Autumn Colours in London


With trees taking on shades of red, orange and gold, there are chances for romantic walks in stunning surroundings.

Whether you are new to London or a local looking for a hidden gem to explore on the weekend, there is something for everyone to experience autumn in London.

Taking a walk along the tree-lined Mall will provide some captivating scenery to shoot on your way to the Guards Parade. See the Admiralty Citadel’s walls that are covered with vines and leaves which cascade like a stream of fire when the leaves turn red in autumn.

Horse Guards Parade

Kynance Mews The local residents have tried to create an environment with different plants that will bloom at different times of the year to ensure a show will be put on all year.

Dalloway Terrace

The wall of the terrace is covered with maple and walnut leaves to create a copper backdrop, with a few hues of yellow and green thrown in. Think of Alice sitting at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Kyoto Garden

This Japanese-inspired garden is a tranquil area that is full of beauty and traditional Japanese ornaments.There is also a charming koi carp pond and a garden that will bring you an overwhelming sense of peace.

88 Fitzjohn’s Avenue 88 Fitzjohn’s Avenue is a small house that has most of its roof and exterior walls covered in vines and leaves.

The Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola

The Pergola is lined with trees and vines that provide shade in the summer and springtime, but will change to curtains of gold and red in autumn.

The Holly Bush The Holly Bush is a centuries-old pub in historic Hampstead. The trees that are littered along the curve of Holly Mount add to the quintessential autumn imagery, with the pub being the focal point.

Stanley Crescent

For an early autumn excursion, you have to go to Stanley Crescent and see the gorgeous cherry blossom trees in the area.