Antler Luggage Review | Antler Clifton vs Juno Suitcases & More

Travelling is such an exciting adventure to plan, and a crucial part of this planning is purchasing the best travel gear for you. I’m here to review one of the leading brands in luggage today – Antler.

Best antler luggage sets

This Antler luggage review is especially exciting to me because it is also one of my favourite luggage brands.

Whether you haven’t heard of them before or they’re already your favourite place to buy travel bags, this antler luggage review will share everything you need to know.

When buying luggage sets from Antler, there are many factors to consider. I will cover all of these factors and highlight what makes this brand so unique and why I love their products.

This review will answer FAQs, share basic guidelines, and the best and the worst of Antler’s leading range of travel luggage.

Best Antler Luggage At A Glance

best Antler Luggage

Product Image

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Antler Stamford

Stamford large

Antler Clifton


Antler Juno

Antler Juno

Antler Stirling

Stirling Antler

Antler Prestwick


Choosing the Best Antler Luggage for You

With such a diverse range available, you might not know how to choose the right bag for you when you’re buying your Antler luggage. The best way to decide upon which collection and range will best suit you is to choose the one that matches your personality and travel style. Plus, it has to be cute ‘cause, let’s be honest, we all want to look fly when we are rolling through TSA.

Do you travel during the weekend? A lover of city breaks and weekend gateways? Or do you spend months at a time in each destination?

Depending on your answer, you can figure out what size you want and use this Antler suitcase review to help you choose.

As for which collection to choose, they really each reflect a certain type of traveller. Decide whether you want your luggage for business trips, family holidays or personal retreats.

Best Antler Luggage Compared

Antler provides various luggage types. Options range from business-class Antler bags to lifestyle bags and, of course, travel luggage.

I’m going to skip right to the juicy bits and cover the products that I know you want to hear about – the Antler hard suitcases. These are the bags that I feel are the best suited for travellers and have the best features.

Antler Stamford Review | Antler Stamford Exclusive Review

Click Here to buy the Stamford suitcase

The exclusive and undeniably stylish Stamford collection from Antler is a hardcover selection of durable, lightweight, and chic travel suitcases. If you’re a travel junkie like me, you’ll adore these Antler cases. They will prove to be convenient, secure, and fashion-forward travel luggage that will go the extra mile.

Stamford set

Packing features include:

  • Compression straps

The design includes diagonal and horizontal lines for a beautiful yet simplistic aesthetic effect. The Stanford collection comes in black and light blue with three option sizes.

Stamford Cabin – Great for Weekend Getaways and Cit Break Trips

  • Packing capacity: 35 litres
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Price: £90.75

Stamford Medium

  • Packing capacity: 86 litres
  • Dimensions: 67 x 47 x 30 cm
  • Price: £101.75

Stamford Large – Great for over Packers like myself, its big enough to carry a human body

  • Packing capacity: 135 litres
  • Dimensions: 67 x 47 x 30 cm
  • Price: £101.75F

Stamford’s collection is made out of remarkably light ABS materials, making it strong and lightweight. It features 360° spinner wheels, a TSA lockF, and flexible carry handles on both sides that are multi-height locking.

Click here to purchase your Stamford suitcase

Antler Clifton Suitcase Review 

The design of the Clifton collection reflects Antler’s eye for detail, with so many remarkable features and a smooth, sophisticated look. The pastel finishing touches add a layer of professionalism while still being quirky. Here is our Antler Clifton review.


Packing features include:

  • 4 interior pockets
  • Compression straps
  • An ID holder

The Clifton travel bags come in three sizes, including an Antler hard shell cabin luggage option.

Clifton Cabin

  • Packing capacity: 37 litres
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Price: £155

Clifton Medium

  • Packing capacity: 83 litres
  • Dimensions: 67.5 x 45.5 x 32.5 cm
  • Price: £179

Clifton Large

  • Packing capacity: 132 litres
  • Dimensions: 80 x 51.5 x 37.5 cm
  • Price: £199

This stylish suitcase also has a TSA lock, flexible carry handles on two sides, a multi-height locking handle and 360° spinner wheels. It comes in blush, mint, black, taupe, white and Clifton white.

Click here to purchase your Clifton suitcase

Antler Juno Luggage Review

Antler’s Juno collection comes in Metallic, and the design reflects all feistiness, freshness and glamour. The suitcases are coated with aluminium to give an attractive sheen that will make people turn their heads when you walk by. This suitcase is not for the shy traveller!

Antler Juno

Packing features include:

  • An ID holder
  • Compression straps

The Juno collection from Antler comes in pewter, cobalt, amethyst, bronze, opal and silver. The Juno suitcase also comes in three different sizes, which I will cover in this Antler Juno review.

Juno Cabin

  • Packing capacity:40 litres
  • Dimensions: 56 x 35 x 23 cm
  • Price: £110.00

Juno Medium

  • Packing capacity: 70 litres
  • Dimensions: 68 x 46 x 26 cm
  • Price:£125

Juno Large

  • Packing capacity: 110 litres
  • Dimensions:79 x 53 x 31 cm
  • Price: £139.00

Juno suitcases come fitted with a TSA lock, multi-height handle and self-healing coil zips. The 360 wheels will make it easy for you to manoeuvre your luggage, while the flexible carry handles add a layer of extra comfort.

As you can see from this antler Juno suitcase review, this is a practical statement-piece bag.

Click here to purchase your Juno metallic travel suitcase

Antler Juno 2 Review

Juno 2 (also seen as Juno II) is another fantastic collection from Antler. This collection has two ranges, each unique from the other and offering something special.

Let’s discover what makes these two ranges so remarkable and what value they add to your travel experience.

Juno 2 Monos Review

The Juno 2 Monos range has an unassuming and practical design that still manages to be stylish. This hardcover suitcase range is made from durable polypropylene, a material that is also lightweight and resistant to damage.

Packing features include:

  • ID holder
  • Compression straps

This suitcase is also set with multi-height handles for comfort, self-healing coil zips, flexible carry handles and 360 wheels. This lightweight and convenient travel bag with a TSA lock ticks all the boxes.

Juno 2 Monos suitcases come in three different sizes, which I will cover in these Antler luggage reviews:

Juno 2 Monos Cabin

  • Packing capacity: 39 litres
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Price: £115

Juno 2 Monos Medium

  • Packing capacity: 77 litres
  • Dimensions: 68 x 46 x 27 cm
  • Price: £125


Juno 2 Monos Large

  • Packing capacity: 123 litres
  • Dimensions: 80.5 x 54 x 31
  • Price: £155

Juno 2 Monos travel suitcases are strong, sleek and make for the best travel companion for the professional jet-setter. This trendy suitcase comes in white, orange, pink, purple, and turquoise. The Juno 2 Monos is made for those who dare to stand out.

Click here to purchase your Juno 2 Monos suitcase

Antler Juno 2 Brights Review

The Juno 2 Brights collection brings a breath of fresh air to the world of travel luggage by combining fun and practicality to make a fantastic range. The tropical-inspired, bright design is sure to light up the room wherever you go. It also makes it dead easy to spot when your luggage is in the crowded baggage claim.

It’s perfect for island-hoppers and beach-lovers, or even just those who enjoy everything light and bright. Made with Makrolon polycarbonate, Juno Brights suitcases are extraordinarily strong and lightweight.

Packing features include:

  • ID holder
  • Compression straps

You can get the Juno Brights collection in turquoise, white, pink, purple, orange and black. It also comes in three different sizes, including an Antler carry-on suitcase.

Juno 2 Brights Cabin

  • Packing capacity: 39 litres
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Price: £72

Juno 2 Brights Medium

  • Packing capacity: 77
  • Dimensions: 68 x 46 x 27 cm
  • Price:£77

Juno 2 Brights Large

  • Packing capacity: 123 litres
  • Dimensions: 80.5 x 54 x 31 cm
  • Price:£119


This affordable collection is a great option for any type of traveller, set with a TSA lock for safety. You can also enjoy self-healing coil zips, and flexible carry handles on two sides. To make it even easier to carry around, it also has a multi-height locking handle.

Click here to purchase your Juno 2 Brights suitcase

Antler Luggage Sets

Buying a set of luggage is often one of the best routes to go – especially for travel-savvy adventurers, such as myself. And although not all Antler luggage collections have complete sets, these are some of the best you can purchase.

They come in complete sets of small, medium and large travel bags:

Luggage Set Name

Product Image

Buy Here

Stamford Set

Stamford set

Prestwick Set

Prestwick Set

Advantage of Having an Antler Luggage Set

There are plenty of benefits to having an Antler travel luggage set, and some are as follows:

  • You will have many different travel bag sizes to choose from for each type of trip. I chose a luggage set because I know that I would make many European city break trips. I didn’t want to hop through check-in, and their cabin size suitcase fits most airline cabin sizes. The larger suitcase was for my international trips (visiting my family in Jamaica) for two or more weeks.
  • Your travel luggage collection will be sleek and uniform, making it easier to identify your luggage at the airport.
  • All of your bags will be set with a TSA lock – no more buying or losing paddle locks. This was a big problem for me and really sealed the deal when I was looking for new luggage to purchase.
  • Each of your travel bags will be lightweight and easy to carry.
  • You will save money buying a set instead of purchasing each bag individually.

Is Antler Luggage Good Quality?

Probably the first few questions that will pop into your mind are these: Are antler suitcases good, and can you trust the quality of Antler’s luggage? I’m here to say yes, and yes, indeed you can.

Their luggage has so many combinations of things that come together to give you only the best quality. Antler’s sophisticated design, which is both lightweight and durable, is unquestionably made with quality in mind.

Their hardcover and softcover travel bags are made of high-quality materials and built to last. These durable materials include:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene

I’ve owned my Antler suitcase set for almost 16 months now, and I’m in love with it. It’s strong and durable enough to take a battering on international flights (I’ve also seen those videos of baggage handlers throwing people’s luggage on the ground with absolute disregard).

They can also handle the cobblestones of Trento, Italy and the steep hills of Porto, Portugal, quite well. With only a few scratches where the wheels are to talk about the epic adventures, it’s been on.

Clifton vanity case

Antler Luggage Warranty

Before an Antler bag becomes available for purchase, it goes through a vigorous, 12-point quality testing program. Because of this, you receive a magnificent 10-year warranty on any softcover or hardcover luggage set you purchase (unless it is from the Business range, which only has the warranty cover for large and medium-sized bags).

With your purchase, you will receive an Antler warranty card with your luggage. The warranty will allow you to return your bag if you experience any defects or any clear faults. However, it will not cover wear and tear or accidental damage caused by you or couriers.

You can apply for your warranty by filling out a form online. If you live outside of the UK, you may have to pay shipping fees to and from the repair centre.

Antler’s Lock Features

The Antler suitcase lock boasts immaculate quality as well as intelligent design. Their luggage uses the TSA lock system to ensure your belongings are kept safe and that no harm comes to your bag.

This locking system was created exclusively by The Transportation Security Administration. The system was created to ensure that your luggage will not be damaged when opened during government authorised inspections.

The Antler suitcase lock makes it simple, quick and easy for authorities to gain access to the contents of your bag. In other cases, when a suitcase does not have a regulated lock, and TSA needs to open your bag, locks will be cut open or disabled.

These locks are also designed to keep your belongings safer and more secure during your travels.

How To Set the Antler Luggage Lock

The TSA locks come in four similar-looking types, with similar ways to set each lock. What they all have in common is that they are combination locks. They may look intimidating at first, but the process of setting your lock is simple and easy.

To set your lock, turn your dial to match 0-0-0. After that, press down, hold down or sometimes press the ‘change’ or ‘reset’ button with a pen or sharp point.

You can then set your own combinations (an easy suggestion of lock combos are dates for special birthdays or anniversaries). You can then set your combination by sliding the ‘reset’ button inwards.

Chelsea mini organiser in taupe

Zippers And Handles of Antler Luggage

Antler luggage is made with double-coil security zips. This means it will actually be able to ‘self heal’ if you get anything trapped in it. It also minimises the potential of any of your clothes being punctured or damaged this way.

The zips are made with Antler’s own original twist-grip technology, allowing for the best and most comfortable handling. You will also find that certain bags have multi-height handles that you can lock in whatever position suits you. 

The Antler Suitcase’s 4 Wheels

Say goodbye to having to actually ‘lug’ your luggage and enjoy a simplistic, 4-wheel drive design.

The 4 wheels of Antler’s luggage bags allow you to smoothly manoeuvre your suitcase, and therefore adding a layer of ease to your travels. The 4 incredible 360° spinner wheels will give you a dreamy glide across the airport floor, hotel lobbies, or cobbled streets.

These wheels are smooth and made with durable, high-quality polymers. They can withstand even the harshest conditions. This gives you the confidence to know you’ll be easily rolling on by – come smooth or rough terrain.  

Antler Luggage Sizes

Antler has a whole range of luggage available, but their hardcover and softcover suitcases come in 3 different sizes. These sets can be considered small, medium and large. 

You cannot review Antler luggage without looking at these individual sets. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from each set of Antler’s cases.

Antler Cabin Size Luggage

Antler’s Cabin size luggage is otherwise known as Antler carry on luggage. It is the ‘small size’ of soft or hard suitcases. It’s suited for those on 2 – 5-day trips and has a decent amount of packing capacity. It has all the room you need to bring along your long-haul flight carry on essentials.

Antler 4 wheel cabin luggage is approximately 55cm, and it is a convenient bag for those who travel for the weekend. They’re typically robust and the perfect weight and size to join you during your flight.

Antler Medium Size

The medium size travel bags from Antler are ideal for those who enjoy 5 – 7-day trips. They’re around 68 cm in height and have a lot of packing space. This set of Antler luggage is an excellent option for those who want a reliable suitcase for year-round use.

It will allow for both shorter and longer travels.

Antler Large Size

If you’re the kind of traveller who goes on a lot of extended getaways, the Large size Antler luggage set is for you.

It’s perfect for those planning to travel for longer than 7 days and could easily suit those planning month-long vacations. It’s around 80cm in height and has a huge amount of organised packing space.

Antler Luggage Measurements

When looking at Antler’s measurements of capacity and dimensions, you will find that they are measured in a specific way.

Although all cases vary in weight and capacity, Antler does their best to give you the most accurate measurements. You will find a quote of this true internal capacity on your sale ticket. This is the measurement of your luggage’s actual internal storage/packing space.

However, when it comes to measuring the maximum volume, this is done by including the extremities, such as the:

  • The corners of the bag
  • Internal wheel housing
  • Sloping sides
  • Trolley system
  • Handles

Capacity is measured using litres, which you can easily work out using a metric converter. As for dimensions, you will find those measured in centimetres.

Antler Packing Capacity and Organisation Features

Depending on how long you are staying in your destination and what type of trip you’re going on, the size and features of the ideal bag will vary. Antler provides many varieties of luggage to suit each adventure, with clear guides on what you can expect from capacity, storage and packing features.

Antler Luggage Dimensions and Internal Space

There is a variation between the dimensions of each size of an Antler bag. However, you can get a plus-minus reading of each luggage size below with its approximate packing capacity.

Antler Small Suitcase: Approx. 56 x 45 x 25 cm- between 53 litres to  63/71 litres

Antler Medium Suitcase: Approx. 70 x 43.5 x 27 cm – between 69 litres to 91 litres

Antler Large Suitcase: Approx. 82 x 48 x 30 cm – between 99 litres to 135 litres

Overall, considering the amount of packing capacity against the size of each bag, you will see that storage space is a major factor in each bag’s design. There is plenty of room for your belongings to fit.

Storage Features and Compartments

Here are some of the top features you will find in the range of Antler luggage. Some suitcases only have one of these features, while others have a few. Be sure to read about each bag’s qualities before purchasing to find out exactly which of these fantastic packing features it has.

You will find Antler luggage sets have one or more of these organisational packing components:

  • Convenient pockets
  • TSA lock
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Laptop pockets
  • Packing straps
  • Hanger loops
  • Mesh pockets
  • D-zip pockets
  • Slip pockets

The external and internal features of Antler luggage are made thoughtfully, making it easy for you to find the travel bag that will suit all of your needs.

Antler Luggage Weight

You don’t want to be weighed down when you’re running through the airport or walking the streets of a busy city. If you’re searching for the most practical weight in a suitcase, you will most likely find your perfect match with Antler.

Their suitcases, both softcover and hardcover, are designed with lightweight materials that are also super strong and durable. This low weight of your luggage will allow you to carry more with you when you travel.

Whether it’s your Antler cabin case, your business suitcase or your travel bag – Antler has designed it to weigh as little as possible without compromising quality.

Antler Luggage Prices

At the end of the day, we all want to have confidence in knowing we got the best deal. When looking for value-for-money luggage, you won’t be able to ignore the deals that Antler provides.

Antler has a very competitive price bracket, making travelling that much easier on the wallet. You won’t have to break the bank when you purchase a travel suitcase that is practically guaranteed to last you up to 10 years.

Antler cabin luggage price range: £140 – £225

Medium size price range: £165 – £219

Large size price range: £199 – £230

These bags are made for plenty of travel, and the sheer quality of an Antler suitcase means you won’t have to repurchase travel luggage again. If you add up how much that saves you in the long run, their prices are more than reasonable.

Antler Luggages Cons

At first, I was nervous about buying a hardshell luggage set because I thought the shell would add weight to my luggage allowance. But the hardshell luggage turned out to be really lightweight.

I wished I had something negative to say about my Antler luggage, but after owning it for an extended period and putting it through its paces after multiple trips. I can honestly say my Antler luggage has never failed me.

Not even when I’ve overpacked and had to lay on top of my luggage and use my body weight to close the zipper (????! We’ve all seen those people at the airport removing items from their luggage because they’ve over packed and are now over the weight allowance. Yes, I’m one of those people). But even then, when I was sure the zippers would break, they didn’t. 

Last Words on Antler Luggage Review

Antler has become a world-renowned brand because of its innovative design and passion. This is seen in the quality and diversity of the leading range of travel suitcases.

No matter what type of traveller you are – your perfect suitcase is waiting for you right here. Next time you consider Samsonite vs Antler or Antler’s Clifton vs Juno, be sure to read these Antler reviews.

With so many marks of superior quality, you really can’t go wrong with Antler luggage.

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