How to visit he Ouse Valley Viaduct in East Sussex, England. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about visiting the viaduct, including where to find it & more

TOP 6 Ouse Valley Viaduct

These are the top things to see and  do in the Ouse Valley Viaduct if you are short on time.

The viaduct is open 24/7 all year round.

Ouse Valley Viaduct Opening Time

Best Time to Visit Ouse Valley Viaduct

While a warm sunny day would be an apparent time to visit any outdoor site, many visitors to the viaduct seem to arrive in the mid-morning.

Things To Do In Ouse Valley Viaduct

Take Photos of Balcombe Viaduct - Because it has an optical illusion that creates a tunnel of infinity when you stand in one of its archways and take a picture.

Ouse Valley Viaduct Walk

This pleasant circular Balcombe Viaduct walk starts at the Ardingly reservoir car park. 

Watch The Trains Go Over the Ouse Valley Viaduct Bridge

If you’re a trainspotter, rejoice! You won’t have to wait long before witnessing an enthralling experience – watching the train speed across this viaduct.

Ouse Valley Viaduct Parking The best official parking spot is Ardingly Reservoir car park which is free. From here it’s a short 1km walk to the viaduct.

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