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Looking for the top things to do in Notting Hill London, well look no further from colourful houses, cute gallery and best walking tours of the area. This Notting Hill guide has it all

Visit Portobello Road Market

Looking for things to do in Westminster London? This iconic area, contains essential sights, landmarks to tick off your London sightseeing bucketlist.

Visit Notting Hill Bookshop

bookstore that inspired the Notting Hill movie, so any fan of the film will have a blast browsing through the many travel books lining the shelves.

Visit Luke’s Mews

This bright and bold Notting Hill street is home to many colourful houses that tourists love to visit.

Visit Lancaster Road

On Lancaster Road, it’s colour, colour, and more colour. Unlike some of the pastel shades you’ll see on Westbourne and Uxbridge, this road is not afraid to be bold.

Hillgate Place

Another Notting Hill Street that’s home to pastel-coloured houses, Hillgate Place has an inviting atmosphere to it.

Codrington Mews

Codrington Mews is an L-shaped cul-de-sac that screams ‘photo op.’ This particular mews street is small, but it makes up for it tenfold thanks to two attractive murals.



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