or additional fees.

Take in the sight of these breathtaking blues: a combination of Caribbean Sea water and fresh water from Blue Mountain hills enveloped by lush foliage, all at one incredible spot.

Entrance Cost: Admission for two was around US $18.00

Location: Frenchman’s Cove  Port Antonio, Portland

4. Bikini Beach Port Antonio

Beds on bikini beach port antonio
Photo Credit _ IG_bikinibeachjamaica – Port Antonio beaches

Bikini Beach in Portland is the perfect spot for anybody wanting to escape the city bustle and find a more idyllic setting. With its peaceful water and cosy stretch of sand, it’s no wonder that this little beach has been such a popular spot over the years.

The waves are minimal or nonexistent, making it ideal for swimming or sunbathing without having to worry about getting knocked around by the surf.

There are also plenty of picnicking spots nearby Errol Flynn Marina, so you can spend all day exploring nature while still having plenty of food options close by.

If you’re looking for a charming and low-key getaway in Portland, Bikini Beach Port Antonio Portland should be at the top of your list.

Entrance Cost: Entrance is always free to Bikini Beach, except for some special events.

Location: Marina in Port Antonio, Jamaica

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5. Boston Bay

aerial view of Boston Bay Portland Jamaica
Photo Credit _ IG_Heavenvillaja – Boston Bay Portland Jamaica

If you’re looking for one of the best beaches in Jamaica to soak up some sun and waves, Boston Bay Beach is definitely worth a visit. Nestled on Jamaica’s northeast coast in the parish of Portland, Boston Beach offers a unique paradise experience with its white sand and clear blue waters.

Boston Beach is easily accessible by car with ample parking spaces available – perfect for surfers who can bring their boards along and come hang ten on some of Jamaica’s most legendary waves.

If a different kind of relaxation is more your vibe, that’s alright too; you can sprawl out in the sun or take a stroll down the beach.

Once you’ve finished up your day at the beach, there are several great restaurants and bars nearby to refresh and refuel. Boston beach in Portland Jamaica is a popular beach for surfers in Jamaica.

Just a few minutes away from the sun-kissed sands of Boston Beach Portland lies the world-famous Boston Jerk Centre.

No matter where you are in lovely Portland Jamaica, mouthwatering jerk is never hard to find – simply stroll along the beach and behold small shacks serving up plates of succulent jerk chicken or jerk pork.

Entrance Cost: $20US or 2000JMD, per person as an entry fee

Location: Boston Bay Portland Jamaica

6. Long Bay Beach Portland Jamaica

Long bay Portland Jamaica is a crescent-shaped shore, boasting luscious white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water, Long Bay is the longest beach in Portland Jamaica. With its crescent bay of silky sand, towering palm trees, tranquil waves and the possibility of surfing this picturesque beach scene resemble a brochure that has come to life.

If you need a refreshment break while enjoying your coastal day trip escape there are plenty of nearby beach bars and vendors at Boston Beach or Jerk Centre just minutes away. A strong offshore wind ensures regular surf here which gives an added thrill to any day spent on the shoreline.

Location: Long Bay, Portland

7. Blue Lagoon

boat passing in front of Blue Lagoon in Portland Jamaica

The famous Blue Lagoon is more than just your ordinary beach. As its teal waters shift shades throughout the day, visitors can immerse themselves in a mix of freshwater and seawater blending together harmoniously to create an oasis-like atmosphere as the lagoon is open to the sea and fed by freshwater springs.

It’s said that legend had it this lagoon was bottomless (180 feet to 200 feet) and home to mythical creatures, yet really it’s simply open waters you may swim around or boat tour while taking in all the green flora.

If you determine to take a plunge into the lagoon, you’ll observe a distinct mix of temperatures from the cosy waters of the Caribbean Sea and frigid underground streams.

There’s nothing quite like submerging yourself in the glowing, azure waters of Portland’s Blue Lagoon and rafting or swimming to Monkey Island. This serene island, once referred to as Pellen Island, was christened after the colony of primates that resided here some time ago.

Entrance Cost: $30US or 3000JMD for a boat tour, yet it does not charge any entrance fee as it is a free landmark.

Location: Blue Lagoon, Jamaica Portland

8. Turtle Bay Cove Portland Jamaica

Rocks at Turtle Bay Beach
Photo Credit _ IG_barborakoch – Portland beach Jamaica

Journey to Turtle Bay beach in Manchioneal, a secluded region in the Eastern Portland of Jamaica. Here you will discover an ethereal landscape that features stunning mountains, rivers and beaches not just crystal-clear waters. Amazingly, this beach spans five meters above sea level with its rocky cliffs soaring from the shoreline.

To truly appreciate Turtle Cove Portland Jamaica and all it has to offer we recommend seeking out a local guide or stay at Serendipity Villa for direct access.

A mere five minutes away from Turtle Beach lies the stunning beach of Turtle Bay Cove. Your GPS may lead you to Innes Beach, but your destination is just a few miles further down the path.

Location: Turtle Bay, Manchioneal, Portland

9. San San Beach Portland Jamaica

San San Portland Jamaica is not only a beautiful beach, but its remote location ensures it remains peaceful and secluded – far away from the hustle and bustle of other beaches in the area.

Even better: depending on where you’re staying in Portland, this haven might be closer than you think. Perfect for snorkelling due to its hidden reefs just offshore, if a little peace and quiet are your priorities then look no further.

Entrance Cost: Admission for two was around US $18.00

Portland Jamaica Beaches

These are the amazing beaches in Portland Jamaica. So, if you’re planning a trip to the island, be sure to check out Shan Shy Beach, Winnifred Beach, Bikini Beach, or Boston Beach Jamaica which are considered some of the best beaches in Jamaica.

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