Wowtrip Review – Surprise Trips For Your Nearest & Dearest

The last time a boyfriend tried surprising me with a weekend away. I burst into a cold sweat, launching into a line of question that went like this.

First off, where the hell are we going? and second, I need to renew my passport, why didn’t you tell?

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You can read everything you’ll need to know on Cologne here.

What will I wear and where are we going again? If these are the things that usually run through your mind at the thought of someone surprising, you with a trip away. It is ok you are normal.

So, image my reaction when I was offered the chance to go on a surprise trip with WowTrip!

This time my passport didn’t need renewing. Have you heard of WOWtrips?


It’s ok if you said no, until a few months ago I hadn’t either.

I’d heard of the concept of a surprise trip organised by a travel company but was always very sceptical of anyone planning my entire trip with no involvement from me.

Let’s be honest it’s a little scary especially if you’re a control freak.

But I got to experience a WOWTRIP for myself and really enjoyed it.

I visited Cologne Germany with WOWTrip and the lovely Monica who runs the Travel Hack as part of her ‘The Blogger Course’ organised the trip.

You can read more about my trip in my Cologne City Break post.

Cologne is not a city I would have initially picked to visit myself.

I knew nothing about this quaint German city, before visiting but I’m glad I did as I learnt so much about the city’s history, people and drank beer.

Lots of beer.I thought I would do a little review of my WOWTrip experience, breaking down what WOWtrip is, what to expect on your trip, prices and destination they cover.

What’s WowTrip

WowTrip is an online travel agency that organises surprise trips to European destination.

There’s up to 46 destination you might visit. The prices per person for a trip starts at around £150.

Booking your surprise trip with WowTrip

WowTrip makes it easy to book your surprise trip. All you need to do is to enter the airport you want to fly from, how many nights you want to stay, and how many people will be travelling.

It really is as simple as that. This takes all the stress and hassle out of your travels!

48 Hours before the start of your trip, you’ll receive your flight departure time, the airport and the departure terminal.

This information will also include the weather forecast for your destination, so you know what to pack and the hand luggage restrictions of the airline you’re flying with.

All the documents for your trip will be available including your hotel reservations.This also includes your destination for those who just don’t have the patience to wait until they get to the airport to discover their surprise destination.

I think this takes the FUN out of the surprise – so no peeking.

What does a WowTrip include

You will be booked on a direct return flight from the your departure city to to your WowTrip destination and you’ll stay at 3* or 4* hotel.

The hotel we stayed in Cologne seemed pretty new, the staff were welcoming, and I had a room with some magnificent views over Cologne.

But my favourite part of the hotel was the breakfast! Fresh, warm bread every morning had me drooling.

Who should try a WowTrip

I think booking a WowTrip is great for anyone who want to visit and discover a city you’ve never been to before or a city you would never have investigated visiting.

It’s also great if you’re always pulling your hair out when organising a group trip with your flaky ass friends, who can never decide on a destination, a hotel or even where to eat.

This will save you all a lot of time, tears and even friendships, as everything is booked and taken care of, leaving you with hassle-free travel. I hope you enjoyed my Wowtrip review.

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