weekend in TRENTO ITALY


Charming and compact, Trento, feels like a small town. It will impress you with its architectural wonders, stun you with the fantastic views of the famous Dolomites and seduce you with the rich flavours from the local cuisine.

Piazza Del Duomo

A medieval square that was once a commercial, political and monumental hub of the city. It has a range of impressive structures, including the Duomo di San Vigilio, Casa Balduini, and Palazzo Pretorio.

Case Cazuffi

These two medieval houses overlooking Piazza Duomo in Trento are famous for their complex cycle of 16th-century paintings.

Castello Del Buonconsiglio Castle

Once the residence of the Prince-Bishops that ruled Trento in the 13th century. The castle now hosts the Provincial Museum of Art, provincial monuments and collections.

Palazzo Delle Albere

The Palazzo Delle Albere was built in the 15th century by the prince-bishop Cristoforo Madruzzo.

Basilica Duomo di San Vigilio

The construction of Trento Cathedral started in 1212 by bishop Federico Vanga. The goal was to set up a new Duomo which would sit on the Basilica of San Vigilio in the undergrounds.

Piedicastello Galleries

An open and innovative cultural offering that showcases the history and memory of the city of Trento, Trentino and of the regional area corresponding to historical Tyrol.