How to Visit Stonehenge For Free

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

This ancient site captures the imagination of many and draws in thousands of visitors every year. It’s also a World Heritage Site and best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.

Summer Solstice

It’s one of the rare occasions where visitors are allowed to enter Stonehenge for free. This even includes access to the inner circle of stones.  

Simply plug “Fargo Road, Amesbury, Salisbury, UK” into your GPS. Once you arrive and park your car on the side of Fargo Road.

Park at Fargo Road to See Stonehenge for Free

Another option you’ll have for visiting Stonehenge. The card costs £60.00, but it’s valid for one year.

English Heritage Membership

Walk from Woodhenge to Stonehenge

This path is a bit longer than the one at Fargo Road, but with a nice pair of hiking boots, you can enjoy a lovely stroll through the countryside.

Lined Circle

An audio guide is included in your ticket price and available in multiple languages. Upon arrival, you’ll have some free time to explore the site, take pictures.

Stonehenge Bus Tour from London