17 Best Brunch In Covent Garden You Have To Try!

This post will guide is filled with cool brunch spots in Covent Garden, from the big easy, Dalloway Terrace to The Ivy Market Grill. Here are the best brunch in Covent Garden Edition.

In keeping with my best brunch in London series. I wanted to bring you the best brunch Covent Garden edition. Covent Garden has increasingly become a popular London attraction for tourist because of its history, the Covent Garden Market, beautiful seasonal floral displays, theatres and some of the best restaurants in London.

Whether looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite before your matinee at the theatre. Catching up with friends or having a lazy weekend.

I’ve created a detailed list of some of the most sought-after brunch restaurants in Covent Garden London. These top spots are known to give pure satisfaction from their brunch menus and have locals coming back from more every weekend. Here are the brunch places in Covent Garden.

Best brunch in Covent Garden edition

Big Easy BBQ Covent Garden

If you have a love for barbecue meat and jugs of frozen cocktails, you need to stop by Big Easy. The Big Easy offers its dinners an array of meat and seafood dishes.

They cook their barbecued dishes low and slow (sum up to 18 hours) over a variety of flavour-infusing woods: cherry, apple, oak, and hickory.

Each BBQ dish has a unique taste depending on the type of wood used in the preparation process.

The Big Easy’s brunch menu is one of the most reasonably priced in the Covent Garden area. Starting at £30 you can enjoy a boozy brunch which included a bottle of Prosecco, or a jug frozen mojito slushies alongside their St Louis pork ribs, smoked pit BB chicken served with Southern-style cornbread or get fishy and choices the Big Easy lobster with garlic butter or a fresh lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The Big Easy is a great spot for bottomless brunch covent garden.

Whatever you chose you can’t go wrong at the Big Easy.

Covent Garden Grind

Another place to enjoy a bottomless brunch in Covent Garden is at the Grind Covent Garden. 

Grind is more known in London for their artisan coffee with their roastery based in a converted warehouse in the heart of Shoreditch.

Covent Garden Grind is an espresso, cocktail bar and restaurant, serving coffee and cocktails all day. 

For as little as £14 you can indulge in their bottomless Prosecco brunch along with an avocado on toast, butter fried chicken, Grind cheeseburger or a Grind raw salad for the health conscious amongst us.

If Prosecco isn’t your thing, then grab a Bloody Mary or mimosa to complete your brunch.

Balthazar London

Yes, you read right. You can continue having fun even after you leave New York because Balthazar has a sister branch of their franchise in London.

Balthazar Covent Gardenserves the classical brunch menu of a full English breakfast, avocado toast, New York pancakes and waffles in keeping with the restaurants classical and traditional décor. 

Where Balthazar shines is its cocktails-Orange Julius, St. Clements and a special Balthazar Bloody Shame are some cocktail options you can choose. Balthazar is one of the best restaurants in Covent Garden.

The Ivy Market Grill

Are you looking for a sophisticated brunch experience? 

The Ivy Market Grill is your go-to place. The meal presentation alone is bound to leave you salivating for days. 

The menu is extensive, offering you unlimited choice and provides an eclectic mix of modern British comfort food and international dishes.

Some dishes you can try are crab and avocado Tain, The Ivy Burger and the Miso-glazed chicken salad. The Ivy Market Grill is one of the top restaurants in Covent Garden.


Do you have a sweet tooth? One that does not allow you to eat anything less than sugary before noon. If the answer is yes, then Laduree is the place to go for brunch. 

From 10 am to 11 pm every weekend, you can treat yourself to some of the most favourite French treats such as macaroons, chocolates, and pastries at Laduree.

Dishoom Covent Garden

Dishoom Covent Garden is a little fancier that Dishoom Shoreditch, but they both serve up a tasty mouth-watering breakfast in a relaxed, friendly setting. 

You can opt to have a light dish or stuff yourself silly with their breakfast. Either way, Dishroom is one place that is bound to leave you very satisfied.

From £11.90, you can get the ‘Big Bombay’ platter comprising Akuri, smoked streaky bacon, peppery pork sausages, masala baked beans with home-made buns. 

To wash this down with some house chai or a pot of green Darjeeling tea. 

Monmouth Kitchen 

You’ll experience an aura of sophistication when dining in this restaurant. 

The Monmouth Kitchen is a chic gathering that offers a contemporary selection Italian, British and Peruvian dishes.

The Monmouth Kitchen also serves up delicious breakfast cocktails like Machu Mary and Our Bellini to go with the worldly menu.

Breakfast at Covent Garden will never be short of perfect at Monmouth Kitchen. 

Flesh and Buns

This Japanese themed restaurant serves up a mean Asian Style Sunday brunch with two Bruch menus at different price points. 

Both menus comprise unlimited white, red wine or Prosecco, small sharing dishes of sushi rolls, miso soup, Korean fried wings and their signature flesh and buns of crispy duck leg, crispy piglet belly and portobello mushrooms. 

Alongside doughnuts and sobacha creme boulle for dessert. What’s not to love?

For a Covent Garden Sunday brunch check out Flesh and Buns.

The Diner 

The Diner .png

This American themed restaurant serves up a classic brunch menu with its stacked buttermilk pancakes, corn beef hash and eggs Benedict. 

To go American with your brunch why not try their ‘lumberjack breakfast’ or the ‘hungry man breakfast’.

Why stop there quince your thirst with a classic milkshake or afloat and if you want to keep the party going from the night before throw in a mimosa or Bellini into your weekend brunch.

The Breakfast Club

Head to the Breakfast Club for American-style breakfasts inspired by breakfast from the1980s. 

From their classic dishes like the full Monty, butternut bubble, cabbies breakfast and their signature pancakes. The Breakfast Club will hit you with a super serving of nostalgia.

26 Grains 

26 Grains is for the health conscious bruncher with a menu focused on porridge! Yes, porridge but not your grandmama steel cut oat porridge. No, this is a 21st-century porridge where oats are cooked in a variety of kinds of milk (coconut, cashew, almond) or juice, and flavoured with cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and star anise.

They top the porridges with a various combination such as cacao nibs with banana and date tahini and the almond milk oats with coconut palm sugar, apple and hazelnuts. 

If you could never see yourself ordering porridge for brunch. Fret not, their pear and ginger jam and lemon thyme toast, flatbread with halloumi and pickles are just as eye-catching and tasty as their porridge bowls. 

You can find 26 Grains in Covent Garden health focus square Neals Yard.

If you’ve ever wondered where to eat in Covent Garden, 26 Grains in Neals Yard is a great place to start.

Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace.png

The Dalloway Terrace is a stylish indoor-outdoor terrace and is named after the famous character created by Virginia Woolf, an author synonymous with this sophisticated venue.

Dalloway Terrace is set in a quintessentially English environment and provides the ideal setting for a weekend brunch with friends and a catch-up.

The Dalloway Terrace brunch menu offers rainbow acai bowl with seasonal berries, and assorted nuts, berries buttermilk pancakes, Dorset crab on toast with watercress and apple, Campbell’s and Co smoked salmon on Guinness brown bread.

Plus, many more brunch classics that will leave you wanting more. The Dalloway Terrace is one of the top Covent Garden restaurants to have brunch.

Drury 188-189 

Breakfast at Drury 188-189 is simple. The menu is compact with toasted sourdough bread with organic jam, ham and cheese toasties, poached or scrambled eggs on toast and the classic avocado with mint and lemon on toast.

Drury serves breakfast in Covent Garden for the early rises as it opens at 7:30 am.


New on the brunch scene in Covent Garden is Avobar, London’s first all-avocado dining concept restaurant. 

Yes, everything on their menu is made with the original super-food - avocado. Whether you go for the Avo hot cakes (savoury or sweet), green waffles, Avo yoghurt granola with fresh fruit or green shakshuka. 

Your weekend brunch will never be this healthy again.

The Delaunay

This European cafe restaurant inspired by the grand cafe of Mittel-Europe has a classic weekend brunch menu which consists of breakfast Viennoiserie, a Viennese brunch of smoked ham, salami, artisan gouda, boiled eggs and rye bread, traditional egg dishes, and pancakes to the native blue lobster roll.

At the Delaunay, you won’t be having a boring brunch.

Lima Floral 

For a taste of modern Peruvian fare, make your way to Lima Floral. 

Based on traditional Peruvian flavours and adapted to the local palate, Floral by LIMA’s brunch menu stays true to its Peruvian roots.

The Weekend Brunch starts at £29 for six courses or £44 for bottomless Prosecco, beer or Pisco Mary.

On this sharing brunch menu is corn toast with avocado, sea bream ceviche with ginger tiger’s milk and Cancha corn, smoked chicken cause with purple potato and yellow chilli dressing, beff salatdito and yellow chilli quint with a poached egg and crispy roots.

Cantina Laredo

Covent Garden brunch places

Cantina Laredo offers a taste of modern Mexico in the heart of Kingly Court.

Cantina Laredo invites you to taste the different regions of Mexico with their weekend brunch menu and starts at £52 for free-flowing drinks. 

Why not try their crispy chicken tacos with tile, blue corn tortillas and Oaxaca cheese, a plantain with black bean purse, skirt break skews with delicious Mexican soy pork belly tacos and much more. 

Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden should be high on your best brunch in London list and is one of the best best brunch near Covent Garden.

ABUELO Covent Gadren

Abuelo is an Australian meets South American coffee-house and kitchen in the heart of Covent Garden. Serving speciality coffees, teas and an all-day menu of ethically sourced, organic, farm to table meals.

With its laid back dining approach, you can brunch all day. 

Try their lamb tostadas, pulled lamb with chipotle mayo, truffle mushroom toast with mature cheddar and truffle oil, Asado burger - slow cooked beef with caramelised onions on pickled red cabbage. 

Well, that’s it for the best Covent Garden Brunch and are a few places to eat in covent garden. For more on brunch restaurants in London read my best brunch in London and bottomless brunch in Shoreditch guide.

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